Condom Depot Announces Winners of the 17th Annual World's Best Condoms Awards

By Cory M., Condom Depot
Updated at 9:49 AM ET, Wed. December 5, 2018

Condom Depot, a leading international distributor of condoms and safer sex information, is pleased to announced the winners of its 17th Anniversary World’s Best Condom Awards.

After a year of in-depth research and compiling data from product reviews, customer feedback, and a non-compensated group of condom testers, the Condom Depot staff utilized a strategic metrics system to determine the top 10 best condoms to try in 2019. 

17th Annual World's Best Condom Awards – Presented by Condom Depot

2019 World's Best Condoms Award Winners:

  • Crown Skinless Skin
  • Beyond Seven
  • Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy
  • Durex Extra Sensitive
  • Caution Wear Iron Grip
  • Kimono Special
  • Lifestyles SKYN
  • Lifestyles Ultra Thin
  • ONE Pleasure Plus
  • ONE Vanish HyperThin

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“Our mission has always been to promote the effectiveness and proper use of condoms to reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and unwanted pregnancies. Over the last 17 years, we have gained invaluable insight to consumer needs during the research phase of our Annual World’s Best Condom Awards,” said John Fidi, Founder and CEO of Go Live Inc., the parent company of “We want to educate consumers that safety should never be sacrificed for feeling. There have been vast improvements in condom manufacturing technology in recent years, and many of the new condoms on the market offer a much more intimate feeling than condoms of the past. The best feedback we receive each year is that our customers have found a new condom brand that is comfortable or makes the experience more pleasurable. Changing even one person’s perception that condoms are an annoyance makes our awareness efforts worthwhile.” is a master distributor that carries every major FDA-approved condom brand. Due to this objectivity, the annual World’s Best Condom Awards results are unbiased and not profit-based. This impartial data was collected to determine which condoms received great reviews across the board and which ones missed the mark.

This year’s statistics suggest finding the best feeling condom encourages condom use, whereas one bad condom experience can discourage those at risk from using protection consistently. Factors determining condom usage rates:

  • Condom Feeling
  • Condom Size
  • Condom Shape
  • Lubrication of Condom
  • Thinness of Condom

These five important condom characteristics can dictate how likely a person is to use condoms on a regular basis. Without being able to find a barrier that feels natural, people may choose to put themselves and/or their partner at risk for unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of STDs and STIs, by foregoing condoms completely.

The wide variety of condom widths, lengths, fits, shapes, latex materials, lubricants, and textures in this year’s World’s Best Condom List ensures the utmost comfort, stimulation, and safety for both partners. This diverse assortment of condoms allows customers to experiment with the best of the best, to determine which condoms are most suited to their particular needs, thereby creating a safer way to be intimate in 2019.


Established in 1996, Florida-based has been the nation’s leading source of safer sex products and information for over two decades. Condom Depot has revolutionized the way consumers shop for condoms online by providing informative condom buying guides and educational resources, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their needs.


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