Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

4.9 star rating (16 reviews) write a review
In search of Big Boy Condoms? Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy XXL Condoms are from the makers of Crown Skinless and Beyond Seven. The XXL Sized, Mega Big Boy condom uses the same Sheerlon material as the super sensitive Beyond Seven regular. But the Big Boy features is a larger while still super thin!

Mega Big Boy Condom Dimensions

The Mega Big Boy large condom is loaded with extra head room with 70mm (Flattened) at the widest point in the head and 50mm (Flattened) at its base. And for length, the Mega Big Boy condom clocks in at 8" Long! Reservoir Top for added protection and perfectly lubricated with a silky silicone based lubricant!

If you have tried Beyond Seven or Crown and found them to be a tad bit snug feeling then the Mega Big Boy may just be your new favorite condom!!

Made in Thailand.

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Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Specs

Length 8"
Width Head (Flattened) 70mm
Width Shaft (Flattened) 54mm
Sensitivity Rating A
Resevoir Tip Yes
Lubricated Yes. Silicone Based.
Condom Specs
Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Reviews

4.9 star rating (16 reviews) write a review
Jacki - M - 5 Stars

Best I ever tried.

stanfield - abilene tx - 5 Stars

much bigger room, better than magnum

Jesse - COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA - 5 Stars

Great Condoms, Highly Recommended, brand will buy again....

Sarah - Miami, FL - 5 Stars

My boyfriend is really thick and Mega Big Boy are the only condoms that’s comfortable for him. Wide at the shaft and there’s no odor like Trojan Magnums. We both felt like its thinner than other magnum size condoms too. I would highly recommend these!

Jim - - 5 Stars

These are even longer and bigger than Magnum XL. They give the extra room my circumstances demand.

David - - 5 Stars

Condoms are as stated on your website. They perfectly fit my needs.

Justin - - 4 Stars

Good fits and reasonably priced

Cesar - - 5 Stars

Used to wear magnum xl, but those were too tight, these are great if you feel you need to up the size.

Derek Esco - - 5 Stars

Very high quality latex. But Wish they had one a bit larger at the base. Luckily this latex formula isn't super restrictive so it isn't painful and I don't lose my erection.

The extra room at the business end is phenomenal thought!

Dan - - 5 Stars

I purchased these condoms because the one size fits all ones were strangling me. The extra headroom is great, and the length allows me to cover the entire length of my shaft, giving me the security of knowing it will not come off. The material they use is soft and stretches easily, yet holds well. I could feel all that I like. Great product.

Ray - - 4 Stars

They are good large condoms with out any extra bells and whistles but they are not super thin overall they are good

Chainsawmadman - - 5 Stars

Tried them and fell in love with them. The wide head makes it easy to unroll (I am Uncircumcised and girth). Feel awesome!!! Not as thick as magnums feel it all.

Wayne Bird - - 5 Stars

Fit Great, Reasonable Price

Babalola Ogunbiyi - - 5 Stars

Best large condoms, feels good and keeps you safe

Whitney Wilson - - 5 Stars

Works great

Michael Hauser - - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever used! I'm bigger and every other condom I've used hurts because it is too tight or maybe it won't hurt as much but it feels like a thick piece of rubber - this is seriously the best condom I've ever used, highly recommend!

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