Pleasure Plus Condoms

Pleasure Plus Condoms

4.8 star rating (5 reviews) write a review
Imagine the impact of a condom that could make safer sex as pleasurable as unprotected sex.

That condom is here, and it’s called Pleasure Plus:

Pleasure Plus condoms have a large loose pouch of extra latex positioned near the head and on the underside of each condom. The pouch of latex creates friction against the sensitive frenulum, causing increased sensation for him.

If you or your male partner have complaints about how condoms feel when you wear them, the One Pleasure Plus condom can be a possible solution due to its innovative design.

Studies have confirmed that 41% of people who do not use condoms is due to the reduction of sexual pleasure that men associate with condom use. Decreased pleasure is the number one reason why men elect not to practice safe sex with condoms.

However, unprotected sex can have high risks involved. That is why we support the healthy use of condoms.

Pleasure Plus has been consistently reviewed highly by side-by-side comparisons in national magazines as a condom that improves the feeling of sexual encounters. The latex pouch feature of the One Pleasure Plus condom is designed to add the extra sensation without sacrificing the protection that a standard thickness condom provides.

Please Note: Promo codes are excluded from bulk cases of 500 Pleasure Plus Condoms. Free Shipping is excluded on bulk cases of 500 Pleasure Plus.

Condom Depot is a proud provider of safe sex condoms. All of the condoms that we carry (including the Pleasure Plus) are approved by the FDA. One Condoms gained popularity due to their mission of encouraging people to practice safe sex. Condom Depot also carries One Flavor Wave Condoms, because safe sex shouldn't be boring or vanilla.
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Pleasure Plus Condoms Specs

Length 7.08"
Circumference 4.16"
Lubrication Silicone
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Flared Tip
Special Features Pouch for Increased Sensation
Condom Specs
Pleasure Plus Condoms

Pleasure Plus Condoms Reviews

4.8 star rating (5 reviews) write a review
jaya - indian - 5 Stars


judah martin - - 4 Stars

Have not used them yet. But we will see

Rock Hill, SC - - 5 Stars

Fit well, feel good, and have just enough lubrication.

Kama - - 5 Stars

This was part of the sampler and has become my new favorite. The extra room at the head allows more pleasure sensations for both my wife and I

CBS - - 5 Stars

Plenty of head room. Raised my standard and can't go back to normal head-crushing products.

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