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Iron Grip Condoms

By Caution Wear Condoms

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Our Top Rated Snugger fit Condom!

Iron Grip Condoms are a snugger fitting, smaller width sized condom and are perfect for those who have trouble with condoms falling off. The Iron Grips do what they say, they really do grip on tight!

Iron Grips Condoms feature a silky smooth, long-lasting, silicone-based lubricant and have a reservoir tip. When it comes to snugger fit condoms, the Iron Grip Condom has been growing in popularity both in the US and overseas since it meets both FDA and International Standards and because it fits so many men so well.

Iron Grip Condom Features:
– Tight fit that prevents condoms from falling off. 
– Long-lasting, silicone-based lubricant.
– Reservoir tip.
– Ultra-smooth, comfortable latex. 

Coupon Restrictions: cases of 1,000 or 4,000 condoms are not eligible for coupon codes or promos. Due to weight, free shipping is not applicable on Iron Grip 1,000 or 4,000 case bulk condoms. 

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Iron Grip Condoms Specs

Length 7.75”
Circumference 3.50"
Lubrication Silicone
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Wall
Special Features Snugger Fit, Reservoir Tip
Condom Specs
Iron Grip Condoms

Caution Wear Condoms

Caution Wear condoms are an up and coming brand. These condoms are manufactured using the highest international standards offering premium protection at a great value and come in many various sizes, colors and textures.

Iron Grip Condoms Reviews

4.7 star rating (115 reviews) write a review
Zack - Plano TX - 5 Stars

This is the first condom that stays on; all the others slipped off immediately: with my erect penis a 4 inch length and little over 1 inch wide: these are perfect. Others say they are tight but on me, they just fit right. The reservoir holds all my ejaculation which tends to be a lot, please do not discontinue these, if you have small penis; this is the only condom I have found.

RE-UP - MIAMI,FL - 4 Stars

A little tight when I first roll it on but it actually feels good it kind of has that cock ring effect, for me at least.

Bob - Las Vegas - 5 Stars

Its too tight for average sized men, but those of us with thin cocks finally have something that feels good and Won't slide off!

Jim & Mike - Mlwaukee, Wi - 5 Stars

We loved the feeling of a tight condom, the arousal was greater than with any other brand or size we used. Though they are harder to apply because of the smaller ring size the awesome feelings make up for that many times over.

Jim - Paris, TX - 5 Stars

This is the best condom that I have found for those of us with a smaller penis. It gripped my penis well with no slippage. No more worries.

rc - CA - 5 Stars

First of I am slightly larger than average and still love these. They are a little tough to get on, but once on they fit like glove and grip like no other. The base is super tight and is almost like wearing a c-ring.

Scott - Ohio - 5 Stars

Being a little bit less than an average joe, I've had problems finding condoms that fit correctly. The Iron Grip fits me perfectly, has great sensitivity, and generous lubrication. I've almost run out of the ones I ordered so I just placed an order for a 72 count yesterday! Please don't discontinue these!

aTran - Hartford, CT - 5 Stars

I found it by reading the description on its width and length. I ordered by hundreds and never waste one. It holds on to the end, and we do not feel its at work. It shows my shape and color very well.

M.S. - Reading, PA - 5 Stars

Awesome. Nice and snug and able to hold a large load of semen. Thanks!

Adam - Ohio - 5 Stars

These condoms fit tight, and they feel wonderful. Just right amount of lube and they act as a c-ring. Never had one break or slip off. Give them a try. Keep in mind it takes a few seconds and some concentration to get the smaller sized rubbers on your member.

Satisfied Customer - Logan, Utah - 5 Stars

I have above average length, but skinny width and thickness. A normal condom always slipped off- every time. Especially since I'm not circumcised. With this, the length, width, and height are perfect, and even a little snug (but that's what it says, right?)!!! Doesn't slip off, or even bunch up at the head with the foreskin. When my wife and I DO use a condom, this is the one for life!

Yurkonis - Tampa, FL - 5 Stars

Only one that stays on.

Russ - east wareham ma - 5 Stars

Great condum for older guys who can't keep it rock solid it is a very snug fit almost a little to tight till it shrinks then fits great I used to use regular size but these are way better fit

Russ - east wareham ma - 5 Stars

Great condum for older guys who can't keep it rock solid it is a very snug fit almost a little to tight till it shrinks then fits great I used to use regular size but these are way better fit

Mel - Ontario, Canada - 4 Stars

We got on in our World's Best Tin. For my boyfriend (who's considered to be average or above average size), these were awesome. The tightness had somewhat of a cock ring effect and provided him with a rock-hard erection. I can see some users being turned away by the tightness, because, yes, they are "iron grip" but overall it was awesome for both of us!

Jack - Naperville, IL - 4 Stars

on the small side. Might be ok for some pencil dicks but not for men with above average girth.

Joe S - Maryland, Usa - 5 Stars

I bought a pack of 50 random condoms, these happen to be in it and they are the tightest condoms ive ever tried and they were surprisingle comfortable.I thought i was average, but i was way too thick for them.

Rummy - Orlando,FL - 5 Stars

Amazing. They're all that and a bag of condoms! Try them, you'll love them. They're a very nice fit.

frank - new westminster bc - 5 Stars

They have a nice fit and are not baggy.Being a little tighter they help you last longer.

Rick - Clyde,Ohio - 5 Stars

I purchased 25 of these snug fit condoms and found that they do fit very tight...almost too tight.It was kind of hard to get it rolled on due to the tight fit and silicone based lube.I think the next size bigger would be best for me.If you have a small penis then this condom would most likely fit your needs.My ladyfriend and I liked them though.It definitely didn't come off.

Tony C - Sea, Wa - 5 Stars

Awesome condoms bud. if you're small and thin they are perfect. cool name too

Don Sidelinker - Rochester Hills, MI - 5 Stars

I really like the snugger fit but I would rather have a style without lube.

rummy - kissimmee,fl - 5 Stars

Great fit condoms. Very tight fit and will be buying again. Awesome feeling and sensation.

Steve Wing - Lost Wages - 5 Stars

Best tight fitting condom sold.
If your Johnson is Medium or larger, this is not the condom for you.
But if your like me, 6-7 inches, this one is for us.

Nate - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 4 Stars

These are great for what I'm guessing is a no name brand. I tried these on three different occasions and I have to say that if your looking for a snug fit condom these are for you. yes getting them on takes a little more effort because they are snug, but the extra security knowing they won't slip off allows you to keep your mind on other things! Lubrication was ever so slightly dry,but for the money, the security and the design, it has it all.

Alan - Las Vegas, NV - 4 Stars

fits good and tight for the less endowed

Rene - Lake Orion , MI - 5 Stars

My girl is super tight and other ones she pulls right off because of it these ones stay on !

Ivy - Sugarcreek, ohio - 5 Stars

At first he didn't like it since he needed something smaller, but now we have more enjoyable sex due to it staying on without worry.

tyler - minneapolis minnesota - 5 Stars

this is the perfect condom for me. it fits without bunching up. i recommend this for smaller men and it supports my erection well

Jeffrey - - 5 Stars

This one fit perfect, it don't even come off after the first round.

ROY - - 5 Stars

Great condoms have ordered several times

william HERRINGTON - - 5 Stars

Excellent choice for the slimmer guy

John Mitchell - - 5 Stars

Fit really good. They are the best

Roland Peck - - 4 Stars

They sent out a small size in response to my request, but it was still too large. I'm trying a company that arranges for the customer to measure the size of his penis before ordering.

Bruce - - 5 Stars

The right size for guys who don't wear a Trojan Magnum

Amber Foster - - 5 Stars

Best condoms my husband and I have used, don't even notice them and they don't slide.

Joseph Lewis - - 5 Stars

Fits just right for small dicks. Does not come off easily. Best pic for small dick. No pun

Robert Tocco - - 5 Stars

Great fit and easy glide.

Thomas s. - - 5 Stars

Worked fine just what I was hoping for.

Neil A. Sponsel - - 5 Stars

Totally the perfect product for me.

Clint - - 5 Stars

Regular size condoms work... But I wanted a tight fit, I feel it gives me more sensation, thus making it more likely that I will use it :)

Chad Karlin - - 1 Stars

Man i saw these i said damn these balloon are small they will not fit me no lube tight as hell why cant we make bigger xl size .

Josh Ealy - - 5 Stars

Yeah, these are better than what I expected.

Josh Ealy - - 5 Stars

Great prices better than the free ones at the health department you get more selection

Lee Sarver - - 5 Stars

Tight on my member but my lady loves them since I last extra long. I'd say these are for her pleasure.

joseph annis - - 5 Stars

a little snug , a true iron grip

Todd - - 5 Stars

These are tight fitting. Regular condoms work for me but can slide off after I get my slime in them. These just work for me.

javier aguilera - - 5 Stars

Great product !!! !!!!!!!!

Davi Velasquez - - 5 Stars

Ordered these multiple times, good product

James Hamon - - 5 Stars

Very nice product. Good tight fit.

MB - - 5 Stars

Used for years now, always reliable. No complaints.

Richard Bowman - - 1 Stars

I haven’t received them yet

Josh - - 4 Stars

Definately a great condom if you’re looking for a snug fit. Would rather have a water-based lube over a silicone though. Small complaint

Shuo Wang - - 5 Stars

Right fit with good price

bruce tran - - 5 Stars

Great product. Recommend as a buy. Truly an iron grip.

Josh Ealy - - 5 Stars

Best condom on the market for me. Don't know what I'd do if they quit making them

Josh Ealy - - 5 Stars

Condom depot is the easiest way to order condoms online or finding your size

David Ostrowski - - 1 Stars

Too small fix sizing doesn’t tell me size it says tight and thin how the hell does that make sense fix this please.

Joseph Valentine - - 5 Stars

I'm perfectly average (girth and length), but I prefer these over anything because they are not loose. They are definitely tight on me (smaller than typical Japanese condoms), but that means I'm not sliding around inside, which I prefer. If you're smaller than average, or don't like any extra room, these are a great choice!

Michael Carveth - - 5 Stars

Tight fitting and sensitive

WCF - - 5 Stars

Tightest condoms available, good sensitivity.

Will - - 5 Stars

Fits like a glove. No slippage or discomfort, leads to no worries!!!!

Oumar Diallo - - 5 Stars

Fits well. Sensation of not wearing condom.

Griffen Birdsong - - 5 Stars

Normal sized condoms don’t fit me too well, often a bit baggy and look awful. These however fit way more snug and tight. They are definitely smaller than normal Trojans. Great fit and quality, will be buying more!

james adams - - 3 Stars

Good service shipped & billed discreetly, product packaged cheaply fits real tight

deivison silva - - 5 Stars

Love it this product

Dan Haniff - - 4 Stars

These condoms are the best, they don't break on you.

Terry - - 5 Stars

Great fit!!

Timothy Lee - - 4 Stars

Great product. Just wish you could get some iron grip that has texture to it.

Neil A. Sponsel - - 5 Stars

I love this product. Once i tried it I’ve never used anything else. I highly recommend it.

Donald Sullivan - - 5 Stars

Completely satisfied my needs!

tony tam - - 5 Stars

Like and love it !

MrTMT - Philadelphia, PA - 5 Stars

I found this condom while at a local Adult (sex toys) store. I recognized it right away as I've read about its "snuggled fit" feature. Tried once, and I've being back to the store many many times since. Perfectly made for "smaller than average" guys, like me!

Jose - Detroit - 5 Stars

My girl is SO tight that she literally pulls off normal condoms during sex so I bought these. They are tight but they don’t come off and no chance of stds or babies! Definitely a great buy!!

Danny - Wyandotte, MI - 5 Stars

Perfect for me, doesn’t slip. If you have a thinner cock, this will cover it securely.

Rob - NJ - 2 Stars

Way too tight for average/slightly above average man. Cuts off circulation. Would not recommend.

Al - New York - 5 Stars

Great condom if you have a smaller member

Peter A - Peoria Illinois - 5 Stars

Perfect condom for us smaller guys! Standard condoms have always slipped off but these fit perfectly!!

Andy - Washington DC - 5 Stars

These are best fit condoms. They hold pretty tight even when you go for rough ride. I recommend it for average size folks. I last longer with these condoms as they are very close fit

E & S - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

At last, a condom that stays put! These condoms are comfortable and there is no loss of sensation. We finally found one we both like!

chris - biloxi , mississippi - 5 Stars

This condom is perfect for us little guys, im 35 and never found a condom that would stay on during intercourse, it never slipped off, even after ejaculation, thx iron grip

Ryan - Boston,MA - 4 Stars

Finally! A Condom that fits and wont slip! The snuggest fit I have found with the exception of some custom fit condom I used to be able to find online.

R. Great - Yakima, WA - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms for the many of us that are below average. I have ordered dozens of these and have been completely satisfied every time.

Anonymous - nj - 5 Stars

Wow- what a condom. I've been looking for a better snug-fitting condom to buy since I no longer can purchase the now discontinued Contempo Exotica. I have used the Lifestyles Snug fit ones, but they can "bunch up" which isn't good. Normal size condoms don't fit me correctly.
I recently received my first shipment of the Iron Grip ones and my first impressions are fantastic. The fit is form-fitting and it also doesn't slip or move around very much so I feel I can move freely without the worry it will slip off the way an average sized condom would do. The type of latex and/or lubricant is different than others I have tried in that the feeling is more slick and it has a shiny, plasticy, slippery feel that I like much better.
This is the type of condom that I have been looking for. Thankfully the folks at Caution Wear now sell the Iron Grip condom and I expect to be a return customer for years to come. I hope it doesn't ever get discontinued. Thank you Caution Wear for such a wonderful product.

happily married - NY/NJ area - 5 Stars

Wow! What a condom: form-fitting, doesn't slip or move around...I can move freely without the worry it will slip off the way an average sized condom would do for me. The type of latex and/or lubricant is different than others I have tried in that the feeling is more slick and it has a shiny, plasticy, slippery feel that I like much better. Thank you Caution Wear for such a wonderful product.

Joe Mufferaw - New York - 4 Stars

This condom is great if you are looking for one that will stay snug on a less than average girth. That being said, they still provide a good amount of length.

My only problem is the package design. Why do smaller condoms always have to have such stupid names and awkward graphics? Can't we have a simply designed wrapper?

dmenace - kingsley,MI - 5 Stars

Best ever, never came off even in tight places. Suffer from nerve damage and was able to get off with some warm lube at tip, also helped with keeping it up. Please keep them in stock

Sherman - Rochester, MN - 3 Stars

Definitely snug. A bit uncomfortable for both the man and the lady. Unnatural feeling a real hindrance. Will not be using the rest.

Greg - West Virginia - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms that I have ever used. My wife and I really like them. The lubricant is abundant, and the size is perfect. Although average size, I have always preferred a snugger condom, and these are defiantly snug. In addition, the wife likes the fact that they are not colored, and you really cant tell that it's even on. Sensation transmision is also first class. I would recommend them to anyone.

Aaron B - Independence,MO - 5 Stars

These are the best snug fit condoms I have found. They are tight but they don't slide off. They also provide allot of feeling and not that "I have a sandwich bag on my junk" feeling. I highly recommend!

Robert Hayes - Spring, Tx - 4 Stars

Great product. Has better grip than regular condoms I've used. I highly recommend.

C,M - Phila, PA - 5 Stars

Nice and tight, was the best feeling my g/f and I have felt since we started using condoms again. Def stocking up on these guys!

Kathy - OK - 5 Stars

Can't believe my boyfriend needs "the smallest condom" but these fit him perfect with no slipping off like regular size condoms!

Kat - Marlette, MI - 4 Stars

These were FANTASTIC my boyfriend loved that he didn't have to worry about them falling off in the heat of the moment.

tom - stamford - 5 Stars

the best condom I've ever used. I recommend to everybody :)

MC - Here In ,Pennsylvania - 3 Stars

Very good, if you like to play a little bit rough. Both me and my girl knows this one will stay on.
No worries for me or her, makes a nice evening.

Snug Guy - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

So glad I found these. I discovered them through the snugger fit sampler. They fit like a glove & I don't have to worry about them coming off during intercourse. I will definitely keep purchasing these. Thanks Caution Wear!!

dudical - co - 3 Stars

this is the first snug fit condom I've used. diameter is noticeably less than regular condoms. it is also thicker and less sensitive than many other condoms ive used. i would say considerably so - it was the first thing i noticed. that was my experience, conclude what you will...

Bryan - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

These are absolutely the best for guys of less than average girth. In the sampler pack of snugger fit condoms, this was the only one that wouldn't slip off during sex. Obviously I'm not alone in this finding, as they are OUT OF STOCK! Please stock more of these, they're fantastic.

William - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

Somehow guys got the idea that there should be some play in the fit of a condom; some "experts" even recommend putting some lube INSIDE the condom. You end up f***ing a rubber in a vagina.

Imagine a condom so fitted it's like it was sprayed on: no slop. These condoms fit that way. Granted, it takes two hands and your undivided attention to roll it on, but the fit is fantastic. So tight it will NEVER slip off. So tight, your erection will last as long as you want, even after your orgasm. These are like a full-length cock ring. Every sensation is transmitted directly to your penis through the tightly stretched latex. It's a completely different feel from any other condom.

BS - PA - 5 Stars

Two thumbs ways up. I'm smaller than average and always have a tough time getting condoms that fit right. These suckers do the job and then some.

Ben and Terri - San Antonio, TX - 4 Stars

We've been using these for over a year (I think we've ordered 36 twice) and we've never had one break, so that is good. These are the tightest fitting condoms we've found so far and are good for a man who has less girth than average. We tried Lifestyles Snugger Fit and they slipped off every time. We are still looking for an even tighter condom, since Iron Grips still are a little loose for us.

guy - california - 5 Stars

Fits my 1.25 inch diameter penis like a glove. This is perfect for "thinner" men.

allen - california - 5 Stars

First condom that fits like it should on my 4 inch girth. I tried lifestyles snugger fit, iron grip is tighter by far.

Chuck - webster Ny - 5 Stars

Finally a product I can use with confidence. It provides a secure fit for my small penis (3.5in hard). I can keep up the momentum without worry that its gonna slip off. Thank You Iron Grip!!

bob - omaha,ne - 5 Stars

THESE ARE PERFECT! For those of us with "penis minimus". Hey, you got what you got. Great lube and plenty of it.

will - newark,nj - 5 Stars

I have a below average penis size and these fit better then any other condom I've ever used.

Jin Chong - Manhattan, New York - 5 Stars

One of the best condoms if you are looking for snugger fit! It feels great! Thanks Iron grip.

Only n Vegas - Vegas - 5 Stars

Smallest condom on the market.
A little thinner than LifeStyles Snugger Fit so it has a more natural feel. I like both but a slight edge to Iron Grip.

m and b - phoenix, az - 5 Stars

My wife and I love these condoms. They stay on the entire time, don't slip, perfect grip, feel natural, etc. My wife absolutely loves them and we have never found a condom that we have both agreed felt as if we weren't using one at all. After trying out quite a few brands and styles, this one tops them all.

Jodie - Absecon, NJ - 5 Stars

This is the best condom we've ever used. My husband is a smaller size and we've had trouble with the condom coming off of him during sex. This comdom stays put and we have no worry about "losing it" up inside. They may be a little thicker but we have no trouble with sensitivity. Thank you Iron Grip!

Timmy - Louisville KY - 5 Stars

Very snug fit

Ron - Kalamazoo, MI - 4 Stars

I used to be concerned with the condom slipping off after the act as I started to lose firmness. These things are easy to put on and don't slip off even when I'm only semi hard. Sensitivity is still pretty good. The only reason that they're not 5 star is that I think they could use a bit more lube on them but other than that, I love them

MATT H - Erie, PA - 5 Stars

These Iron Grip condoms are great! The name says it all - they don't come off until you want them to! Would highly recommend.

Mike - PA - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever worn, my only gripe is that it's too long for me. I'll be ordering a ton more soon. Thanks for continuing to make these!!

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