Crown Condoms - Skinless

Crown Condoms - Skinless

By Crown Condoms

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Crown Condoms "Skinless Skin" are one of the most sensitive condoms you can buy. They offer the highest level of sensitivity possible. These most sensitive condoms are lubricated and have a reservoir-tip for added security. Crown Skinless Condoms are non-contoured (straight shaft) and have a light pink (almost skin-like) color.

Simply put, The Crown Condom is  an extremly sensitive condom. It is internationally acclaimed as being super sensitive, dependable and extremely stretchy. The Crown Skinless Condom by Okamoto is one of thinnest condom's we carry and is right up there with the Beyond Seven (Our Favorite Condom for 2021 & 2022).

Crown Skinless Condoms are the pink condoms most commonly used in adult films.

Using Sheerlon technology, the Crown Condom was designed to be thinner than other condoms without compromising its' strength and durability. They're also slightly longer and wider than regular-sized condoms for maximum pleasure.

• Made of latex, but have no latex smell.
• No latex taste.
• Reservoir tip.
• Super thin condom.

Crown Condoms are No Longer Made in Japan and are now made in Thailand. 

Coupon & Shipping Restrictions: Bulk condom cases are not eligible for coupon discounts or free shipping. 

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Crown Condoms - Skinless Specs

Length 8.00" or 203 mm
Circumference 3.88" or 98.55 mm
Lubrication Silicone-Based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Wall
Special Features Reservoir Tip
Condom Specs
Crown Condoms - Skinless

Crown Condoms

Crown Condoms by Okamoto are one of the leading manufacturers of condoms in the world. Their state-of-the art manufacturing and testing processes enable them to make a thinner, Stronger, and Silky Soft condom for a sensuous natural experience.

Crown Condoms - Skinless Reviews

4.5 star rating (565 reviews) write a review
RN - New Jersey - 5 Stars

These condoms are the really best I have ever used. I am pretty much an average-sized guy all around and these fit and feel perfect. And all the talk about these feeling close to wearing nothing at all is totally true. My girl and I love these and I don't see us switching anytime soon. About the only negative point for these, as is the case with most latex condoms, is that they will dry out if you take a while. But that's nothing a little bit of lube won't fix. I personally like using the condom-safe silicone-based kind. I've tried a decent amount of other condom types from Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, etc., but these kick the s**t out of everything else I have ever tried. They're as close to going raw as you're gonna get. Very highly recommended.

Anonymous - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

I ordered 24 of these a couple weeks ago, and now I'm back for more. My boyfriend loves these and says it feels like he's wearing nothing. I like them too because it doesn't feel like he's wearing a plastic bag. The lubrication is light on these, so you might need to add a little lube if things take awhile. There is no taste to these, so if you pull 'em off and switch to oral, it's all good!

Thomas - San Francisco, CA - 5 Stars

I will keep ordering these until I die, they are the best. Just try them; don't even bother going to the store.

Anonymous - RI - USA - 5 Stars

I've literally gone through hundreds of these Crown Condoms, and they're the only one I'll use! I've tried everything and these are thin enough to let me feel every tiny ridge and pulse inside my lady!

John - Ohio - 5 Stars

I didn't believe a change in the type of condoms would make a difference but I was SO wrong. I've tried many in the top ten list and this is the best for both A++

Mic - FL - 5 Stars

Great product. Doesn't smell. Feels better than any other condom on the market - like its not there!

Joe - New Orleans, LA - 5 Stars

Even though I prefer not to use condoms, my wife and I use them whenever we do not want to deal with the messy clean-up after sex. When I condom has to be used, we definately prefer these. This condom is the closest feeling that I get to not having a condom on. We have tried others, but this one is by far the best!

Monie - Charlotte, NC - 5 Stars

I CANNOT believe how THIN this condom is! It just blows everything else out of the waters! You can practically feel everything. I have to agree with other reviewers, it does feel like you have NOTHING on. A+

Jason - Maryland - 5 Stars

I tried one of these last night for the first time. Let me just say that I certainly don't think I'm well endowed. But this condom is a bit snug. However it stretches easily and doesn't squeeze the life out of the party. Overall, I was very impressed with it.

Aplus - Ohio - 5 Stars

By far the best condom I have ever worn. Have to look down to make sure its still on everytime I wear one...its that sensitive. Truly feels like your not even wearing them.

Luc - Austin, TX - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever tried. If I hadn't found these there is no doubt I'd have have an STD by now - as these things feel 95% as good as bareback, but if you wanna be safe AND have great sex you gotta try these!

Anonymous - LA, CA - 4 Stars

Incredible value; blow the American made condoms out of the water. But, they are tight and take some getting used to, I can still smell the latex and the ones I got aren't made in Japan.

Anonymous - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

I have tried all types of condom looking for the most natural fill. This are the thinnest condom around you can fell every thing. It’s like wearing nothing. Great for couples looking for an every day use.

Nicole - kyle ,tx - 5 Stars

This is the best condom we have ever used if your a person who doesn't like using condoms then this is a condom for you.

Ryan - Chicago, Illinois - 5 Stars

The ONLY condom worth using, EVER. After using Crown Skinless Skin Condoms I refuse to use anything else.

Ben Feltching - Chicago, Il - 5 Stars

When my wife and I don't want to deal with the mess after a night of feltching, we definatly use this condom. Also, even though very snug, it is easy to take the condom off quickly and blow your load in her buttocks if you really want to feltch.

Alex - Colorado - 1 Stars

Little small but felt great. If you like the snug fit this ones for you.

DR - MI - 5 Stars

Love em. Great fit and sooo thin.

S - New York, New York - 5 Stars

FABULOUS! Once you try these you will never want to try another condom again! Have fun!

rico - indianapolis, IN - 5 Stars

I could not previously have orgasms. This condom let me have them again. Thanks to the manufacturers.

Shanna - Colorado Springs, CO - 5 Stars

Having intercourse was still painful for me (and sore for him since I was so tight, and the condoms just added to the drag and friction), however, once we used this, it was like a whole new feeling - it didn't hurt, he enjoyed himself far more, and it made sex an even better experience.

Daniel - Queens, NY - 5 Stars

I tried many condoms in the past from spur in the moment gas station condoms to hard to find exotic condoms and these are the best I have ever tried. Very thin and feels like having nothing at all. I would drive 50 miles to get these if I had to but luckily for my I live in NYC where you're never more than 10 minutes from a sex shop that carries these. But order them online and get double for the money.

Mike - Chicago IL - 2 Stars

Too tight for 5 1/4" girth, especially in the head. Despite tightness, no breakage, which is good. I imagine these are for men with 5" or less girth.

Anonymous - Mass - 5 Stars

I felt likr I had nothing on. They are the best condoms I haver ever used. I had to keep looking to see if was still on . And girlfriend could not believe how could they were. They ate by far the best I have ever got.

Steve - California - 5 Stars

These condoms are seriously the next best thing to nothing at all. I was disinclined to believe the hype, but my girlfriend and I went through a 48 pack in no time. You can really feel each other.

stinky - OBX, North Carolina - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condom ever..I almost forgot it was on. I recomend these for anyone

Anonymous - CA, USA - 3 Stars

Heard great things, but my man is too wide for these. They were hard for him to unroll and were uncomfortable for that reason. It was worth a try anyway.

- Vancouver - 5 Stars

Best Ever! As others say, almost feels like I'm bareback. Girlfriend agrees too.

Jonny - Lake City, FL - 5 Stars

These are by far the best Condom on the market. They are Thin and Durable. You should buy some of these.....You will not be disappointed!!!

Anonymous - Toronto, Canada - 5 Stars

Whether you like it sensual or hardcore, these super thin yet super strong condoms are as raw as it gets. Never had any problems and my girlfriend and I enjoy these very much. Crown Skin Less Skin tops my list for best thin condom.

JT - Ithaca, NY - 5 Stars

Best condom ever! Incredible sensitivity, no latex smell and feels like you're wearing nothing!

Taylor - Nashville,TN - 2 Stars

No latex odor & very thin, however this is a very small condom. Definitely not one size fits all. My husband and I could not do anything with them. But I would recommend them too anyone else who could use them.

Cindy - Bay Area, Ca - 5 Stars

No wonder porn stars only use this! I can't go back to any other kind now. with this condom sex is purely about sex not about pregnancy breakage stds or smell of latex. Nothing but the best.

Andy - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

The best condom ever !!!

Annie - Lodi - 5 Stars

I LOVE this condom!!! I bought the World's Best Condoms bedside tin a couple of weeks ago. My boyfriend and I tried these first, and now I'm throwing out the rest and filling up the tin with these!! Like the other reviewers said, you have to check to make sure it's on! Definitely the world's greatest!!

Gary - Bay area, CA - 5 Stars

I've tried other thin condoms, but now this is the only one I order because we both like them. Very nice feel, no odor. I buy them in bulk. ;-)

Arvin - Niles - 5 Stars

Like wearing nothing at all.

Jason - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

These condoms are amazing! My girlfriend and I humped through a roll of 12 of these babies within a day and a half of them arriving. For guys, it feels like there is nothing there. She loves it as well. Highly recommended!

Josh - Champaign, IL - 5 Stars

Well I wouldn't call them a miracle condom, but they're probably the best I've tried. Definitely more sensitivity. Oh, but they DO smell of latex, maybe not as strong; but to call them scent free would be misleading (I'll leave it up to a female reviewer to reveal whether or not they still taste like latex - lol) Oh yes, and order some lube with these puppies; my favorite by far is Wet.

Juan - dallas - 5 Stars

I love these theare the best

Anonymous - Gainesville, FL - 5 Stars

After trying the World's Best Condoms tin (and several other condoms prior to that), I bought a 100 pack of these. My girlfriend is crazy about them. They're the closest thing to having nothing on at all. Also, Its hard to believe they're latex, because there is no annoying latex smell or taste. They did feel a little snug around the head, but made up for it in the outstanding sensitivity. My #1 Choice.

Anonymous - canada - 5 Stars

Great condoms, had to check and make sure i was wearing it still. best condoms on the market.

C - Alberta, Canada - 2 Stars

Out of the 3 I tried (from the 2006 "worlds best" tin) only 1 worked well, very tight and difficult to put on, the last 1 actually came off because it "choked" me so bad i went limp :-{ . But, if you happen to be smaller than 7.75" X 2.5" than you will probably enjoy this rubber very much like so many others.

ian - oakland, california - 5 Stars

i must say that these are the best condoms i've ever used. i was using trojan-enz before but, crown skinless definitely kills competition.

Mary Sue - Cherry Hill, NJ - 5 Stars

These are the best ones that we've ever used! There's a lot of feeling and they're snug and never feel like they're gonna come off. We don't plan on using any other kind ever again!

MIke Slish - Honesdale Pa. - 5 Stars

Awesome! Thinnest one that I've tried and lets you feel a lot more. My wife is very sensitive to everything and it doesn't bother her at all! It is a little snug but the added feeling is worth it! I'm buying these from now on.

GoBucks - Columbus, OH - 5 Stars

I ordered the "World's Best" tin and after using these condoms my girlfriend said "You HAVE to get some more of these!!" We then got rid of the rest and ordered more of the BEST - Crown Skinless Skin.

don - chicago, il - 3 Stars

I have to agree with another review. A different man said that he was not very well endowed just average sized and the condom was snug. Ditto for me. I am average length and width and it definitely was snug. The length was not a problem but the width issue made it difficult to roll it down the shaft of my cock. However, once on... wow very nice. Feels as good as a condom possibly can in my opinion. Guys if your big, especially wide these will probably not work for you.

Jake - Saegertown, Pa - 5 Stars


Simply amazing. Throw out that trojan garbage you buy from wal-mart and get these.

Best I have ever used.

Derek - Charlotte, NC - 3 Stars

Very thin and durable but condoms were very tight causing them to break more often and lessening the pleasure:(

jay - greensboro,nc - 5 Stars

This is THE condom to wear!! It feel like you are REALLY in there. I kept checking to make sure the condom was still on.

Joe Smiley - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

These are awesome. Finally a condom that allows you to feel what's going on.

edwin c - cali 818 - 5 Stars

best condom so far better than Trojan ultra thin had a Trojan break on me....feels like your not wearing anything my girls cums like 3 times per condom need a little lube though

Anonymous - TX - 3 Stars

I bought these because of all the great reviews I read. But, as some have said, it's definitely not a one-size-fits all. Yes, I agree that they're thin, but they were too tight on me I couldn't keep them on. Pay close attention to the measurements.

Anonymous - Wilmington, NC - 5 Stars

Wonderful! So thin I didn't think it was even on

Liz - New York, NY - 5 Stars

This condom felt really natural, almost like it wasn't there. It also didn't have a nasty smell or taste.

Anton - Clinton, Illinois - 5 Stars

This is absolutely the closest to wearing no condom at all! I love these condoms, and even my wife says the sensation for her is much higher using these pink gems. All I can say is the adult film industry likes these condoms for good reason!

Greg - New Orleans, LA - 5 Stars

Best I have ever used and its the only one I use. Feels like nothing.

James - Orlando, Florida - 4 Stars

I'd like to echo the comments about how small these are. I do not consider myself to be especially thick but these absolutely do not fit. They are the first condom I have tried that does not fit me at all. Would have been nice to know how small these are before purchase :(

Veronica - St. Paul, MN - 5 Stars

Even though it takes my man some extra effort to get these on (they seem to be a bit snug and not very lubricated) he still says these are the absolute best condoms he's ever tried. And I agree! They feel great, have never broken or slipped off and don't smell bad. A+++

Rel - New York, NY - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms I've ever's as close as you can get to bareback without being bareback. The thing I like best is that they don't STINK like latex - barely any smell at all!

Anonymous - New York - 5 Stars

These are the most comfortable and best condoms I have ever used period and they have no bad smell. I am pretty wide 5.5" circ. and I have a little trouble getting it on, but once they are on, your all good to go. Been using them for a long time now and no problems.

GIRL - Bklyn - 5 Stars

I LOVE these condoms. I don't like my boyfriend wearing any other brand. I don't know what it is but with these condoms I feel everything. He of course loves them too. when we first read about these condoms I read the reviews and wondered why women were writing about them. I thought only the men benefited from the condoms. Ladies once your man wears these you won' t want him to wear anything else.

Alex - NY - 5 Stars


Keith - Glen Head, New York - 5 Stars

I cannot believe how great this condom is!!

Tom - Fremont - 5 Stars


The Observer - GA! - 4 Stars

These things fit me almost perfectly. the size is slightly average and also slightly tight. though it is incredibly thin and incredibly sensitive! it does not feel like you wearing a condom at all.

Though I gave it a 4 because it POPPED on me the first time I used it!!!!! But mainly its lightly lubricated so it could dry up quick, and thats dangerous especially when its SO THIN.....

Overall I do like them, it feels like I'm wearing no condom! I think I'll stick to these for awhile. Just make more room for the reservoir tip and you'll do fine!

Daniel - New York, NY - 5 Stars

I have used hundreds of these condoms and never had any problem. They are thin and reliable as bringing the best feelings.

Anon. - Tx - 5 Stars

Any guy who says they are too tight on him is saying that he is bigger than all the pornstars.... highly unlikely.

Doug - Jacksonville, FL - 5 Stars

Awesome...really feels like you're not wearing a condom. Great heat transfer!

A Happy housewife - Des Moines, Iowa - 5 Stars

These almost feel like my man is wearing nothing. You must try them to believe it!

John - NY - 4 Stars

Very thin, yet I am just amazed at how durable it is. Definitely one of the toughest condoms I ever used.
The sensation is great, feels bareback.

One downside, it's a bit tight (width) and it may start to chaff after a while. The problem can be solved with a bit of lubricant though.
Still my favorite brand of condom!

K - Charlotte, NC - 5 Stars

The are the #1 condom in my book. I ordered the World's Largest Tin and it's been the first one I've tried but I'll always have some of these on hand!!! I'm average size and the fit was snugger than others but it felt incredible. I usually use Durex Extra Sensitive and have recently stopped liking them and my wife commented that Crown SLS didn't feel "rubbery" like the Durex ones. Not sure how the Durex ones are #2 on the list. I highly recommend these for anyone that doesn't like wearing condoms because you can't feel anything. With these, you can feel EVERTHING!!!!

LC - Miami, FL - 5 Stars

I love these condoms, we've tried other ones before (even sheepskin) and nothing feels as good or smells better. If you do buy them buy them in large quantities because you won't need any other condom ever.

Anonymous - NC - 5 Stars

There is just one word to explain these condoms....AWESOME!!! We bought the sampler tin and used these off the bat - reading great reviews - and we'll never go back. As a longtime user of Trojan her pleasure, these condoms are leaps and bounds above those in terms of feeling and pleasure for both of us. We HIGHLY recommend these condoms and believe the quote....Once you use these you'll never go back!!!!

NY6E8L - NY - 5 Stars

Thin and smooth, really good. this is my favorite!

Laura - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

These seriously live up to their reputation. My boyfriend and I are big fans. I had heard such hype, but was also slightly worried about allegations that these are super-tight and hard to roll on, as my partner is significantly larger than average. I've actually found that I have an easier time rolling these condoms onto him than others. Maybe we got an atypically roomy batch... in any case, we're sticking with these from now on! He loves them, I love them, and they work.

Cody P. - NY, NY - 4 Stars

On the fence with this one. I'm not all that big yet they feel pretty tight on me. But if you get over that the heat conduction is real nice and its pretty good. GF isn't super impressed by them either.

Tracy H - Pinnacle,NC - 5 Stars

I love it...Wife says she can hardly tell i have a condom on...My girlfriend says its the best condom I've used...very it.

joanne - vancouver canada - 5 Stars

The best by far, fits my bf really good but not to tight. There is no rubber smelly thingie. The best and I agree the thinnest in the world yet reliable a hi-tech condom. Unbelievably good. The customer service people in this website is also very nice and a great communicator.

Bareback in Indy - Indianapolis, IN - 5 Stars

This condom lives up to its name. I read comments on a bunch of different condoms and this one peaked my attention. I figured I would try it out if the porn stars trust it. I have already gone through 50 of them and I am reordering more. I have given 2 buddies one to try out and they both came back and told me the same thing I thought and that is "It feels like I am not wearing a condom at all!!" it was great. The people in Japan hit the nail on the head... these condoms are extremely tough and very very thin... it truly feels like you are have sex without a condom at all.

KS - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

I've been married 13 years and Crown Skinless are the only condoms we like. We buy them by the dozens. Super thin. We have two young children and are done with having kids, but why get a vasectomy when there are these condoms? :)

Vinny - Illinois - 5 Stars

Amazing condom, pretty close to feeling like you're wearing nothing at all. It is a little smaller than normal condoms but it is a comfortable fit rather than a restricting fit. I prefer Durex Extra Sensitives because they're a little larger and colorless. Either way, you can't go wrong with these Crown's!

Minnesota Bob - Minneapolis, MN - 2 Stars

They feel super great cause they're so thin but they've broken almost every time. I have a large penis and think that anyone who is well endowed should avoid these breakers.

James - Baton Rouge, LA - 5 Stars

These are amazing. So thin that you can everything. I have tried Durex Extra Sensitive and Crown's Skinless Skin are more sensitive. These condoms do not have much lube however, which can be an issue after awhile but that is easily fixed. 5 out of 5 for an amazing product.

Liquidzell - dayton - 5 Stars

QUE PALO....!!!!!

Miss H - Sylmar, CA - 5 Stars

I am allergic to ALOT of condoms on the market, so for years, I HATED using condoms! Once I found Crown's in 2000, my husband and I have used NOTHING ELSE but Crown! THEY ARE THE BEST CONDOMS on the market no ifs ands or buts about it! I always recommend them to anyone that I can.

Also the best lube Eros!!!!!

James and the Giant Peach - Antartica - 4 Stars

These condoms have made my first sexual experiences truly worthwhile... I have never felt more one with a vagina in my lifetime.. its like sliding up and down on a slip n' slide of pure jello over and over and over...

BigT - Pinnacle,NC - 5 Stars

If I have to use a condom, this is the one I use...Its like not having one on at all...

John - Corona, CA - 5 Stars

Sensitive and comfortable. They're the closest thing to wearing nothing. I wouldn't go back any other style or brand, now that I've tried these these.

Lance - richmond,va - 5 Stars

So far my fave,since I feel so much more than with other condoms

Trevor - Woodsville, NH - 5 Stars

Amazing, as soon as I put it on I knew I'd never use another condom. Felt great, I had to stop to make sure it hadn't fallen off!

Nick - Cleveland, Ohio - 3 Stars

I thought they were gonna be better with all the hype about them. They were pretty tight. But they are definitely thinner than all the rest.

Sully - New Orleans, LA - 5 Stars

These are amazing. Barely any loss of sensation. I always think they have broken because it feels so good. Not very much lube however, but it doesn't matter. These are the bomb.

Michael - Modesto,CA - 4 Stars

I do like these condoms a lot, but they are bit tight of a fit..I would say this is def in my top 3 favorite condoms..

chicklette - here - 5 Stars

My BF had issues finishing with a condom, but not anymore. Bliss! The only disappointment is that I only bought 12 for starters.

David - Harrisonburg, VA - 5 Stars

After trying a small pack of these I will use nothing else.

Rudy - NJ - 5 Stars

The best condom I ever used. You feel every detail of your girl. One sweet condom :)

Simon - San Diego - 5 Stars

It took me a while to get to full confidence with these, they are so sensitive I kept thinking it had broke ! I really could not tell I was wearing a condom. Suffice to say, they are the best I have ever tried, streets ahead of anything else on the market. Oh, and in hundreds of uses and rigorous activity, I have not had one break yet.

Jerod - San Diego - 5 Stars

All I have to say is wow. I didn't believe the reviews but I'm now a believer. They are a tad tight but well worth it.

G-Man - NJ - 5 Stars

This condoms r the best yet! I used a lot of condoms with my girl. She likes these alot! She cums more with Crown more than any other brand. I love how there is no latex smell! I could still satisfy her during sex without worrying about that nasty latex taste. penis up! going to order some more.

bc - San Jose, CA - 5 Stars

So much better than any condom we've ever tried, I'm not sure why they don't have a monopoly. The best I've tried.

Askelands - Clifton, NJ - 5 Stars

Excellent condom!!! I didn't even feel stays there and it's so reliable!

I really recommend it!!!

Sara - Washington,DC - 5 Stars

There's no latex smell.....yeah

Sizzle - San Diego, CA - 2 Stars

Are you kidding me? Terrible condoms. Couldn't wait to use them after reading the reviews, but now I wish I would have. The first couple times they rolled up on me and constant re-adjustments occurred. The last time, straight out broke. I ain't huge but they felt way too snug for me. I have no idea what's gotten into people with all these positive reviews. I'll stick to my Magnums.

Mike - Florida - 5 Stars

Lil small but they are the best no question.

Kurt - Belgrade MT - 5 Stars

Definitely the thinnest condom I've ever used. I've never had a problem with them breaking. Nice and stretchy so they still fit a larger sized penis. Highly recommended, you won't want to use anything else ever again, you feel every part of your girl.

Andrew - Palo Alto, CA - 5 Stars

Incredible feeling that I've never gotten from any other condom so far. Feels like there's nothing on.

Jason - St. Louis, MO - 5 Stars

My wife and I just started using condoms again and this is one of the few that we both enjoyed. This is defiantly one to try if you hate condoms.

Lo - Chicago, Illinois - 5 Stars

Easily the best condom I've ever used - incredibly thin and durable. My boyfriend and I never had much of a preference before, but we noticed such a huge difference [my orgasms became obscenely good] that now we buy them in bulk.

Anonymous - Fairfield, CA - 5 Stars

I bought these to see what the hype was all about. Best condoms I've ever used. Feels like nothing is on and simply increases the sensation during sex.

Ray Ruiz - MIami - 5 Stars

Just received 100 and I looove these! great fit, doesn't look like you have anything on, no smelly latex smell :)

Jenny - Saint Paul, Minnesota - 5 Stars

BEST CONDOMS EVER! My boyfriend says it's like he's wearing nothing and we can get intimate without having to worry about the condom breaking! It's an amazingly thin condom! :) It's a MUST-HAVE!

Andres - - 5 Stars

Wow, really wow. Here in my country the only ones you can buy are Today and Sanamed Duo, and man, after I imported 24 of these, and tried them out... I couldn't be happier! I'm not huge, so they fit me nicely (perhaps a little tight, but that's cool), and they really feel like wearing nothing. Totally recommended.

Shimmy - New York, NY - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms ever!

Dave - New York - 1 Stars

These condoms are terrible. There was so much hype about them so I thought I would give them a try. Not only did it not feel much better then most other condoms but also it BROKE! This is the first time I have ever hada condom break. Honestly I think their thinness greatly reduces reliability. I will be sticking to durex love instead. Also I am about average size and I think it might have been that these were just a little to tight on me. I know most others will disagree, but I certainly will never trust this brand again.

BobRunner - Indianapolis, IN - 3 Stars

Well... after reading all of the other reviews I thought I had better make a few comments. I thought the condom was extremely snug. I am about 5 1/4" around. I can't image a well endowed many using them. I consider myself about average girth and like other reviewers i have problems rolling it down my shaft. Fortunately, at 5 3/4", I don't have far to go. I often wonder why all condoms are over 7" long. Haven't figured that one out yet.

Zach - Wake Forest, NC - 5 Stars

Been a returning customer for a while now. I love these condoms for their feel and durability. Even if it gets dry it doesn't break on me and yet to have one break after many orders. Feels almost like you're not wearing a condom at all and the girlfriend loves them too. Puts Trojan in the scrap pile. Thanks and I will be back soon for more.

Tommy - New York, NY - 2 Stars

I could tell they were thin and the latex smell is non-existent but you definitely need lube to even make these usable, unless whoever you are using them on has industrial strength natural lubrication. I won't be buying these again.

Anonymous - Saint Joseph, MIssouri - 5 Stars

I have been celibate for some time now because I could not find a condom I liked. I was simply not willing to have sex with a girl unless I knew I was being protected, and most of the time that came at a price of feeling like I had a chemical glove on........until I found these babies! By far the best condom I have ever had. After a good deal of multiple rough romps I have not seen one break. Let me put it to you this way: if you want a good sex life that guarantees pleasure the same pleasure as rawdawg and protection at the same time, YOU WILL BUY CROWN! 5++++++++ stars!

Katie - Atlanta - 4 Stars

They will definitely hold on for the ride, and will not break, but the sensation still feels like a condom. Can get a little dry. Also, no latex smell or taste? Forget it, its there and its strong.

very satisfied! - Providence, RI - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I love them! He likes how they are not too latex feely. They don't smell. Every time he uses these and I don't see him put it on, I always think he's going raw. And I make him "put on" a condom. We won't use anything else.

Mr. Man - Wyoming - 4 Stars

They are very thin but very hard to get on. I am not LARGE by any means...just average. They are very tight. It is hard to believe the stars wear them.

Allen - Wisconsin - 5 Stars

The next best thing to nothing. The hype IS true and I think you should try them. My wife and I have tried many but these are the ones I like the best.

kenny - washington, DC - 4 Stars

simply the thinest and strongest and the most natural feeling condom on this planet, but i must warn, if you are a medium plus size or larger, these condoms are not for you, i myself is between medium and large and they are very tight. but one thing i want to make clear, these condoms simply do not break. ps.... please make them a little larger. thanks

Practising - Houston - 3 Stars

I'm sure this is a great condom, but they are smaller than normal condoms. Most normal condoms fit fine on me and extra Large condoms can slip a little for me. But these are way too tight. They leave serious marks and my skin is all red.

Steve - Louisville,KY - 5 Stars

Outstanding feel and no oder at all. I loved them and so did she. I can't wait to run out and get more.

Amazed - Corona, CA - 5 Stars

These are amazing! It feels like nothing is on and I can feel everything in my girlfriend. It's the closest to nothing we'll get until she goes on the pill.

P - Cleveland - 5 Stars

I swear they are making these things larger. I had ordered some to try again and they are not as tight as they used to be. Had to stop using them because of that. I actually like them better than the Trustex XL now. Not sure what changed, but all for the better!

Christina - Temple Hills, MD - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I ordered 24 of these a few weeks ago ... we will never use anything else again! They feel like he is wearing nothing at all! There is no smell or taste to them and they are a super fun shade of pink! For being as thin as they are they are nearly impossible to break!

Chris - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 5 Stars


jb - pcb, fl - 5 Stars, not a fan of condoms. Now, HUGE FAN OF CROWN! Listen to the reviews, they are all correct! Seriously, I had to check to see if it was still on the first few times. Unbelievable, feels like no condom at all and more than happy to wrap it up EVERY time!

S.N. - 414, WI - 3 Stars

These didn't live up to the hype for me. Lube is def a must because after a few minutes these became uncomfortable. A little snug as well. Overall decent, better than the Kimono's, but far from the best.

Chris - Backwoods, Maine - 5 Stars

They fit great and feel like there is nothing on at all ... Kept Checking to see if there was one even there...

married - NC - 4 Stars

This is the best out of the sampler tin I got for my wife and I. Only problem I have is that it's so snug that it's a little hard to remove.

David - Harrisonburg, VA - 5 Stars

I purchase these in the 100 pack simply because it's the only condom I'll use. Everything else falls short. This is as good as a condom can get.

Peanut - USA - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever used. I don't think you can get any better without leaving it off.

Marty - San Diego - 5 Stars

After buying various condoms with different thickness, lubricated or non-lubricated, these condoms are by far the best of the lot. I can see why porn stars like them. They are nice and snug, feels like nothing at all and work great

Brian H - Indiana - 5 Stars

I use 7 of these a day! I can't get enough of them! Impeccably smooth and smells amazing!
Taste is barely noticeable as well.

Adam - Central, IL - 5 Stars

I almost didn't write a review just b/c there were so many already, but this condom is just way to awesome to not give it its props. Best feeling wearing a condom ever. Not too loose, not too tight, for the average guy, there as close to a perfect condom as you can come.

Patrick - Aurora, CO - 5 Stars

This is the best condom I've ever used. The hype exists for a reason. Very light, almost no latex scent at all, probably the closest thing to no condom at all. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

david - brooklyn - 5 Stars

I love this condom... the best I've bought, now I'm purchasing more, and in bulk

Sandy - New Jersey - 4 Stars

YES, so smooth and thin! I tend to get really irritated by the texture of condoms after multiple sex sessions in close succession, but these feel like SKIN. They are not very well lubed, but I feel like the silky texture ends up working better with my natural lubrication. They also have zero latex smell or taste. The only reason I am taking off a star is because my boyfriend found them to be a little tight, but he definitely agreed that they were incredibly thin and enjoyed them a lot.

DonJuan - Pittsfield,MA - 5 Stars

Best condom i've ever used!!

Evelyn - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

These are GREAT! Bf and I tried these right away after ordering the World's Best Condom sampler tin and boy, do they live up to the hype. They feel AWESOME, super thin and silky smooth with a good amount of lubrication. My boyfriend and I both agree that these are the best we've tried so far. We're going to try everything in the tin but we'll be back for more of these for sure.

Jake - Reading, PA - 5 Stars

These are great! It feels like you're wearing nothing. I'm "above average" and my only complaint is that after awhile they do get tight, but it's definitely worth it. She loves them too - she says there's definitely a difference between these and normal Durex or Trojan.

steve - california - 5 Stars

Best I've ever used. No doubt why they're #1 every year in reviews

Robert - Washington, DC - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms ever. Try these and then go back to anything else...I guarantee whatever you were using before will feel like a plastic bag!! Also a bit snug, so if you're really wide this might feel a bit too constrictive.

Brian - Ohio - 5 Stars

Amazing condom. I have never liked the feel of having sex with condoms, but some girls won't have it any other way. These are so thin, and feel as close to raw as possible. Do yourself a favor, and try these!

Randy - Orange County, CA - 5 Stars

Simply superior to anything else. I found these are a little easier to put on than the beyond sevens (which is weird because they are essentially almost identical). It stayed put the whole time... even though I had to check to make sure it was still on a couple times. And the price is unbeatable!

Amy - New Haven - 5 Stars

This is my favorite condom to use with my boyfriend. Its so thin it doesn't feel like he is wearing anything, and I love it. Now I know why it was voted best condom of the year.

Mac - Washington, DC - 5 Stars

These are the best brand that I have ever tried. I've gone through over 100 of these and not one accident. These are more than worth a try. I will live by these.

Scott - Lincoln, Ne. - 5 Stars

these are the Cadillac of all condoms! I've been thinking for a long time about a vasectomy and was scared. Thanks to these I no longer have to worry because I don't need one. I had to keep checking to make sure it hadn't broke and it didn't. It took quite a beating and We both felt everything! I will never use anything else and will be back ordering more. I've tried kimomo's and they were good but these blow them out of the water. after almost 20 yrs of searching I finally found the perfect condom. thanks crown and condom depot!

John - Springfield - 5 Stars

I was worried at first when buying these condoms because I am a lifelong Trojan user. I read a lot of reviews on this condom and felt it may be to small for me as a normal Trojan condom usually is so tight it hurts. These condoms are EXCELLENT! Even tho the width is a 1/4 inch smaller than a Trojan condom it literally did not feel like I was wearing a condom. The feeling was excellent, it really does feel like your not wearing one at all. I was also worried about it breaking because it is so thin, it hold up just fine with some rather rough sex. I'm 100% converted.

Anonymous - Palm Beach, FL - 5 Stars

Me and my girl LOVE these condoms. They're absolutely epic in every possible way! And they never break, either!

Steve - Madison, WI - 4 Stars

Decent condoms overall. I find the Beyond Seven to be better though for feel and I tried both for the first time back to back. Reading the reviews I expected more out of them. In the end they are a good condom, but I'll stick with the beyond sevens.

Roxanne - Berea, KY - 4 Stars

Very thin, very sensitive.

James - Kansas City, MO - 1 Stars

I bought 12 of these to try them out. I'm average size and they were difficult to get on, far too tight, and not nearly as sensitive as I had expected. I only used 3 of the condoms before I gave the rest away. I won't ever buy these again.

Rodney - Texas - 5 Stars

These things are easily the best condoms I've ever tried. Believe all the reviews that say this is the best you can buy. AMAZING!

Jared - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

Amazing, my girl loves them. I would never go back to Trojan or Durex, Crown condoms are the best!

annonymous - texas - 4 Stars

lots of sensitivity for both partners, but are really tight. do they make these in a bigger size?

H - Jamaica,NY - 5 Stars

This is Best condom ever had and it felt u have nothin on.. when u have personal lubricant on, it's a crazy experience.. Last 3hrs wit my GF.. I recommended this product... she told me we only goin 2 be using this..

Eric - Chicago - 5 Stars

These things are great!!! And they stretch pretty good too...I've broke a few magnum thins but these boys stay tight and thin the whole ride. Feels almost like nothing...almost

wow132 - lawrenceville.GA - 5 Stars

First time with these condoms and i have to say they're great.I really thought that I had nothing on and i even made sure and they were on.Get these.

KK - Alexandria, VA. - 5 Stars

OMG ! the best ever ! I ordered these & the studded, but prefer the original, truly feels natural, so I am definitely a fan !! & back to order more

Chris - Toronto, Canada - 5 Stars

I have re-ordered twice. Definitely the best out there. You have to be a little careful with fingernails and over-stretching them but for the average sized guy these things are perfect. Definitely not a lot of lube so guys, you gotta get her WET first (which you should be doing anyway!).

d - philadelphia - 5 Stars

Definitely the best ones we've used. I think they still have a funky smell to them, but everything else is great! I also find myself using some lube with them, they are kinda dry at first. Boyfriend hates using condoms, but deals with these because they are definitely the best.

B. P. - Knoxville, TN - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms. We tried the sampler pack and these are the only ones that we liked. They are as close as you can get to nothing at all. Trojans and the like have NOTHING on these. Try these and you will never use another brand.

jared - san antonio, tx - 5 Stars

crowns are the best goddamn condoms ever made. period.

Bella S - Appleton, WI - 5 Stars

All I can say is wow! My boyfriend has never felt so good! Plus the pink color looks cute on him ;) Thanks Condom Depot!

Bob - Grand Rapids, MI - 5 Stars

These are great. The don't stink like condom, they don't feel like condom, and so far after 2 packs we haven't broken a single one. I definitely recommend them.

Roly - Miami, Florida - 5 Stars

I've tried Trojan Fun Pack; this condom beats anything out there. It DOES feel like you're not wearing anything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

TimothyJ - Illinois - 5 Stars

I have personally used over 10 makes and models of condoms including various Durex, Trojan and Lifestyles brands. I've used over 50 of these Skinless Skin condoms and I've come to the conclusion that nothing surpasses these. They feel the best. They are incredibly durable. No breaks.

Best condom on the market.

Jim - The United States Of America - 5 Stars

This condom is great for blowing them up into little balloons and throwing them at the elderly. They're extremely aerodynamic and accurate, great for old people! They're the perfect gift for any occasion. Mothers Day, Christmas, Fathers Day, Easter, you name it. I gave my grandmother a box of these and she's so happy and speechless that she never talked to me again. A defiant buy for anyone looking for a great all-around gift.

Scott - Tampa, Florida - 5 Stars

By far the best condom I've ever tried. There is nothing like it, these are so thin I sometimes have to check if it's still on. No latex smell, which is a bonus. Excellent condom, I will be buying more of these in the near future.

Jermaine Moffett - Hattiesburg, MS - 5 Stars

Improved stamina. She always climaxes before I do! Plus no latex smell! Great condom!

M - Fairfield, CT - 2 Stars

Both I and my mate really didn't like these condoms. They are too tight and dry. I'm above average but not huge. I felt the condom was strangling, pinching my boy. Neither of us were comfortable. Would not buy again.

alex - Santa Cruiz - 5 Stars

I will never use a different type of condom. Stop looking around, stop buying trojan "ribbed for her pleasure"-- the crown skinless is the best there is for him or her. Period.

Sarah - Houston, TX - 3 Stars

I was SO excited to get these condoms because of the rave reviews. But, they're just condoms! People make them sound like its a bareback feeling and they're super sensitive, but me and my partner(s) didn't see any difference in sensitivity from any other condom brand. I'm disappointed so don't be too let down if its just the same feeling as any other. I bought like 100 of them so I will use them, but to tell you the truth, they're cheaper than the store brands so that is the one positive I've found so far. One of my partners said it was so tight on his head, that it was uncomfortable and we took it off and used his brand instead.

chrisy - florida - 4 Stars

Thank god for this website! As a female I never thought to research condoms. When I was charged with buying a box I went with the cheapest Trojans. Big mistake! They stank of latex, were super thick and felt greasy.

After a disappointing run with those Trojans, I searched online and read the reviews on this website and discovered Crown condoms! Hooray! Crown condoms are super thin, have NO latex smell (latex smell is so not sexy), and are not greasy. If you're getting it hard ladies, you may need more lube. I use lube anyway because of sensitive skin, but these condoms require a bit more. Well worth it! Allows more feeling for me and my partner. Fit great on him.

i even like the pink tint! :)

Thomas - WA - 1 Stars

The new Crowns that come in the blue wrapper and are made in Thailand are totally different than the ones made in Japan.
The Japan ones were sturdier and didn't break at all. I've been using them loyally for over 5 years and not one broke.
These new Thailand ones are stretchier kind of like Lifestyles, AND I had 10 break out of 46 that I have used. I am average in size: 6 inches long and 5.2 girth.
I will never buy these again.
Time to look for another brand.

jon - Florida - 5 Stars

These condoms are great, they are so thin it almost feels like there is nothing there! And they are nice and snug, so they don't loosen up and chafe my girlfriend, and I can feel every little contour inside of her...thanks Crown, and thanks Condomdepot for the excellent service.

Mike and Julie - New Jersey - 4 Stars

These condoms are great; we will never go back to Trojans or other mediocre condoms. They don't ride up, and they don't take away from the natural lubrication of the vagina. They also don't feel as invasive on the penis, or the vagina either. Crowns allow the penis to breathe and feel. We buy hundred packs (badass, I know) and reorder every few months or so (badass, I know). TRY THEM !!

Anonymous - Philedelphia, PA - 5 Stars

By far the best condom i've ever tried!! I had to check if it was still on! These are super thin yet really strong and reliable...a definite winner!

Daniel - Mississauga, ON - 1 Stars

I impregnated four women with these, don't use them.

Gary Z. - Portland, OR - 2 Stars

I actually feel nothing at all except for the condom with these. I gave it two stars since I think its just me, not the product, but I wanted to at least put this out there in case others think they're alone in not feeling anything.

Young Smooth - Dallas Tx - 1 Stars

Man all the hype about these are bullshit, there only for little package dudes. I'm sticking to my magnums my junk hurt after using these sorry condoms!!

Anonymous - New York, NY - 5 Stars

These condoms live up to their claim of "skinless skin." My boyfriend and I had been having trouble with loss of sensitivity through even the thinnest condoms we could find. I'm glad to say we've finally found one that greatly reduces or even eliminates this very frustrating issue. Without giving TMI, I could tell right away that the condom wasn't "getting in the way" of his sexual experience. These are a keeper!

Anthony - Methuen, MA - 5 Stars

Porn stars don't use these for nothing! I bought the 2009 World's Best Condom Tin for me and my girl and these are one of our favorites. Just bought another 50 for when I go home for Valentine's Day.

Yves - indianapolis - 4 Stars

Great condoms, feels like nothing is on. I just wish it was more lubricated.

anonymous - central coast, CA - 3 Stars

Got these thinking they would fit me just fine (i would say I'm average if not a little smaller) and they were really tight. At first they felt great but then it got really uncomfortable. Also not much lube on these.

jeff - colorado - 5 Stars

These condoms are great. Average size male. Extremely easy to get on. If you're a little bigger than the average size I would opt for something bigger.

Ad - Michigan - 4 Stars

Tried one of these for sex with my girlfriend tonight. I have an average sized penis and it fit me well. The lube was pretty minimal so we added KY type lube. Being so thin the sensation was great. However, it popped at the end in the heat of the moment. It was fairly long lasting and intense sex and we've had this happen with other thinner condoms. I wouldn't recommend this one (or other ultra thins) if reliability is really important.

JT - Georgia - 5 Stars

I ordered a handful of different kinds and these were my favorite. I am getting some more.

Jimmy - Minneapolis, MN - 3 Stars

Pros: felt great, as far as a condom goes; no latex smell.

Cons: a little too tight (if your above average in the width category)

Faded - Cypress,Texas - 5 Stars

As close as raw,you could ever get.
Felt great used three in one day no lube,all worked great, not one broke..there made with a stretchy material.. a bit tight though. still great.

Anonymous - Ridgecrest, CA - 5 Stars

Best condom I have tried in my life. Was using Trojan Ecstasy, but these blew them away. Bravo!

nb - California - 5 Stars

These condoms are great & I prefer these over LifeStyles Skyn, Beyond Seven & Kimono.

mr.b - Saratoga, utah - 5 Stars

It took a few uses to get comfortable with the tight fit. But once I used them a few times it was fine. They feel like I am going bareback.

David - Las vegas, NV - 4 Stars

During sex I had to check if it was still on--I really couldn't tell. I felt her heat a lot more than I could with lifestyles or trojans. Very, very thin. Only complaint is how difficult it is to open the package with slippery hands! Actually, the smell and taste were quite rubbery, so that's the reason I knocked off a star.

Ed - Los Angeles, CA - 3 Stars

These condoms were really tight. I've used them twice so far and had a hard time reaching an orgasm because it was so constricting. I'm trying to switch from Magnums to something a lot more thinner and reliable but its hard to find a thin condom with enough head room. This condom may be good for some but it wasn't good for me. Any guys out there that use Magnums or any other XL condoms stay away from this one.

Kate - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I LOVE these condoms. They're comfortable, they let us feel each other, and they're PINK! :-D

DVL - Rockville, MD - 5 Stars

Tried the world's best sampler pack from here several years ago. We both loved these the BEST of all! Been using them for years now and have NEVER had one break. We have really rough sex and other brands would rip on occasion.

I think those that complained that the condom broke either did not remove air bubbles when putting it on or are too big. Or put them on backwards :c) I only buy these condoms, my GF REFUSES to use any others as she is pretty sensitive.

Mike - Portland, Oregon - 5 Stars

I am well above average in penis size and although this condom rolls on tight, it stretches and feels very comfortable. My male partners and I feel like we are barebacking but have never had a breakage problem with the Skinless Skin and these condoms hold up to the most rigorous anal intercourse.

JP - WI - 2 Stars

I was excited to try these based on the reviews I read, however I was greatly disappointed. My girlfriend and I bought the sampler tin which comes with 3. They felt very tight vs some of the others in the tin, I will not try them again.

Jack - Winter Haven,Floirda - 4 Stars

A rate them a high 4.5. They are great and hold up well. I ordered a few the first time and just ordered 102 of them. this time. You cant go wrong with the Crown. They are truly skinless. Both my wife and girlfriend love them.

Jeff - Clayton - 4 Stars

Great condom overall! I will say if you are slightly larger in girth, it will be hard to just "throw" it on fast. They fit snug. Also, if you like to have sex for prolonged time (over 45min. constant) it may break, it did with me.

Tony - New Jersey - 5 Stars

Just tried them for the first time, and I'll tell you the young lady was impressed:) She said "The feeling was almost as though there wasn't one and the orgasms were out of this world."

baron - las vegas - 4 Stars

A bit tight if you have 7 in. or more but very sensitive. Really the best feeling condom I have ever tried.

Gabriel - Orlando - 5 Stars

These condoms are the best! When i wear these badboys I can bang the shit out of my girl and feel like I'm wearing nothing! Thank you Crown, you've made me a believer ! God Bless Safe Sex !

chris - houston - 5 Stars

Absolutely the best I've wore! it actually feels like you have nothing on, to the point where I have to double check every once in a while to make sure it is still on!! A MUST BUY for sure!!

John - Los Angeles, CA - 2 Stars

I'm larger than average, and this condom doesn't roll down far enough, leaving too much exposed. Even worse, the condom slipped off and the girl had to get plan B.

Durex Love are the best condoms in my opinion. Never had one slip or break.

Kevin - Washington, DC - 4 Stars

This is a great condom. Very thin, fits well, and I've never had any breaks. The only reason I gave it four stars is because I wish it were a little bit more lubricated. It is lubricated a bit and you can add your own of course. I just wish it had the silky soft lubricated feel that something like Durex Natural Feeling had, then it would be the perfect condom. Highly recommended nonetheless.

Mark - Lawrence, KS - 1 Stars

First time I have used this condom. It will be the last. It tore on me! :X

Jennifer - West Virginia - 5 Stars

These condoms are amazing! They are incredibly thin, but also very durable.

Brian - MI - 5 Stars

AWESOME. They really are the closest thing that you can get to not wearing anything at all, and definitely help me operate at a much higher level than anything else I've tried. I recently bought my second shipment of them, and would never use anything else again.

Julie - Greenville, NC - 5 Stars

Cannot be beat! Could not tell he was wearing anything at all...and neither could he! Our only complaint would be that they need to offer them in a larger size!

cream - pie - 5 Stars

Sooooooo awesome! Best condoms by far.

T. Bone - Trenton New Jersey - 5 Stars

The best condom I've used!

TM - fullerton, ca - 5 Stars

If you like having raw sex, buy these. Seriously these are amazing. Safe sex now feels even greater. I use no other they are a little snug but that's fine. I'm 7.5" and a decent thickness but i love that these don't slip off and never rip and trust me I've used tons of these.

Tyler Alien - Walpole, NH - 3 Stars

Great overall. Needs two things.
Better lubrication
Little wider

Maybe I should move on to Magnums? Feels almost to tight on me.

Jenna - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

These condoms are a godsend. My boyfriend and I usually don't use them as I'm on the pill, but every time I've had to take antibiotics, condoms would completely destroy his desire for sex. These were the first that he didn't mind, and for good reason - there were times when I hardly noticed them! The heat transfer was excellent, the sensitivity was great, and we never had to worry about the condom slipping off or breaking. It's such a relief to have something on the shelf that we can use as a backup now. Five out of five stars.

Tish - Orlando, FL - 2 Stars

I purchased this and we used 1 out of my large package that was ordered. It was it was tooo small and tight for my man. I was like huh. So it didn't do much for us; however the skinless skin was great!

Jay - Edmonton, AB - 5 Stars

By far the best, hands down, don't even bother with anything else! I'm a bit larger then average but prefer these to XL condoms since they fit great but I can actually get them on unlike most other standard ones. Best feeling condom out there.

CondomBill - NOLA - 3 Stars

I was really surprised to find that I didn't care for these much..

While thin, it did not feel the same as nothing on...

It was nice, but I prefer Durex Extra Sensitive.

Mary - Indianapolis - 4 Stars

I recently had intercourse with a nice older gentleman who introduced me to Crown Skinless Condoms. His equipment was likely a little under average in length but his girth was magnificent. I helped him put the condom on and noticed quite a bit of the roll was left. The sensation was very nice. I have now added this brand to my collection in my nightstand if my lovers happen to arrive unprepared. I have since discovered that the condom is very nice for very well endowed men also. I've had no complaints from well endowed lovers about being too small. Of course there is the rare exception when the Crown just won't go over the head of some men.

sierra - huntsville,AL - 5 Stars

Greatest condom I have ever used in my life. I love these condoms!!!!

Kate - Seattle, WA - 4 Stars

Love the feel of this condom, but it slipped off! Has anyone else experienced that problem? I mean it came off inside of me.

Matt - Plattsburgh, NY - 5 Stars

Can't go wrong with these! I absolutely love them. Everything about them is great. I hate having to use anything else when these aren't around.

The only thing that sucks about these is having to stop to put them on.

Rob - Dallas, Texas - 2 Stars

Bought these after reading many of the glowing reviews. The first thing I hated about them is: They were pink. Secondly, they don't have enough lube on them at all. Third, they were way too tight and constricting, they need more headroom. I think Durex Extra Sensitive is way better, very thin, good headroom, good amount of lube and CLEAR.

Kelvin - Issaquah, WA - 3 Stars

They don't really fit well. They are too tight and feel like they are squeezing the life out of me. They are also hard to get on and will usually bunch up to the top making the experience enjoyable.

balthazar - San Franpsycho - 1 Stars

After reading all the reviews I bought 30 of these Crowns. They are awful. They are extremely tight, constrictive and the head of my penis goes numb from having no room to expand. They also have some sort of anti-lubricant on them and end up making you your partner and any lube applied feel like your sexing sandpaper. I have a about 15 left and will give them to someone else.

Maria - Malibu, California - 1 Stars

I bought these for my boyfriend and it was a big mistake. The length was perfect, the thinness was awesome but the width around the head was HORRIFIC. If you are thicker then average DO NOT buy these. My boyfriend kept telling me that every time he would finish it would "hurt a lot" because of the lack of room in the head. BEWARE THICK MEN =)

Ashley - Itasca, Illinois - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I ordered these last week and just got them in the mail today. We were looking for something new to use and read a ton of reviews for these condoms and found that these were loved all around. So we purchased a bunch. We used our first one tonight and it felt amazing. there is some lube on them, not a ton, but they are really thin and it doesn't feel like anything is there. They don't smell like anything at all. Besides watching your partner put it on, you'd never know the difference between the crown skinless skin condom and the real thing :P Really the best condoms and should be everyones first choice. Definitely coming back for more when ours are gone :)

Brent - Washington - 5 Stars

These are amazing, sometimes you have to check if you are still wearing it, not because it falls off they are just so thin you cant tell. No Joke. These are a must buy. (try them with some Pjur bodyglide lube)

Courtney - Auburn, GA - 5 Stars

This is the best condom ever. My husband and I both agree that this is the best condom, I cannot even tell that he is wearing one. It is just amazing. Makes me want to have sex all the time.

DB - Dallas, TX - 2 Stars

Very thin but also hard to put on. I am above average in girth and I really had a hard time rolling these down the shaft. Breakage was not a problem but they are not well suited for me.

Jimmy - Phoenix, Arizona - 3 Stars

These are descent condoms. After reading all of the comments above I was beyond excited when they arrived in the mail. They do not feel like wearing nothing, they feel like you are wearing a condom for sure. My favorite condoms remain lifestyles ultra thin as I think they feel the closest to nothing. After saying that I would rate these in the top 3 I have used so they are worth trying out.

Bryan - Farmville, VA - 5 Stars

OK! so one of the most amazing condoms i have ever used! Fits a bit snug but not bad enough that it takes way from the experience. My girlfriend wont let me use any other condoms. Thank you Crown and thank you Condom Depot!

Ray - West Coast - 3 Stars

Tried these after years of using the Beyond Seven condoms (since they are made by the same company). Not very impressed. They don't seem as thin as the Beyond 7 ones and the lubrication dries out super fast. Girlfriend hated them also.

Roy Stormer - MD - 5 Stars

I love these condoms! I agree with the other reviewer about being as close to raw as possible. Other condoms just feel like your wearing a rubber glove...

Mark - Vancouver - 3 Stars

So-so condom. I was incredibly excited to try them after reading all the reviews, but the product did not live up to the hype - at all. They felt like just another condom - rather tight, hard to roll over my head (which is larger than average), and during sex, I didn't feel anything - just like with every other condom I've tried ... :-( They weren't any worse than other condoms, but they weren't noticeably any better, either. Too bad!

Gustavus - Elpaso, Texas - 5 Stars

Good fitting rubber. I had a LOT of FUN with these the other night. They feel like your going skin on skin. Be king and wear the crown with these sensational rubbers. You won't be disappointed I know she wasn't.

Robert - Richmond, VA - 5 Stars

Top drawer in every respect. I could feel everything. The pink color enhances the visual appeal. Foolishly I only ordered 12. Back for more.

James - Denver, Colorado - 5 Stars

HANDS DOWN the absolute best condoms money can buy. The reviews are no exaggeration. I have used various brands from Durex, Trojan and others, and these are in their own league. This is the closest you will feel to your lover while still staying safe. You never have to worry about them breaking, and although they may seem small, they are very elastic. I am above average and they fit perfectly without killing the mood. They do not smell of latex which is also a big plus. I would recommend pairing these condoms with WET Platinum as it has worked great every time for me.

Lily - New York - 1 Stars

They are thin but the lube dries very quickly, which makes it uncomfy sometimes.

Jake - Louisiana - 5 Stars

Great. I'd consider this about halfway between your average condom and nothing at all.

Mustaffa - Merica - 1 Stars

The condom is very snug but that is not the real problem. The lubrication wears of really quickly and causes irritation for my lady. Made the mistake of buying 100, will not be purchasing more.

UtahRabbit - Logan, Utah - 5 Stars

These are the BEST condoms ever. First condoms I bought and haven't found ANYTHING better. The lube is perfect, the fit is perfect, and the sensitivity is as close to not wearing a condom as you can get. Tried Trojans and they're overpriced and greasy. We're on our third 102 pack and haven't had a failure. I'd give them 10 stars if I could.
Bottom-line: Don't waste your money and your pleasure on anything else.

Beverley Bucketfanny - London, UK - 1 Stars

Reviews? More like get a dozen people in the Condomdepot office to rave online about a product they don't give a sh*t about. Would customers really go to these lengths to review a bit of rubber? I don't think so...

Actually Mr. Bucketfanny, All of our reviews are written by our customers. We post the good and the bad to give our customers as much information as we can so they can make the best decision when purchasing condoms. What works for one person may not work for another. And YES people do go to such lengths to review condoms. Just like customers like you go to great lengths to post things that are neither helpful or true!

Leanne - Ramona, CA - 5 Stars

THE BEST! Thinnest condom, have tried many other brands! Wouldn't chance another brand, these are so great!

Lauren - San Francisco, CA - 3 Stars

The no latex smell/taste is awesome, but I've had several break on me. Not totally trustworthy as far as I'm concerned.

Darling - West Michigan - 5 Stars

I have literally tried 20+ types of condoms with my boyfriend - all different brands and styles. These aren't too tight on him, and don't chafe me as much. They are truly the thinnest, most natural feeling kind. And ladies, the taste is much much less offensive than the others, by a long shot. I am not surprised at all that these are "porn star" condoms. If I had sex for a living this is all I'd accept too.

Philip - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

I've used a couple of other condom brands (Trojan, Lifestyles, Durex, etc.) and none of them stack up to the Crown Skinless Skin condoms!
My initial reaction was that they looked kind of small but they fit nicely and boy do they feel good!
If you are a magnum man, I would advise having some extra lube in case for breakage, but other than that these are the best!
I loved them and so did my girlfriend, going through the pack way too quickly lol.

Steve - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

These condoms were amazing! I recommend highly.

cb - TN - 2 Stars

Thought I would really like these according to reviews, but have a very hard time getting these on--only 1 for 4 so far. I'm pretty thick, so it's not unusual to have difficulties, but these are some of the hardest to get on for me that I've tried. I've tried a bunch. So far LifeStyles Ultra Thin and Durex Love are my stand-out favorites.

Kyle - Lakewood, Ohio - 5 Stars

My girlfriend and I have been trying all kinds of condoms since we started dating and these are the best by far! Super thin and tight fitting makes for the closest feeling to unprotected sex we've found with condoms. Great product, I highly recommend them I just ordered 252 of them today!

RC - WI - 1 Stars

I like the idea of feeling like there is nothing there but even though the advertised dimensions of the product indicated that they would fit my average size they were very tight and the number of breakages even with lube were alarming. Since the main purpose of a condom is to protect against disease or pregnancy I gave it a 1 which is worst. Others of a little less than average size might find these to be ok.

Anonymous - Caldwell, NJ - 5 Stars

I have tried almost every brand of trojan condom as well as Durex Ultra Thins, and Crown Skinless Skin is by far the best. I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of the Crown name, but I am glad I made the switch and will be using these from now on. Never had an issue with breaking and it feels fantastic. Hope this helps

Anonymous - Columbus, OH - 2 Stars

I'm of average size, and these were too tight. They were difficult to put on, and did not feel that much better than other condoms I have used. I was disappointed.

Nick - Austin, TX - 5 Stars

All virgins should buy this condom. Just sayin, I lost my virginity with them with no problems whatsoever and preceded to use them for the next week of sex and then I ran out. SUPER SUPER SUPER awesome buy.

RS - Denville, NJ - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms I've ever used. I've been using these for years and I've never had one break. If you have an issue with them drying out, add an extra drop of lube and you'll be good to go.

Sara - New York - 4 Stars

The condom is very durable and lasts a long while, and the slight lubrication was very convenient. My boyfriend says it wasn't different than any other condom he's used, but I thought I felt "him" better than when he was wearing Trojans. Overall, a good condom, but only buy if you really want to try them!

Nicole - New York City - 5 Stars

My bf and I tried these yesterday. We usually buy Trojan condoms, but this time I decided I wanted to try something different. I read many reviews before purchasing them and told my bf what the review said. The moment he put them on, he realize why people said they felt like nothing was on. The condom is kind of tight and I wouldn't say my bf is huge, so I don't think if you are huge it would fit. The condom is wonderful and I will continue to buy them.

Jimmy - Los Angeles, CA - 4 Stars

These are definitely the closest I've come to feeling like I'm not wearing a condom, would definitely recommend,

Mary - Indianapolis - 5 Stars

Crown Skinless has been a staple in my nightstand for a couple years now. They seem to fit pretty well for lovers both a little smaller than average and a bit larger than average. They are so thin and you can see the veins of a fully engorged penis which is a real turn on for me. Even if a lover comes prepared I usually convince him to give these a try. I used to wonder why they made condoms so long and this roll of unused condom was at the base fro most men. But i was with a guy recently that allowed me to unroll it completely because of his amazing length. Now I am wondering why they don't make some a bit longer. When he penetrated me fully the condom had a tendency to roll back up a bit. Hard to please aren't I?

Jessica - CA - 5 Stars

These are by far, my favorite! Never had one break to date! They looked a lil snug to me, but my bf said that it felt fine and he had great sensation! Unlike other condoms we have tried that were really thick and he couldn't feel a thing. This also gave me much peace of mind, knowing I could relax and not worry about these being easy to break. Always add extra lube to be safe, and of course always practice proper on/off procedure. These steps make this condom the BEST for us and I would only recommend two condoms, this and durex love!

JMG - Engewood, NJ - 5 Stars

A little tight getting on but they are the best by far. Havent busted one as opposed to other brands Durex and Trojan which always seem to bust

Stuart - GA - 5 Stars

I bought the Japanese Tin and tried most of the condoms in the tin but once I tried the crown I didn't want to try any of the others again! This was definitely the "closest" to nothing and that's coming from a guy that my wife and used no form of bc for two years. I really like the pink color because it really doesn't look like you have a condom on at all and the first time we used one I had to check it a couple times to make sure it was on! You'll notice that some people post about breakage but using some pjur lube will prevent that as we have not had one break at all. This condom is tight but stretches well, I feel this is why it is so good because it's contours to you. Tight but very comfortable! I Highly recommend this condom! I don't want anything else!

Jon - NY, NY - 4 Stars

I've been using these for many years and would rate them 5 stars everytime, but it's now becoming apparent that these condoms don't have enough lube on them.

Everything else is great about them, but the light amount of lube can ruin any rounds after #1.

XxKitty - Miami, Florida - 5 Stars

Boyfriend LOVES this condom.

T - Effingham, IL - 5 Stars

"Awesome", is the word that comes to mind. The only condom I will ever use, period. It feels as though you are not wearing a condom, I had to look several times, I thought it had slipped off. This is the best condom !!!

Brian - Buffalo, NY - 5 Stars

This is the best condom out there for two main reasons: 1. it does not come off until you take it off and 2. does not give off a rubber smell. On top of all that, my girlfriend loves the pink color! Rockin.

Anonymous - Las Vegas, NV - 5 Stars

feels great!

Cliff - Orlando, FL - 5 Stars

Even though this condom was a little too snug I still give it five stars because it really felt like I was wearing nothing at all. My girlfriend even said it felt like skin and not rubber.

Allen - Alabama - 5 Stars

These condoms do feel like you have nothing on. They expand to fit. They are as close to nothing that I have tried.

Vexion - NH - 5 Stars

Best out there, really, thats if you can friggen find them!!!!! lmao, they should sell them in more places

Anonymous - USA - 5 Stars

Definitely worth it. The only condom I can use. Don't smell, don't taste, inconspicuous, thin, and SUPER durable.

Pete - Milwaukee, WI - 3 Stars

Too tight for my liking, kind of cut off my circulation. For the smaller guys, it's probably great.

cadleo - chicagoland - 4 Stars

I dont think the stats on these are correct. they are 2.16 inches wide up and down. They sound like a great condom otherwise

Brett - CA - 1 Stars

Very narrow fit and they cut in a lot, which made it exceedingly difficult to get them to unroll. We wasted 2/3rds of them for this reason as I fumbled around trying to get the dang things to unroll. . . talk about a mood killer. Once on, they are very tight, thin perhaps, but things were going numb (and white and suffocated looking) for me and in all but one case I ended up taking it off. . .how shall I say it. . .unfinished.

Alex - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

Best condoms ever. Suggested them after reading reviews to my boyfriend who said it didn't matter. But when he used them he couldn't believe the differences. Now he wants to screw all the time cause it feels so good.

WV - WV - 5 Stars

These are awesome. My woman loves them. I love 'em just as much. You can't tell that you're wearing protection. I've gone through 48 of these and believe me when I tell you, these things are super strong too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Be sure to squeeze the tip when putting these or any other condoms on and you should not have a problem.

Ed - Indianapolis, IN - 2 Stars

Just order a 24 pack last week after reading all of the rave reviews. Ended up being disappointed.

It was a bit struggle getting it on. After I managed to get it on, the condoms actually choked my penis to death. It was far too tight width wise.

I suppose I would recommend that you to measure yourself first before ordering any condoms. I'm sure this is an excellent condom for whoever this fits since it was pretty thin and had no latex smell or taste (we were free to have oral sex after we gave up on the condoms).



Moush - Fairfax, VA - 1 Stars

Very disappointed. Extremely tight, so tight that it would stop the blood flow and I would loose erection. The length of these condoms were fine, how ever width was way to small for me. Have two break on me.

mike - Raleigh, NC - 5 Stars

Hard to expand upon the rave review so far, but just have to share... two different partners plus me LOVE these! No, it's not like nothing at all, You'll both know it's there, but there's nothing that comes closer. the lube is light enough, not grody like other pre-lubed condoms. If your partner does not need the lube, this is perfect. Mine is usually sensitive to lubes, but this one was fine. I cannot rave enough about these Condoms! Try some!

Michael - Chicago - 5 Stars

Next best thing to nothing, would highly suggest.

Amy - Pittsburg, KS - 4 Stars

These are definitely very thin and they feel very natural but they are definitely a little small. My boyfriend is just barely bigger than average and he has a hard time "finishing" while wearing these condoms. We prefer the Kimono Microthins Large but if you are a little bit on the small side, you will probably like these because they are just about as thin as it gets.

crown - ca - 5 Stars

condom depot is the best! very fast shipping,you place an order a minute after theres a confirmation,nxt day you woke up the order is shipped! your the best its my 2nd time to order!~

Vati L - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

Everything people have said about this condom is true. It felt as if nothing was there at all. I was so used to wearing something that truly did feel like wearing a "raincoat" that I did not know what I was missing. Thanks to the people who rated this #1, I now have a new favorite!

Joe - New Haven, Connecticut - 5 Stars

I just ordered these from what I read and they are the best I have ever used. Since my wife gave birth a few months ago through a C-Section, the doctors say condoms for at least a year. Both of us agree that these condoms are the best we ever used. She said it felt like I was wearing nothing and thats how I felt. I plan on getting more of these and never going use any others. A+++

joe - maryland - 5 Stars

way better than the onther condoms i have used trojan, durex, lifestyles these are the best i have had. they fit really well and dont smell as bad as the others, also my girl dosnt mind giving me head after ive had one on because it dosnt leave a taste.

Sam - San Antonio, TX - 5 Stars

Have tried several condoms and these are by far the best - for fit, sensation, and lubrication. The BEST!

Vlad - NYC - 1 Stars

Best condoms for pleasure make you feel 95% raw. However they ripped on me 50% out of time. If you like rough sex look for something else b/c if u have 7" tool you will def rip these with a snap of a finger. Love these condoms for making love, but when it comes to banging out i chose magnums XL, but compare these 2 in the pleasure terms I go with Crown any day! Plus price! WOW!!! for $16 u only gonna get around 15 condoms in the store, while here u get a 50 pack!

Ann - arcata - 4 Stars

These condoms feel amazing, the best we have tried! But, they smell really weird and chemically. Not a latex smell, but a weird perfume-y smell that is almost worse. Sensation good, scent bad.

Sean - Texas - 5 Stars

these condoms are great super thin felt like nothing was on its lightly lubed other than that best condom i used besides lifestyle ultra thin.

Happy customer - CA - 5 Stars

I've tried all of the American ones you can buy in stores, and this beats them all, hands down. Amazing feel, haven't had one rip yet (gone through about 30), while Trojan, Durex, etc. rip on me about 20% of the time.
I can't comment on the smell though, it hasn't ever come up for me, so it's not a problem.

CB - NY - 5 Stars

not only are these the greatest condoms ever, but me and a friend started talking again because we both use these. i owe my great sex life, and a friendship to these condoms!

J. montalvo - fresno,ca - 5 Stars

i ordered a dozen of these and they really are the best condom out there! feels super thin doesn't smell like latex doesn't leave you smelling like latex i will never buy a different condom again!! you have to try!

scotty - LI, NY - 5 Stars

I Hate Using Condoms With My Girl... But When We Gotta Use Them THESE ROCK!!

CeeCee - Nevada - 5 Stars

Felt so great!!

paul - pampanga,philippines - 5 Stars

my girl loves 'em she kept asking me if its still on everytime we make nookie nookie!

B. Anderson - Cusseta, GA - 5 Stars

Sure is nice to feel good and still be safe, my wife and I thank you! Really good product! Best condom I ever used, didn't think one was out there with that much feeling for the man. I'll be getting these from now on!!!

DJ - Chicago, IL - 4 Stars

I forgot the fact that these were made of rubber. I wish it were latex, because it would feel so much better. Nonetheless, it's a rather nice condom. Needs more lubricant. A bit dry for my liking. I would definitely recommend this.

D - Midlothian ,VA - 4 Stars

These are pretty good, but just not my cup of tea. Thin-ness was a plus, but the condom was just loose enough on the shaft to make me apprehensive about test-driving them with the girlfriend.

If you're experimenting with snugger condoms for the first time, like I was a few weeks ago, buy these -and- Bravo's Wicked Thin. The Wicked Thin is noticeably narrower than the Skin-Less Skin.

random guy - Nashville, TN - 5 Stars

this things are amazing, they allowed my wife to get off the pill and get her libido back, and they feel like you are not wearing anything at all, so much so that i withdrew several times scared that it had broken...only to see that it was fine and still on... took me a little bit to get used to that skinless feeling, we have never had one break yet and we have used about 20 of them, getting read to order some more

Kodi P - Tallahassee FL - 3 Stars

These condoms aren't bad, i just wish they made them in a bigger size because they were really tight on me. They could also use a little more lubricant.

Stephanie - New Jersey - 4 Stars

Thinnest condoms ever.

James - Honolulu, HI - 4 Stars

Although I did get a lot of feeling with this one, and my wife liked them just fine, I felt like they were too tight for me.

Man - Calfornia - 5 Stars

I first tried these out under the old "Okamoto" brand name. We needed condoms and they were the only brand available. Usually, this turns out to be a mistake. With these, the snug fit and extra feeling was great! We both noticed it with smiles. Regarding condoms, this is the happiest accident I've ever had. Highly recommend them but they do need a little bit more lubricant if your lady isn't the "wet" type downstairs.

VT - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

Every-time my girlfriend gets drunk, she tells people about how great Crown Condoms are! We have tried Lifestyles, Durex, Beyond Seven, Mates, and Crowns are by far the best!

bob - nc - 3 Stars

I'm just average sized and this is way too small. Its hard to fit onto my penis and when I finally manage to put it on the constriction causes me to lose half my erection. Wish they would make these a little bit bigger.

CeeTee - Flushing, NY - 3 Stars

Way too small!! This condom feels great and is very strong but if you have a larger than average penis you will be uncomfortable in this condom. Short shaft and very little head room.

Garret - Washington DC - 5 Stars

Magnum what? These condoms will make you forget about anything else you've tried. It actually feels like you're not wearing a condom! Sex never felt better!

Preston - Wisconsin - 5 Stars

These guys live up to all the hype. They don't have an overpowering latex smell, they are not too tight, they allow the "fun" to feel unprotected. This is a great product. Shipping was speedy and they were cheap, another 24 pack soon!

DFB - Los Angeles, CA - 2 Stars

Way too snug and small for me and I am a tad bit above average. I was shocked because of all these positive reviews bc these things really strangled my shaft. Had to remove and could not use.

G$ - Queens - 5 Stars

I have to say I order a bunch of these and was skeptical. My girl said why you order so many but i said hey why don't we try it. She opened it up and was like they don't look too big. Once I put that thing on and went to work it was the most amazing feeling and condom ever i will never buy anything else. KEEP MAKING THE BEST CONDOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

karl - Glendale, CA - 5 Stars

For condom sex, it actually wasnt that bad. It is still like "eating a candy with the wrapper on" but of all the condoms I have ever tried, they are truly the best.

MS - Portland, OR - 4 Stars

I enjoy the silky bare feel and strength these condoms offer. They are perfect for male anal intercourse even when the action gets rough. The only drawback on these babies is that they are on the small side and do not cover to the base of my penis.

danny - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

I tried these condoms recently due to the rave reviews I've read on there.
They really did live up to the hype for both myself and my girlfriend. She is very picky about condoms and it always trying to talk me into taking the condom off during sex, but these she says she loves and can hardly tell its there.
Several times, she asked if I still had the condom on. I highly recommend them.
If there is one drawback, its that they may be a little snug if you're thick in the pants, but they stretch pretty well and this small setback is more than offset by the sensitivity and pleasure they bring.

Garth - PA - 5 Stars

These are the absolute best condoms I have ever used. I have never had one break and nothing beats how thin they are!

Chris - Chicago, IL - 1 Stars

For all of the accolades, I found them to be unfounded. Yesterday my wife and I had sex (missionary) and we both had to keep asking the other if the other felt anything. I might as well have just been doing push ups! No feeling at all, even with copious amounts of lube. Just to make sure, I masturbated while wearing one and it wasn't much better. I had to squeeze my hand even tighter just to get any remote sensation, though I did ultimately orgasm. Wouldn't recommend over any other type of condom. I can't tell the difference between them.

Brian - San Diego - 4 Stars

These used to be the best hands down. I used to give these 5 stars. Now that they're made in Thailand, the quality has suffered. The Thailand version has a strong rubber odor and don't feel as nice. Still a great condom, but they were better when made in Japan.

Anom. - South Jersey - 5 Stars

I have never had an orgasm with a condom on, until I tried these. They are great!

Chris - Chicago, IL - 1 Stars

Hardly felt anything. Worst part, it fell off right after I came causing a spill - defeating the purpose. I might as well have gone unprotected. For all of the hype, I was very disappointed.

Charlie - FL - 5 Stars

I've tried every "sensitive condom" on the market and these are the best I've found. I've been using these for a good year or more now and they are the only condom that I'll use. They are not as sensitive as nothing, but they are as close as I can find. I have never had issues with them breaking or slipping as I have with other brands. I was out the other night and a girl ended up wanting to take me home and she was latex sensitive. She had the Lifestyle Skyn condoms which I've heard a lot of good things about, but they weren't even close to Crown. Bottom line, they offer the best sensitivity of any condom on the market, they're highly reliable and they are dirt cheap for condoms.

B - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

GET SOME! No smell, hardly feels like there's a condom on...the best around

Bill - New Jersey - 2 Stars

These condoms are way to narrow. I requested a sample from Okamoto and that is what prompted me to buy 100 of these. The sample seemed to fit and feel great, but once I tried one of these on, they were hard to unroll. I have a 5.5" girth and about 1.8" width and it seems like I need about 60N of force to put one on (length is not an issue). With average girth/width being at 4.5"/1.45", I wouldn't recommend these to anyone around my specs.

A Dude - US - 2 Stars

I tried these thinking they would be great. They suck. They are SUPER TIGHT.

Brian C - Baltimore, MD - 5 Stars

Best condom my GF and I have tried. Closest to feeling bare-back she's ever felt, very good feel for me as well. I'm pretty thick and have no issues with fit. As others have said, they are snug, very form-fitting and extremely thin. Sensitivity is outstanding. Use a great lube and enjoy!

Daniel - Logan, Utah - 3 Stars

Got these expecting them to be amazing, was a little disappointed. After reading all the amazing review I figured this would be the end all of condoms. Neither my wife or I felt very much and it took quiet a bit a lube to keep the condom from drying out. The snugger fit was nicer but still didnt out way the cons. And as for the not smelling like latex, yeah they still smell like latex. Just not as strong as some other.

Ron V - Pittsburgh, PA - 3 Stars

It seems everybody is different when it comes to condom choice. I ordered based on reviews. Only spent 6 bucks with free shipping and at my door in two days. Condomdepot rocks!! The crowns feel amazing. Probably the best condom out there for feel. But, and this is the problem, they are a tad too small in the width department. I'm a bit bigger than average and these condoms choked my man. Just too tight not to notice. If they were a little wider, then they would be 5 star. I ordered the trustex large condoms and they are now my favorite. Proper size and feel very good. Hope this review helps.

Meghan - Va Beach, VA - 5 Stars

These condoms are great. I've had a few different guys use them and they all are amazed at how thin they are and they actually fit. There is NO latex taste or smell and that is an A++++ with me!!

Harper - Queens, NY - 5 Stars

Awesome condom. Hands down!

Jack - Fresno, CA - 5 Stars

Feels amazing! And there is barely any odor!

John - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

Not only are these condoms great because they don't stink, but they feel amazing to wear. They have just the right amount of lubrication, and feel like you are wearing nothing at all! The best part is that this condom is so reliable!

Leslie - Seaside Heights, NJ - 5 Stars

we both enjoyed sex with these. We liked how thin they were.

RC - NYC - 5 Stars

Hands down the best condom ever.I have tried a bunch of different ones over the years but keep coming back for more and more of these. They sometimes feel a little snug but the nearly naked feel of them makes it wellwroth it.

Steven Barker - Toledo, OH - 3 Stars

These condoms are very thin, and are great if you are of average size. My penis is too thick for these condoms and it almost cuts off the circulation. I like the thickness compared to magnum, but they should make them in a larger size!

Ned - Montreal - 5 Stars

These are the best I've used. The Durex Ultra Thin are a close second.
Just bought the Kimono Ultra Thin to try out.

Lillie - sacramento, CA - 4 Stars

These are certainly NOT odorless or tasteless, very heavy condom scent. I liked Durex Avanti until they stopped making them without latex, and my guy can't feel anything with the Lifestyles Skyn, so I'm stuck with these until I can find something better.

Anon - TN - 5 Stars

My wife and I started using condoms again last year for birth control. After finding Trojan Bareskin, we were convinced that would be the best we could find. Not so. Our first time using Crown was like any other, but after a few minutes things heated up, so much so, the strokes started feeling natural, slow or pounding. The smell is minimal. Ejaculation was good with minimal headroom and no seman forced out of the bottom (I squirt full force 2 times, then 3-6 smaller squirts finishing up.) Wife enjoyed, no burning or irritation without lube. Could feel her almost completely, she could feel my ridges and veins and was reflected by our noise making, almost like not wearing anything. They are tight but it isn't constricting, which gives the experience the normal feeling. The negative with the tightness is if you need to quick strip off the condom to get oral during intercourse, it will take a little longer than with typical Trojans. I am average size/girth.

KRIS - TEXAS - 5 Stars

Amazing condom, First time using this condom I would pull out to make sure its still on cause it almost feel like bare backing

Anonymous - Buffalo, NY - 1 Stars

I'm large and these are waaaay too tight. Why don't they make a large version? Sticking with Trustex Large until they do.

Steve - Conroe, TX - 4 Stars

They are very, very thin and the sensitivity is unbeatable. The lubricant is a little sparse, but if you know that going in, then you can prepare. I imagine the tradeoff is very acceptable. My only real complaint is that these were just too tight, so if you're a slightly above average guy like me, maybe look into something a little larger.

Antwon - Birmingham, Al - 1 Stars

I read all of the positive reviews about this condom and I immediately ordered a box for myself. I got the chance to use it shortly after and boy let me tell you. These are without a doubt the "TIGHTEST" condoms I have ever tried to force on. I almost passed out trying to get this thing on the tip. Needless to say I can't even use them. I wish they would make a thin version of the Magnum XL. My advice is, evaluate yourself and just know that if you are anywhere above average, try ordering a 3 pack or something before you buy a box like I did and can't use the things.

Rex - West Palm Beach, FL - 1 Stars

This is the only condom my entire life that has actually broken, ripped during sex....TWO separate times.

feels great, but to much risk for me to buy again

Rex - West Palm Beach, FL - 1 Stars

This is the only condom my entire life that has actually broken, ripped during sex....TWO separate times.

feels great, but to much risk for me to buy again

Lana - SoCal - 5 Stars

It feels really good. Good body heat transfer. Boyfriend thought it slipped off (it hadn't) Being a girl I like the Pink color. Better than Durex Her Sensation. Although Her Sensation is great for oral to sex.

Andrew - Central Ohio - 3 Stars

Not sure if I got a bad batch, but most of them were just a bit too small. I never thought of myself as being "big" but some were just so uncomfortable I had to change in the middle of the action. The first few I tried felt great, almost like nothing (and my wife thought so too)...but unfortunately I bought A LOT...and they took forever to get rid of. Switched back to Durex Extra Sensitive for the time being. Giving 3 stars since the ones that WERE good, were really good.

Alex Rodriquez - New York - 5 Stars


Camille - Washington - 5 Stars

Now that I've tried these, I'm never going back. My man and I agree that these are amazing. I'm a fan of going bare, but its not really practical - this is the perfect solution! It feels like nothing is there. They beat the hell out of Trojan Bare Skin condoms! Couple these condoms with Wet Platinum lube and you have yourself a good time. Hahaha I will definitely keep buying from Condomdepot. So glad I found these...

Jeff - TN - 5 Stars

Did not think these were going to fit at first, but I was amazed at the elasticity of these condoms. I normally use Trojan Mag's, and although these were not as long, due to the unbelievable elastic quality of these condoms they worked very well. These will be a re-order for sure, feels awesome to wear such a thin condom, I see why they are so popular!

Bob - Foxboro,MA - 5 Stars

After reading the reviews about this I ordered a dozen of these about about a month ago. So far these are the best at feeling as close to nothing as you can get. I've recently been trying a variety of stuff found at the local drugstore but they rarely felt any different. A couple of times it felt as if it broke but when I checked they were fine(it felt that good). I'm back again and doubling my order as I only have a few left.

Just for example last weekend my girl and I had a little getaway last weekend. With a little help of the blue pill we went at it no less than five times (one anal attempt too but that doesn't count here). First two times using the Crown's went very well(less than an hour apart). In the midst of all the excitement I couldn't find my Crown's so I used my back up Trojan Fire & Ice. Despite multiple positions and orgasms on her part I wasn't able to reach it. After a little rest we tried again after finding Crowns I was able reach orgasm with my girl finally. I'm sold on Crown's.

kato - vt - 4 Stars

these are super thin. I wont even try and say its close to no condom because thats a lie. These are as thin as I have seen though. A solid 4/5

Courtney - Lancaster, PA - 5 Stars

By far the best condoms my boyfriend and I have used. They are incredibly thin but durable. The only down fall is they do not have tons of lubricant on them, but that is an easy fix. They are incredible and so is the price for them. Everytime I purchase I do not buy anything less than 100 just because there that GOOD. We've tried multiple brands before I found these on here, and we will never go back to anything else.

Ben - Portland, Oregon - 5 Stars

These condoms are actually really awesome in many ways. They're super thin, cheap, and pink.

Art - Perris, California - 5 Stars

best feeling condom ever!

Eric - NY - 4 Stars

Great feel on skin

Alan - Dallas - 1 Stars

Got in a sampler pack and two broke, threw the third away.

To fragile to use.

Matt - Sherman Oaks, CA - 5 Stars

WOW! These are hands down the best condoms I have ever used. Everything about them is perfect! Definitely will be buying more of these for sure. - hong kong - 5 Stars

vow, at last, men from all of life would stop complaints above the size. It suits all men.
extremely thinnest as if we are not using it , the bare feeling for both the partners

Ninja - Chi-town, ILL - 5 Stars

Me and my girlfriend tried these Crown Skinless condoms after the Lifestyles x2 wasn't being made anymore and then Trojan Ecstasy condoms which is lubricated inside and out but not as thin, they are as advertised and feel real good like you have nothing on and as close to bareback as your going to get without using a condom (had to check of couple times because i thought the condom came off inside her which gave us both a good laugh), also it's a bit light on the lubrication side so we bought some all natural swiss navy water based lubricant and it enhances the natural feel of having nothing on even further and also helps the heat transfer build up very quickly. Can't go wrong with these, would recommend to all the fellas for a complete natural feel.

Paul - Atlanta - 5 Stars

best condom I ever used

Doge - Ohio - 5 Stars

100% lived up to the hype. Had previously used basic trojan condoms, will never go back. Crown felt like i was actually putting my penis in a vagina and not a balloon.

Anonymous - Not important, Not tellin ya - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms ever. My boyfriend and I have tried every single kind of condom out there because we are poly timers (people who have sex multiple times a day, every day). This shit is the shit. Awesome. Amazing. Phenomenal. Breath taking. Keep having sex, it's healthy.

Clay - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

Bought the 100 pack last year around this time. When i first tried it, i thought it broke because of how thin it was and how much it felt like going raw. My girl said anything else feels like a winter glove. I recommend these for everyone.

G - Charleston, SC - 5 Stars

It lived up to its reputation... Great buy!

happy wife - houston, tx - 4 Stars

for me it felt the same as our usual condom but hubby definitely enjoyed it better. ordered on thursday thru regular USPS and received BY MONDAY! WOW! very fast and started using them that same nite!

art - dallas - 3 Stars

These are amazing condoms

Ike - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

Difficult to put on, but felt good during sex. like nothing was there

Misty - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

The absolute best. My lover has stopped a few times because he thought it slipped off - it feels that good for him. And these things are tough.... They don't come off until you take them off. I like that they're perfectly lubricated. A lot of condoms are too lubricated since I get so wet, but these are perfect. As for size, my man is exactly the same size/width as my standard 7" vibrator and they fit him perfectly. He feels secure that they snug but not too tight/uncomfortable. We had a few stray lifestyles and Trojans lying around and we tossed them. Crown are the only ones we'll use. We both rave about them to this day.

Andrew - State College, PA - 5 Stars

The wife had to go off the pill, and we found these after trying a multitude of other condoms that dulled sensitivity so much I couldn't even climax. These were the only condoms that were thin and sensitive enough to allow me to climax consistently.
I even measured their thickness with a micrometer (um) thickness gauge, here are the results (as an average of 8 measurements each):
Crown, Skinless Skin= 48 um
Lifestyles, Ultra Thin= 61 um
Lifestyles, Ultra Sensitive = 69 um
Trojan-Enz = 74 um

jeremy barnes - Canberra, AUS - 3 Stars

felt good but was still a touch too small.

Cam - Ontario, California - 5 Stars

Awesome feel, the best I have ever felt in a condom. I give them a 5 but if you are larger like myself you might want to keep searching. If I can not find a larger condom that feels like this I will buy again. They are tight but they stretch easier than your average condom.

Paige - Texas - 5 Stars

These are truly the best condoms my partner and I have had the PLEASURE of trying :)

Please note that my boyfriend is 8" long with a thick girth. Rolling the condoms on for the first time may seem too tight, but trust me, they adjust...and they feel great. He loves them (and so do I). If porn stars can use can you.

Super sensitive; super reliable; super cheap; super fun!

Jacqueline - Laurenceberg, TN - 4 Stars

My boyfriend made me buy these, and I can't thank him enough!

Yolanda - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

My boy has a big one and they fit him just great

Mel - Ontario, Canada - 5 Stars

Hands-down, the best condom we've ever used. When opened we were convinced it would break, because of the sheerness to it. It did not. It felt like nothing was there even during roll-on. For me, it was the closest I've ever felt to my boyfriend when using a condom, literally felt like nothing was on. The pink tinge, looks natural and isn't off putting like some of the other brands. This was easily our favourite condom out of the World's Best tin. Two happy and extremely satisfied customers!

Nicole - Columbus, OH - 5 Stars

Used exclusively for over a year with my boyfriend. Never broken, never failed.

gogo - fl - 5 Stars

hands down my favorite ever. lightly lubricated which is great cause I am already really wet so it is annoying when you get a lot of unnatural lube involved but if you need it then add some. but closest thing I have felt to bare and bought the 100 pack a few times and had only one break which is amazing. I always give a couple to friends and let them try them out. awesome price and awesome product. hard to have that in one product.

andy - San francisco, ca - 4 Stars

These condoms are not too small and fit my well. Very pleased.

Brad - Florida - 4 Stars

Very thin and transmit sensation well. wish Crown would make more styles/sizes for those who like variety

Justin - Missouri - 5 Stars

Its hard to give a good review. After i got these in the mail, me and my girlfriend tried them, only to find that they are to small. Kind of my fault for not looking through all the reviews but owell. seems durable though

Sean - Phoenix - 5 Stars

Love these condoms. My boyfriend and I use these all the time. You can feel everything...

Awesomeness in a Box - Kissimmee, FL - 5 Stars

Feels amazing.

Champ - Arizona - 4 Stars

LOL reading these comments, will buy again is a mix review. i liked them.

MBMGRAND - pittsburgh, pa - 4 Stars

I am just over 8 inches. I am also a little wide and these are very snug. I like the pink color and lack of odor. going back to durex

terrance horne - silverton ohio - 5 Stars

condom are tight but comfortable

Whitey - NW, LA - 4 Stars

Thin enough for good sensitivity, but so narrow it was hard to put on. However, it wasn't uncomfortable to wear. No complaints really, but I expected something special based on the reviews.

Alex - Daytona, Florida - 5 Stars

I just ordered a 12 pack after having tried one a while back as a freebie from my university - it was the best one that my bf and I ever tried, but I couldn't find them anywhere. These prices are phenomenal and I'm so glad to find these. As for the reviews talking about breakage, all I can say is that I've never had a single condom of ANY brand break because I know how to use them properly and check expiration dates. Very few condoms should ever break when used properly.

hannah - socal - 5 Stars

After reading all of the amazing reviews for these, I was doubtful they could really live up to all the hype. But these are the ONLY condom I will ever use. They are awesome.

Rich - Sacramento, CA - 5 Stars

so far so good. I hope I can use more soon

Anonymous - Philadelphia - 5 Stars

The thinness of these plus how snug they are gave my girlfriend the impression the first time that I wasn't wearing anything at all when I first switched to these. She was scared when I came because of this and then amazed and happy after finding out what was actually there.

Phillipe - Washington DC - 5 Stars

They are so tight that I need to use a fingernail to unroll it. hey are highly overrated but are really durable. got used to the tight fit and grew to like em

IndyBanker - Indianapolis - 5 Stars

Great condom! A recent lover saved the day. Our first night together, which I didn't know was going to happen, was saved by her stash of Crown Skinless condoms. The first time we had intercourse we used the Durex Extra Sensitive I brought with me. I was a bit surprised as we were lying there in our afterglow she aroused me again but I had only brought one condom. She reached in her nightstand and showed me her stash of condoms. She pulled out a Crown Skinless and put it on me. It felt so good...extremely thin and see through. We had another wonderful love making session. I have since switched to Crown Skinless as my go to condom. I have found that women seem to like the look and feel also. I have read some of the reviews that say they are quite snug...well my penis has a 5 1/4 girth and they fit just fine.

James - Fredericton - 5 Stars

I got 3 of these in the World's Best tin, and they really are the best. I've never been able to finish wearing a condom or even stay hard while having sex because I can't feel anything when I wear them, but this condom was a complete game changer. What a dream.

Hannah & Dawson - Missouri - 5 Stars

Best condoms ever ? ? It's like they're not even there. I would definitely recommend these

Rick - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

These condoms seems durable, and might be great for someone who is slightly above average, but i need someting bigger

John - Oceanside, CA - 4 Stars

Not too bad.

Sharonda - GA - 4 Stars

Great condom, but need a bigger size for larger men.

John - Anderson - 5 Stars

I like SKYN condoms, really cool design and feels great.

Bfvr - Chicago, IL - 4 Stars

These are not scent free but are I would say low scent, not as good as Durex extra sensitive in this regard. Sensitivity, second to none, most of the time you think they're not on or are broken. Makes you worry about durability. These are very small are tough to roll on but they do kind of act like a cock ring. The tightness might add to the sensitivity. They're great but just too small so I stopped using them. I don't know why they don't offer a slightly larger version.

ltdan - Charlotte, NC - 5 Stars

I bought a 3 pack and they are very thin and feel good, but also hard to roll on.

Jonathan - New York, NY - 5 Stars

I've been using these for years and they've never let me down!

Q - Queens, NY - 5 Stars

Really liked these. Especially for the price! Sensation is there. Kind of nice that it isn't the same color as a latex glove and all.

But bottom line: They do not come with enough lube.

For the price, however, it's a good deal.

007 - Gurgaon, Haryana - 4 Stars

Its really Reservoir Tip. Awesome

Anonymous - CHICAGO, IL - 5 Stars

Love these condoms. There is very good lubrication and they have and continue to work.

Mark - McAllen, Texas - 5 Stars

These are the best I've used and will continue to use them. They really do feel like you're wearing nothing. My fianceé loves them she tells me the same thing, doesn't feel like I'm wearing. They are a little light on the lube but its not too bad. Other reviews and description don't lie. Get these! Don't think about it.

James - Columbus, OH - 5 Stars

You have to love the reviews from all the tools on here moaning about how big their junk is...No one cares! These are by far the best condoms out there. Trust me. If you are one of the guys complaining about how they break from rough sex, then you're the only one getting anything out of that romp, but that's probably all you care about.

Adam - Tyrone, pa - 4 Stars

I ordered 100 pk and these are good to use for vagina sex and anal sex but combine with lube I bought separately for anal sex really helps. Thanks guys for make these best condoms!

light lube, tight squeeze - The Beach, FL - 4 Stars

I was surprised they were so snug. I ordered 100 because they were so cheap. Tried out a several until I just gave up because it was not comfortable for me. They never broke, just not for me.

Just a warning that if you find tightness to be a problem, better keep looking.

OMR - USA - 5 Stars

I tried these based on a couple of good reviews. These were not constricting (I was a little worried as I typically use a larger sized condom) at all and was very form fitting. They are very thin and sensation is great. Better than the Sir Richard's XL I typically use

Brian - - 5 Stars

Best condoms I've ever used and there is no going back once you try these

Javier - - 5 Stars

Great product, delivered as promised. Fast shipping.

John D - - 5 Stars

These work great and are the best condom I have ever used, love that their super thin for sensitivity, my go to product from now on - Thank You.

Dia - - 5 Stars

Crown condoms are the best. Love them ! My husband still trips out because of the condom's color . ?üòÜ

Happy customer - - 5 Stars

These are wonderful. It's thin and doesn't have the usual latex smell. My boyfriend and I have problems with condoms falling off inside me but these stay on well and are very reasonably priced. Thanks crown.

gp - - 5 Stars

perfect condoms for regular use

RaymondG - - 5 Stars

The only condoms I use. Enough said.

Garland - - 2 Stars

Dry and bust will not try brand again still have entire box except for one I used

Polimangas - - 5 Stars

Best fit for me among the different brands. Very comfortable and high sensitivity, the feeling is wonderful!!! 6 stars!!!

Clark - - 5 Stars

I have had no problems with the crown condom product.

Jeff - - 5 Stars

I've tried the sample packs and haven't found another condom that is as good.

Garry - - 5 Stars

Very good these are the best feel like nothing is on

Enrico - - 5 Stars

I love these. They fit great, though a balloon tip would be nice. These are my go-to and I notice the difference in sensation very clearly if in a situation where I don’t have any of these on hand.

Paul-Andre - - 5 Stars

Feal close wearing nothing!

Alison - - 5 Stars

Awesome product. Never let us down, and as close to nothing as it gets!

Steve Cornish - - 5 Stars

The gold standard. This has been my favorite condom for almost 10 years. I have tried several others over that time and I almost always come back. The Beyond Seven is the only condom I have considered outside of the Crown.

Customer - - 4 Stars


Andrew G - - 5 Stars

Great product. Best one I've used at a great price.

Cathy Le - - 5 Stars

Great condoms, just in a larger quantity.

Cathy Le - - 5 Stars

Great condoms, just in a smaller quantity.

Tim P - - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms hands down. Been using them for 12 years and still not had a single one malfunction.

Chad wilson - - 5 Stars

Great feeling! Which is hard to get

Jordan Yeatts - - 5 Stars

These fit nicely and are very sensitive. A great bonus is their neutral smell.

Frank Mckee - - 5 Stars

Loved it! Feels like not wearing a condom.

Mark Sparks - - 5 Stars

Privacy and quick delivery were great

Timothy H - - 5 Stars

Best condoms around. Feel great.

Denning - - 5 Stars

Great condoms, I can see why they are a best seller!

Eric Masese - - 5 Stars

Feels like its truly skinless !

Gavin Spell - - 5 Stars

Good product. Like the ease of ordering and selection.

Jay B. - - 5 Stars

I have been using these for awhile. Very durable and feels like nothing is there!

Angel - - 5 Stars

I tried these to check on the ratings and see if they were any good. It is amazing!!! Not like the lubricated options but feels like nothing on you. Natural feeling and high sensation, without risking safety. Yup, definitely have to try these.

Jade Hodge - - 5 Stars

Good thin condom for a great price

jordan - - 5 Stars

Love these, great price for the quality. Very thin but protect at the same time. Third time buying these, just upped my quantity for my activity.

Lazaro Castro - - 5 Stars

Great product very comfortable thin enough to actually feel something

Manuel ;) - - 5 Stars

Good quality of condoms it feels good

A.D. - - 5 Stars

Reliably good, never break, very thin.

RubbahBurnah - - 5 Stars

These things are great! Super thin. I always throw a little lube inside and out of the condom. Let’s put i this way, every once and I while I have to reach down with my fingers and make sure the condoms still there, cause it feels like nothing. Yeah dawg! That’s good shit. My girl gets nervous - is he gonna stick a finger in there? Nah babe, I’m just making sure the rubbah is still on. Anyways give them a try.

steve rey - - 5 Stars

The product worked this price you really cant get a better deal unless you want to try something with extra bells and whistles..this one does the job just fine.

Noel Ekker - - 4 Stars

Good feel, a bit tight for larger people

Zamric - - 5 Stars

Rated number one for a good reason!!

Jay - - 5 Stars

Always a good deal and works the way they are intended to work

Just be honest - - 5 Stars

Haven’t used any yet but they look well packaged

C.M.S - - 4 Stars

Feels natural but keep additional lubricant handy.

Arash Mahmoudzadeh - - 5 Stars


R S - - 2 Stars

Busted on me the first pack I used

Mustafa Eflanli - - 5 Stars

Absolutely terrific product

Kaitlin Perlmutter - - 4 Stars

These are great! Super thin so it feels like nothing's there. I would give it 5 stars but it would be better with a tiny bit more lube.

MOHAMMAD Seyum - - 5 Stars

Try it to believe it. Feels like nothing at all. Super awesome. I will continue using this from now on. Nothing else.

NC - - 5 Stars

amazing!!! try it, only one you will use!!! best out there!!!

RuoFang Liao - - 5 Stars

Good. My bf and I really like it. It is fairly thin. We will buy more in the future.

Christopher - - 4 Stars

Closet feel to not wearing a condom and sturdy not easy to tear.

keith - - 5 Stars

I've been using Crown for years. I've tried others, but once you use these, there's no other that comes close. A+

Kareem Carter - - 4 Stars

These are truly amazing, a little on the small side for me but they are truly amazing. The only thing that takes a star away is the size.

Caleb Roundtree - - 5 Stars

They are the best condoms I've ever used

Erik Thingstad - - 5 Stars

These condoms are best by far and they were delivered descretly and promptly. Can't beat the price either.

James Simpson - - 5 Stars

Best I have ever had tight and thin

Vincent Victory - - 5 Stars

Some of the best condoms on the market and quick delivery!

Rob B. - - 5 Stars

Excellent, great, terrific

Jose Barreto - - 5 Stars

No product is good and works great and fast delivery

Stefan - - 5 Stars

Used it in past and tight fit medium- med large just fine. Exp date is in two years so plenty of time for 100 pack

Alexander - - 5 Stars

Simple, good product for a great price

Drew - - 3 Stars

This is what I ordered - BUT this is NOT what I received. No response to inquiries either.

Customer - - 5 Stars

Best ever... Feels like nothing is on.

Eric - - 5 Stars

Great fit, comfortable, I prefer non latex but these provide a great sense of feeling and protection.

BC - - 5 Stars

excellent product and $$$

Bryan Dominguez - - 5 Stars

Fuck off.........................

Mike T - - 5 Stars

Great quality. They feel amazing and have next to no condom latex smell. I would purchase them again.

Kat Wang - - 5 Stars

CondomDepot is an awesome seller for buying rubbers in bulk--their delivery is super speedy and every single box has the freshest products we have been longing for! This is a very trustworthy reliable seller and we will continue to purchase in the future

Terrence Glover - - 5 Stars

Gave these a shot. Still good but I prefer Lifestyle Ultra Sensitive.

John - - 5 Stars

Good price, well made product,very comfortable Since my first purchase I have not purchased any other brand. I do not think you can find a better product.

Thomas Casper - - 5 Stars

I’ve never had any issues with this product

Bilal A. Sultani - - 5 Stars


That one kid - - 5 Stars

These are bomb. Nice, good & cheap. Wish there was more lube. But since u get ur girl prepared then no need for extra lube ;)

Robert M - - 5 Stars

Great product, price and delivery time. Never been disappointed.

LH - - 5 Stars

Got ya covered!
Great price!
Super fast shipping!

Cheryl Zimmerman - - 4 Stars

Fits him perfectly! Feels better than anything I’ve tried! Could have a bit bigger reservoir tip tho. When he ejaculates some wants to leak back out to the base of the condom

RYAN - - 5 Stars

These are a great product that have never broken on me nor have they ruined the feeling of sex.

A Sacramento - - 5 Stars

Prompt shipping and handling

Hector Vargas - - 5 Stars

Thin, reliable, my condom of choice!

Ivan Esquivel - - 5 Stars

I will sound repetitive, but really, it's like wearing nothing, but still being sexually responsible..

BJ - - 4 Stars

Product is very thin and works well, however lube is sparce.

Jose - - 5 Stars

Fits good on my penis I’ve been using them since 2015. No complaints.

Austin Iverson - - 5 Stars

The best condoms out and I know what I'm talking about! ;)

Anthony Fantano - - 1 Stars

These are so unbelievably tight. Unless your penis is below average don't even bother.

April Tulloch - - 5 Stars

These are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy K - - 5 Stars

The best condom the only condom i use

Craig Roberts - - 5 Stars

Doesn’t feel like you even have one on!

Chris - - 4 Stars

Quality produce didn’t disappoint .. .......

John Smith - - 5 Stars

I am strong man and like to hit it hard. These and all condoms will tear after strenuous use. Crown Condoms are best I have used so far.

Julian Diaz - - 5 Stars

sensitive, yet very strong. I've been using this piece of wonder for eleven years

Abu Abdal-Khallaq - - 5 Stars

Excellent service with timely delivery.

Product not bad quite durable.

Could be a better color.

Scott - - 5 Stars

Best on the market. Feels like you literally have nothing on. Outperforms all other thin walled condoms.

FG - - 5 Stars

Great! This condoms are the best

Natalie McCraw - - 5 Stars

work well, lightly lubricated though

Courtney Hunt - - 5 Stars

Great condoms, they never break when we’ve used other brands in the past that rupture.

Sikandar Patel - - 5 Stars

wish it would be little bit longer in size..

Rebecca - - 5 Stars

Best condoms been using them for years. I hate latex smell or feel these condoms are natural feel and low latex smell.

Gregory Hellwig - - 3 Stars

Have not used them yet so I can't review.

Oscar Yupanqui Huaman - - 5 Stars

Great products and excellent service

jdwp - - 4 Stars

This is the first condom to work for my husband where he can actually feel something! Our only complaint is that the first one was fine, but then the next one smelled strongly of latex. Will have to see how the rest of them turn out.

tr7x52 - - 4 Stars

One of the better and more sensitive I have tried. Can see why it has a following. Though close to feeling like nothing, the Skyn product seems more sensitive to me.

Not a contoured shape like Durex Extra Sensitive, Crown seems adequate in its constriction and quite thin and sensitive. I am hard pressed to make a favorite choice now between it and Durex. Like said, am leaning now to Lifestyle Skyn product more favorably. But Crown is a leading #2 choice.

Steve - - 5 Stars

very comfortable, well lubricated

Michael Hoenig - - 5 Stars

Not a huge fan of condoms, but these are the best you can do - so thin and snug, you can barely feel them!

Denay83 - - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms, neither of us can feel them!

zorinky nunez - - 5 Stars

I keep buying them, just fabulous

Shane Anciso - - 5 Stars

Best ever. Almost do not even feel anything. Super comfortable and not too tight nor loose

sky schulz - - 3 Stars

After the ONE VANISH hyperthin condom, this one just couldn't compete

JayL - - 5 Stars

Best one. Highly recommend

J T - - 5 Stars

Comfortable and trustworthy as well as dependable

Martin Solis - - 4 Stars

1 out of the bulk pack of 12 i had purchased had broke

Kapoor - - 4 Stars

Pleasantly unobtrusive; could stand more lubricant.

Mr. Satisfied - - 5 Stars

Nice fit and feel. I've been using these for the last few years; so glad I found them.

Satisfied customer - - 4 Stars

Satisfied with the product. Crown condoms are the best I have ever used. Though free shipping on bulk would be a plus. Hence the 4 stars

Micheal Munoz - - 5 Stars

Amazing product! Like wearing nothing at all!!

G Scott Flatau - - 5 Stars


Lauren - - 5 Stars

Most durable condoms I’ve ever used

Marlon Parrish - - 5 Stars

great product, I hate condoms, but if I have to wear them im wearing these ;)

Mark Boyd - - 5 Stars

Great product ... would buy again

Anthony DeSalvatore Jr. - - 5 Stars

Came to the correct address and condom was great!

Steve Mendenhall - - 3 Stars

they're ok - great price would rather have durex

Chris Burnett - - 5 Stars

Super thin, but extremely sturdy! Feels great for both parties.

Max - - 4 Stars

Agree they are thinner. The feeling was better than many other brands for both of us. Wish they had a bit more lube on them. Overall very happy with this purchase.

customer - - 5 Stars

Like it.

Bryan Dominguez - - 5 Stars

Great quality, amazing price! I’ve ordered over 30 times from here and will continue.

Babalola Ogunbiyi - - 5 Stars

Does the job feels good. Great price

John Smith - - 5 Stars

Very durable condom. Have used Crown for years and donot use any other condom.

Anthony - - 5 Stars

Super thin, you can feel the heat.

Stone DuVernay - - 5 Stars

Felt amazing and no issues

Kenneth Tome - - 5 Stars

They perform well

Scott - - 5 Stars

Crown condoms number 1~!

David Uhall - - 5 Stars

They feel great on my skin

Island boy - - 5 Stars

Great price! Nice feel and very durable!

Paul Amelang - - 5 Stars

Great condoms! Great deal

Jordan - - 4 Stars

So far so good

DTR - - 5 Stars

Hands down best condoms I've ever used and the only ones I use since trying them for the first time 10 plus years ago. Great width and length, great sensitivity. I've tried, trojans, durex, countless brands in sampler packs and none come close to Crown. The only thing I could think to improve is a ‚Äãslight balloon tip to give your head more room.

Jeffrey Macfarlane - - 5 Stars

If you need a Jimmy Hat Crown is the only way to go and Condom Depot is the only way to buy them.

Arash Mahmoudzadeh - - 5 Stars

Best condom ever

Herbert Juarbe - - 5 Stars

Easy order, great price

Noneya - - 5 Stars

No bad smell, lubricated just enough. Doesn't feel gross to handle. Strong.

Caleb Roundtree - - 5 Stars

This is all I trust now

Eric Colio - - 5 Stars

It’s thin and has no latex taste

Andrew - - 5 Stars

The best for a reason.

Loyal lover - - 5 Stars

Awesome product

J. - Illinois - 5 Stars

Best condoms around. Far better than other name brands marketed toward thinness and improved sensations.

JT - Apopka, FL - 5 Stars

My favorite condoms ever. Had trouble being satisfied with normal condoms and figured I should give these a try before going bareback. Was not disappointed in the slightest! If not for these condoms, I would have an STD or a kid.

Taylor - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

My personal favorites. My skin is really sensitive and while i dont have a latex allergy, drugstore brands leave me very itchy and uncomfortable because of the lubes they use. These dont, and even though they are average in size, have enough stretch to fit my partner (who has significant girth but isnt very long)
Keep in mind that the picture on the website doesnt really do justice to how pink they are. Theyre like a highlighter. So so so pink. For me this is a plus because its my favorite color, but it took him by suprise when he opened the package.
They are silky and soft, buf not as slick as other lubricated condoms and may dry out.

Anonymous - Virginia - 5 Stars

My wife loves these, we’ve used hundreds now and I don’t see us switching to any other brand. They are as close to nothing as you can get and they fit snugly. A+++ Highly recommend to everyone.

AR - Lowell, MA - 5 Stars

Had a great time with my ex wearing this..thank you..

RFG - New York - 5 Stars

As I’ve procrastinated on a vasectomy for too long I’ve tried many different condoms over the past 5 years. From my experience these are the closest you can get to nothing at all. I’m fairly average at 6.5” and therefore I expect my experience to be typical of many others.

allan - conn - 5 Stars

Simply the best condom, I have ever used even though they are a little tight, In energetic sex they hold and so far the only one that has never failed,,,They feel great too . and the best part the women like these almost as much as me, but it makes they feel comfortable and safe,, they do not hold back...

Mike - Massachusetts - 5 Stars

I used these condoms for 10 years. Always felt super comfortable, just the right amount of lubrication. Not one pregnancy over those years. I finally got a vasectomy to say goodbye to all that but these condoms are incredibly reliable and I cannot recommend anything more.

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