Kimono Special

Kimono Special

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Kimono Special lubricated, latex condom is made by Kimono in Thailand to help reduce costs. This particular condom is on par with the Kimono MicroThin condom but at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for more of a bareback feeling, and a sensitive condom at an affordable price, don't overlook the Kimono Special!

Regular kimono shape and sized just like the Micro Thin.

One of our Best Selling Condoms to the Non-Profit Sector. Similar to the Kimono Microthin, the Kimono Special is thin and straight-sided, mimicking a bareback sensation. Condom Depot is one of the largest inventories of Condom Samplers available online. We offer discreet shipping on all our products.
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Kimono Special Reviews

5 star rating (2 reviews) write a review
arkadiy shmukler - - 5 Stars

Service was excellent.Very satisfied with the product

monty Hobbs - - 5 Stars

great worked like it says it it

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