Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

By Trojan

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Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms are as close to bareback as Trojan can get. The condom designers at Trojan picked it up a notch with this thin fitting condom. These condoms pack the protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs you'd expect from Trojan condoms.


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Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms Specs

Length 8.00"
Circumference 4.00"
Lubrication Water-based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Wall
Special Features Reservoir Tip, Extra Thin
Condom Specs
Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms Reviews

2.6 star rating (150 reviews) write a review
Aamantha - Pittsburg, PA - 4 Stars

Actually I've used them a couple times and they didnt break. I dont even think it came close to breaking.

Dan - MN - 4 Stars

My mostly used condom.. I never had one break.. You can feel your partner pretty well.

Lisa - San Francisco, CA - 5 Stars

They're my husband's favorite. We got these in Vegas and had a blast!

POPOPA - Stevens Point, WI - 1 Stars

Horrible!!!!! Broke while in use worried her sick. never use.

skunt - brooklyn, ny - 2 Stars

its madd thin but it broke 2x i tried it....its really good for the feeling but its risky since it breaks too many times in my case

Tim - Ny, New York - 4 Stars

These condoms have been pretty good for me. Hasn't broken despite the thinness. Great Sensation. Only issue was a little slippage

j money - somewhere, NJ - 1 Stars

I don't know if it's because I bought the economy pack and maybe I received the rotten apple of the group; but these condoms, quite simply, are terrible. the lubricant was awful, nearly all dried up, i could barely fit them on (and I'm average), once i did i felt like my circulation was getting cut off. Furthermore, they break like nothing else matters, terrible condom, look elsewhere for a thinner condom.

Jay - Colorado - 2 Stars

I haven't had one break on me, but for being a thin condom, I didn't enjoy them. My girlfriend seemed to be enjoying herself, but I was seriously desensitized by these "thin" condoms, to the point where I couldn't finish and lost my erection. My g/f had to finish me off orally!

John Doe - New York - 3 Stars

Ive used many of these. You get good ones and bad ones. there decent... once i finish my 32 pack, il be looking into something new

seth - indiana - 4 Stars

i've used different trojans and these are the best on sensitivity. though due to the lack of lubrication they are much easier to break. i suggest using a condom safe lube that also doesn't throw off the the girl's PH level and won't give her a yeast infection

Dave - NY, NY - 4 Stars

They won't break if you use a little lubrication. Feel great but crown's are better. Lubrication is need for most "thin" condoms.

Cliff - Portland OR - 4 Stars

I like these condoms... I would not recommend this for women that are dry, high possibility of breaking.... My girl is extremely wet to the point she leaves a puddle in the bed... so these are Great.

Sara - Canton, MI - 4 Stars

I love these! It doesn't feel like my boyfriend is wearing anything, and we've never had a problem with breaking or slipping. We never use anything else now!

Joe - New Jersey - 5 Stars

I used these when I lost my virginity, and I was very nervous because of hearing that they break. They did what theyre supposed to do, and they were comfortable. Shes not pregnant, so Im happy :)

AngelGirl - St. Paul, MN - 1 Stars

These condoms are TERRIBLE. 2 of the last 3 we used broke. They aren't expired, improperly stored or anything. They just break. I'm really disappointed and will not use them anymore.

Ken - Ohio - 1 Stars

These condoms feel like nothing is there, WHICH IS THE PROBLEM. I've had several break and haven't noticed. BEWARE.

Brittany - Texas - 4 Stars

I've used these condoms for a while now and have never had a problem. For all the people saying that they've had these condoms break, ALL condoms have a chance of breaking. That's why you should always have a back up method!!

Brittany - Texas - 5 Stars

I LOVE THEM! I've used these for a while now and I've never had a problem with them breaking. ALL condoms have a chance of breaking and that's why you should always have a back up method.

David - WV - 5 Stars

Me and my girlfriend use these and they're great. None have broken so far. I'd say buy it.

user - los angeles, ca - 2 Stars

Broke ONCE out of 24... one more then I wanted... other then that it feels great...

Jen - Ontario, Canada - 1 Stars

I HIGHLY do NOT recommend these condoms! My fiance and I have been using them as a replacement for the ones we normally get because he wanted to feel me more. They broke twice on us! They were extremely difficult to get on (they kept rolling onto themselves and sticking there). The first night we used them, we used 4 or 5 out of a pack of 36 just to get 1 to work.

I thought it was just his size that was causing them to rip, until I found several reports of them breaking easily. I know how to put a condom on properly and these wouldn't cooperate!

I recommend these for a married couple who don't want kids, but can support one if one shows up. I find you're best off with something from Durex or even Lifestyles than Trojan. Buyer beware, but if you choose to get this condom, remember to use plenty- I mean CONSTANT- lube. Good luck!

Anonymous - Pittsburgh, PA - 1 Stars

Horrible condoms. Constantly break, feel dry out of the wrapper, and you need a TON of lube to enjoy anything. Don't get these!

James - Louisville, Kentucky - 5 Stars

I've used these many many times, and I never have a problem. I exclusively use them and have only ever had one break, which was right after putting it on due to my mistake in putting it on.

They feel amazing and are as safe as any properly used condom will be.

I will remind anyone out there reading reviews of one thing: normal people don't care enough to write these reviews. :] the ones you read are a combination of people who love them and use them religiously and the ones that had a bad experience and are seeking out a forum to explain that. Reviews are either love it or hate it, because if you just like the condoms why would you waste time going online to write a review. My point is don't worry too much that it's basically five and one stars, mixed, and don't be too scared to try them yourself just because someone broke one. I used over 60 without incident, and again the final incident was my rush in putting it on.

Pablo - San Francisco, California - 5 Stars

A great product! Really top notch. I had no problems with breakage or anything.

Shawn - Tucson, AZ - 1 Stars

Yeah, DO NOT USE THESE!!! Broke during intercourse...I also may have a "bambino" on the way.

Melissa - Seaside, Jersey - 1 Stars

Used 3 times, literally ripped the top half off! HORRIBLE CONDOMS, would never buy again. Broke instantly! Threw the rest of the box away. If I get pregnant, I will be extremely mad @ Trojan. Terrible product, should be removed from the market.

Bee - Edmonton, AB - 1 Stars

These are AWFUL! Usually we use lifestyles, but we were at his house 2 hours away the night before and forgot our condoms as his house. So when we got to mine and started fooling around we went on a mad dash to get some, these were all they had. Two of them broke, even though we were well lubricated, and they really didn't feel any better than the ones we usually use. Even if it was a total impulse purchase, I would never buy these again. Waste of money!!

J - N/A - 2 Stars

Seemed reliably strong but I only used one once. The reason for that is that the lube dried up almost immediately and that was really really annoying.

Anne - Cherry Hill, NJ - 1 Stars

These are horrible! My boyfriend and I used them and it was great....until we found out it broke. I might end up pregnant now. I do NOT recommend this.

Dan - Tulsa, OK - 2 Stars

I used to like these a lot and would've given them a 5 star rating. I only had 1 break out of probably 100. They were great...

HOWEVER Trojan changed something about these condoms. They are now very sticky and dry. They are uncomfortable for my girlfriend, almost unusable.

Maybe it is a defective lot or something? But these changes coincide with a slight change in the packaging of the condom as well, so I think it was intentional. The outside of the box remained the same, but the individual wrappers have a white band across the top that used to be all teal before.

I'm really upset about this because it ruined our morning sex the other day. I almost want to give them 1 star but they were so good for so long, I decided 2 stars was appropriate. I hope Trojan fixes this design flaw, but I guess I won't ever know because I'm never using them again.

LittleLady - Holland Michigan - 1 Stars

This was the worst condom ever, DO NOT BUY. It broke on me and my boyfriend and worried me stiff, quite the pregnancy scare. He says the condom hurt him with the suction, and caused too much friction. Do not Buy.

Bob - Ontario - 1 Stars

2/3 Broke! seriously useless.

Tyler - California - 1 Stars

So I bought a 36 pack of these and the first 10 we used were fine.. But that's probably because I was pretty careful because she complained that it hurt the first several times because she was a virgin. After we actually started trying we have had 2 break in a row, to me NOT SAFE. Now I have to hope that her birth control is going to work.

Matt - San Antonio, TX - 5 Stars

The best! Followed directions. Lubed up before application. Applied a little lube inside condom before putting on. Once on, lubed outside generously. Did not break - nice and tight - great sensations. Little hard to roll down when putting on - took about a minute to get it just right. Pinched the end to remove air while putting on. Loved the feel - re-lubed outside about halfway through session. One of the most amazing sensations I've ever had. The tightness of the condom added to the pleasure. Highly recommend.

Johnny - Highland Park, CA - 1 Stars

While they did feel decent in size and sensitivity (I've noticed many Ultra Thin condoms tend to be a snugger fit, and larger condoms tend to have a more prominent latex feel and reduced sensitivity) I too did have a problem with them breaking on several occasions. 7-Eleven only usually carries Trojan brand, and while they were a right choice in a tight situation, they chose to break down in a tighter fail in a tighter one. Alas I have moved on and vowed to use these nevermore.

Ryan - St. Petersburg, FL - 1 Stars

Definitely the worst condoms I've used. Way too thin, ruins the sensation because my mind keeps flashing back to how incredibly uncomfortable my pens feels within this shrink-wrap. Somehow these condoms also manage to have the strongest rubber smell of all time. Was unable to get through my morning without taking a shower because otherwise I would smell rubber all morning long. Not to mention how excruciatingly painful it is to take off, I've never had a painful condom before but this is it. Simply masochistic. Girlfriend liked it though I think.

I likedliked every other Trojan condom except for these.

B. - Chicago, Illinois - 2 Stars

I have a love hate relationship with these condoms. I love the sensitivity and the feeling these condoms give. It has been a journey finding a condom that helps me feel everything. The sad part is I've had many issues with them either slipping off or breaking. I've had moments in the middle of coitus where I had to double check and be sure I was still wearing the condom. Only to find it slipped off in my partner. (Nothing more embarrassing than digging a condom out of a person) Other situations, I pull out to find the condom has broken.
I'm the type of person to give a product the benefit of a doubt. The first box of 12 I've had about 3 slippages. The second box out of a box of 12 I've had 6 break on me. (In one setting) Now, keep in mind I'm all about the use of lube. Yet I don't want to feel like I just oiled a car by using a ton of lube.

Now, I will not trash talk a company but I will make a suggestion. If you can find a way to make a condom that will not break and slip easily while still giving me

Erin - Chicago - 1 Stars

Absolutely terrible! I had these break on multiple occasions with my boyfriend, and one time resulting in pregnancy. I checked all the others in the box and most of them broke very easily when slight stress was applied, so the others were not a fluke or due to improper useage. Avoid these at all costs if you want to avoid STIs or pregnancy.

Mike - CO - 1 Stars

Wish I would have read the reviews before I bought these from the store. I had one break and the smell is terrible.

jason - Panama City florida - 5 Stars

I've been using these condoms for years and never had a single break. I only buy this brand and style. I would recommend them to anyone.

Plan b queen - Nyc - 1 Stars

UMMMMM WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF I COULD. I bought a box of these and they broke on 2 occasions. I had to get plan b twice. Wish Trojan would give me $110 in return for those pills! DO NOT BUY XOXO

Stephen - - 5 Stars

I love the comfort and feel of thrse cpndoms sometimes it feels like Im wearing nothing. So thin and durable.

G Scott Flatau - - 3 Stars


bob - - 5 Stars

great price

T.P. - - 5 Stars

Very good product.

NYgirl - somewhere, NY - 1 Stars

Do NOT use these condoms. My boyfriend and I tried them on two separate occasions, from different packages and they broke both times. First time we thought it was a fluke (it happens, right?), but after the second time we were pretty angry. They were NOT expired, by the way. Maybe they were from a defective lot, who knows? I just don't trust them anymore.

John - San Antonio - 1 Stars

I agree with the post before, these condoms are horrible. Two different condoms broke in the same night. DO NOT BUY!

ScientistType - Cary, NC - 5 Stars

I have used many different brands of condoms for 25 years. These are the best for sensation and enjoyment. While I still try other brands, I anways go back to these for for regular enjoymnet.

Drew - SC - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms My girlfriend and I have ever used! The feeling wearing them is great, very pleasureable for both the man and the woman, and even though they are "ultra thin" they seem just as strong. We've never had one break.

anthony - pa - 4 Stars

i enjoyed these. they provided adequate feeling and protection. actually, they reminded me of durex extra sensitive condoms. i have used these twice and had no problems with slipping or breaking.

john - middle, MN - 1 Stars

i second NYgirls comments. I have used these condoms and had them break on two seperate occasions. Obviously there is something wrong with them.

Rachel - Gilroy, CA - 5 Stars

Favorite condom. Fit perfectly, as close to the feeling as possible like nothing was on, and reliable enough to stay on during the ride. No leaks. Loved it.

VTHokie - Annandale, VA - 5 Stars

I'm a thick membered male and my girlfriend and I have gone through at least a 100 of these and never had one break. They're the greatest feeling ones I've used yet

Chris - New York - 5 Stars

The best I've used yet. A huge difference, recommended for any man.

CAgirl - here - 1 Stars

Have a very bad experience with the lubricant on this type of condom. I had an unpleasant allergic reaction to lubricant. We will never use this type of condom again.

John Doe - New England, USA - 1 Stars

I second what others have said -- they are flimsy and unreliable. Broke twice upon use once, when they were used correctly. I would not recommend these -- BUYER BEWARE!

Brandon - Orland, FL - 3 Stars

I think think they where good but i couldnt last long for nothing using them

Jim - Milwaukee - 5 Stars

Thinner than standard condoms, we found that the sensation was much greater and didn't feel like a rubber dildo was being used. Great for safe oral sex as well. After half a box, none have broken given us confidence that they are just as safe as the standard thickness condoms. Use with flavored lubricant for a great oral sensation without any unpleasant tastes or smells.

Anonymous - CA - 4 Stars

Great feeling, feels like wearing nothing, however as many have posted already, ive had a few break, which is a big no no. I wouldn't mind giving these another try. Reason for them poping may have been that we put them on improperly, and that was when we first started using them. Havent had problems with them in a long time. Probably not the most reliable condom it sounds though.

Alex - KY - 5 Stars

Problem is that you are not getting the air out of the tip. These condoms are probably the hardest to get the air out of, but when it is, it feels like you have nothing on. I will say, if you want to use one, plan in advance and try to get it on before you make your move because it takes a good minute or two to get it on because of the air. If you get the air out, you won't have any problems with it breaking and you will be in for an experience of a life time!

Anon - City, MD - 1 Stars

These condoms are not dependable. I have tried a lot of different condoms, and this was the only kind ever to break, and it happend twice. If you want to avoid pregnancy, you'll want to avoid these condoms.

Jeff - Niles - 5 Stars

Very nice. would use over and over and over again

Jesse - Vancouver, Canada - 5 Stars

Pretty sweet, These are reliable if you can read the stuff on the inside of the box and actually follow it.. They are the best feeling forsure!

Rob - MN - 4 Stars

Pretty good condom. Good sensation, but the latex smell seems kind of strong to me, and my girlfriend agreed. Still, if I run out of the kind I usually order, these are what I pick up at the store. Oh, and as far as breaking, I've used multiple boxes and have never had one break.

AJay - somewhere, CA - 1 Stars

This condom, new and by its appearance not defective, ripped during intercourse; it's not strong & requires constant lubrication - natural or otherwise to stay intact.

JS - Hattiesburg, MS - 1 Stars

Couldn't get them to roll down, when we did, it pulled the reservoir tight, base stayed at 1/2 mast and not to base of penis. Thought it was just one or two in the pack but the whole pack was the same. By the time we got one to partially work erection was almost gone. May have bambino on the way....DO NOT USE THESE!

Cliff - Orlando, FL - 3 Stars

Did not have a problem with them breaking. Good lube but not as thin as I thought. The Durex Extra Sensitive felt better but the Crown Skinless Skin is the best feeling.

DeMario - somewhere, OH - 3 Stars

These were a waste, in my opinion. The condom was suctioned to me, and it took minutes for me to yank it off. Give them a try, I'd say, but they may be a little snug

Andy - Philly, PA - 5 Stars

I've been using these a lot lately, and they are really good- great feeling and very durable. I HAVE had one break, but we had been going at it for close to an hour, so we probably should have been changing condoms between positions.

John - Orlando, FL - 1 Stars

Very tight fitting. Caused a ring near the middle of my little fellow because it was so tight. Sex felt great with it on until I pulled out and realized that it was broken. Very scary, will not use again.

Mercy - Ardmore Oklahoma - 3 Stars

I've had no problems with these thin condoms so far . My husband seems to like them better then what we normally use.

VAgirlll - VA - 1 Stars

Broke for me too!!

Bob - Pa - 1 Stars

The same exact thing happened to me and my girlfriend i used it once and it broke used it twice broke again luckly i noticed before anything happened

Bert - Helena, MT - 1 Stars

I used to love these and have purchased them more than any other condom. Recently, Trojan appears to have redesigned these and they've become uncomfortable, and, more importantly, unreliable. After two breaks and a pregnancy scare I don't buy these any more and have urged friends to steer clear of these while at the pharmacy. If you're like me and enjoy a tight fit I encourage you to buy Durex Extra Sensitive.

Brian - New Jersey - 1 Stars

Worst condoms I've ever used. They were all the store had so I tried them. They broke 2/3 times. Threw the whole box away and will never buy them again

CAguy - Bay Area, California - 1 Stars

damn thing broke on me and of course that started drama.

Duncan - Australia - 1 Stars

My partner and I used a 12 pack of these, 2 broke. Luckily our sexual history is not a worry, DO NOT USE THESE CONDOMS.

Sean - Los Angeles - 2 Stars

I don't recommend. Too tight, especially at the top. No problems with breaking. Had a noticeable rubber odor after a while. Bit hard to put on.

Tried one box, I don't think I'll be coming back to this one.

loverboy - va - 4 Stars

Good condoms, little tight around the head but very sensitive. Didn't even notice when it broke

Me - Boston, MA - 1 Stars

These condoms are TERRIBLE! My husband and I bought them because they are ultra-thin, but he said he couldn't feel anything with them. To make matters worse, the lube seemed to dry up or something and the friction was seriously hurting me. Don't waste the money. Worst condoms ever.

Kaley - Camarillo CA - 3 Stars

I liked it but my boyfriend said he didn't feel anything! He just hates condoms haha

AB - Somewhere,AL - 1 Stars

these are the worst condoms I've ever used. The lube dries out quickly, and they seemed to be much much tighter than other condoms I've used before.

anonymous - CT - 1 Stars

bought a pack of these at the drug store. have gone thru 6 of them and every single one seems defective. in trying to roll the condom down it sticks to itself & won't roll any farther than halfway. i have never had this problem with any other condom, trojan or otherwise. will never buy these again

Nick J. - Fort Worth - 5 Stars

I love this condom! It gives a sensation that you don't really feel with other condoms. I put a little lube in the reservoir tip , a few strokes, and it suctions on and seems as if it isn't even there. My favorite condom. ^_^

Manning - New York, NY - 1 Stars

The tip of these condoms broke through easily. STOP SELLING THEM. I filed a complaint with the FDA against the manufacturer.

billy - charlotte - 1 Stars

Had one that would not unroll, so tried another one and it broke. so we bought a new box and had one break. Beware these condoms will break.

Unsatisfied couple - NYC - 1 Stars

These are horrible to use because they are not well lubricated inside and outside. They feel very dry and uncomfortable with use. Completely ruined a very romantic day for my girlfriend and I!!! Use the Durex thin ones instead.

Christy - Jacksonville, FL - 1 Stars

I know my husband is on the big side, but other condoms have fit snuggly. These would not even role down half way. Very tight fit. Try another brand

Joseph W - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 1 Stars

It broke for us, and we didn't even notice until after I was done. Very scary, and not worth the "extra pleasure".

plum - toronto - 1 Stars

not enough lube, broke every time, scared to use rest of package. definitely getting a different kind next time.

Scott - NY - 1 Stars

about 75% chance of breaking each use

Rob - New Jersey - 1 Stars

Absolute crap. I'd give them a zero if I could. My GF asked it they were novelty condoms because they seemed TINY. They are barely lubed, and the 4 that we tried didn't want to roll down more than half way. By the time we were done screwing around with them the moment was long gone. Thankfully we've got some will power, or we might have company on the way. I bought a 12 pack and I'm seriously contemplating returning them all.

Man - Chicago - 2 Stars

These were very hard to get on. Other Trojans seem to be fine.

Travis - Bay Area, CA - 1 Stars

You can feel more with these than with regular Trojans, however they have this rubbery feeling that does not feel natural at all while having sex. That, along with the absence of heat transfer make these easy to pass on. It was so hard to orgasm with these that i had to finish myself off...lame.

MJ - Canton, OH - 2 Stars

Thin was nice, good sensation. BUT extremely hard to get on, could only unroll halfway, spent lot of time doing so, very tight. I'm thick, but others have worked OK and unrolled better and not been so tight.

jake - FARIBAULT MN - 4 Stars

these work very well, very sensitive and have not broke for us, maybe the person that wrote the review should learn to install one properly and or use lube. Highly recommended product!

Money - Fortluaderdale, FL - 4 Stars

These are great condoms they never broke on me once, and i used them about 50 times!....but the sensation part is a hit or miss type thing..lately i haven't been getting great feeling inside my partner with these...when i first started they were great, but now, its a hit or miss

pm - chicago, il - 4 Stars

i really love these condoms - i have been using them for years - they are thin and don't feel rubbery inside me - they have never broken either

David - Oklahoma - 1 Stars

Broke the very first time i used it

Jay - Michigan - 4 Stars

I wouldn't agree with the comment before mine. My boyfriend and I have been using these for a while now and have had no problems. Just wanted to give my opinion...

Thomas - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

I don't know what you people are talking about my girl loves them. I used 4 in one night and never had a problem with them they are a must buy.

Lewis - VA - 5 Stars

Awesome feeling. Next best thing to going without a condom. Never had one to break. Again I use these and feels almost like sex with no condom on. These are really thin.

AnotherNYGirl - NY - 5 Stars

My ex boyfriend and I used these for about a year of regular sex and we only ever had one break because it wasn't on properly, these were the best and safest condoms we used

trojan - so cal, cali - 1 Stars

horrible condom. me and my girlfriend tried these on four separate occasions, and by the third, we were prepared, and checked with about every 5 thrusts. the second we went to missionary, they broke. Trojan is normally pretty good about this, but they just let this product slip by the "electronic detection"

dan - Longview,WA - 5 Stars

these work very well. feel very nice. and use lube to stop breakage

Trini - Baltimore - 2 Stars

I was really disappointed with this condom's strength. I must admit that it gives a good bareback feeling; however, it is not for extended use or rough play because it WILL break. I was impressed with the fact that I personally thought I had nothing on, and would look down and see the condom, but once 35mins or so passed it broke. Normally I have faith in Trojans, but I'm not sure they got the thin quality down. PS. Definitely do not use on one night stands lol

TheSteve - Jacksonville, FL - 1 Stars

Absolute rubbish. Have used the Durex Extra Sensitive with no problems. At $13.50 for 12 at the Walgreens these are a complete ripoff. Heed all the above negative comments, and please steer clear.

Jon - Tampa, Florida - 2 Stars

Bought a box of 12, used about 6 of them and had 2 break. Feels better than a regular condom, but kind of defeats the whole point of wearing a condom. Needless to say I'll be spending my money on another product.

JPL - New York, NY - 2 Stars

Feel great but had THREE of them break on me. Used 7 different other kinds of condoms, none ever broke. One box noticeably defective, condoms appear to have been rolled incorrectly.

daniel - Longview WA - 5 Stars

best ever. can break if you don't lube up, always use lube it feels better. i only use these.

Rodney - Nashville,TN - 4 Stars

There my favorite condom,haven't had any break on me and there ultra thin love the sensation.I went through 24 without any breakages

Newjeru - Here in, New Jersey - 2 Stars

They worked fine when I first bought them, then they came off twice, then broke twice. I have no confidence in this style.

Rob - Dallas, Texas - 5 Stars

These are my favorite, I buy these every time. Very thin, very sensitive, very reliable. You can't go wrong with these.

Koady G - Wolfville, Canada - 1 Stars

These condoms have no lube in them they are very dry and tough to put on they are way to tight. They are made too small as well.

Meg - Houston, TX - 1 Stars

I agree, do NOT use these condoms! My boyfriend and I never had a condom break till we tried these, and had THREE break out of one box, not expired or anything.

Bob - NYC - 1 Stars

These are horrible, they dry out very fast and you cannot feel anything! I tried them 3-4 times with the same result every single time.

The Truth - TX - 2 Stars

i will have to say these condoms are great when it comes to the sensitivity, they are thin clear and almost invisible, by far the best feeling, it's like you aren't even wearing a condom, but out of a whole pack about 2 of them broke, they are not as stretchy as other Trojans and they were even a little hard to put on for that same reason, sadly i can't keep using them when i am afraid they will break every time.

jerseygirl - somewhere,nj - 1 Stars

these condoms are extremely TERRiBLE!!! i do NOT recommend them to anyone ever. They ALWAYS break. They are NOT reliable at all.

Jared - Il - 1 Stars

Ive had these break on me twice from separate packages. They feel good but i wouldn't trust them.

EJK - Philly, PA - 1 Stars

These are very difficult to get on. Get ready to lose the mood, because it is a downright project to get these condoms onto your stuff. I used one of these and could only get it unrolled about halfway down my rod. Not worth the aggravation or pain.

Cody - Moore, Oklahoma - 1 Stars

These are the worst. My girlfriend and I used these and had two of them break. These things are NO BUENO.

Zach - Vancouver, BC - 4 Stars

They are awesome and feel good but not as good as I was expecting. Not to much difference from a normal condom. They also they feel tight for some reason normal condoms don't give me that problem

jayson - san juan, pr - 5 Stars

It's a great condom. You don't know they're on. Super safe and haven't had any breaks on me. These things have gotten me through some hard nights!

brian - pittsburgh, pa - 4 Stars

My favorite type of condom. Never had any leaks or breaks, don't know what the others are talking about. When used properly, they shouldn't give you a problem. I love the ultra thin aspect, it's the next best thing to not wearing one. I also love the spermicidal lube, it serves as added peace of mind so you can focus more on your partner and less on whether the condom is safe or not. I just tried the Trojan ecstasy condoms, and they don't come anywhere close to the ultra thins. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 is because they still can't beat not wearing one! Lol.

CM - KY - 2 Stars

Sensitivity is amazing...HOWEVER, had 3 break in one night. Needs lots of lube. If you like it rough and hard, this is not the condom for you! My husband and I noticed a burning rubber smell that was extremely off-putting....liked the Durex thins much better!

G - bay area, CA - 1 Stars

So thin that they allow me to feel everything. But i stopped using them when they broke on me twice. Very fun to use but utterly unreliable. If u wanna take a chance go ahead and use them.

SF resident - San Francisco - 5 Stars

I've been using these condoms for years and have never had any problems with them, definitely a keeper.

Trent - Wausau, Wisconsin - 1 Stars

USE With CAUTION, broke two and threw the rest away.....

SK - New York, NY - 1 Stars

Do NOT use these. Two of the condoms from the same box broke during use. Totally unacceptable.

Mindi - FL - 5 Stars

My husband and I have tried several different kinds of condoms, but these are my favorite, even better than the thin-sitivity by Trojan. Feels like you're not even using a condom, and we haven't had any break yet. You've gotta try these!

PAGirl - Lancaster, PA - 1 Stars

Me and my guy were using these. We used one before and he really enjoyed them. But the moment he stuck it in me with another one on it popped!

Unknown - MD - 1 Stars



biscuit - orlando fl - 4 Stars

I began using these condoms with my boyfriend almost three years ago. In the last three years we have tried many brands but I will always come back to these. They provide a great sensation for me and give him the most feeling out of any condom used this far. These are wonderful and are definitely worth a try.

V - Las Vegas, NV - 1 Stars

I had a similar experience than the others. Have used three of these and only 1 worked okay. Last night I noticed it only rolled half way down, but we did it anyway to find that it slipped off. So we tried another one and thought it was fine until it slipped off and leaked! Now I'm taking the PlanB pill just in case. And believe me, I KNOW how to put on a condom. I'm not a dumb kid. I find it offensive that some of you hinted that others having troubles need to learn how to put them on properly!

Daniel - Toronto, Ontario - 4 Stars

I settled on these for a while because they are cheap and dependable. They are great.

gil - miami, fl - 5 Stars

These are high-tech condoms which means you must use lube. I bet the users that reported failures did not use lube. This condoms without lube = disaster. These condoms when used properly and with lube are excellent, almost as thin as the Crowns, and exactly as thin as the Kimono Micro Thins. They re soft, silky, smooth and strong, not to mention sensitive. They are also wider than regular condoms, almost as big as Magnums.My girl and I wrapped one around a bedpost as a test to see its strength.We stretched it. It did not break until after an insane amount of abuse. If you break these, or they pop or they don't fit, you may not be using lube. If you don't want to spend money on lube, then use the regular Trojans 'cause you will break anything thinner than a rubber glove.

Boz - Raleigh, NC - 4 Stars

I prefer the Thintensity by Trojan. This one is OK but I prefer the shape and feel of Thintensity. Depending on your size you may want to try both the Ultra Thin and the Thintensity.

danm - los angeles, CA - 1 Stars

Were a regular user of Trojans, and got this in a variety pack. Feels great BUT it BROKE!!! Would not recommend at all. Used various brand condoms and this is the only variety we have broken!

X - X - 4 Stars

They are indeed thin but will break, unless you use extra lube. The man should have lube on his junk in the condom and lube outside the condom as well to prevent mishaps.

Anonymous - United States - 1 Stars

DO NOT USE, THESE BREAK! They break when the man cums because they are tighter than most condoms and are smaller than most. Luckily we weren't ovulating when it broke....

Will - Seattle - 1 Stars

REALLY BAD. Super tight- they choked me so bad I went limp. Not cool. Not to mention every single one we tried broke.

Benjamin - Texas - 5 Stars

These condom are amazing. They allow you to feel everything. These are one of the top condoms I have ever used thin but strong I found that they do not break easily.

Kim - MD - 5 Stars

I hate using condoms because of the decreased sensitivity, however, I love these! My husband and I used these after I had a baby and they were awesome.

Shannon - Washington, DC - 4 Stars

These were great! The first time we used these, my boyfriend said he had to keep checking the condom to make sure it didn't break because it felt like there was nothing there. Have used the whole box and will be buying more... None broke.

Shane - Brooklyn, NY - 4 Stars

These were great. They were a little tight- left a ring around the base of my penis. My girlfriend loved these. Not implying others are using them wrong but, have used several boxes and not had a problem. And we like it pretty rough- have broken furniture before. You can't be shy with the lube on these. Best with lube on inside and out. Have used for an hour, and no problems with breakage or slipping. One didn't roll down. You have to Pinch The Tip with these or else they won't even roll down.

EDHkid - El Dorado Hills, CA - 1 Stars

Horrible. Awful. Atrocious. Terrible.

These are the absolute worst condoms I have ever used. We've had two stick and fail to roll down farther than halfway, and another two break. It was a brand new box, and this is the only time we have ever experienced problems with any condom.

Absolutely terrible. Do not use.

Louis - North Carolina - 1 Stars

These Condoms have Great Lube and are Great Condoms. The Fit is Great. Get these and go have some Fun. Rock and Roll with CondomDepot.

k - arizona - 2 Stars

The latex smell is HORRIBLE which is typical of trojan. They're too small, but if they're all you have I guess they get the job done.

David - Nowhere, il - 4 Stars

Probably one of the best I've ever used. I've had three girls and they all loved them. Never had one break or slip but you do have to make sure the air is out of it. One of the best sensations for both of us, she loved it an I felt like there was nothing there. Defiantly would recommend.

ASkywalker - Orlando, Fl - 1 Stars

Have used 2 boxes worth of this brand and tonight one broke. Do not recommend. If you use them have Plan B readily available.

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