Trojan The Edge

Trojan The Edge

Ready for a new, thrilling adventure? Trojan The Edge Condoms will send you on a magical ride of pleasure with a premium lubricant that provides an intense, ever-changing variety of sensations that both partners can enjoy.

Trojan The Edge condoms feature a patented lubricant that releases a continuous variety of sensations and deep ribs for maximum intensity. Both partners are sure to have a thrilling adventure that takes pleasure to the limit!

Trojan The Edge Condom Features:
- Lubricated inside-and-out with a special blend that’s infused with intensifiers.
- Provides an ever-changing variety of intense sensations for both partners.
- Unique dome shape for added pleasure.
- Reservoir tip for safety.

Please Note: Bulk Packs are discounted. We cannot honor coupon codes on Bulk Packs of 40 condoms or more.
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