Trojan Bareskin Condoms

Trojan Bareskin Condoms

By Trojan

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Trojan Bareskin is Trojan's attempt to make their thin condoms even thinner. Trojan Bareskin Condoms are engineered to be a whole 40% thinner than your average Trojan condom!

These premium low-odor latex condoms are just as strong as your favorite Trojan condoms, but with the added benefit of being even thinner. They feature water-based lubricant for additional pleasure, a reservoir tip for safety, and sheer latex for that 'bareskin' feeling.

All Trojan Bareskin condoms are tested to meet FDA standards.

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Trojan Bare Skin Condoms are some of the thinnest condoms made by the Trojan brand. Similar in size to the Durex Extra Sensitive condoms, Trojan Bare Skin condoms are designed to make sure that the latex that separates you and your partner is as thin as possible.

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All Trojan Bareskin condoms are tested to meet FDA standards. Please Note: We cannot accept Coupon Codes on Trojan Bulk Condoms Special Price.

Trojan Bareskin Condoms Specs

Length 7.75" or 196.85mm
Width 2" or 50.8mm
Diameter 1.27" or 32.26mm
Circumference 4" or 101.6mm
Lubrication Water-based
Material Latex
Features Extra sensitive, Thin
Condom Specs
Trojan Bareskin Condoms

Trojan Bareskin Condoms Reviews

4.3 star rating (31 reviews) write a review
Shimmy - New York, NY - 5 Stars

Best Trojans ever!

G-Man - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

So far, they are incredible- extremely thin, great sensitivity, and of the five my girl and I have used, not one has broken. Overall, they are a great buy, and the closest thing to nothing I have felt yet. In fact, the last time we did the big wiggle, I pulled out before I came just to make sure it was still there!

Shimmy - New York, NY - 5 Stars

These are the best Trojans ever!

Karl - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

The Crown skinless skin used to be my favorite, no longer. This is the best condom I have ever used.

Devon - Cali - 4 Stars

Like this condom. Felt good during use and no rips or accidents.

Me - Allentown, PA - 2 Stars

Although he likes them because they feel better they ALWAYS rip. We saved the rest for slow sex. These are not the condoms for intense sex.

Alex - Potomac, MD - 5 Stars

By far the best condom I have found so far. Fits snugly without choking off circulation and feels almost as if nothing is there. Never had any issues with breaks or slips. I love these things.

Truth - Ohio - 5 Stars

The Best I used so far.

Dezzy - Bryan, TX - 5 Stars

This is the best condom out there. I was going to get the crown condom by I think I found my mojo

Me - TN - 1 Stars

TIGHT CONDOMS. Not a good thing, unless you need a smaller one. They hurt me, however they felt good to my wife. I imagine that it is similar to wearing a balloon over your penis.

pete -,mn - 5 Stars

feel good but broke 3 of them with in 5 mins during one session

Asiah Lorenzo - Sandston - 5 Stars

They felt really good to me!Theese are really good for slow sex think theese wouldnt be good for intense sex.

Jay - Texas - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms i've ever used. I've gone through 3 boxes & none have ripped. They're very durable & reliable, and are by far the very best!

Larry - El Monte, CA - 5 Stars

Best condom ever, like not wearing anything at all, almost :)

c - kw, ontario - 5 Stars

like barebacking

Amy - Olympia, WA - 4 Stars

Very close natural feel, best we found until husband and I tried the new 004 Almost Nothing by Okomoto. I think 004's feel even closer and more natural, with ideal amt of lube. Before that, these Trojan Bare Skin were the best latex we could find. Also no problems (breakage etc) with these. Time will tell, but perhaps these are a good alternative to the 004 if you want something just a little tougher. Not enough reviews yet, to know if 004's have more breakage - we have not had an issue yet.

Erick Santiago - Chino, California - 5 Stars

I ran some test on these condoms. I ran a razor across the condom while in cucumber to simulate a penis and it didn't rip ;-)

Dick Rammer - Ohio - 3 Stars

I am truly surprised at the reviews for these condoms on the website! I have to say that I was a little disappointed with these ones because they were inadequately lubricated and dried out extremely fast and they were extremely tight fitting! Also, there is no way that I agree with the name "Bareskin" because though they are certainly thinner, the tight fit caused a strangulating sensation with some discomfort. I would never pay the premium for these condoms again as I believe there are far better choices out there at more reasonable prices.

Hugh E. Rection - the pussy, MA - 5 Stars

great for buttsex

Emily - Upper DarbyC, PA - 4 Stars

These condoms always feel good, but had two pop. Overall good condoms, just very thin so the slightest but of air will make it pop.

amy - tx - 5 Stars

Hands down best condom I've ever used. First time actually choosing them myself and I'm certain I made the best choice! The feeling is so close you forget the condom is even there. Will definitely stick to using these!

WMac - Louisiana - 5 Stars

As mentioned above, these are a great alternative to the Crowns. Just as sensitive, but not quite as tight, so they go on easier.

WMac - North, LA - 4 Stars

Great sensitivity, and not too tight.

Don - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

After 25 years without using a condom, a divorce set me out to find a condom I would be comfortable with in fit and sensation. Well this is the condom for me. I highly recommend this condom for those who are average in length and girth.

jb Hope - Greenville AL - 5 Stars

Feels real good.

Ryan - Shreveport, LA - 5 Stars

These are my favorite. They're the best combination of fit and sensitivity I've tried. They're not magnums, but they're not as tight as some others. Very comfortable for me.

Rachel - phoenix arizona - 1 Stars

These condoms felt really good. It really felt like we weren't wearing anything at all! But that's because it ripped and we weren't wearing it anymore. Two in a row! Luckily i trust my partner. Saving the rest for lazy, slow sex.

Barbra - San Francisco, CA - 5 Stars

Really good condom! It gives me the best feeling because it slides in perfectly with the extra lube and it feels very thin which is what my partner and I enjoy. Our only problem is that it was too lubey and thin so by the end of it, it slipped off and it was just a bad situation. It originally felt as if nothing was on so that was a good/bad thing about it. We are debating on whether or not to use it again because its such a good condom but it slips off really easily for my partner.

Jack - - 3 Stars

They feel great. They just break with any quick or Grindy movement. Several times when we’ve flipped from top to bottom or anything and they’ll snap

mj - - 2 Stars


CJ - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

These are the best I have found. They are more sensitive than the Crown Skinless Skin, and the Crowns are also too tight. These Trojans are hands down as close as I have found to wearing nothing at all. You can feel the heat of your fingers as you are applying it, that's how thin they are. They are on the spendy side, at $1 per pop, but it's worth it to have this level of comfort. If the Crowns were slightly larger and more comfortable I would stick with those, since they are much cheaper, but they are just too snug. I can't believe Crowns are the #1 condom used in porn. Now that these Trojans are on the market maybe they will take over the #1 spot.

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