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Trojan, America’s most popular condom brand has created one of their top selling condoms, the Trojan Enz. The Trojan Enz may not have any superfluous features, but they’re still one of the most reliable and comfortable condoms out there for him and her both.

With a specially formulated, water-based, jelly lube and a special reservoir tip, these condoms have been electronically tested to FDA standards.

Coupon & Shipping Restrictions: packs of 250 and cases of 1,000 or more are not eligible for coupon discounts and are not eligible for free shipping.

Based on our experiences with the Trojan ENZ Condom, we would also recommend the addition of a personal lubricant to go with them. Also, Trojan ENZ condoms are a good choice depending on your size. At 7.62” in length and 2” in width, these condoms tend to run on the smaller side of condoms that we carry and is similar in size to the Durex High Sensation Condoms.

Trojan Enz Condoms Specs

Length 7.62” or 193.54mm
Circumference 4.00"
Lubrication Water-based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Walled
Special Features Reservoir Tip
Condom Specs
Trojan Enz Condoms

Trojan Condoms

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

Trojan Enz Condoms Reviews

2.3 star rating (127 reviews) write a review
Sean - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

These fit well, feel really good, and keep the girl from getting pregnant. What else can I say?

Michael - Indiana - 3 Stars

This condom is worth using, but only if you are around average size. The condom can get pretty tight after a little bit of time. However, if this size fits you, it is a good quality condom. There are just no extra "perks" that I prefer, such as being thinner or ribbed.

Bumpkin - San Diego,CA - 2 Stars

My man and I used these so try something new. Comparing them to the Trojan Her Pleasure Warming condoms they just couldn't compare. It took him a good 5 minutes to put it on and didn't give any room around the head for movement. It had a strong latex odor and didn't feel all too well either. It did it's job for the time being but I would rather not use these again.

Tom - Canton,MI - 3 Stars

These definitely do the job and are really strong and durable, never had one break, but they are hard as hell to put on and don't get the best feeling either. To top it all off the latex smell is very strong. I gave it a 3 because they don't seem to beak and Ive gone through a lot.

lj - NYC - 1 Stars

Psshhh like i would even wear a condom

Jay - Los Angeles, CA - 2 Stars

This condom has no feeling, it's really hard to bust. Plus, it's broken a few times... Looks like the reviews point to Durex Ultra Sensitive

Anonymous - USA - 1 Stars

It fit me really good and it was easy to put on, but I could not feel a single thing, I could not even tell if i was in or not! really if you want to feel something i suggest something else, these will not break on you though.

been there done that - chalfont, pa - 2 Stars

I didn't like these, but my bf hated these are too tight, and don't stay put. The latex smell is not appealing either. Though I haven't had too many problems with trojan this product just didn't appeal. i would not suggest these to anyone who has a guy that has a sensitive crotch

Matt - Cincinnati, OH - 2 Stars

These are the worst condoms I have used yet. I sometimes have to use two of them on several occasions because they are so hard to put on. They just don't want to unroll and they are a little tight. This is the first and last time I will buy them.

Jason - Kanata, Ontario - 5 Stars

Having tried many fancier ones, I keep coming back to these. They are solid, reliable, feel good on me and ultra-reliable. I always keep some of these on hand.

GR - MI - 4 Stars

My boyfriend and I have gone through a few boxes of these without any complaints, no breakages, even after sexcapades lasting an hour. Boyfriend reports no loss of sensation, can be a bit tight at times for the average guy. Adequate lube (might be me). Slight latex-y smell at times, not too bothersome. Very reliable if applied correctly, great no-frills condom.

G - Phx, AZ - 1 Stars

Crappy condoms. Crappy crappy crappy. Luckily I got them in a grab-bag at my college, and didn't have to pay money for them. My boyfriend had a lot of trouble with them; they had no sensitivity for either of us. Like wearing a garbage bag.

We've switched to Crown, now - they're really awesome!

me - hawaii - 1 Stars

too tight

kt - denver colorado - 2 Stars

its like wearing a trashbag

Freddy - Charleston SC - 1 Stars

These work if you are real sensitive.What you feel is the condom as you slip in and out of it. You do not feel the Vagina walls

ashley - k, texas - 1 Stars

these suck! not even ten minutes went by and they would always get dry, they felt like plastic and smelled awful! DONT BUY THESE!!!!!

Zack - Milwaukee, WI - 1 Stars

These suck. I broke every single one. That was the most frustrating weekend ever.

Person - NY, NY - 1 Stars

Awful. I'm glad I read through these reviews because I thought I was doing something really wrong. These condoms were too tight and I couldn't feel a thing; it made the sex terrible. I'm trying to do some research into finding different types.. any suggestions?

Jimmy - AR - 2 Stars

Best thing is you can go forever I recommend this if you trying to impress a girl on a first date, but the reason you can go forever is that you cant feel a thing just enough to maintain an erection at best for that reason I don't recommend this product. Also she says they feel fake.

Chrissy - Missouri - 1 Stars

So, we only got this brand of condom because there was nothing else. I had researched a few brands and had read many complaints about Trojans, so I had been trying to avoid ever using them, but well, we wanted to get into it, so it was better than nothing, right? Well, the first damn time we used a Trojan, the damn thing broke. I've never in my life had a condom break on me! Probably because I used Durex every other time. So seriously, skip on these if you don't want to get knocked up. Durex condoms are more worth your money.

Erika - NC - 3 Stars

It's the standard condom. In terms of preventing you from gettin' pregnant, it gets the job done. Smell isn't that bad. Bf said it felt tight on his dick. The ultra thin are better.

Dr. O - Miami, FL - 3 Stars

I bought these locally as they were the only thing available, the latex smell is absolutely awful, my girlfriend even commented on how bad they smelled. These are rather thick, but well lubricated with spermicide. They do work as intended, no problems with reliability, but not a very sensitive condom. The latex smell is very strong and detracts from the experience.

Leila - Long Island, NY - 1 Stars

SO hard to get on we ended up breaking at least 4 from the box and the other 3 broke during sex. Ended up paying 42 dollars for the morning after pill. Plus they smell so bad of latex. = SO NOT WORTH IT. DO NOT BUY.

Victor - Denver, Co - 3 Stars

Kinda difficult to put on, but not bad during actual use.

Allen - Seattle, WA - 1 Stars

Too tight, was hard to put on, and broke a few times.

Sean - Massachusetts - 5 Stars

My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time about a couple months and we've been having sex a few times every weekend since. These are the only condoms we've tried so far, but we've had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with them. We bought a 15 pack and none of them broke, I could get them on in less than 10 seconds (I have no idea what the hell you guys are doing incorrectly. Seems pretty simple to put a condom on correctly.) We don't really care about the smell. Yeah, it has an odor, but you must be pretty picky if it bothers you that much. As for the problem with lubricant, it usually feels pretty dry when it comes out, but I'm pretty sure it's my girlfriend that supplies enough lubrication herself. For others, I might suggest another form of lubrication. For me and my girlfriend, we're all set. We're about to experiment with different condoms, but if all else fails, we trust these and they work for us.

Adriana - California - 2 Stars

Tried with the Beau tonight. Nasty Latex scent, bad taste. Made me want to gag. But, alas no flavored condoms or lube on hand. Also felt very rubbery & medium thick but like they were about to break. PASS These up Ladies & Gents. Sticking with Durex Her Pleasure.

Ana - Ca - 1 Stars

Feels like a plastic bag. Was a freebie. Thankfully. Awful condom, and dislike the whitish, unnatural color. I'll take a pass.

jane doe - springfield,illinois - 5 Stars

Never break and I feel everything. Strongly reccommend them

Herman Smithers - White Haven PN - 5 Stars

overall good condom fits an average sized guy well and strong.

Anonymous - Pittsburgh - 5 Stars

As a teenage these are the best they fit snugly and me and my girlfriend are baby free and I would recommend these to anyone

angie - syracuse, NY - 5 Stars

good in a woman, but really wonderful for masturbation when I like a really snug fit.

Anonymous - Texas - 5 Stars

Ever since I began to be sexually active (since I've got married over a year ago), I've always used Trojan and ENZ, I've tried to use Durex once but it was too dry and too painful to use so I went back to this one. It has never broken, my husband doesn't have a hard time putting it in at all whatsoever, the smell is there but not overwhelming at all. It's my number one pick, we find it comfortable and up til this day it's the best.

HORACE - - 5 Stars


DYLAN WEST - - 5 Stars

Best deal around! I did a lot of research and couldn't find a better deal

jeff murray - - 5 Stars

Excellent product fits well and durable no irritating lube

Terry Johnson - - 5 Stars

The condoms works great fits right nice and durable no slippage

Larry Colburn - - 5 Stars

love the product so does my wife very comfortable and no problems with it ever

Alexander Burns - - 5 Stars

This product is reliable and well priced.

George Cann - - 5 Stars

excellent quality product

JD - Mount Pleasant, MI - 3 Stars

They don't go on as easy as some other types, but they're durable enough for even the most vigorous of activity. My girlfriend really didn't care for them at all though.

Tom - Flint Mi - 1 Stars

I broke 2 of thes just tryin to get the darn thing on they suck!!!

Ryan - Allentown, PA - 3 Stars

As he said they dont go on easy but my girl friend liked them for some reason? (we had a good time)

AJ - Detroit, Michigan - 3 Stars

These condoms are fairly standard. The sensitivity is okay for him as well as her, and nothing special. These condoms do have a stronger latex smell, and seem very tough.

heaven - columbus, ohio - 1 Stars

I WILL NEVER BUY TROJAN AGAIN! they broke on me and my fiance 2 times and got me pregnant! i ended up haveing an abortion, becuase i am to young to take care of a baby!, it broke my ehart to have one done! so unless your able to take care of a child dont use these!, and they dont even feel good, it feels like plastic, im sticking to my durex

Laura - Chicago,IL - 1 Stars

The absolute worst condom ever! My room reeked of latex for the whole day after I used them. Disgusting. And they break. And you can't feel a thing. Definately worst condoms ever.

chris - wilmington, nc - 2 Stars

Not the greatest in the world but not the worst either.

bob - dover(hicktown),tennessee - 3 Stars

very standard,a bit tight for the average man,but they work

Angie Cochran - Starkville, MS - 4 Stars

Priced right. Very natural feel for me. He says its restricting, but I don't have any trouble putting it on him. It looks tighter around his head, but he can still slide his penis better in it than in other condoms. The lubricant is about right. I love the feeling. I don't worry about it falling off either.

Jones - Charleston, SC - 1 Stars

Ok so maybe I'm being overly negative because I'm getting out of a 4 year relationship in which I stopped using condoms. This thing sucked. I mean, I know I'm used to wearing nothing but this thing basically numbed me. The girl was enjoying it for a while but she started getting tired when we were pushing an hour without me cumming. I'm going straight to the store to buy some durex ultra sensitives....

DCM - Greensboro, NC - 1 Stars

Not a good condom at all...from a woman's perspective it was extremely uncomfortable and u can feel the latex and it has a strong smell.

dave - memphis,tn - 2 Stars

DON'T buy these. Too thick to feel much. Go with a thinner condom like Crown. Good thing is that it didn't break after 1 hour of sex.

jim - Blacksburg, VA - 1 Stars

Worst Condom ever..Breaks easy..NOT easy to get on..they suck..and no natural feeling at all.. I'm going to the store and getting some Ultra Sensitive Lifestyles and some Naturalamb

mikhail - coldovia, russia - 2 Stars

these are pretty thick. they are also really hard to get on. plus they smell worse than others. they were cheap though

Amy - CA - 3 Stars

They're okay. There isn't that much lube, so they can be painful at first. And they're tight on my boyfriend. Also, the smell of latex is annoying.

Wilfredo Belen - Newark,NJ - 4 Stars

To me I used it because I known it's safe to used it . And add a KY jelly with it for more protection!

Rachel - Seattle, WA - 1 Stars

I would not recommend these. Shockingly hard to get on, he said he could barely feel anything, and for me it felt so... plastic-like. I hated it. We ended up taking the condom off it felt so awful. Thumbs way down on these. The only positive thing is they are so thick you probably won't get a girl pregnant from one breaking... Problem is you probably won't cum with one on either.

remmy - richmond, va - 1 Stars

i'm glad i'm not the only one experiencing the breakage problem!

Annonymous - Union City, NJ - 4 Stars

standard & durable (no ripping); okay sensitivity (nothing special), still, well lubricated; feels comfortable & rolls on easily (no resistance); a standard product & definitely excellent last-minute choice..

Josh - Jax, Florida - 1 Stars

The damn thing broke on my first time having sex.....thats freaking horrible.Two thumbs down....alllll the way.

pimpin - alabama - 1 Stars

These kept breaking on me when I tried using them.. Everyone I used broke on me.

Anomymous - Anomymous - 2 Stars

Pros-It didn't break
Cons-No feeling whatsoever compared to a Durex.

T - Chicago - 1 Stars

I have to agree, these are thick so it is difficult to tell what is going on. The smell is nasty.

Nora - Salt Lake City, UT - 2 Stars

They won't tear but for girls, they dry out really fast and end up hurting from the friction. I don't recommend them.

Travis - Levittown, PA - 1 Stars

I used these my first time and they were horrible. We ended up just taking it off (she was on birth control anyway) and even after that it felt mostly numb.
If you aren't sure, don't even bother with these.

Tony (Little Italy) - NY,NY - 1 Stars

Got alot a lube.If nothing else there good to beat off with.

Micheal - ohio - 1 Stars

durex are better than these there is no lube at all

dan - georgia - 1 Stars

horrible. smelly. cant feel a thing with it on. I am new to sex, and i didn't even finish with one of these on, after over half an hour of going strong. don't buy these.

Steve Lee - La Jolla, CA - 2 Stars

Can't say that they are bad, but they wreak of latex smell. Go with something that doesn't smell as bad.

Jill - NY, NY - 1 Stars

If there was such a rating as Zero, that's where these are. These condoms are so incredibly drying that it becomes seriously embarrassing. I've never ever had such dryness issues. Thanks for nothing Trojan. I'm throwing the rest away.

Catherine - PA - 1 Stars

Decided to give these a shot after realizing the Ultra Thins with Spermicidal Lubricant might be desensitizing me.
Used lube, didn't go at it any harder than usual, and it broke very soon after beginning to use it.
I might just go on dealing with a numb clit rather than risk unwanted pregnancy.
Worst condom yet

Tim - NYC - 1 Stars

Terrible. Am only slightly bigger than average and could hardly get the darn thing on because the latex is so thick, also no lube so was very uncomfortable - hopeless.

Deana - NY - 2 Stars

They really erase a lot of the sensation, thicker than some of the condoms we've used before... but they're very durable.

Lisa - NJ - 1 Stars

Do not buy these condoms they break easily my boyfriend and I hated them. Not durable at all, overall a total waste of money.

Matt - Saratoga Springs, NY - 4 Stars

The standard condom. No fancy swirls, bumps, etc. Great when you just need the basics.

Frank - NY, NY - 4 Stars

Well, i am looking at a lot of low reviews for this product, and i cant really understand why everyone is experiencing breakage?! do you guys know how to put on a condom?! Okay, i never had much diversity in my usage of condoms. Used these 3 times so far and been satisfied every time. Like others say, kind of hard to put on, but do-able. pretty bad smell, but yet again, do-able. The feeling was OKAY at best. BUT THE MAIN THING HERE IS THAT THEY DID. NOT. BREAK. Had no breakage and to me that is the most important thing.

jon doe - nebraska - 1 Stars

they are impossible to go on gotta be ROCK hard to even get it on!! they suck!

lilolme - cheese,state - 4 Stars

Recommend for others with small .....'s down fall is they do have that oder that lasts forever on both you and her. Used lots of times for this reason never a breakage. Keep it safe

Mark - PA - 1 Stars

Sadly, after all the hype I tried these. They were very hard to put on, which killed the mood. Also, the lubricant dries after about 3-5 minutes of activity. Don't buy this unless you have lot's of lube.

Unenthused - Ny,Ny - 3 Stars

Fit well but smell and aren't the most sensitive. I suppose that could be useful if you want to last longer but I didn't.

Scott - Tampa, Florida - 1 Stars

Me and my girlfriend like to try out as many condoms as we can to see which one we like best, and this condom is by far the worst we have used. They are hard to get on, they smell strongly of latex, I couldn't feel much and me and my girlfriend got bored of "bouncing around" without anything happening. DON'T but this condom, you will regret it.

Matt - blablabla,ca - 3 Stars

The condoms were average, my girl really didn't think they were anything special, i used about 20 of these, and about 2 or 3 of them broke, but they broke because of getting dry, i would only use these condoms if you really had too, theres nothing wrong, but nothing special either.

Someone - CA - 3 Stars

Huh. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never had one of these break. Even with almost an hour of use and eventual horrible dryness. They seem ridiculously durable to me. In addition, my partner was fine with sensation. The one thing I would agree on, though, is that the smell is really bad. In my opinion, just an average choice of condom good for when you're out of your first pick.

Jon - Lansing, MI - 3 Stars

Basic Trojan. No special ribs or lubes, just your normal condom. Get the job done but doesn't wow.

Corbin - IL - 1 Stars

I agree worst ever! Broke on me! no feeling it turned my penis blue! If my girlfriend had not have gotten the pan b pill they would have cost me!

Matt - St. Louis, MO - 4 Stars

I have probably used a thousand of these things and have never had a breakage problem. I understand the feedback that they are thicker than others, but protection from getting a female pregnant is my #1 priority.

Matt - Guam - 1 Stars

Never buying Trojan again. It's always one thing or another. It either a) breaks cuz it's too thin or b)has absolutely no feeling whatsoever. Unsatisfied every time.

steve - sunshine state - 1 Stars

Tried these three times, can never finish.. the worse thing i've ever had on my penis and i've tackled some hogs.

bob - NY - 1 Stars


anonymous - California - 1 Stars

Gah! Think its a tad too thick, as I couldn't feel much. Girlfriend didn't like feel and soon wasn't 'in the mood' anymore. Frustrated night. Went through pack of three experimenting btw.

Jerome - FL - 2 Stars

Pros: cheap, strong
Cons: have an odor, thicker then most, take time to put on, basically, they're cheap.

Ned - Ohio - 1 Stars

I have used these for a long time. But the last time, the smell of rubber/latex was bad. At first I thought it was my partner! I thought it might have gotten too hot in the car, but after reading these reviews, I don't think so. I noticed they are made in Thailand. Maybe not such good process control there.

Mark - Mt Lebanon - 2 Stars

Just an okay condom. They are hard to get on and extremely snug!!! The latex smell is strong. They also are thick which leaves me feeling very little. I will not buy this style again.

Zack - Florida - 1 Stars

These condoms are a piece of shit!!!! Couldn't even get it on my penis!!! My girlfriend hated them... and they got dry every 5 minutes....they suck!!!

Anonymous - Milwaukee, WI - 2 Stars

Used this condom the first time I had sex, and it broke. Actually, out of the 3 Trojan condoms I've used 2 have broke. Needless to say I'm switching brands...

K.P. - Miami, Florida - 2 Stars

Didn't slip off which is good but too tight. There hard to put on and you don't feel to much when you penetrate.

Old Guy - LA, CA - 2 Stars

Never broke one but I'm average size. No points for style either. These made me feel like I was trying to win the war for the allies with an army issue dick.

Scott - Tampa, FL - 2 Stars

Me and my girlfriend love to try out new condoms, but these were just nasty. They smell strongly of latex, feel thick, and break easily. I wouldn't recommend.

Jay - Atl, Ga - 3 Stars

I agree they are a little harder to put on than the average condom, and the smell is a little intense. But, my boyfriend and I have been through a 36 pack WITHOUT any breaks, so they serve their purpose.

Melissa - Boston, MA - 1 Stars

They smell terrible, it kind of feels like he's wearing a plastic bag, some were hard to put on because they were dry coming out of the package, and we broke a couple. Worst condoms...!

George - Dover, DE - 3 Stars

This is definitely a protection-first condom. Getting my girlfriend pregnant is really not high on my list of things to do, so the fact that this condom feels strong is important. The pleasure isn't awful; it's definitely there, but it's not even comparable to using an ultra thin. I am by no means large, about 5 long and three and a half around, so that actually puts me on the smaller end of things, but these were tight enough to stay on. Smaller fellows, this one might work just fine for you. The ring might be painful for people much larger. No horror stories from me, these have always stayed on and stopped procreation (which is why we are here to begin with)

anonymous - md - 3 Stars

They are a tight fit, but they work. They dry out easy too I went through three before I came.

Jimmy - Philly - 2 Stars

These things smell terrible! Like others have said, the latex smell is just ridiculous. I don't know why I've continued to buy them for so long, but it's time to move on. It definitely feels like you're wearing a condom, it isn't the easiest to get on, and is a little tight. Sometimes they seem a little too tight, almost like cutting off circulation - I might be a bit above average, but by no means hung like a horse. One positive is that I have never had one break on me and they do seem to keep my gf from getting pregnant.

Mally - Buffalo, NY - 2 Stars

The lubrication of the condom is terrible.Vvery hard to slide it in if your girlfriend as not that "wet". And yes they are very difficult to put on.

J - Chicago, IL - 4 Stars

Didn't have much trouble with application, fairly straight-forward.

No frills, but if you want a condom that works, these do a great job of protecting, and making penetration easier.

Nina Hildalgo - Brooklyn, NY - 2 Stars

I'm just sorry but Trojan claims to be the best condoms ever but they snap and break all the time. My husband have been using these and the magnums, but they always rip and I end up having to use emergency contraception which is starting to add up.

I am definitely not using these anymore!

Scott - Dover, Delaware - 4 Stars

I'm extremely sensitive, and can barely last a minute with the good stuff (most of the top 10). These dampen the sensation to where I can finally last long enough to bring my Gf to orgasm.

Latex smell is not extreme, and these are thick condoms. They haven't broken on me yet, but then again I always leave a little extra space in addition to the reservoir tip regardless of what condom I'm using.

Lube on the condom is sufficient for us, but your mileage may vary.

Jenny - Louisville, ky - 2 Stars

These are likely the worst Trojans my boyfriend and I have ever used. They didn't break but they didn't feel that great either. After we use the rest that we bought, I'm not buying them ever again.

Drew - Connecticut - 1 Stars

Thing dried up after like 5 minutes of use, smelled like a rat's ass, and was pretty disappointing. It was also pretty tight all around and I felt like it was going to break at some points. I ended up just peeling the thing off and going bareback.

Mario Hurtado - San Diego, CA - 1 Stars

The first one broke, and so did the second one. I threw away the last one. Bad bad condoms! I never had these problems with Durex.

rafael - miami - 1 Stars

Worst condom ever, impossible to put on, too small, and a horrible rubber smell.

ForNaught - Lancaster, CA - 2 Stars

Very uncomfortable, these tend to pinch at the tip and are quite painful to get on sometimes.

Spencer - Burbank, CA - 1 Stars

The absolute most boring condom to exist. You might as well skip the sex if you're stuck with these; there is no joy to be found.

Spencer - Burbank, CA - 1 Stars

Yeah, I was sliding in and out... of the condom. It came off inside her vagina. GENIUS.

Taylor - Dallas, TX - 2 Stars

I didn't care for these at all. We never experienced any breakage, but it felt as if he was wearing a plastic bag! They served their purpose, but we won't be buying these again.

kay - louisiana - 1 Stars

The first one we tried broke almost instantly. The second one didn't break but i couldn't feel a damn thing. My boyfriend said that it hurt his penis too because it was too small and the bottom of the condom left a rib/dent on his skin after we were done. Not worth it in my opinion.

macy - california - 2 Stars

Small, super thick, chunky, also smelly ....both didn't finish.

Bob - VA - 3 Stars

I've only used this brand twice, and both times, the condom broke. We put it on correctly and everything, it fit right, but after about five minutes, the tip broke.

Anonymous - PA - 2 Stars

These will make you think you need Durex XXL's they're so small. I'm by far not anything unheard of in the size department but these are pretty tight. Lost a lot of sensation and I really felt constricted. (Seemed very strong to me though, zero of the three suffered any breakage) They have a relatively strong latex odor too. If you are a smaller gentleman who could use a desensitizing condom and has a well ventilated room then this one is for you. Two stars because I'm sure there is worse out there.

Tyler - Queens, NY - 4 Stars

She loved it! I loved it! Sometimes its tight and smells like sex but gets the job done. She yelled OMG! Buy them and we did not have any break.

panda - Detroit, MI - 2 Stars

thick, way too tight, break

Jeff - Michigan - 3 Stars

First condom I ever used. Kind of tight and took away some of the sensation, but I didnt really mind it. Been trying different condoms lately and the only one I like better so far is Durex Intense Sensation. But will always have one of these just in case.

Kiely - Norfolk, VA - 3 Stars

My boyfriend always buys this one just because he trusts it, and it hasn't broken on him before, which is great. This condoms pretty standard. It could use some more lubricant. It dries so much, it starts to really hurt down there in a bad way. Oh, also the latex smell is so STRONG. Ugh. It kinda turns you off.

chuck - hot springs ar - 3 Stars

Tight to put on, but great sex.

Pat - Md - 1 Stars

Pretty terrible in every facet of what a terrible condom could be. Ridiculously bad smelling, so thick that you can barely feel a thing, and they dry out to the point that penetration becomes very difficult. They suck! Definitely never buying these again...

Joe - indiana - 4 Stars

Good condom. Won't break, as long as you know how to use a condom.

Doug - Fayetteville, AR - 5 Stars

Remember the latex shortage of 1989?
That was me, in high school, tearing it up with the ONLY condom I trusted with my future: Trojan-ENZ.
These things are the MAD slips! :)
Snug, tough, and good enough.
Next time you feel froggy enough to pound a round mound, better have a fistful of dollars and a pocket full of Trojan-ENZ.

Be safe out there.
Today's young lady is a veritable Petri dish with feet.
Wrap it up and pound it out.
With Trojan-ENZ.

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