Contempo Bareback

Contempo Bareback

If you’re looking for a bare back condom feel, the Contempo Bareback condom is a terrific option to consider. The Contempo Bareback condom is unbelievably sensitive, and truly feels like almost nothing at all! Like riders who mount without a saddle,Contempo’s Bare Back inspired condom is for those who want to feel as if they're using nothing at all but still get all the protection necessary from a condom.

Each Contempo Bareback Condom has a reservoir end for added comfort and is individually electronically tested for reliability and safety.

These bare back condoms are lightly Lubricated, and are a product of Thailand.

Sold in Retail Box of 3 Condoms

Condom Depot is proud to carry Contempo's Bareback condom as part of our entire offering of Contempo condoms. Contempo has made a name for itself manufacturing specialty condoms like this Bareback model, and are also well known for their Rough Rider Studded Condoms.
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Contempo Bareback Specs

Length 7 1/2"
Lubricated Yes. Silicone
Width Base 1 5/8" Flattened
Width Head 2" Flattened
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Contempo Bareback

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