Condom Depot's 100 Condom Sampler

Condom Depot's 100 Condom Sampler

By Condom Depot

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The 100 Condom Super Sample Pack – Condom Depot's Signature Condom Variety Sampler!

Our 100 Condom Sampler contains condoms from Beyond Seven, Atlas, Fantasy, Trustex, Caution Wear and other name brand FDA approved condoms. Each sampler includes a variety of styles such as ribbed, ultra sensitive, flavored and other types of condoms. The 100 Condom Sampler is our higest-rated and our customers always love the selection!

Condoms in this pack do not contain NONOXYNOL-9 SPERMICIDE.

Our 100 Condom Sampler Contains Condoms from Beyond Seven, Atlas, Fantasy, Trustex, Caution Wear and other name brand FDA approved Condoms. Each sampler has Ribbed, Sensitive, Flavored and other types of Condoms. We cannot guarantee Which condoms will be included but our customers always love the selection.

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Please note: we reserve the right to substitute out-of-stock items with a comparable, highly-rated product.

The 100 Condom Sampler is also available as a case of 1,000 - saving even more when you buy condoms in bulk!

Condom Depot offers the best condom samplers from your favorite condom brands. For more condom sampler packs, check out our Japanese condom tin and World's Best Condom tin

Condom Depot's 100 Condom Sampler Specs

Head Width Varied
Shaft Width Varied
Base Width Varied
Length Varied
Thickness Varied
Lubrication Varied
Special Features Varied
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Condom Depot's 100 Condom Sampler Reviews

4.9 star rating (53 reviews) write a review
Christine - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

This set was definately worth the price. Some of the brands are not that well known (at least in this country), but nonetheless, a good buy, a great product. Thanks!

Jordan - Yarmouth.NS CAN - 5 Stars

This sampler has to be the best deal Ive ever seen and although some of the brands may be questionable i have to say the its still worth it

Nichole - North East, US - 4 Stars

I haven't really tried the other things on this website, but the random group of condoms is good. It's very exciting to get a different condom every time.

AbS - Miami, FL - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I bought this about a week ago because it was a good value. we're pleased with what we received so far

Shorty - Ohio - 5 Stars

This is a great deal , some brands we had never heard of and were questionable but have turned out to still be just as good as the others. I highly recommend this and have suggested it to many friends. It is a great investment and comes in discreet packaging too

Travia - Fairfield, CT - 5 Stars

Great price for a great assortment!

Rebecca - Florida - 5 Stars

This is such a good value! Can't believe the assortment!

Christopher - AZ - 5 Stars

My girlfriend are having lots of fun trying all these different rubbers out!

Nikki - Las Vegas, NV - 4 Stars

Haven't heard of some of these brands but from what we tried, we are very satisfied!

Aaron b - Texas - 5 Stars

Great pack. I was disapointed that I got 25 colorerd and No flavored... Especially since the color for 5 of them where all orange...But past that all where awesome.

Jason - North Carolina - 5 Stars

I got this sampler for my girlfriend as sort of a gag gift. She was so excited and we had a great time together! Thanks to those condoms I am getting married in June!!

Ashlie Brock - Seattle, Washingtion - 4 Stars

This is good but if you really want a good deal you can pay the same price right now for the World's Best Condom Tin and it works great

Shelby - Portland, Maine - 5 Stars

Definitely had an awesome selection! Plus the fact that none of them contain non-9 was a total plus! awesome price, and awesome deal.

Sara - West Virginia, USA - 5 Stars

First of all, after my frequent shopper promo code (with the free shipping!) I only spent around 26 cents per condom :) You really can't beat that deal! Ordered on a Friday and it was here Monday! Husband is currently at work, but can't wait to try this pack out. Got a great mix for my money- including some beyond seven studded, EIGHT types of lifestyles, and even some durex condoms. Great mix of colored, ribbed, ultra thin, and studded! Thankfully, no flavored too :) 5 each of TWENTY different condoms. We've already tried the world's best tin too and it was superb- either one and you'll be set :)

SM - Luquillo, Puerto Rico - 5 Stars

This pack is great, where else can you get 100 condoms for about $26 when you use a code? And the assortment is incredible. We got a bunch of brands, about 5 of each so theres 20 different kinds of condoms in there, some we have never seen before, and we've enjoyed experimenting with them. Beyond seven is one of our favorites. Were definitely buying this again!

LMFH - MO - 4 Stars

This was the second sampler I have ordered over the years (first sampler was world's best). The condom depot folks delivered on the variety and price, it was a good sampler but we prefer worlds best.

Connie - Olympia, WA - 5 Stars

Like any other person has said, some of the brands are certainly questionable or there are some you know by experience that you would never use again (Hand them to a friend that wants them maybe?) But since we can't always get 100% what we want, this is a GREAT sampler and a large quantity! Some of them I've never seen before and loved the camo designed ones! If you want more for less I definitely recommend the 100 sampler, you can try every brand roughly around 5 times each and decide from there which is yay or nay for future purchase! Love it and I'll buy this again as soon as I run out!

Chiara - Ohio - 4 Stars

Haven't had a chance to sample any of these yet, thus the rating of a 4. I did notice that it is very Lifestyles, and Durex concentrated. Which is okay with me as they are usual brands I use.

anonymous - dunedin florida - 5 Stars

It was amazing i didnt know but i live within 10 miles of a shop and ordered this package and got it the next day the selection isnt perfect but the variety is good and the price was amazing and couldnt pass it up if your iffy about purchasing.... DO IT YOU WONT REGRET IT

thesoundlady - South Bend, IN - 5 Stars

Great price, great product. I noticed that some people were hating on the brands on condoms included, but I can tell you I've used at least one of each brand (running low and getting ready to order another sampler pack). Can't beat the price for the quantity - maybe I'm just not very picky. I do agree some of them don't have as much lube, but that's easily fixable.

Hien - Houston TX - 5 Stars

I've been purchased this package for a few years. Great products, great price, more than that GREAT COMPANY to do business with. Two weeks ago, I had an issue with delivery, it turned out it was my fault, not theirs, when I called customer service, the lady answered the phone so pleasant and helpful . Right after that, they followed up with an email. I was very impressed and appreciate how they conduct their business. definitely will recommend the product and the company.

SPM - Winnipeg, Manitoba - 5 Stars

this was a great buy...will order again

Mrnicks - US - 5 Stars

Great Value. Beware if you're a bit larger than average there are some small ones in here. There are a few snugger fit, caution wear, and a few others that are tight. Besides that I love this collection!

Cameron - Tx - 5 Stars

I bought this sampler since it was a great deal, I now know what i will always buy. 10 out of 10

Jay - Reserve - 5 Stars


Joanne - Ipswich - 5 Stars

Use them on me to have fun alone in bed

Stephen - - 5 Stars

I love this and its a great value and price. All of the prophylactics are excellent.

Daniel - - 5 Stars

great variety reasonable price fast shipping.

PAULA - - 5 Stars

Awesome selection - Was fun looking at all the different ones - Made a great gag gift to give the adults at our carnival

Ash - Provo, UT - 5 Stars

These are fantastic! We love them! They don't smell or have lube that turns into a clumpy mess like Trojan condoms. I highly recommend these to everyone!

J - North Providence, Rhode Island - 5 Stars

Great pack, great price. Though some of the brands are questionable...This is by far the best sampler deal I've seen online.

Anna - Washington, DC - 5 Stars

A great assortment, and a great deal! I agree with J that some brands are questionable--Beyond Seven, I don't really trust, but I rarely have trouble with any of the other brands. They make great gag gifts for friends, as well! I've made mixed gift bags of assorted condoms for Bachelorette parties, etc...and some of the condom brand names are just hilarious! I will keep buying the sampler packs, and just toss out the few I don't trust.

MaKenna - Akron, Ohio - 5 Stars

This is a great value! I haven't used mine yet...but I can't wait! Great product...Highly recommended!

Rain - Mesa, AZ - 5 Stars

It is an awesome price for the amount you get. It is just fun to read the titles to.

Queen nympho - El paso, tx - 5 Stars

The super sampler is the greatest buy. My boyfriend and i are not stuck with one specific brand and type of condom each time we have sex. we both think that 25 cents a condom is very very much worth it. I did have some problems with the beyond 7 condoms-not lubed enough for either one of us but we use the lubes that were sent along with the package. Very helpful! Thank you thank you so much!

Steve - Albany, NY - 5 Stars

Theres an awesome assortment here. 5 of each. Great opportunity to give some new ones a try. Only downside is neither of us knew where to start!

Me - Houston, Tx - 5 Stars

Great price, great selections, great fun! This pack lasted my boyfriend and I quite a while and once we finished it I had to come back and order another one. Just think of how much money we would have spent buying condoms from the store every other weekend?? We would have spent the same amount of money on 24 condoms that we did for 100! Bottom line... BUY THIS PACKAGE! You will not regret it. =)

StyListiK - Southern, CA - 5 Stars

Great condoms, great price. There is only one condom brand in the pack I don't like. It had a thick rubberband, and was too tight. Other than that, Best deal i've ever seen.

Steve - Pittsburgh PA - 5 Stars

6 of each. A good pack from all over the world.

Renee - Berrien Springs MI - 5 Stars

Great sampler pack !!!! I especially liked the flavored ones. I'm "that kinda girl".

Mrs. Nichols - Springfield, MO - 5 Stars

It's a great deal, the best I've found anyway! The sampler pack allows for trying all types and never leaves a dull moment :)

Justin - Halifax, NS, Canada - 5 Stars

Excellent was way worth it.

Renee - Elmira, NY - 5 Stars

a great way to stock up on condoms. it never hurts to have too many, but sometimes the price can. i would recommend this deal to all of my friends along with other products from this site. i am in the college age group and my friends and i dont have a lot of extra money so getting good condoms at a good price is excellent.

jake - baltimore, md - 5 Stars

Great pack, great value. Me and my gf like trying the different brands some are better then others and some I don't trust. These are fun and you'll find the best condom for you in here.

Jess - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

Great selection! And for those of you that are concerned with "Beyond Seven" it's actually a really well made condom that is very popular over in Asia and is just now catching on in the US because of the fact that it is so thin. They are well made and the truth is that they're less likely to tear than Trojans are.

S.B. - bakersfield, ca - 4 Stars

The sampler is a great way to say, lets experiment safely! I know the girls that come over and always think I'm gross for having so many, but I'm like chill baby I just want you to pick the one you want. They always go for the colored ones. Women...

Lori - Ellenton, Fl - 5 Stars

Some may judge and call me crazy, but I have 2 young adult children. I can promote abstinence until the cows come home but they will choose at the end of the day. So when that time comes I want them to be prepared for any situation that may arise. I think this pack of 100 is great, affordable and the fact that it comes with an assortment makes it easier for them to choose what works best for them. Here's to keeping our children safe!

Tom D. - New Jersey - 5 Stars

This is awesome for anyone looking for a lot of condoms for cheap. The sample included name brands and a good variety, and even came with a few packs of lube too. I chose free shipping and the package got to my house in 2 days... which was a pleasant surprise. This is a great product!

fresher - Denver, CO - 5 Stars

Damn good deal. Lots of variety with name brand rubbers. You feel like a pimp.

Amber - New Park, PA - 5 Stars

Very happy with this package. The variety was great, price was awesome. Great Site! I reccomend it to all my friends!

C.H - Slippery Rock, PA - 5 Stars

This sampler pack is the best decision I've ever made ;)

Sj1985 - Evanston, IL - 5 Stars

My boyfriend has never been into using condoms but I have had bad luck with the Pill so I tried figuring out a way to make condom ise more atrractive. This sampler and a few others on condom depot have really helped! Its almost like a game "hmmm what did we get this time?!" Thanks for these samplers! It's helped a lot!

Liz - Temecula, CA - 4 Stars

This sampler has to be the best deal Ive ever seen, I recommend this package...!!

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