Crown Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists puts the Crown Condom to the Test! Here is where the Crown Skinless Skin Condom ranks!

Crown Condom

The rumor is that even the porn industry loves these condoms-- but you know who else does? You. Every year, you vote the Crown Skinless Skin as the World’s Best Condom.

So I decided to give them a shot, too.

When I say that these condoms deserve all the merit they’ve earned, I mean it. I was a little skeptical of the goofiness of their pink color and the simplicity of their design. But in the end, I was blown away.

I now know the meaning of Skinless Skin-- skinless, because it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, and skin, because it’s as soft as your own body. My boyfriend found them to be hardly noticeable. In fact, he had to keep checking them to make sure it hadn’t broken. “No, really, turn on the light, it’s seriously busted,” he kept saying. And we did. And the Crown Skinless Skin held up, no matter what. So, if the idea of an ultra thin condom freaks you out-- fear not. These lasted just as well as any extra-strength condom I’ve ever tried, but it was infinitely more comfortable, softer, and unnoticeable.

Being that these condoms are made of latex, they have a slight odor, but it’s almost unnoticeable when compared to other latex condoms, and it doesn’t seem to stick to your fingers after handling. Even better, it doesn’t bleed over into the taste of the condom. For that matter, the condom tastes like absolutely nothing, so if you’re using it for oral, it’d be a great idea to pair it with something tasty, like a delicious flavored personal lubricant.

The lube on the outside of the condom looked very powdery at first, so I didn’t think it was going to last very long or feel particularly soft (I’m such a pessimist). But I was wrong. The lube actually made the condom even softer and slick, but it didn’t have that weird oily feeling that some lubes give. Also, it stayed on for a while. When it finally started to feel a little dry, we threw on some Pjur Original Body Glide as a supplement and we got that slip-’n-slide slick feeling back.

The only downfall to the Skinless Skin is that they might not be the right fit for those of you with a little more to pack. While the ring is not particularly tight when compared to other condoms of the same size, the rest of the tube did run a little small if you’re above average in terms of girth. The length sits at 7.08” while the width is 2.08.” If you aren’t sure if these will fit you, check out our guide on measuring yourself for the perfect fitting condom.

Crown Condom - Final Verdict
These are some of the best condoms I have ever used. They’re thin but strong, soft but warm, and well-lubed but not oily or tacky. They’re well-deserving of their ranking as World’s Best.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
RN - New Jersey - 5 Stars

These condoms are the really best I have ever used. I am pretty much an average-sized guy all around and these fit and feel perfect. And all the talk about these feeling close to wearing nothing at all is totally true. My girl and I love these and I don't see us switching anytime soon. About the only negative point for these, as is the case with most latex condoms, is that they will dry out if you take a while. But that's nothing a little bit of lube won't fix. I personally like using the condom-safe silicone-based kind. I've tried a decent amount of other condom types from Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, etc., but these kick the s**t out of everything else I have ever tried. They're as close to going raw as you're gonna get. Very highly recommended.

Anon - LA, California - 5 Stars

I have tried all types of condom looking for the most natural fill. This are the thinnest condom around you can fell every thing. It's like wearing nothing. Great for couples looking for an every day use.

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