Top 10 Condom Wares on Etsy is a unique international marketplace for handmade and vintage items, but did you know that their shop owners are promoting safer sex in a serious way through sometimes silly but always socially conscious wares? 


Of course, they don't sell condoms online like does, but nonetheless they do have a ton of condom-related things and condom art for sale on their site. We love to support those who support safer sex, so here’s our top ten condom products from Etsy:


Men's Condom Patterned Swimwear


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Are you too sexy for baggy boardshorts? This banana hammock lets you show your support for safer sex while feeling supported during your morning swim. Find out how to have safer sex underwater, how to carry condoms while wearing less and then strut that stuff!


Vintage "Cover Me...I'm Goin' In" T-Shirt


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Emerging around the first era of AIDs awareness, this pro-condom use graphic t-shirt from the '80s looks as though it's gotten a lot of wear already, but we think it's ready for more. A great way to show your condom sense, this vintage t could be a conversation starter about your d.


Resin Encased Condoms Coaster


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Protect your coffee table and remind your guests to use protection during sex at the same time! This creative, colorful and kooky LifeStyles Flavored condom coaster will let everyone know you're down to go to pound town, as long as there's a condom involved.


Condom-Shaped Cookie Cutter


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Not sure how to ask your sweetie to wear a condom? Delaying the conversation? Cut it out! How about baking them a sweet tray of sugary condom-shaped cookies? They'll surely get the hint. Irresistibly designed, these can also be used for making clay projects!


Vintage Flavored Condoms T-Shirt


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Sure, condoms are classified as life saving devices. But that doesn't mean they have to taste like a medical tool on your tool! Find out which condoms taste the best and which ones were top rated for fun and fearless fellatio and wear this full of flavor vintage t-shirt to show you're behind the safer sex movement!


Zipper Storage Pouch for Condoms


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Too bad this handmade storage pouch wasn't around when we wrote about creative ways to carry condoms! Never leave the house without your safer sex kit again with this handy, one-of-a-kind, cursive-stitched container for your condoms!


Cute Condom Dangly Earrings


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Just don't have enough cartoon condom jewelry in your box? Want more decorative dangly bits? We feel ya. These earrings for standard gauge pierced ears are a must have for any femme, feminist or for folks who are fond of fornication with less risk. Have other piercings elsewhere? Find out how to stay safer during sex when pierced.


Vintage Silk Condom Neck Tie


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Even if your manscaping isn't as smooth as silk, you can still get your sexy-silky on with this vintage, novelty condom necktie made from silk. Our favorite condom characters? The mustachioed hipster condom smoking a pipe and the fanged vampire condom.


Rubber Ducky T-Shirt


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Rubber ducky, are you the one? This phthalate-free tee features a condom-topped fowl to remind you not to commit a condom-less party foul. Want a literal ducky to help you in your sexy time fun? Try our waterproof I Rub My Duckie Paris- Black!


Miniature Condoms for Dollhouses


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Talk about sex positive parenting! Teach your kids to wait to have kids with mini Skins! This tiny retail box of condoms completes any dollhouse bedroom, ensuring that Barbie won't be getting knocked up by Ken anytime soon. After all, the spare bedroom makes a better ladycave than a nursery!

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