How to Have Safer Sex While Underwater

For me, thinking about Spring Break hook ups can conjure up many a notion, but none so much so as having safer sex while underwater.


Whether it be in a tub, a pool, the ocean, a lake, a river, etc. underwater sex can be performed in a safe way, which won’t leave you feeling any remorse during summer semester. Keep reading to learn all about the different lubricants, condoms and toys which you can employ over this Spring Break to make you both go, “H2O-O-O-O!”

Sex Underwater?

There is just something about being weightless that is unmatched in the world of above water sex. Not only does it buoyancy make breasts look even more spectacular than ever (I know, seems impossible, right?), erections can seem larger than life while bobbing around in the gravity-less wonderland known as water.


Positions which are impossible for land lovers become a thing of ease and grace for those sea bound thrusters. Underwater sex is also fantastic for those who have injuries which may cause pain under the duress of gravity, like broken bones or spinal problems. Even the obese or frail can suddenly become an acrobat while submerged in this mystical blue oasis.

Rub ‘N Tiz'zug in the Hot Tub

As you may know, lubricants increase the effectiveness of condoms by preventing fiction based breakage. But, did you know that silicone-based lubes are, by nature, hydrophobic? This means that instead of being water soluble, like water-based lubes, they actually repel water- like two positive sides of a magnet? If you’ve ever used Rain-X on your windshield, you may know what I’m talking about.


Since water (especially hot water mixed with chlorine) can actually be dehydrating and rob women of their natural lubrication, using additional lube while wearing a condom in a hot tub or pool is essential for safer sex. It will also make it much more enjoyable for both of you.

But, even the world of silicone-based lubes, there are obvious winners when it comes to gettin’ it on underwater. My all personal favorite waterproof lubes are: Pjur BodyGlide and Pjur Woman BodyGlide. These single use lubes are 1.5ml and can be conveniently and discreetly slipped into your pool bag or purse for easy transport and can help you make waves in the waves, “Hey, I didn’t know this was a tidal pool!” For a larger sized waterproof lube, I wholeheartedly suggest the ID Millennium for its long lasting slickness.

Condoms in the Pool


Wearing a properly fitting condom is always vital to its success, but this is particularly important when it comes to going in deep in the deep end. Be sure to properly measure yourself and find the perfect condom size before attempting safer underwater sex. To keep bacteria in the water from entering into your urethra, put the condom on above the surface of the water. I suggest using a Caution Wear condom such as the Mission 701 Classic or the Mission 707 Studded because they’re made with a silicone based lubricant, as discussed in the previous section.

Motion in the Ocean

Of course, having sex in a saltwater or freshwater body of water is safer than in a pool or hot tub which is full of chlorine and is more likely to have spectators. But, most of the same rules apply. Use lube, find a properly fitting condom and put it on outside of the water.

If you’re unsure about it or unable to use a condom underwater, you can still have fun either with or without a partner by using waterproof toys. Check out these super fun waterproof toys: the silent Luscious Thrill-Her which is great for vaginal use, the Joy Vibe which is perfect for anal use and the I Rub My Duckie personal massager for clitoral stimulation. Try these out underwater toys and afterwards I guarantee you won’t be walking around looking like you’ve got sand in your panties, because you’ll be all smiles.

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