Five Best Condoms For Anal Sex

The FDA currently considers anal sex very dangerous – so dangerous, in fact, that they won’t approve any condoms for anal usage. Whether they're right or not, the call has gone out for a better anal condom, but so far, nothing is available for purchase.

As we mentioned in this Q&A, the lack of natural lubrication in the anus makes it susceptible to tearing which, coupled with the anus’ other job as waste management plant, makes it even more susceptible to infection. Even without tearing, getting fecal matter inside of your peehole can put you at risk for a number of infections, not in the least would be a urinary tract infection (UTI).

So, if you are going to have anal sex-- suit up! As I mentioned above, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate unlike the vagina, so you will need to supplicate it with extra lube. Using lubricated condoms is a great idea, but try to find one that uses silicone lube. The anus is made to absorb water, so water-based lubes won’t last long, and oil-based lubes will break a latex condom.

Beyond Seven Aloe


The Beyond Seven Aloe condom has aloe in its water-based lube.  We don’t recommend using a numbing cream for anal-- if your body is hurting, it’s trying to tell you to stop. But aloe gives a cooling sensation to help relieve some of the discomfort you might feel. It won’t numb you, but still use it at your discretion.

The FC2 Female Condom


The FC 2 female condom reportedly has a large following among purveyors of anal sex. Despite its name, it can be used by anyone of any gender. The one major drawback is that it has to be inserted-- something that might take a little while and some practice to get right. But not having a condom on the penis might make it easier to load up on that lube-- and even better, since this condom is made of nitrile, you can use oil-based lube, like coconut oil.

Kimono MicroThin

The Kimono MicroThin beats out its brother, MicroThin Ultra Lubricated because it’s lubricated with a silicone-based lube instead of water-based lube. That, combined with the thinness will make it the perfect condom for you anal pros, although those who are new to the game might feel more comfortable with something thicker until you get your rhythm figured out. Regardless of their thickness, Kimono brand is well-known for their strength and commitment to safety.

 Durex Intense Sensations

A lot of the forums we have scoured in making this list have suggested this condom for anal, so we thought we’d take your advice and put it on the list! Durex Intense Sensation condoms are pre-lubed with silicone-based lubricant, plus they have a slightly wider girth than most, so they’ll be more comfortable in the tightness of the anus.

Caution Wear Grande

Caution Wear's Grande condoms have everything you could want for anal sex, for those of you who are on the bigger side of things. With a silicone lube and that slight, extra thickness that the Caution Wear brand is so well known for, these condoms are pretty new to the market.

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