Best Condoms For Anal Sex

If you enjoy anal sex, it's important to choose the right condom with proper lubrication. Without proper lubrication, the condom can break easily or come off during intercourse. And the type of lubrication you use is also critical for comfort on both the giving and receiving end of anal sex. 

The lack of natural lubrication in the anus makes it susceptible to tearing which, coupled with the anus’ other job as waste management plant, makes it even more susceptible to infection. Even without tearing, getting fecal matter inside of your peehole can put you at risk for a number of infections, not in the least would be a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Use Plenty of Lube

If you are going to have anal sex – suit up! Using lubricated condoms is a great idea, but try to find one that has extra silicone lube. It's also a good idea to have some extra lube on hand, like a sillicone-based lubricant, which is long-lasting and does not absorb as quickly. The anus is made to absorb water, so water-based lubes won’t last long and oil-based lubes are not compatible for use with a latex condom. 

Whether you're anal sex beginner or a pro, it is not recommended to use a condom or lubricant that is cooling, warming or numbing. If anal sex is too painful, your body is telling you to stop. Since the anus is super absorbent, it could also be harmful to introduce these chemicals into the digestive track. 

Although the FDA has not specificed any particular condom approved for anal sex, our line-up for the Best Condoms for Anal Sex below are highly recommended to ensure your comfort, safety and pleasure. 


Best Condoms for Anal Sex - Atlas Ultra Lubricated

Atlas Ultra Lubricated Condoms

Atlas Ultra Lubricated Condoms are a trusted favorite amongst many. These condoms are lathered with extra long-lasting silicone lubrication and the classic straight-shaft shape make it a perfect combo for comfortable anal sex. 

Size: 7.08" length, 4.16" circumference
Lubrication: Silicone-Based

Best Condoms for anal sex - shop now for atlas ultra lubricated condoms


Best Condoms for Anal Sex - Caution Wear Grande Condoms

Caution Wear Grande Condoms

If you're well-endowed, you're going to need a properly fitting and well-lubricated condom for anal sex. And the Caution Wear Grande has just that... at a much more affordable price than other big brand named magnum-sized condoms. But don't let the price fool you, the Grande is just as reliable and durable as the best of them. 

Size: 8.80" length, 4.24" circumference
Lubrication: Silicone-Based

Best Condoms for anal sex - shop now for Caution Wear Grande Condoms


Best Condoms for Anal Sex - Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Condoms

The Kimono MicroThin condom tops the list because of it's ultra-thinness, which makes it the perfect condom for you anal pros. Although, those who are new to the game might feel more comfortable with something thicker until you get your rhythm figured out. Regardless, the Kimono Condom brand is well-known for their strength and commitment to safety.

Size: 8.12" length, 3.74" circumference
Lubrication: Silicone-Based

Best Condoms for anal sex - shop now for Kimono MicroThin Condoms


Best Condoms for Anal Sex - Iron Grip Condoms

Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms

If you prefer a tighter fitting condom or have trouble finding a condom that stays in place securely for the long haul, then you'll want to check out the Iron Grip condom by Caution Wear. With a straight-shaft shape, and a circumference of 3.50 inches, it's our highest-rated condom for the average, or slightly smaller guy.  

Size: 7.75" length, 3.50" circumference
Lubrication: Silicone-Based

Best Condoms for anal sex - shop now for Iron Grip Condoms


Best Condoms for Anal Sex - One Ultra Feel Condoms

ONE UltraFeel Condoms

And last but certainly not least, ONE UltraFeel Condoms. If you're traveling, or do not have a bottle of lube handy, this is the best condom for anal sex. The 2-in-1 packaging includes a silicone-based lubricated condom on one side and an extra 2 mL packet of silicone lubrication on the other side. Genius! 

Size: 7.16" length, 4.16" circumference
Lubrication: Silicone-Based, plus an extra 2 mL packet of silicone lubrication. 

Best Condoms for anal sex - shop now for ONE Ultra Feel Condoms

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