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ONE UltraFeel is the newest innovation by the ONE condom manufacturer. UltraFeel is a 2-in-1 condom and lube package, featuring full lubrication from the base to the tip, and made of an incredibly thin SheerSkin material.

Condoms and lube go together like peanut butter and jelly. And using additional lubricant with condoms is recommended by health organizations worldwide for safer sex. ONE has combined the best of both worlds in their latest condom innovation, the UltraFeel.

• TotalGlide technology lubricates the condom from top to bottom.

• MicroRoll technology is a incredibly thin bead of latex at the base of the condom, making the UltraFeel a much more comfortable fit.

• SheerSkin Latex technology is ONE’s thinnest condom material to date.

• 2-in-1 Condom & Lube Packaging: and last but not least, the innovative package that includes an additional 2 mL pack of ultra-premium lubrication with the already extra-lubricated condom.


Coupon & Shipping Restrictions: pack of 250 and case of 500 are not eligible for coupon discounts or free shipping. 

ONE UltraFeel Condoms Specs

Length 7.16"
Circumference 4.16"
Lubrication Silicone
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Wall
Special Features Comes with 2 mL pack of Lube
Condom Specs
ONE UltraFeel Condoms
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