10 Best Sampler Packs from Condom Depot

Overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite range of condoms for sale out there? Single and ready to mingle but unsure of which condoms will suit your needs? Perhaps a medley or mixture of condoms is what you need to stay safer. Luckily, we've got a ton of exclusive Condom Depot condom samplers and condom packs direct from the manufacturers for sale to satisfy even the pickiest of people!

10 Best Condom Sampler Packs from Condom Depot

Take a vacation from the same old condoms by introducing a little variation into your erotic evenings. Repackaged in our certified repackaging facility by our dedicated warehouse staff, our samplers are similar to bulk condoms, meaning they are the same condoms you'd get in a retail box, but for less money.

Like variety? Always looking for the next new sensation? With so many choices you don’t have to choose. The choice is easy. Why not diversify your safer sex game with one of these top ten best condom sampler packs?

With the wide array of condom materials, sizes, shapes, colors, brands, styles and costs available to today’s safer sex consumers, narrowing down your options to one perfect condom seems daunting. Ordinarily, picking out the right condom takes some leg work and a wad of cash.

But, with our condom sampler pack buying guide you can easily determine which of our top ten condom packs will keep you and your partner(s) smiling and safer during intercourse and oral sex, with little investment money-wise. College students, new divorcees, online daters and couples looking to increase the sparks in their bedroom can all benefit from assortments of condoms.

Want additional info from someone’s first-hand experience with these samplers? Click on the product name for customer’s ratings and reviews.

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Best Samplers from Condom Depot:

1. World's Best Condom Jar

2019 World's Best Condom Sampler Jar | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: 5–stars

Why We Love It: 2019 World's Best Condom Jar features all of the highly-rated winners of the Annual World's Best Condom Awards, plus premium lube samples and 2 Vibrating Johnny Rings. 

Verified Customer Review: "This is a great product. I highly recommend it for couples who haven't found their favorite condom yet. It allowed me and my boyfriend to try different ones for less. Now we get our favorite one in bulk." – Jane, 5 stars

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2. Okamoto Condom Jar

Okamoto Condom Sampler Jar | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: 5–stars

Why We Love It: The Okamoto Condom Jar includes every single condom manufactured by Okamoto – Japan's most trusted sensitive condom.

Verified Customer Review: "Gives my boys and their friends a great amount of choices for what works best for them. This is my second tin, soon to be my third."  – Darrell: 5 stars

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3. 100 Condom Sampler Pack

100 Condom Sampler Pack | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: 4.9–stars

Why We Love It: This is the best "try before you buy" sampler we offer, featuring 5 each of 20 different brands, styles, textures and sizes of well-known condoms brands. In short, this is a great sampler pack if you're unsure of what to get, or looking to venture away from the norm.

Verified Customer Review: "This is a great deal , some brands we had never heard of and were questionable but have turned out to still be just as good as the others. I highly recommend this and have suggested it to many friends. It is a great investment and comes in discreet packaging too." – Shorty, OH – 5-stars

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4. Big Guns Sampler Pack

Big Guns Sampler Pack | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: 4.9–stars

Why We Love It: Fed up with trying to find a condom that meets your "extra-large" requirements? Well, look no further. The Big Guns Sampler Pack contains 9 different magnum-style condoms that are highly-rated by the well-endowed. 

What's Included: 3 different Trojan Magnum styles, 2 different Kimono Extra Large Styles, Beyond Seven, Lifestyles, ONE and Caution Wear.

Verified Customer Review: "Amazing. For years I had condoms rip and break due to my size. This fit perfect even with my girth and extra inches."  – Jay: 5 stars

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5. Flavored Condom Sampler Pack

Flavored Condom Sampler

Rating: 4.9–stars

Why We Love It: One of our most FAQ's: "what's the point of a flavored condom?" Answer: Oral. Giving, receiving, you name it. The Flavored Condom Sampler Pack contains the best variety of flavored condoms we offer by brands like Fantasy, Lifestyles, Durex and Trustex.

Verified Customer Review: "Was excited to order this assortment to try different flavors. will buy again"  – Christina: 5 stars

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6. Snugger Fit Sampler Pack

Snugger Fit Condom Sampler | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: 4.8–stars

Why We Love It: Whether you're buying for yourself, or "guestimating" what size your partner is...this sampler is a good deal. The Snug Fit Sampler includes 6 different products and a 12-pack comes out to 75¢ a condom. 

Verified Customer Review: "This sampler pack rocks! You get to try a bunch of great products until you find your favorite. It's also way cheaper than anything you'll find in a store (if you can find all these brands). Plus, who wants the hassle trying to hunt down "snugger" condoms anyway. (Try calling up some stores if you don't believe me :) Great deal. Discreet and Cheap!"  – Joe, NY: 5 stars

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7. Jar of Japanese Condoms Sampler

Jar of Japanese Condoms

Rating: 4.7–stars

Why We Love It: The Japanese Condom Sampler Jar contains a fantastic sampling from all of Japan’s leading condom manufacturers such as Kimono, Beyond Seven and Crown and is only available at Condom Depot! 

Verified Customer Review: "This is pretty awesome! Much much better than the generic condoms you can get in the U.S.... Even Trojans don't work as well."  – Tian: 5 stars

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8. Beyond Seven Sampler Pack

Beyond Seven Condom Sampler

Rating: 4.7–stars

Why We Love It: The Beyond Seven Sampler contains an assortment of Beyond Seven and Crown Condoms from Okamoto, a leading manufacturer of condoms since 1934. Crown Skinless Skin condoms are world-renowned and the #1 choice for adult movie stars. 

Verified Customer Review: "Great way to try different types to fine your favorite!"  – Merissa: 5 stars

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9. Textured Condom Sampler Pack

Textured Condom Sampler Pack

Rating: 4.7–stars

Why We Love It: If you haven't tried textured condoms yet, trust me friends....you have been missing out. The Textured Sampler Pack contains all of the highest-rated brands of ribbed, studded and raised for everyone's pleasure. 

Verified Customer Review: "This sampler has a good selection of some well known brands, and a few i've never heard of. All in all, the lady was pleased and I enjoyed finding a new style we both like. I will buy again in the future."  – Ross, Oregon: 5 stars

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10. 100 Condom Value Pack 

100 Condom Value Pack | A Condom Depot Exclusive

Rating: New Product – Not Yet Rated

Why We Love It: The 100 Condom Value Pack is the most budget-friendly sampler pack we've ever offered. Don't let the price tag fool you, though. The condoms in this pack are top-notch and the product variety is huge: colors, textured, flavored, extra lube by some of our favorite condom brands like Atlas, Fantasy and Trustex. 

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