Flavored Condom Sampler Pack

Flavored Condom Sampler Pack

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We put together this assorted flavored condoms sampler so you can try a huge variety of flavored condoms without having to waste a ton of money. Not sure which flavored condom is perfect for you? Looking for a little variety? Our MAX flavored condom sampler contains all of the flavored condoms that we carry.

In each assorted flavored condom sampler you will received an assortment of fun flavored condoms including the following..

8 - LifeStyles Flavors (Flavors May Include Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana)
8 - Fantasy Flavors (Flavors May Include Grape, Strawberry, Mint)
8 - Trustex Flavors (Flavors May Include Cola, Mint, Grape, Strawberry, Banana)
6 - Durex Tropical Flavors

30 Assorted Flavored Condoms in All! Nobody can touch the MAX flavored condom sampler in value and assortment!

Please note: we reserve the right to substitute out-of-stock items with a comparable, highly-rated product.

Our assorted flavored condoms MAX sampler pack is just one more way Condom Depot saves our customers money. Pickup our assorted flavored condoms sampler pack to find the perfect flavored condoms for you and your partner's tastes!

Flavored Condom Sampler Pack Reviews

4.9 star rating (11 reviews) write a review
Christina - Groveland MA - 5 Stars

Was excited to order this assortment to try different flavors. will buy again

Emilio Estavez - Idaho - 5 Stars

This was one DELICIOUS condom

BQ - Wisconsin - 5 Stars

one of the best things I especially liked the flavors

Keylla - 8m38exjuLX - 5 Stars

It depends on many tnighs. Some people have better resistence then others.falvor was okay

Ellah J - Yeehaw - 5 Stars

Tasted great, I want more.

Jeffery - - 5 Stars

The flavors are there, but very subtle on some.

Laura - - 5 Stars

They are indeed flavored and tasted really good, but I havent tried all of the flavors yet.

Colin De Mers - - 5 Stars

Really good; bought these for oral and it really put my wife at ease. She loves the flavors and oral sex is back for me!!! The only complaint is that these seem smaller than normal and I have a really difficult time getting them on. Other than that the flavors are good (even I tried them) and the quality is good. Very happy

Ern R - - 4 Stars

Have not tried yet but they are condoms

Jasmine B - - 5 Stars

Wish I could give it 6 stars. Great value! Great variety!

david - ky - 5 Stars

Tasted like biscuit and gravy. damn good!!!!!

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