Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

By Trojan

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We always say those who use the Trojan NaturaLamb condoms swear by them – and it’s the truth! 

Trojan Naturalamb condoms are made from a natural membrane and while that may sound strange at first, they are one of the most comfortable, intimate, and largest condoms on the market. Most notable is their ability to transfer heat. NaturaLamb condoms also have the exclusive Kling-Tite drawstring at the base for added safety.

WARNING: These condoms do NOT protect against STDs, only unwanted pregnancy!

Please Note: We cannot accept coupon codes on this product our Trojan Multi-Box Special Price and Trojan Bulk Packs. 

Trojan NaturaLamb condoms are just one of the many non-latex condoms in stock at Condom Depot. In fact, we also carry the Trojan Bareskin Non-Latex Supra ready to ship. Not sure which non-latex condom is for you? Try out our Non-latex condom sampler pack for a wide variety of condoms to try! Order your Naturalamb condoms today and experience the difference!

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms Specs

Length 7" or 177.8mm
Width 2.5" or 63.5mm
Diameter 1.59" or 40.38mm
Circumference 5" or 127mm
Lubrication Water-Based
Material Natural Membrane
Features No reservoir tip
Condom Specs
Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms Reviews

4.1 star rating (89 reviews) write a review
Amanda - New York - 1 Stars

GOD AWFUL SMELL! Horrendous. It'll stick to your fingers, skin, vagina and make it smell for days! The odor is so bad, it permeates and can make your whole house reak. Gross! My experience was very embarrassing, to say the least.

AJ - Vienna, Austria - 5 Stars

These are amazing. My husband was having problems with latex condoms, and I remembered these. We gave them a try, and they are SUPER. He is SO pleased with them, he doesn't know what to do. We will continue to use these from now on. His frustration is gone, and we are both happy now!

nicole - somersworhth nh - 1 Stars

seriously, i have a latex allergy, and seriously the smell alone of these was enough to kill the mood... i hated them and really just gross.

Jenelle - Clearwater, Fl - 1 Stars

Worst ever! The looked and smelled awful. I didnt even want to touch it. It felt like wrinkled skin inside me. it felt so akward. DOnt do it, I rather have the irritaion that goes along with latex!

Leigha - NJ - 5 Stars

These condoms are truly better than any condom out there. They fit my man (who's large in size), they keep me very moist, and they honestly feel like there's nothing there (not like the other impostors who make that claim). A little high in price, but definitely worth the cost.

Andrew - Michigan - 5 Stars

Incredible... period. They do take a couple seconds longer to put on (big deal), they do have a different smell, but it's way less offensive than latex - plus they don't leave that funky, lingering odor. As far as sensitivity goes, they're the absolute best my wife and I have ever used. Bottom line - worth every penny.

Laura - western ny - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I use these and they are great. It's like he's not wearing one at all. I have had issues with getting dry down there with latex condoms, but not with these. So ladies if ur having issues with irritation from latex condoms, then u should try these. But only use this product if ur in a long term relationship, cause they don't protect against stds or hiv. So know who u sleeping with before testing these out!

lyss - ohio - 5 Stars

i have been sexually active with my bf for alil over a year, i was getting really irritated from latex and he decided to try these. OMG! the best condoms by far! it feels like sex without one. if you can get past the smell, they are worth every penny.

Andy - Lake Oswego, OR - 5 Stars

These are the best, period. The fit for me is perfect, and the feel is like wearing nothing! Even at $3 bucks a pop, it's well worth it!

J Nyq - Detroit, Michigan - 5 Stars

Unreal. These Lambskin condoms will change your life. Must buy.

Big Pappa Shango - Danbury, CT - 5 Stars

It is the way they warm up and transfer heat. Latex is an insulator, these are not. They transfer heat like real skin, so the warmth and real feeling is there.

John - S.C. - 5 Stars

Best condom ever. Closest sensation to not wearing one at wife says not to ever bring another brand in our bedroom. Highly recommend.

Kenny - Washington, DC - 5 Stars

If you haven't tried these, I would recommend checking these condoms out. feels better natural and fits my larger girth well

Bobby - Texas - 4 Stars

Smell wasn't very pleasant, but once you get over that you will appreciate all the other good qualities. This condom not only fits well, but felt very natural for both my wife and I.

Brody J - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

Since my wife has a latex allergy, we only have a limited variety of condoms to choose from. We are soooo happy that we tried these out. Pricier than other condoms, but well worth it.

George - Plainfield, NJ - 4 Stars

Little awkward putting them on at first. The smell I could do without but the feeling was worth it. Plus, my girlfriend did not get irritated.

Evan - Boston - 2 Stars

These condoms are well-lubricated but the smell is honestly nauseating. The odor of the lamb skin was an automatic turnoff, as it is a bold reminder of what you are actually putting on your genitalia. The drawstring at the base was a smart idea though.

Geoff - London - 5 Stars

First off these seemed like a disaster as they are obviously best for the bigger bloke (I'm really just average length and girth) but my lovely lady found a way to make it work for us. She pulls back my foreskin and unrolls down me. As this condom is actually quite long on me she then works my hood back over my glans trapping an extra layer between my glans and foreskin. The special securing at the base is a really good feature too as it makes you feel sure its not going to slip. When I enter it really feels like my head is much larger and 'parting the waves' as it goes in. Because it's a looser fit on my penis we can both sense slight movements of the condom as I make love to my lady and it's fun as the skin sort of puckers up here and there but you never know where that little extra sensation is going to happen. Odd thing is yes we both feel it's like not wearing a condom at all and yet there are those mements when the skin bunches up for a moment giving us both an unexpected thrill.

Darin - Iowa - 5 Stars

These are truly the best condoms I have ever used. There is nothing as real as no condom, but these come close. They are worth the money for the feel, sensation and overall satisfaction.

Tierra Jane - Illinois - 5 Stars

This is the best condom there is. It feels soooo good. It feels like theres nothing there. Of course it looks a little weird and stupid when yu pull it out the wrapper. I didn't trust it at first but then we had no other choice. This is basically birth control not an prevention of stds

arturo - tx - 4 Stars

when i open the condom for the first time damn is weird , I think it was expired already it look weird , then when I smell the condom cheet!!! size is good though. bigger than most condoms

Shawneen - Pasadena, CA - 5 Stars

do not use these if you are worried about STDs, only for preventing pregnancy. They stayed on for hours, it was a great experience for both of us! Thank you Trojan!

King of Awsome - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

My wife has always complained about condoms, even the beyond seven ones. This is the only one that she hasn't complained about so far, other than the smell. The feeling is awesome!

rasta - Asheboro, NC - 3 Stars

The look god awful. They fit right and feel great. I made the mistakes of falling asleep after... omg... its like peeling a giant scab off my junk.

Garry and Susan - Alexandria, VA - 5 Stars

Been using condoms of varying brands and styles and never seriously considered the lambskin until about a year ago. Ordered a 3 pack and yes, it seemed a little strange the first time, but these are fantastic. I have never had one slip, leak or break. Feels fantastic and love them. Takes a little bit to get used to them, but once you actually put it through the paces, the rubber condoms just don't feel quite as good. A+ from me and A+ from the wife

jo - nash tn usa - 5 Stars

they are the best fitting , most comfortable condom I ever used , there is plenty of space to cum in without breaking, they do smell different but were not eating the thing, transfare of heat is good, you may want to hold a unwrapped condom in your hand first before you put it on because they are colder than latex condoms, they let you fell your womans vigina like your suppose to and doesn't slow down you from cumming any, great product for unwanted babies , not std's

Chi Swagerty - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I tried these. He started moaning the minute he went inside me. He said he could feel the warmth and I felt like an oven. I recommend these! Although they were a little hard to take off, I still would recommend these to anyone who wants that bare-feeling.

anonima - Glendale, California. - 5 Stars

I am allergic to latex so these are so far pretty good... they do smell and you need to be patient the first time you're wearing it until you get skills ... better than nothing, at least we can continue our safety sex very happy!

Hannah - Virginia Beach, VA - 4 Stars

Boobear and I have used these on two separate occasions. The first occasion we opened it and we were like what in te world? Sex didn't last too long. Too much friction and it was a little to big, but we figured it out. Just pull it on a bit higher, it doesn't look like it'll stay but it will. I promise. I dunno what smell everyone is talking about. Smells normal, and latex smells much worse. They're a little cold in the beginning but what condom isn't? When you get into it, it gets warm very quickly which is nice. At least as a woman it's the closest thing I've ever felt inside me that doesn't feel like a condom. Plus when my partner reaches his orgasm I can feel everything. This just in, boobear says it's the closest thing to wearing nothing.

jasmine - chicago - 5 Stars

great!!!!! it feels great like skin to skin honestly and other condoms hurt my vagina, you can feel everything, the juices and all

John - Toronto - 5 Stars

Best Condoms ever tried. They feel really good and the wife really liked it as well. Furthermore, they feel like the real thing. At first its a bit offputting with the scent and shape, but past that, they are perfect.

Andrew Klug - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

these really do feel great. the heat transfer is crazy. the first couple of times I had to check a couple of times to be sure it was still on because I couldn't feel it there.

the only downside is the length. 7" is not long enough for some of us. but the real issue is that some of the condoms don't even measure up to the 7" advertised. the first one was maybe 5", which was terrible.

Laura - Henderson, NV - 5 Stars

I used these with an ex as a sampler. BEST CONDOM EVER! It felt like he wasn't wearing one. It was the best feeling in the world! It wasnt to tight or to loose either. The heat from the friction made it even better!

Zayed - - 4 Stars

best condom if you have an latex allergy

Eddie - Fort Myers FL - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms on earth my wife didn't even think I had one on the smell not a big deal the price is well worth it I love it and even during sex she said wow that condom feel good lol

Rick - decatur il - 5 Stars

fantastic!!! First time I was able to enjoy sex with a condom!!!

Joe - Orlando - 5 Stars

It seems people either love these or hate them. My wife and I absolutely love them. Earlier in our marriage, we had condom issues. I hate them because they are pretty constrictive. She hates them because it sounds (and feels) like we are getting it on with a balloon sculpture. We even participated in a trial study on condoms to see if we could find something better. It was actually then that we found out about the Naturalamb.. We never looked back! It feels like there is nothing between us! It's so scary sometimes that I still check, just to make sure! I'm not going to lie, there is a slightly odd smell, kinda sweet and musky. But it doesn't bother either of us.

Josh - Dickinson, ND - 1 Stars

Horrible. They don't feel soft. They smell. And they didn't fit. I couldn't even start putting the condom on. Don't waste your money. Seriously disappointed.

Tom - - 1 Stars

I ordered two boxes. Twelve I believe in a box. Have not come yet.

Nathan Elsenheimer - - 5 Stars

Very satisfied with product. Definitely more intimate and pleasurable for both of us, plus first size to not cut off circulation. Would highly recommend to a couple with larger size girth or latex allergies.

R Dickey - - 5 Stars

Feel great, very natural feeling that you can't get from latex, and large enough for us big boys,

Bob - Carbondale, Illinois - 1 Stars

this might be the bulkiest condom on the market. right out of the package it's thick. my wanker is above average and i still felt a crease. I will not even use the others in the package.

Jada - St. Louis, Missouri - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms we've EVER used. They never get irritating and really do feel like he's wearing nothing. Wow!

Tina - Pittsburgh, PA - 4 Stars

It was slightly awkward to put on and it smells slightly strange, but it really doesn't feel like it's there, it's amazing!

Harald - Germany - 5 Stars

it is the only condom that fits my big girth well..and it is the best after wearing nothing..only for monogam hetero couples !!

Sad to be Latex Sensitive - Tennessee - 1 Stars

These condoms will totally turn you off when you lay eyes on them. They truly are sheep membrane, keep in mind. I have a latex allergy but these and the poly condoms are my only choices. Hopefully I will find 'the one' and not have to worry about using anything!

Jenn - Mission Viejo, CA - 5 Stars

We LOVE these condoms! I have a latex allergy that limits what we can use, and a lot of the polyeurothanes come off during sex; these, however, feel wonderful and stay on! I can't even tell you how great they are.

TB - Berkeley CA - 5 Stars

Best condoms! My girlfriend does not get irritated and feels like I'm wearing nothing!

David - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

We had to make the switch from the pill to using condoms. After trying several styles and materials, we've determined that nothing compares to the natural feel of lambskin condoms. Once you try them you won't use anything else.

sammy - miami - 5 Stars

they do have funny smell, flak seed oil my husband says but they are the best! They really feel like nothing at all, you'll love them. To bad they are so expensive though!

Amy - Albuquerque, NM - 5 Stars

When I found out I was alergic to Latex, I was very histant to use NaturaLamb but I am really glad I did! They feel very natural! Almost like nothing is there! Great alternative!

Jeff - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

Great condom...always used Trojan Magnums before trying these. The NaturaLambs are nice and roomy for my larger size (8 in length, 5 in circumference) and feel like you are wearing nothing. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Scott - Hartville, Ohio - 3 Stars

Just couldn't get used to the strange smell. It really turned my latex sensitive wife off. It did have a much better feel than latex, but we much prefer the Supra.

anonymous - new jersey - 5 Stars

best condom i ever used, lots of room and seemed nice and thin, different from any other latex condom

Mr.j - cali - 5 Stars

Best condom ever!

Cary - Asheville, NC - 5 Stars

By far the most amazing condoms we have ever found. While the smell takes a little getting used to, the feeling so outweighs anything else that could be said. I will never go back to latex!!!

Mathew - Lancaster, PA - 5 Stars

Best condoms that I have ever tried. They feel great for both partners and they never break! My girlfriend and i were having trouble with condoms always breaking and we have finally found a solution!

shavna - detroit - 5 Stars

These are the BEST condoms ever!!! After using them I could never go back to latex, these condoms just make me want my partner even more. It's love making at its best!

John Byrnes - New York, NY - 5 Stars

They feel great. Super pleasurable.

M - Texas - 5 Stars

My wife is allergic to latex, and these are by far the best. The other two non-latex varieties don't stretch at all. These are the most comfortable.

John - La Crosse, WI - 5 Stars

All the reviews here that say great things about these condoms miss the mark in that they all understate the case. These condoms are simply amazing! You will never use a latex condom again. They easily trump the other non-latex options too.

Dan - Anonymoustown, Anonymousstate - 3 Stars

I rate these a 3 because, while they felt great, there were two shortcomings.

1.) The smell. Just before, I was rock hard. But not after I opened the first package. Dear Lord. It may not bother others as much as it did for me (as is apparent by numerous 5-star reviews), but for me and my girlfriend, the smell really killed it. It smells probably what you think a lamb membrane would smell like. ;)

2.) Putting it on. This isn't nearly as much of an issue, since you can practice with it and become skilled, but it was a bit of a mess to put on the first time. Unlike a latex condom, these don't have that thick solid ring at the base holding its shape and allowing you to easily roll it down the shaft.

Finally, these are expensive. Around $3 a pop ain't cheap, at least compared to other condoms. However, if they feel awesome to you and you can get past the above problems, then $3 is money well spent for more sensitivity.

G - North Bergen, NJ - 3 Stars

These lambskin are ok, the worst thing about them are the smell and they come off easily. A couple of times when I checked it was almost completely off! I don't want to worry about the condom coming off when I'm having sex. in my opinion these condoms are too much of a worry than anything. I used them many times now I'm gonna try something different.

D - Ky - 4 Stars

These condoms are one of the best ones I have tried. They feel great! Only problem is they are pretty high priced!

B - Normal, IL - 3 Stars

The smell is obnoxious and distracting. I didn't like the fit that well either. I am slightly above average size and I felt like it wanted to slide off. Maybe I didn't pull the drawstring tight enough. Anyway, if you are not allergic to latex, I would recommend Durex Avanti's over these.

Karina - San Leandro, CA - 5 Stars

For me, it doesn't matter what condom is used. They all feel the same to me. My husband, however, loves these and says they feel really natural.

Marco - Italy - 4 Stars

When it's on, is the best: warm transmission, seems a second skin, perfect but... to wear it.... :( it's very difficult, isn't flexible and to unroll is a nightmare, if your dimensions don't fit perfectly.
If Trojan will find a easy system to wear it, don't exist nothing better.

Big Daddy Diesel - Compton, Ca - 5 Stars

Ive tried Magnums. just not a fan of latex. these are roomy and very sensitive. MAKES IT FEEL LIKE THE FIRST TIME.

Shimmy - New York, NY - 1 Stars

These things smell awful! We tried & threw out the rest!

mike - chicago, il - 5 Stars

if you can get past the smell, these are, by far, the best condoms out there. There is simply no comparison to anything else.

Andy A. - El Paso, TX - 4 Stars

this condom was k it felt really good and it fit me perfect, but the only problem was the look and the unrolling, when i opened my first one i was like "What the hell???" but i said screw it better then nothing now the unrolling was a bit of a problem cuz it is kinda sticky but around your second time of using it you'll get the hang of them.

Elliott - Columbus, Ohio - 5 Stars

Due to problems with oral contraceptives my wife and I have had to resume the use of condoms for birth control. These are absolutely the best, the heat transfer and sensation feels virtually identical to sex without a condom.

Alice - Huntsville, AL - 5 Stars

These are AWESOME. My husband has difficulty staying erect with latex condoms, but these are almost like he's wearing nothing at all! It feels so much better than any other condom. Yeah, it smells a little odd but we don't mind it. Latex condoms smell like rubber balloons to me. Yuck.

Laura - western ny - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I use these and they are great. It's like he's not wearing one at all. I have had issues with getting dry down there with latex condoms, but not with these. So ladies if your having issues with irritation from latex condoms, then you should try these. But only use this product if your in a long term relationship, because they don't protect against STD'S or HIV. So know who your sleeping with before testing these out!

alphonzo - houston tx - 5 Stars

This is the ultimate rubber to put on your penis. The rubber band at your base tightens up on your penis, so it won't come off. The rubber is much larger then your penis so as you are pushing/pulling it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Adding water-based lube, inside and out, will drive you both wild. If you both aren't screaming, you need some instruction!

AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! You'll never go back to the cheap rubbers.

Sarah - Pittsburgh, PA - 1 Stars

This is the most disgusting product I have ever seen. Just use a non-latex condom instead of killing a lamb so you can have sex with its skin.

Scott - wa - 1 Stars

The smell was just to much. I will never use them again. Sweat, shame, and sex are all I ever want to smell in the bed room. As for the feel I couldn't really tell the difference.

Krista - Michigan - 1 Stars

My ex and I bought a 3 pack box of these, and were excited, as we had heard good things about the feel of them. He took one out of the package, took a look at it, the smell hit us and we BOTH lost the mood. The smell was "like gutting a deer" as he described it, and to me, the smell was just overwhelming and the lubrication on it didn't feel promising. We wasted $8 on a three pack in stores, and ended up never using them.

Rob - Wash DC - 5 Stars

Love these condoms - after I penetrate I don't feel like I have one on, I feel her heat. The smell is not a prob for us, we like the wetness. Sometimes they can be hard to put on - and don't fall asleep with one on because you'll have a really hard time peeling it off!

Joe - Michigan - 1 Stars

These things are terrible and smell something like formaldehyde. It smells like having sex with a cadaver. I would take a latex that smells like a tire factory over these any day. I feel bad for all of you who are limited in your choice of condoms. :(

Marcus - NY, NY - 1 Stars

These smell disgusting and feel even worse. If you are allergic to latex use Trojan Supras or Lifestyles Skyn.

Alycia - Monterey, CA - 5 Stars

Seriously, Best Condom Ever Used. Best to use in a monogamous relationship with both partners being STD free of course. It really feels like he's wearing nothing, and he loved that, as well as I did.

Kirby - St. Pau, MN - 3 Stars

Too Wet, too smelly, too roomy. But it did have a good feel.

Joe - Fort Worth, TX - 5 Stars

When I first looked at this condom it was gross looking and felt gross so I didnt even try it, but then it was all I had left. It was the best ever. My girlfriend loved it as well, she thought I didnt have anything on. Cons: Bit too pricey and also gets dry after about 30 minutes.

Sarah - Marietta, GA - 5 Stars

These are by far the best condoms out there. My boyfriend can't do latex, not because he's allergic, but it squeezes the life out of him. These condoms are Perfect!! I actually like the smell and taste, better than the sour smell and taste of rubber.. ewww. The only thing is..we have broken two condoms in the last 6 months. I wish that these came in a bigger size..with these condoms, you cant really tell when its broken. the first time there was a boom. but the second time..we didn't notice. I guess we just have to be more careful. We tried just about every condom out there. Although these are expensive..they are worth every penny.

J. S. - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

These are the most wonderful condoms EVER made! Its like wearing nothing at all!

Leif - Detroit, Michigan - 5 Stars

Great Googley-Moogley! Lambskin condoms offer the best sensation in the protected sex arena! For those who don't know it, a couple hundred years ago, the Arabs invented the condom, using a sheep's intestine. Fifty years later, the British improved upon the idea by taking the intestine out of the sheep first!

k l - NO, LA - 4 Stars

Other than being so expensive & made out of a lamb, these are so much better than the other non-latex condoms. They never dried out like the others. Neither one of us could feel it, so we didn't even notice when one came off...

Sam - Las Vegas, Nevada - 4 Stars

So my girl is very allergic to latex. We've tried them all and these are definitely the best of the group as far as having an actual allergy goes. I was getting worried because she was still irritated with other non latex condoms. They are great I recommend to anyone just a fair warning they can slide, but only when getting soft. So pull out before getting soft. And besides how hard is it to take one second and check to make sure it's snug? Never had one break ever been using them for a good year now. The smell is different but it's not that bad, I mean come on guys, what are you expecting, berries and cream?

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