Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra

Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra

By Trojan

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Trojan Bareskin Non-Latex condoms are great if you or your partner have a latex allergy, don’t like the smell of latex, or are just looking to change things up from everyday, normal condoms. Trojan Bareskin is a latex free condom that doesn’t sacrifice thinness or hamper natural body heat between partners.

They are super thin, yet strong, and made from clear, odor-free, medical-grade polyurethane. Polyurethane condoms are typically less elastic than latex condoms, so it is important to follow the directions included in the package.

Important Consumer Information: You may use this Trojan Supra Microsheer Polyurethane condom if you or your partner are allergic to latex as they contain no latex.

Product Note:According to information provided by Trojan on the back of the Supra's box, DO NOT use any additional lubricants or oils with this product.

Please Note: Sold by the individual Condom

Latex allergies are no problem at Condom Depot! Browse our whole selection of latex free condoms. They’re great if you or your partner has latex allergies. We also recommend trying the LifeStyles SKYN as an alternate to the Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex condom.

Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra Specs

Length 8" or 203.2mm
Width 2.12" or 53.8 mm
Diameter 1.35" or 34.29mm
Circumference 4.24" or 107.9mm
Lubrication Water-based
Material Polyurethane
Features Extra sensitive, thin
Condom Specs
Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra

Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra Reviews

3.1 star rating (87 reviews) write a review
John - Florence, SC - 3 Stars

they are okay condoms, I like how you can feel the heat from your girl. But I can't use them unless I use lots of lube and literally force them on, they don't stretch at all in width, and they hurt like crazy if you are wide. Try the lamb condoms Trojan makes, they are truly awesome.

That Dude from... - San Diego - 5 Stars

I have no choice... I have to use something other than latex, so its important to have something to use.
I've had great success with this product for YEARS! I would suggest to always lube up because they will break under duress.

B. Smith - Dayton, OH - 2 Stars

I used these back in 1999 or 2000, for the first time. I thought they felt great, felt like nothing was there... the reason they felt so good was because nothing was there, they broke on me well over 75% of the time!!!!! Then I tired them again in 2006 and same results as before. I think it is great because they feel good but they feel so good you don't know when one broke and they broke on me ALL of the time.

afella - Canada,Nova Scotia - 2 Stars

These condoms are hard as hell to put on the don't roll like latex. Fairly strong but had one break

Leon - Vancouver, B.C. - 4 Stars

These are my new favorite ride!!

Southern - Student - 4 Stars

I'd give them a 4.5, actually. They can, at times, be difficult to open and put on, and I've lost a few to her... However, since I'm in a committed long term relationship that bodes of marriage, they're my choice condom because they don't have that awful latex smell and they're thin enough for my girl who's allergic to everything; we have to have to do a "check" to make sure everything's in place be for we both see Ohio at the same time. If they break on you...neither party is using enough lube. After two years, we've never had one break because we both lube up to be on the safe side.

J - Pasadena - 1 Stars

These condoms are horrible.....tried 3 times on different occasions to put these on - all 3 times it took so long that the mood was gone. They have no give whatsoever and if you are slightly over average width-wise then these will not be for you.

Some Dude - Pacific NW - 1 Stars

HURTS if you're UNCIRCUMCISED. Seriously. When you're on the way out and the foreskin goes around the head, it feels like a plastic shopping bag where it crinkles, hard and plastic-like. A sort of burning pain. I could see these working out well for circumcised guys though. I also tried the Durex Avantis, which hurt a bit too, but not nearly as bad as these. Sticking with Crown.

Mike - Florida - 2 Stars

Absolutely loved this condom. Until the lube dried out...

Bryan - Bartow, FL - 5 Stars

Worth the extra money. Really like the feel of them. Super thin. Feels like nothing.

Matt - Winter Haven,Floirda - 4 Stars

I really like these condoms out of all the non latex ones. They fit me fine and it is almost like wearing nothing at all. I have never had one come offf during sex. They give me great pleasure. The heat transfer is insane! I am glad I am a fireman and can handle the heat from these bad boys. I have and will continue to buy these condoms. I only gave a 4 because a 5 to me is wearing nothing at all. A+ CONDOM

Sarah - Somewhere, WI - 1 Stars

These condoms are horrible. Never even got a chance to use it because my boyfriend is too big and the condom wouldnt roll down. Needless to say we were NOT happy. They really need to come up with something else for people who have latex allergies.

JakeLatour - NY, NY - 4 Stars

I actually think these condoms are the best on the market for sensitivity. I find them to be super tight though and a bit uncomfortable to take off.

PS-What's with the spelling in these reviews?! Learn to spell kids..

Leela - Tucson, Arizona - 5 Stars

Really like these. I hate latex smell/taste, and he hates condoms altogether but actually likes these. Tried others, he could never orgasm with intercourse. Tried these, happened first time.Heat transfer is awesome, and I've never had a problem with it fitting or breaking.

LovelyDay - Columbus, OH - 5 Stars

Tried these today, and awesome sauce! My guy is girth and good length, and he loved the fit and feel. So did I because it almost felt raw (everybody's fave). He commented several times on how well he could feel everything and even pulled out right before climax to make sure that it was still on. I'm not a girl who likes or needs lube and HATE latex, so perfect condom for us. No slipping and great fit for him. ;)

Tyler - Atlanta,Ga - 4 Stars

Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed these, once I could finally get it on. They are more on the smaller side and lube is sort of a problem even thought my girl makes up for that. If you can get past how long it may take you to actually get it on it's a great product when in use.

Tiffers - NY - 1 Stars

Don't buy these
Having been trying out all different non-latex with my lovers.
These are the worst of the bunch. They do not go on. Period. Even the thinnest shaft was too fat to get this on. Unyielding and impossible to unroll.

John - Rochester, NY - 1 Stars

Very stiff and almost Impossible to roll. I purchased two separate 6-packs from different stores and every single one would only roll a couple inches down and was very difficult to use. Useless.

Newbie - Milwaukee, wi - 3 Stars

I just got these and I want to know why any additional lubes would damage the condoms when they are already lubricated? I need to use lube so now idk if I should use them or not. =/

Joseph - - 5 Stars

Best feel and thinnest condom, I prefer it and she is comfortable with it. Strong, does not slip and not likely to break.

Zee - - 3 Stars

I love this product. My husband and I didn’t have that funny latex smell and it was like having nothing on at all. I couldn’t believe the natural feeling. We enjoyed it.....

Shaun - - 4 Stars

Best non-latex option. Wish they were a little bit bigger.

faisal - - 5 Stars

Good product. Transmits the heat

HawaiianMom - San Diego - 3 Stars

These condoms are okay. I don't have much to chose from. They are not form fitting like reg. condoms. So when they go on they don't stay on, no matter what the guys size they will slide off and most of the time stay in me. But I have never had one brake.

matt - Fairfax, VA - 4 Stars

Have to say, Im not allergic to latex but my girl is and these are better then latex though and though. heat transfur is insane, and they dont break. Closest to sex without a condom but with one on as it gets. Highly recomended worth every extra penny.

CollegeDude101 - Philadelphia - 5 Stars

Loved these condoms, always hated the feel and smell of latex. A bit more expensive but well worth it. Also never had a problem with them sliding off at all. A++++

Jimmy - big place, NM - 4 Stars

These are great. No breakage...nice and wide. Haven't had one slip off ever, true they are not "form fitting" but if you are of the wider variety there should be no issues. Look into the avanti if you need even wider!

stephen jones - Manchester NH - 1 Stars

Indutsrial Material, stiff as a rock, non form fiting, when will this manufacturer use Nitril,like they aught to, like the gloves at work which are ausome, and fit perfect.

Marc - Sanford, FL - 2 Stars

These condoms don't comform to the the shape of the penis. Although they do provide more heat transfer and are therefor more pleasurable, 5 out of 7 times they WILL BREAK!! Good thing I'm in a committed relationship.

4213 - Indianapolis, IN - 1 Stars

I have had very bad luck with these condoms. They break very easily.

Jack Logan - Magnolia, Texas - 3 Stars

My girlfriend is latex sensitive so you get three options of non latex condoms. All of us who have done a little research on the topic know this. Well this product is just marginaly ok. It is not for you person who has sex with multiple people due to the fact that it breakes easily. It is more for your long term couple looking for that extra protection. Would only say to get this condom if you can handel for 1/3 of the box to break on you.

Wayne - Beaverton, Oregon - 4 Stars

I decided to try these after using the Avanti NON-Latex because my GF has trouble with latex. The Avanti Broke all the time. I would break 1-2 per 6 pack of the Avanti. I have gone through at least 20 of these and NOT broken a single one. ...keeping fingers crossed...

SS - NC - 1 Stars

I have had lots of these break. They do not stay on and they seem to break all the time. Not worth it!

maryann - ny ny - 3 Stars

I rally liked the thinness and heat transfer and non latex smell. However two slid off inside me. Now I'm looking for something else.

Scott - Hartville, Ohio - 4 Stars

Excellent. Better feel, better heat transfer, no odor, helps with latex allergy. The only drawback is that they aren't stretchy enough, which makes application more difficult. If you can deal with that, you are in for a treat.

SKinny Dude - Philly, PA - 3 Stars

These condoms are sooo small, I couldn't get it on. It took soo long for me to get the condom on that my GF didn't want to "do it " any more. After 20 or 30 mins I finally got it on, But There pretty good other than thats. Price sucks!! I think I need to stick to Magnums

Me - Boston, MA - 2 Stars

They didn't bother me all that much, but my husband hates them. He says he can't feel anything. Then he asked me to suck him off due to the fact that these condoms weren't doing it for him, and he smelled and tasted like paint remover. Yuck.

Emily - Bloomington, IN - 4 Stars

Nice and thin. These go on very easy. I love how these don't smell like other condoms. They fit him well, but they don't let him stretch like the latex condoms.

kevin - iowa city, ia - 3 Stars

putting these condoms on is a chore, they do not like to unroll and do not like to stretch. once on, they feel like a plastic bag, until you enter. then they feel ok, good heat but not a lot of friction. i have had two break, but I've been using them for 5 years so it is not a trend. you need to pull out before you go soft or they will slide off

mikhail - coldovia, russia - 4 Stars

I liked these pretty well. They don't have the smelly nasty latex smell (as they are not latex) that is so prevalent with the ENZ condoms. They are also pretty thin which is cool. Hard to get on though.

James - New Orleans, LA - 5 Stars

I gave these a 5 because they are great once you get them on. It's obvious they are very strong, yet they are very thin and as mentioned elsewhere the heat transfer is really good. It took me forever to get this own though, and that kills the mood for a little.

anon - atlanta - 3 Stars

These condoms feel great, like they're not even on, but 2 out of 6 times they aren't on, the poly doesn't grip like latex and they slide off easy. they also seem shorter than average condoms so they don't roll all the way down, which of course feels better, but they aren't really protecting against much again. Good if you are allergic though.

niko - Ny - 5 Stars

These condoms are great! i don't know what Hawaiian mom is talking about because it true they don't have the elasticity of latex but i have never had one on these fall off...they transfer heat much better than latex and i often forget i have a condom on! i just think that Trojan should make the ring out of latex because it is still too tight and the supra doesn't stretch much and tends to restrict me.

Amanda - West Palm Beach, FL - 1 Stars

Neither my boyfriend nor myself like these condoms. He is a little well-endowed, and it proved hard to even unroll the condom to try to get in on. Then, the condom wouldn't go on.....apparently he is too big for the condom, so if your boyfriend is a little girthy or a "bigger" size DON'T get this condom.

thedotcom - Cowtown, OH - 3 Stars

Latex-free options are quite limited. Supras are the only ones I could find in a retail store. Several have come off during sex and remained in the vagina. Several have also failed to unroll on my penis. It's not exactly a cheap condom, either.

Highly Upset and Still Searching - Arizona - 4 Stars

I'll give the a 4/5. After finding out I'm allergic to Latex, Polyurethane was the best thing I've found! But now with a new man and much bigger dick. It is hard ass hell to find an Extra Large Poly. condom. I'm still looking. These are great for you're average size guy.

CONDOM DEPOT REPLY: Unfortunately there is no condom on the market that is Extra Large and Polyurethane. The only options are this condom and the Durex Avanti.

Kasie - Maryland - 2 Stars

These feel alright.. but break VERY easily. Three in a row in one night. Not something I'd use again.

Stephanie - Nashville, TN - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I have used these condoms for months without a problem. They feel like he isn't wearing anything because of the thinness and ability to transmit heat. They also don't smell or leave a funny taste on anything. ; ) He is also almost 9" and above avg. girth and we have no problems with fit.

Chris - PA - 3 Stars

These condoms would be a 5 if they were bigger and came with more lube. Very difficult to get one because they are small and don't stretch like latex, but once you get them on (if you can) it feels almost like you're wearing nothing at all (that is if you can get over the pain of them being so tight). Also you need to use lube with these or they are sure to break.

Corky - Michigan - 5 Stars

These are the best! I disagree with previous review. They are super tight at the base but stay on me and do not slip and slide at all. Other condoms get slippery when all lubed up and can come off.. not this one. This makes it feel almost like wearing nothing. I've never had one slip off. It's actually very difficult to get them off when I'm done.

John - Corona, CA - 1 Stars

I tried these out in an attempt to eliminate the "rain coat" feeling of regular condoms. Unfortunately, they cut off my circulation and made me concentrate too much on the associated discomfort than the purpose for using a condom. Difficult to put on and take off, as they aren't elastic like latex. I'm going back to latex.

Minnesota Bob - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms that I've ever used. I've tried the Kimono's thinest and they're still not as good as these non-latex ones. And I also tried the Crown super thin ones. They were super thin but broke way too often. The Kimono's broke too. I haven't had a Trojan Supra break yet (knock on wood) and have had really aggressive sex with one on. These are by far my favorite and should be tried out by anyone looking for the most natural feel they can get.

Ponyboy - Atl - 3 Stars

If you're fully erect, don't waste your time trying to put these on, because you will only fail. Your best bet would be to put it on with a 3 1/4 husky.

Riddick - Franklin, NH - 2 Stars

Didn't fit, but on the upside didn't break when I tried to remove it!

Sensitive - Raleigh NC - 5 Stars

One of the best feeling condoms I have ever used. A bit hard to roll on, but I am larger than average. I am allergic to latex so am VERY limited to what I can use. After finding these, I never use anything else. Heat transfer is great, and most women I am with ask me if its still on because they say it feels natural. I have never had any slippage or breakage with these condoms even after VERY intensive sessions.

New Parents - Dansville NY - 2 Stars

OK It's been a while since we've used condoms much, But as new parents we are waiting for pills take effect. I have used about 2 hundred condoms, but these are the first non latex condoms I have ever used. I thought maybe I forgot how to use a condom. These things fall of right after climax and of course stayed inside. Not nice. They also are not as sensitive as normal condoms. My wife has a serious latex allergy so in a pinch I'd buy these again, but not if I had a choice of brands.

aGirl - Oklahoma - 3 Stars

Super-thin, as advertised, so the sensation is nice, but a big however -- my beau and i had the opposite problem of HawaiianMom. Our normal condoms are Trojan Ultra-Ribbed (i might be getting a latex allergy, or i'd never switch away from these -- they've been suitable for each man i've been with...) but the Supras were difficult to get on and tight, and had a tendency to snag a few hairs with removal. Great if you're slightly smaller than average and have a latex allergy, but i came to the site to find another non-latex condom for us.

Dan - Boston - 3 Stars

I have mixed feelings on the supras. The do feel awesome, heat transfer is great and it feels really close to bareback. But I tend to break them all the time...If you are thicker than average be careful because they don't stretch like latex. And the bad thing is they feel so much like bareback I usually cant tell when its broken until i finish and find a mangled piece of plastic around my rod lol.

I recently picked up some crowns. They are amazing! If you aren't using the supra for allergy purposes pick up some crown...I wont use anything else again.

Jose - Yonkers, NY - 5 Stars

I think this condom is great, Its very thin and strong. It never broke on me. I love it, I will always buy these condoms and my girl loves them.

Alyssa - California - 3 Stars

I think they are ok too I'm very allergic so I don't have much of a choice I've never had one slip off however one broke and if I a guy slightly larger than average they won't go on they are not stretchy at all

Bobby - Phoenix - 3 Stars

I'm not allergic to latex, but my girlfriend and I hate the smell (and taste) that latex condoms produce. So, we decided to give these a try. Unfortunately, I didn't like them at all. I had considerable trouble getting them on (specifically, unrolling the condom), and once I did, I found my circulation being cut off. I found these condoms to be too tight (on me, anyway)--they have very little "stretch" compared to latex. A good condom, but just not for us.

SouthernBoy - El Paso, Texas - 5 Stars

I usually use Durex Extra Sensitive, but i decided to give these a try... These fit me ALOT better... It felt like a snugger fit condom. It didn't have any movement during sex, and was really thin so i felt everything. Overall best condom I've ever used.

James - Chicago, IL - 3 Stars

On the plus side you can actually feel the heat from your partners body coming through the condom; but unfortunately these condoms tend to become very dry quickly and easily break.

Kasey - Columbus, OH - 5 Stars

I had given up on using condoms until Trojan came up with these. I have a severe allergy to latex, that last time I used a latex condom I had to be hospitalized. I think these are a great alternative to lambskin because they are thinner and don't have a weird smell or a drawstring at the base. I've never had one break or slip off and a definitely have never had anyone complain about it not fitting properly.

Murse - Simi Valley, CA - 5 Stars

These are the only condoms I use now...I don't know what the girl before me was saying, but I've never had one call off because it's pretty damn snug... If I HAVE to use a condom, it better be this one...

NCMale - Raleigh NC - 5 Stars

Very thin and sturdy. Never had any issue with breakage or slippage. They are a bit difficult to take off imo, but I can live with that.

anonym - VA - 1 Stars

I used this condom only once, and it broke. Enough said.

ChemSensitive - Portland Oregon - 4 Stars

I have never had a problem with these sliding off, as long as the man is of average girth and capable of a very firm erection. My partner and I found them much more sensitive than the Advanti; unfortunately they absolutely do not fit a man on whom regular sized latex condoms fit very snugly (he is in the top 10% in thickness, according to some online chart, but didn't need the XL condoms).

single guy - NC - 1 Stars

These condoms were way too tight. I'm a little wide in girth, and these condoms will not work for me. I threw them all away after I tried the first one on.

John Doe - SoCal, CA - 3 Stars

They feel great but they dry out quickly compared to other condoms. Safer, sure, but they dry out after several minutes. Try just regular thin condoms.

RP - owensboro, kentucky - 4 Stars

wow - i think maybe you need to change sex partners! ;)
my boyfriend and i have never had "slippage" problems with supras, and they are by far the BEST non latex condoms we've found - besides the Naturalamb, which we use when we want to splurge.

bd - socal, CA - 1 Stars

Not very stretchy so they're really difficult to unroll while putting them on. Gave up and had to switch to a polyisoprene one.

Josh - Livingston NJ - 4 Stars

I guess I will go with 4/5 my girlfriend is allergic to latex so I did my research and these were the first ones I found.

Its really thin and fits alright. This one has a way better feel than the Durex non latex ones. I would definitely recommend it if you can't do the latex.

Nicolai - Montreal, QC - 5 Stars

One of the best. Transmits heat really well and seems to offer just a bit more sensitivity than the best latex condoms. Not sure how others are managing to break these, they seem indestructible. Couldn't manage to break one even when trying!

sm - toledo, ohio - 1 Stars

These felt like a plastic drop cloth to my boyfriend and for me not much better, in fact down right uncomfortable. So glad we did not pay for this one as it was in a sampler pack. If you need none latex I recommend Durex Extra Sensitive. Much more comfy for both parties.

Ben - Georgia - 5 Stars

Great product. I haven't had one come off yet. However, ANYTHING will come off if you don't pull-out soon enough after coming. The only brand I've ever had break was Durex Avanti. I'm not allergic to latex, but the sensitivity is SO MUCH BETTER with the polyurethane condoms than with the latex. Trojan Supra's are excellent.

Kate - Chicago - 1 Stars

I'm allergic to latex and my partner needs magnum sizes because of his width... despite the Supra name, these did not even fit on. Much more narrow than the Lifestyles Skyn (which are okay) and the Durex Bare (thicker material than the other non latex condoms).

I hope someday some condom manufacturer comes up with wider non latex condoms! I would buy them immediately.

Nik - Atlantic City, NJ - 1 Stars

These condoms were absolutely terrible. Bought a box of 6 because they were the only non-latex I could find and was in a pinch. They say lubricated on the box but they sure don't feel like it. Had to use extra lube on both sides to use them without discomfort for both of us. On top of that the second one we used broke. Short version: uncomfortable, poorly lubricated, breaks easily, would not recommend.

bob - kansas city, MO - 4 Stars

Great condom. Barley felt it there. Had to use a little extra lube. But a very nice simple condom.

JC - Florida - 2 Stars

Condom would not fit. I cannot seem to find a non-latex condom that is not too small. They need to make a larger sized version of this condom

sota - Minneapolis, MN - 3 Stars

Not very flexible so they can be difficult to get on. Transfers heat well, but not much else sensation. At least they don't have the typical Trojan latex reek.

Ashley - Columbus, OH - 4 Stars

I love this product. It works well for me so I don't have to worry about having a reaction, and it's super thin. I've had some guys complain that it's too much like plastic, but they don't complain during and that's the point, right?

Nick - MA - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever used. I tore it out of the package and started it up. First gear was way too short and thin, but in 3rd the turbo spooled up and I was off. Tell you the truth I'm pretty sure she didn't even hear the blow off valve when I let off the gas. GOOD TO GO THANKS TROJAN!

joe - wv - 1 Stars

They were all I had at the time and I didn't wanna give up so with the lights turned back on and a lot of pain and frustration I was able to force it onto my eventually "half" chub to again enjoy the pain and difficulty to remove it after we had our play time. No slippage! My thing in that condom was like a shaft tightly pressed into a wasn't going nowhere.

lewis - somewhere, ohio - 1 Stars

Latex irritates the wife, so we tried these. Great feel, without latex smell. Only complaint, these are too small for me. After sex I couldn't wait to get these off.

Ashleigh - Boston,Ma - 2 Stars

I can't give them a one because I haven't had one break, but they feel like seran wrap.

A - Ann Arbor, MI - 2 Stars

I have a latex allergy and my boyfriend and I started with these. Though they were thin neither of us felt much sensation and there was no heat transference. We promptly went elsewhere; we are using SKYN now and really like them.

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