SKYN Elite Condoms

SKYN Elite Condoms

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The Next Generation of Condoms!

LifeStyles Skyn Elite condoms are a non-latex condom that is made of what LifeStyles calls "Skynfeel" material. This latex-free material is soft and comfortable which allows for a more comfortable fit. Polyisoprene combines the strength provided by traditional latex condoms with the sensitivity of the thinnest condoms.

LifeStyles Skyn Elite condoms are 20% thinner compared to the Lifestyles Skyn condoms. They are lubricated with a long-lasting silicone based lubricant that is perfect for sensitive skin. The natural color is sure to please your partner.

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LifeStyles is one of the most trusted brands in condoms in the United States and is consistently one of our top selling brands with Trojan, Durex, and Crown. At Condom Depot, you can trust to get the thinnest condoms available on the market. We're proud to offer a line of ultra-thin non-latex condoms for individuals (and their partners) who suffer from latex allergies.

SKYN Elite Condoms Specs

Length 7.875" (199.89mm)
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Width 2" (50.8mm)
Diameter 1.27" (32.26mm)
Circumference 4" (101.6mm)
Condom Material Non-Latex Polyisoprene
Lubrication Silicone Gel & Fragrance Oil
Special Features Ultra Thin and Soft. Non-latex
Condom Specs
SKYN Elite Condoms

SKYN Elite Condoms Reviews

4.5 star rating (13 reviews) write a review
Tiffers - NY - 5 Stars

Great feel.
I have been trying every latex free option with my lovers and we all prefer this w/o hesitation.
The feel is extraordinary. Haven't had one break yet, even with really hard play.

LaVaar - Apo, AE - 5 Stars

Had to check and make sure these things didn't break a few times...they didn't. 5 Stars.

Nana - Lutz, FL - 5 Stars

Joseph - - 4 Stars

Good feel, good condom, comfortable, she approved of it!

Anne Christensen - - 5 Stars

These are great for that next to nothing experience.

Christopher Harris - - 5 Stars

These feel awesome I love Skyns

Noel Ekker - - 2 Stars

Not much feel, but good for latex allergic people

Larry Wagler - - 5 Stars

Great product...Second time buying and absolutely love it!!

Eric - - 5 Stars

The best non latex condom out there.

STACEY - - 4 Stars

Have used them once before, so I know they are good condoms. Unfortunately, I have not used this batch yet. On inspection, they are in good condition and none are expired.

Alicia Neary - - 5 Stars

Very nice! Feels very close.

T. Nguyen - - 5 Stars

Good product the wife loves it.

Sam - California - 3 Stars

Great product. It feels like nothing is there. However, the fragrance combined with the spermicide (which is not strong unless you actually sniff one) caused my lady to have an allergic reaction. For those who have sensitive lady parts be mindful.

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