Which Condoms Don’t Have Reservoir Tips?

Q: Which Condoms Don’t Have Reservoir Tips?


A: This is a really good question considering we don’t categorize our condoms by whether they have a reservoir tip (or nipple end, as some people call it) or not.

Unfortunately for you, a person who is anti-reservoir tip, you’ll quickly find that most condoms do have this shape, especially if you buy a random box from a retail store. Why is this? Let’s begin by exploring why reservoir tips are so popular.

Reservoir Tips


Reservoir tips are largely thought of as being an added safety feature. This is because ejaculate can rise up and over the base of a condom and into the orifice if it has no place else to go. It’s like a sperm catching dome that helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs.

The most important thing to remember when using a condom without a reservoir tip, to get the right condom size. This helps keep the ejaculate inside the condom, where it should be. The added weight of ejaculate could cause the condom to slip off if the girth size of the condom is too large for you.

Follow these simple tips when using a non-reservoir condom. While putting a condom with no reservoir tip on, pinch the tip, just as you would with any other condom. While withdrawing, hold the base of condom for added safety.

Non-Reservoir Tipped Condoms

However, don’t get your boxers in a bunch, because there are still options for you and other people who enjoy a non-reservoir tipped condom. And luckily for you, we carry them! Here’s a list the condoms without reservoir tips we have in stock and some of their other defining characteristics:


1. Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy- This is a textured light bulb shaped latex condom which is designed with her comfort in mind. The ribbed base is tapered to ensure slippage does not occur when the bucking gets wild. 8" long x 2.75" wide at head and 2.125" wide at base.

Magnum Ecstasy

2. Trojan Magnum Ecstasy- Basically, this is the same condom as the Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy, except it is a larger size for added comfort and effectiveness for bigger guys. 8.125" long x 2.875" wide at head 2.125" wide at base.

Trojan Ribbed Ecstasy

3. Trojan Stimulations Ribbed Ecstasy- This condom is also similar to the Her Pleasure Ecstasy, but it has even more ribs. Not only does it have ribs at the base, like the other Ecstasy condoms, it also has ribs along the shaft for the ultimate rib fest. 8.25" long x 2.75" wide at head 2.125" wide at base.

Trojan Double Ecstasy

4. Trojan Double Ecstasy- This is the same as #3 on our list, but it also has a special warming lubricant. Plus, it’s downright rib-tastic! 8" long x 2.5" wide at head and 2.125" wide at base.

Trojan Naturalamb

5. Trojan NaturaLamb- This is the all natural, non-latex lambskin condom everyone is raving about. It’s a bit of a throwback condom in the sense that it resembles age old condom designs, with its drawstring and lack of a reservoir tip. Its a sizable condom which provides a skin-like feeling. Sadly, this condom does NOT protect against STDs, as it is porous, but it does protect against pregnancies. 7.87” long x 2.8” wide throughout.

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