What Constitutes a Micropenis?

Everyone has heard the term micropenis. But what defines a penis as being such, what causes them and how can men with a micropenis have a safer and more satisfying sex life?


Many people like to throw around the term micropenis for the sake of argument or ego-bashing. But, sadly, most of the time the person they are ripping on doesn’t have a micropenis at all, and this is purely meant as a disrespectful, hurtful and inappropriate insult.

Micropenis Stats and Causes

Nonetheless, the micropenis is a real condition which affects 0.6% of men worldwide. Unless the erect length of the shaft is less than two inches, a man doesn’t have one, they are just smaller than average-- which for some partners, like Gillette featured above, makes them a no-go. But, other people prefer smaller men. According to the Kinsey Institute, this is two standard deviations from the average international erect penis size of five to six inches.

Basically, the penis doesn’t grow during puberty and remains in a semi-infant state, except that erections are still possible and so are all other reproductive capabilities such as sperm production and ejaculation. This stunted growth is caused by a growth-hormone deficiency. Unfortunately, any temporary enlargements from penis pumps, jelqing or enhancement pills will be short lived and will not permanently increase the size of a micropenis.


Another medical condition that can result in a micropenis is AIS, or androgen insensitivity syndrome. Unlike other people with AIS, no other female sex characteristics develop in men with micropenises, such as breasts or reduced body hair. Men with micropenisses have the same traditional male characteristics of men without a micropenis.

Be More Than a Little Satisfied

If you or your partner has a micropenis, it doesn’t mean your sex life has to suffer because of it. Read up on: coital alignment techniquesquirting, small penis sex techniques and cunnilingus tips in order to learn more about pleasuring your partner, despite lacking size.

Sex toys are also a fantastic way to get your groove on and send your partner over the top. Bullets, vibrating erection rings, traditional vibrators and even strap ons can be employed to send your partner to new heights of ecstasy, all with your help. Clitoral stimulation gels like Wet WoW can also aid in the pleasure of your partner, no matter what size you’re working with.


Finding a properly fitting condom can be a struggle for those who have a micropenis. Our three snuggest condoms are Caution Wear Iron Grip, LifeStyles 3SUMs and LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms, and the Snugger Fit Sampler is always an option as well. If these are uncomfortable, due to a large amount of unrolled latex still residing at the base of the shaft, you can still stay safe during vaginal and anal intercourse with the use of an FC2 female condom, which doesn’t need to fit the penis measurements exactly, because the receiving partner wears this non-latex condom internally.

Handling the Emotional Load Associated with Micropenises

Socially and psychologically, having a micropenis can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Locker room scenarios and sexual situations are likely to cause anxiety and fear of ridicule and are therefore generally avoided, or if not, this overload of anxiety or a bout of depression can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction.


Having a micropenis or having a partner with a micropenis can present some sensitive challenges, but a healthy sex life is certainly still attainable. Read up on genital size compatibility and you’ll release that genitals come in all shapes and sizes, females included. Some women even have to use vaginal dilators in order to increase their canal enough to have intercourse. Remember, no matter what you see in porn or hear about from your friends, you are not forever doomed to a hot dog in a hallway situation.


For additional outside resources check out /r/SmallDickProblems on Reddit. This is a great forum for discussion about tips and tricks on pleasing your lover and offers a sense of community for those with this rare and potentially embarrassing and/or private condition in an anonymous forum with likeminded individuals.

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