Condom Review: Trojan NaturaLamb

It’s not fair that I was asked to write this review because the Trojan NaturaLamb is my most favorite condom ever. The lambskin condoms get a bad rap: they’re not vegan-friendly, they’re expensive, and most of all, they don’t prevent against STDs. But if you’re in the right situation, they could be your new best friend.


There are three main reasons why you might not choose to use the NaturaLambs. The first is pretty obvious: these condoms are not vegan-friendly. They aren’t called NaturaLambs because they’re soft and fluffy. They’re made of the intestines of a lamb. In fact, most latex condoms aren’t vegan-friendly either.


Sorry Mr. Sheepington.

The second reason is that these condoms don’t protect against STDs. You heard me right: they are only approved for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The FDA doesn't feel safe declaring these as STD-prevention because they are made with animal membranes, which have pores through which a virus or bacteria can fit through.

The third reason is that they are expensive. In retail, your average latex condoms costs around $1.00 a condom (although as our bulk prices will tell you, you can often get them for much less). These condoms cost about three times as much because they're much more difficult to produce than latex condoms.

So, with all of these negatives, why would anyone want to choose lambskin?

My first reason is the smell. Now, many people hate the smell of lambskin condoms, but personally? I don't even notice it. I, instead, hate the smell of latex condoms. This could be because I really like gyros, but who knows?

Lambskin condoms don’t stretch like latex condoms. For that reason, they’re made a little bit bigger than your average condom to accommodate those with bigger girths. To make sure it’s the perfect fit for you, these condoms even come with a drawstring. My partner has documented girth problems. It’s the main reason he finds most condoms uncomfortable-- there just isn’t enough room! But even without the latex stretchiness, this condom accommodates him perfectly.


Many Trojans have a body-invasive lube. Those of you with sensitive skin may be happy to know that these are not one of those Trojans. This lube is a mild, water-based lube, which means that it doesn't last as long as a silicone-lube, but it's perfectly safe to use these with your own silicone-based lube, like WET Uranus. You can even use them with oil-based lubes, like coconut oil.

As far as the STD problem, we are in a monogamous relationship. We both get tested at least once a year, and trust is a main aspect of our relationship. If the situation was different, we may rethink our usage of these condoms, but if your relationship is like ours, you're going to fall in love with NaturaLambs.

But the best part is the feeling. The first time we used them, I had to have my partner pull out to make sure he wasn’t stealthing on me! These condoms transfer heat so well, it feels like he’s not wearing anything at all. Which is why whenever I bring home new condoms to test, my partner’s answer is always, “These are nice, but they aren’t the NaturaLambs.”

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We hope soon that there will be condoms that have the same feeling as the NaturaLambs but without all the problems. One of the many condoms that's a part of Bill and Melinda Gates' Next Generation Condom challenge involves making condoms from beef tendon, so there may be a glorious future ahead.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict

I know this review looks bad. If you and your partner are only using them to prevent pregnancy, if you can afford them, and if you aren't vegan, Trojan NaturaLambs are going to be your #1 condom. Their size and body-friendly lube are great, but it's really the closest you can get in terms of feeling to wearing nothing at all. And isn't that end goal for all condoms?


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