Top Five Condom Questions Answered

When it comes to condoms, we’ve all got questions. But, these top five most common condom questions are ones we hear on the daily. So come on, let’s clear up some of this rampant condom confusion and get to learnin’!

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5. Which Condom Brand is the Best?

For the fifteenth year in the row, we went to great lengths to discover the condoms that are the unhung heroes of the safer sex world. We just recently released our World’s Best Condoms Award. Once again, the condom brand (manufacturer) which had the most winners was Okamoto USA. Never heard of them? That’s because they spend their time and money making the best condoms around, and not on advertising.

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Okamoto USA brand makes these fine condoms:

4. Why do Condoms Break?

Have you ever had a condom break on you? It’s terrifying. The good news is that it is avoidable in the future, as long as you learned why it happened. Condoms are tested in many ways for safety, durability and reliability by the FDA, but improper use can compromise an otherwise reliable condom. Any one (or more than one) of these common user errors can cause a condom to break, rip, burst or tear:


  • the condom is expired or had been stored in extreme temperatures;
  • the condom is too snug and is stretched beyond its limit;
  • the condom’s material became dry and hot because not enough additional lubricant was added;
  • additional lubricant was added, but it was oil-based;
  • the condom wrapper was opened with teeth, scissors, or a knife, creating a rip in the condom itself.

3. Which Condoms Feel the Most Comfortable?

Feeling comfortable in a condom can take a bit of legwork, but the end result is worth it. The first step to ultimate condom comfort? Taking accurate erection measurements. A baggy and loose or constricting and suffocating condom isn’t going to feel good for either of you, or offer the protection you are looking for.

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Take note of the general penis shape as well. Is the base of the shaft smaller or larger than the head? Do you have penoscrotal webbing? Are you circumcised or uncircumcised? All of these shapes can greatly affect your level of comfort in a condom, and should be taken into account when buying condoms.

Here are some helpful buying guides for those with these shape issues:

2. Which Condoms have the Shortest/Longest Length?

Trustex Mint Non-Lubricated condoms have the shortest length of any male condom, measuring in at 6.75” (174.5mm) long. Why is it still so much longer than the average penis size, you ask? It’s because of the FDA, who currently only has condom testing equipment for this length or longer. We suggest using an erection ring or vibrating ring on top of the condom in order to keep extra material from bunching up around the shaft.


The Durex XXL condom has the longest length at 9.25” (234.95mm) long. Again, this size is restricted by the limits of the FDA’s condom testing equipment.

1. Which Condoms have the Snuggest/Largest Width?

Our snuggest fitting condom (smallest circumference) is the Caution Wear Iron Grip condom. With a 3.5” (88.9mm) circumference, this sucker can hang on tight. Still too wide? Try using an internally worn condom, like the FC2, with your partner or use a ring atop the male condom, like the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit snugger fit erection ring to keep it securely in place. 


Our girthiest male condom (according to base measurements, not head measurements) has a 4.5” (114.3mm) circumference. This distinguished honor goes to the mighty Trojan Magnum Thins. Not wide enough? Again, the insertable FC2 female condom could be the best option, since it has the largest girth around at 5.74” (146.04mm).

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