Product Review: Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring is an extremely tactile product made from the softest, most sensual and stretchiest material I have ever encountered in a vibrating ring.

Amazingly, it's so pliable, it can stretch to a full 8” in circumference, which is much, much girthier than the average erection or adult toy. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone or something too large for this ring. For a complete size listing, visit our Erection and Vibrating Ring Size Chart.


transparent review

This ring also stands apart from the rest because it has four distinct levels of vibrations, which are selected by pressing the singular button on the side of the vibrating bullet. The speed settings are as follows: regular steady vibrations, intense steady vibrations, pulsating vibrations and intensely pulsating vibrations.

To turn the unit off, you simply cycle through all four settings, by pressing the button four times. Like most one-time-use rings, this one is intended for only a twenty minute session, although this one lasted for thirty.

Unlike some other rings, this jelly material did not become tacky and sticky with use, even when Probe Light lubricant was added into the mix. The clear jelly also did not have a discernible odor or taste. Between the completely transparent appearance and the lack of taste and smell, I feel like this was the least intrusive and most natural-feeling of all the vibrating rings I have tried.

The texture of the ring is unique in the sense that it has a large amount of nubs, in four sizes and shapes, unlike the Durex Play Vibrations, with its barely existent five square-shaped nubs. That being said, it's pretty darn vanilla looking when it comes to the wild world of sex accessories, and I personally prefer a more outrageous appearance and a longer reaching set of nubs, like the Durex Ring of Bliss, which I also recently reviewed.


The nubs are meant to be worn facing away from the mons pubis towards the partner. Depending on your position(s), you may want to wear the ring so the nubs are upside-down underneath the shaft or right-side-up above the shaft. This also depends on whether you want to arouse the clitoral area or the perineum (taint) area.

This ring can be used with or without a condom, and it comes complete with a Trojan Enz in the box as well as detailed instructions on using the ring with a condom. Basically, you just put the condom on as normal (pinch the tip, unroll down the shaft) and then you put the ring on on top of the condom.

I used it with the enclosed condom, as instructed. Ordinarily, the Enz doesn’t offer him the amount of sensitivity he likes, so we use a thinner condom, like the Okamoto .004. But, with the addition of the Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring, he felt a more than adequate amount of feeling, even in the Enz. Although, I’m sure using the extra Probe Light helped as well.

Final Verdict:

Even if you are a girthier guy or toy, the Trojan Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring is the perfect addition to G-Spot stimulation, as it offers additional stimulation on the perineum and/or clitoris, with four variable vibrations.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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