Our Top Ten Silicone-Lubricated Condoms

Whether you are an anal sex aficionado, someone who experiences vaginal dryness or a person who has trouble with frequent yeast infections, silicone-lubricated condoms offer a unique safer sex solution to all of these common sexual situations.



Didn’t know that condoms come with different lubes on them? Oh yeah, they sure do.

If you’ve tried using water and silicone-based lubricants while masturbating or playing with a partner, you must have noticed the difference. Silicone is much longer lasting, as it won’t absorb into the body or evaporate into thin air like water-based lubricants tend to do.

As a matter of fact, silicone lube is so darn stubborn, it takes soap and water to fully remove it once the deed(s) is done. Speaking of which, the downside to silicone-based lubricants are that they stain fabrics and if spilled on a hard surface, create an ultra slippery Crisco-covered tarp effect. Believe me, I know all about it from my lube wrestling adventures. Learn how to remove these lube stains from fabrics here.


Furthermore, be sure to take that used silicone lubed condom right to the trash can when done, and don’t lay it on a porous surface or drop it on the floor, as it acts as a banana peel does. Whoop! And, boom. Face down on the floor. Not the kind of happy ending you were hoping for.

With consumers becoming more and more aware of the potential dangers of using adult products containing parabens and glycerines, silicone-lubed condoms are on the rise in a major way. And, it’s not just Condom Depot customers who have this opinion-- our staff agrees with them as well! Just read our Condom Reviews, and you’ll quickly see how well revered these super-slick-dick condoms really are. Compare this with condoms coated in water-based lubricants, which can end up on the dry side when all is said and done.

Speaking of dryness, why are water-based lubricated condoms not fit for anal entry? One word-- hydrophilic. Huh? Exactly. This term is an easy way of saying that the anus absorbs water. This is great for bowel movements, but not so great for people wearing condoms coated in water-based lubricant. This hydrophilic nature of the anus may be the cause of the ever-feared broken condom during anal sex, but, just imagine what poop would be like if it didn’t serve this very important function! Eww! Talk about fabric stains.


While researching for this article, we had to personally reach out to our condom manufacturers in order to know, for certain, which condoms have silicone-based lubricant and which ones do not. How come? Is this secret information? Seems to be. Neither the manufacturer’s official websites or product packaging specify which type of lube is used on their condoms. So, consider yourself the expert with the inside source on this one!

Want to know more about lubricant ingredients? Read 'What's in My Lube?' to learn about silicone's crazy-long scientific names such as cyclomethicone and dimethicone. At first glance, these -cone names may seem like harmful chemical ingredients, but silicone is actually considered to be completely hypoallergenic, so stay calm and silicone on.

From these superior silicone-lubricated condoms, I narrowed down our customer and staff’s top-rated, favorite condoms from our plethora of options and made sure they also had my personal condom stamp of approval. Unsure of which one will fit? Find them all on our helpful Condom Size Chart!

Alright, are you ready to finally find out which latex and non-latex, silicone-lubricated condoms were crowned the kings of the most lusciously lubricious condoms? Here they are, our top ten silicone-lubricated condoms:

10. Kimono MAXX

9. Caution Wear Grande


8. Beyond Seven Studded

7. LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive

6. Caution Wear Black Ice

5. Lifestyles Ultra-Thin

4. Crown Skinless Skin

3. Kimono Thin

2. Kimono MicroThin

1. LifeStyles SKYN


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