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Trojan Enz Condoms
  • 112 Reviews
LifeStyles SKYN
  • 89 Reviews
Trustex Extra Large
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Beyond Seven Condom
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FC2 Female Condom
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Beyond Seven Aloe
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Durex XXL Condoms
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LifeStyles Colors
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Okamoto 004 Condoms
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Ria Wrangler
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Anal ese
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Trojan Fire & Ice
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Wet Warming Lube
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Pjur  Aqua
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ID Millennium
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Lixx Dental Dams
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WET Synergy
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AstroGlide Gel
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China Shrink Cream
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Coochy Shave Creme
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Liquid V for Women
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Non Latex Sampler
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WET Pheromone
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China Anal Balm
  • 1 Reviews

11 Reviews

Lass - NY

For all you guys who can't pleasure a woman without the extra texture.

Me - Boston, MA

I was feeling selfish and got these condoms. They are OK. I don't really feel a difference though. Nothing special IMO.

JSB - Detriot

Ironically my girlfriend hates them as much as I do. I give them credit for reliability but thats as far as they go.

willie - Paris, Texas

I wouldn't recommend these if your lady is really sensitive. They caused my lady a really bad infection for days. And they break real easy too!

Dillon - San Diego, CA

I don't know what everyone else is talking about, I love these bad boys. Trojans are by far the best and of their line I like these and I have gotten no complaints.

S - Minnesota

It supposed to be warm? Really? Didn't feel a thing. Don't think he did either.

alice - madison, wi

i must admit, these are reliable, but there wasn't any added stimulation.

these aren't too terribly great.

dangerouscurvs - fayetteville nc

oooh i love it!!! Non irritating, and the shape lets him have a feel better experience too! My favorite!

ana - chicago, il

These are horrible... they smell they burn and they leave you all sticky/dry. I got an infection after using them

dave - Suffolk, New York

This condom was not the best, my girl said that after a while it just started to hurt, the ribs are only good for the first few minutes them become a nuisance and irritate her. I found no difference with them...semi-reliable.

Under achiever - greene co, NC

These are good if you want protection when fisting someone. If these fit snug for you then well done my man.

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