Trojan Magnum Condoms

When you think of a big condom, you think of Trojan’s Magnum. And there’s a reason for that. With a length of 8.5 inches, a flared head of 2.5 inches, and a general width of 2.12 inches, this condom is great for guys who find average condoms restrictive or uncomfortable.

Trojan Magnums use a water-based lube and are made of premium latex.

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The Trojan brand has become world renowned partly due to it's magnum condoms. The signature gold wrapper makes you feel like royalty unwrapping something truly great. The Trojan Magnum is not quite as large as the Trojan Magnum XL, but like our large condoms and magnum condom selection, provides additional room for those "gifted" gentlemen out there. Browse our full selection of magnum condoms today!
Trojan Magnum Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Length: 8.12" or 206.24mm
  • Width: 2.12" or 53.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.35" or 34.29mm
  • Circumference: 4.24" or 107.9mm
  • Lubrication: Water-based
  • Material: Latex
  • Features: Large-Size

Condom Shape

Trojan Magnum Condoms

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

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47 Reviews

Dan - MA

These fit much better than normal condoms, and don't break like a lot of other Trojans I've used. However, they are a little less sensitive.

tom - ny

The sensitivity isn't there because they're probably loose on you (i think the material is the same thickness as regular)... but the base is tight, leaves the red ring like people have said... i hope they come out with ribbed magnums...

Robert - New York, NY

Yes, they do have the girth I need, but at a price. Simply put, the material of they are made of is too thick it's like wearing a bicycle inner tube or a heavy leather wrap while having sex. I've never felt so little while having sex as I've felt while using these. I know there is a new variant of Magnum that promises to offer greater sensitivity, but the reviews I've seen of it leave me wondering if it has sufficient strength.

Kirk - San Diego, CA

For years I just thought that condoms made sex un-enjoyable. I could never feel a thing. It was also hard getting a condom on. I finally tried Magnums regular and it was amazing how much better it fit my penis. I could finally unroll the condom down a majority of my shaft. I still have one concern, which I'm noticing other guys do too- its way too tight at the base. Given the extra room in this condom, my penis can expand more to its potential but I find that when I take it off, I have a deep ring at the base of my penis. I'm going to try Magnum XL soon but I notice the base is still the same. I'm about 8.5 X 5.5.

Jenelle - Clearwater, Fl

My boyfriend loves them. they fit fine in length, there a little tight but work much better than regular condoms. We've tried others, but these are the only ones we like and wont break.

Chris V. - Chino, Ca

Fit just like a magnum condom is supposed to but have a few cons. One it's super thick, I could not even feel my partners insides. Two, very latexy taste which made oral sex very uncomfortable for me and her. If you're well endowed I'd recommend the Durex Love.

Luke - Minneapolis, MN

The good: They fit very comfortably. Shiny gold wrapper.

The bad: Kinda thick. Just ordered the "Big Guns" sampler pack so I'll see if anything else helps.

Review: Regular condoms feel terrible on me, if I'm even able to get them on. Requires way too much effort. So I bought Magnums instead, even though I never thought I'd need large condoms (always thought I was pretty average). Wow, what an improvement!

They're thick, so I guess they're durable, but they do greatly reduce sensation. Still better than trying to cram myself into standard condoms though. Hopefully the thin version will feel a little better.

Jer - PA

I tend to swell up after a while and split a regular condom. That hurts. These work just fine and are tough when things get hot. No fear of breakage or leaks. They make a thin but i find the standard magnum makes me last longer and can handle the expansion at climax. No more surprizes.

Loulou - Capital District, NY

My hubby never thought he was 'Magnum-sized' until he tried these. The bottom is still too snug. But these are WAY too thick for both of us. We can't feel each other and it's a lot of work. He already has tremendous staying power so they don't really work for us. However, guys who have trouble hanging in there might really appreciate these. We're also spoiled because we only use condoms to change it up, and have a decade of bareback to compare it to.

Cait - Tacoma, wa

Awful smell and no transmission of heat or feeling.

Nick - Michigan

Fits better, still tight at the base....that doesn't help when the condom breaks though.

B - Kansas City

I had a hard time enjoying sex with a regular condom, but once I tried these it has been great. If you really need a larger condom you can't go wrong with this one.

B.G. - L.A. CA

Despite their claim, this condom insn't much of a improvement over their regular sized condoms. It was only slightly longer and the base still squeezed me to the point where I felt a numbing sensation.

John Beale - Boston, MA

If you're like me and feel that a normal condom is uncomfortably tight, give this type a try. It's a really good choice.

Elmer T. - Vermont

I never thought my erect penis was anything but average size(6.75 inches long 1.75 inches diameter). But the freedom of movement they offer while love making is great and enjoyed by both my wife and me, as rubbers are our preferred birth control.

KB - NorthAtlanta, Georgia

My b/f and I have had the best results out of these. He didn't think that he was a magnum type guy! Out of the other condoms that we have tried they were to constrictive and he couldn't feel a thing

John - Hackensack, NJ

These condoms are great if you need some extra girth. Much better than regular condoms! Just need to make them in mint!!

Antonio Harris - Chicago, IL

I'm 9 inches on erect and these condoms fit pretty good but are a little tight but they do the job :)

Richard - Ontario

This is by far the best condom I have used!!! After strugling with regular condoms, and having them not fit, sucked soo much, untill I tried the magnums, OMG!!! They feel soooo good on! I will never use anything other than these!

P - Cleveland, OH

Terrible. Way too thick. I could not get off with these at all. Yes they fit good, but need to be made thinner.

A - CA

After struggling with condoms that were too tight, I found the Magnums and they are a perfect fit.

Nick - Vancouver

Regular condoms fit much too tight and often don't get down all the way down my shaft. These aren't too huge but provide the extra room that I need. With regular sized condoms, sex is just painful and uncomfortable.

Frank - Bremerton, Wa

Magnums are definitely a more comfortable fit and way less constricting. My girlfriend was happy with them and I felt that I finally had some room to operate with! Could be longer in length though.

Meaghan - Canada

My boyfriend is 8 inches, and he said these felt comfortable and for me, they felt really good. I highly recommend this product

Joe - Dallas, Texas

Yeah they're roomier, I'll give them that, but they are so freaking thick. Couldn't feel anything.

T and S - UC, NJ

Although they are bigger than the average condom...they do have their flaws: 1. toooooo thick, 2. not lubed enough, 3. tight as hell at the base!! Just purchased the Magnum XL and hopefully they will be the product my bf and I are looking for!!

T - Chicago

Great if a little extra girth is needed. Again there is a latex odor to deal with but it isn't horrible with these.

Jim - Rockford,Illinois

Fits nice on my uncircumcised penis. Just pull the skin back and slide it on.

Michelle - Bronx, NY

This condom gave me a bad allergic reaction, all brands need to come out with a "large condom", for more choices...

Patrick - SLC

fit is alright, still a little constricted at the base. WAY too thick, it's like wearing a bicycle inner tube.

Greg - FL

The plastic is too thick, still a bit tight around the base, pretty much cutting off my circulation, not the best feeling.

Porch - omaha Nebraska

Very strong, durable condom. Extremely durable. The conditions i put this through it was able to master them all. way to go Magnum

Andy - Detroit

Normal condoms are much too tight. I felt over restricted and lost circulation. These fit great, these are just tight enough, with enough room to enjoy sex.

I'm 7.5 x 5.5

Dj - LA, California

good size and shape, but feels like wearing a garbage bag... not much in the feel-good department. try something else. it's hard to find a larger condom that's also thin at the local drug store, so i came here looking for something better. thanks to this site I'm excited about trying the better large condoms and finding the best for me.

Michael - Indiana

This is an OK condom. They are slightly larger and don't suffocate your member if you are larger than average. However, there is not as much sensitivity as a thinner condom. The bad thing is, the base is not as wide as I would have expected.

Jim - Montreal, Quebec

I second that opinion.

Gabe - Seattle, Washington

I tried this brand a few months ago and have been using it ever since. It's just your basic condom except a little bigger. (I need the extra width as opposed to the length in order to maximize sexual pleasure) Supposedly Trojan makes reliable condoms, and I haven't broken one yet.

Trini - Baltimore

Good go-to condom, but the sensitivity just is not there.


No difference between regular condoms and this one! The base is too tight and it's very thick that I couldn't feel anything. I suggest you to wear Trustex extra large instead because it's much thinner and larger.

Travis - Sioux Falls SD

For all my adult life, when it came to condoms, I always went with regular size condoms. That came with discomfort, pain, and soreness from the ring. I don't look like a porn star, so I didn't think I needed the larger size condoms. I thought that is just the way condoms felt. Then someone told me to use a larger condom and WOW! What a difference! I don't hate condoms anymore. Using these is the first time I have had a pleasant experience using a condom. Now I see that there is a 'thin' but it looks like it tends to break easily. I enjoy these, so I don't need to look for anything else, anyway. Looking back, I would guess I was getting about 5-10% of pleasure with regular condoms of what I would be getting bareback. With these I guesstimate that its up to 40% of what I would get by going in no more pain!!
Wasted $20 on the female condom (two thumbs down for that product). So I'm sticking with these.

Andrew - Iowa

Durex sucks, purchased like 12 of them thinking i wouldn't have to purchase the magnums like i had in the past. I was wrong Durex doesn't fit just like the reg. Trojans.

Texgrl - lufkin, tx

Girl here; so my knowledge of the fit is second hand. The bf says they fit just fine. Main problem is the thickness. He can't get off with them, and for me it feels like he's been encased in cryptonite. Gets a two for not suffocating him, but deserves less for being unusable for it's purpose.

Rob - Rose Park, Ut

Decent condoms and probably one of Trojan's best, but I can smell the evidence of my "latex lovin" hours later, and the latex is thick enough to inhibit some of the feeling. I'm going back to Durex LOVE.

Zach - Sevierville

This condom is bigger, but in my case i find that the MAGNUM XL is the right one because they are 30% larger in girth. I'm very pleased with the results of the MAGNUM XL!

Daniel - Tacoma, WA

Like most other people here I started out wearing normal size condoms which were WAY too tight. But not knowing any better I used them anyway; and being uncircumcised made putting a normal sized condom on a dreadful experience pulling back on my skin to the point it felt like it was gonna rip. Then one day i decided to try trojan's magnum and there was a world of difference. They roll on nice and easy and unlike what some people on here say don't feel too thick at all (might be because i'm not circumcised though.) The only problem I have is that it leaves a terrible smell if you don't wash it right away. I mean terrible! That's my only gripe though. Good condom overall.

Amphibian - The South

My wife and I really like these - after years of regular ones, I gave these a shot, and they're very comfortable. I'm a bigger guy (6" girth) and these are snug without cutting off circulation!

Tim - Ft. Stewart, GA

I could never figure out why regular sized condoms were so tight since they were my size. It was like a "thin" condom which in the end made me cum faster. So I bought my first box of these there was no more pinching and I can last forever now.

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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