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40 Reviews

Bob - FL

She didn't like them.

Female - NY

Hated them! So harsh - they made me bleed. He also thought they were too tight fitting.

John - New York, NY

The best I have ever used and they fit wonderfuly

Terry - Chicago,IL

She loved them but they were ok for me .I am use to thiner condoms

Naomi - Merrivillie,IN

I have sex with my boyfriend about 3 times a day and we need something strong until we get married so we use this because it is the most relyable condom we have used

Ivette - Miami, FL

I'm a female and I love these. They feel awesome, especially with doggy-style.

Male - NY

She likes them....I have no problem with them either.

Bob - Ohio

My wife loves them and they fit great. They have made our time together really pleasureable.

Dan - New York

Feels really good. She loved them

Anonymous - CA

These condoms were alright. I cannot fully backup my rating and comments until I've tried it in bed. From our experience in the pool it was not the best, seemed just like any other condom, it seems thick and the "ribs" on it arent very big, she said she couldnt tell the difference from that and a regular condom, than again it could have been that we were under water, so before i totally rat this out, id have to try it out of the water. But for anyone looking to do it in water with one, this one wont give you the most pleasure, at least did not for us. We were expecting larger Ribs about as big as the base of the condom. Thats my bit about this condom, take it for what you will..its not a bad condom just nothing special from our experience.

Johnny - Seattle, WA

they're excellent. bob didn't have sex with a woman if she didn't like 'em!

Sure fire winner, every girl, every time. they love em

Spart - Normal, Illinois

Ribs not quite big enough, she didn't notice much difference compared to other condoms, a little thicker than some, I like 'em, very reliable. She squeals when I use them!

J-man - Ohio

First pack i got she loved an i didn't mind them, Second pack... idk what happen maybe i just got a bad batch we both didn't dig it.

James - Portland Maine

Hurt my girlfriends vagina...

Bert - Helena, Montana

This condom is all about tastes. For me, it's not very sensitive and the ribs don't really add anything. I've been with two different women while wearing this, and they had very different reactions. One said the sex was great and we used these every time we made love, while the other girl said it was uncomfortable and couldn't finish.

anonymous - nj

i thought they were pretty good, thin enough so i didn't loose the feeling the whole time, the ribs aren't that big, but none of the pleasure condoms really do anything. i recommend these

J - Dallas, TX

The ribs are pretty cool, but this condom is not for me.

I'm 7.3 and 2.4 at head. These do NOT go on pleasantly and it ruined the evening. Ring was too tight at the bottom of the shaft restricting blood flow; thus killing the sensation and losing the erection. WAAYYYY too thick (might as well wear a tire) and they use the term "lubricated" loosely.

Alex - Philly, Pa

Of all the condoms we've used, these are our standard. They always work, never break, comfortable for both of us.

Adam - RI

It was pretty good! I finished, chilled, then went again. Hooray for me!

Eli - New York

She loved it, the feeling is so intense for her. She feels every little movement.

Eric J. - Berwick, PA

They feel alright and are a good length but they are a little tight around the Johnson, but my girl hates them. says it feels like its cutting her and we tried 3 different condoms with the same result

Katrina - Streamwood

These sucked!! I do not recommend these to anybody! They dry up instantly , you cant feel the ribs. Me and my boyfriend went through 3 condoms and neither of us came. Totally ruined my night.

Eddie - Phoenix, AZ

these were awesome, my lady climaxed 3 times before i got off

jordan - ky

I had used these a few times and never had a problem with them, I actually liked them. For some reason now they are WAY too tight at the bottom around the ring. Very uncomfortable and annoying to say the least. Guess I've gotten girthier, I dunno. But I do know I can't use these anymore. Very tight.

Kalli - Frankenmuth, MI

Never, in all of my life have I ever hated a condom as much as I hated these. My partner and I were using (and LOVING) Durex Loves, but ran out, so we had one of these left...In the first minute I was completely dried out, sore, and very close to crying...I think I would've preferred a PAP Smear to one of these!

nick - dc

reliable, and she seemed to like them

Trini - Baltimore

To me, the ribs help me feel my girl's inside more intensely. It is quite strong (I've never had one break), and girls get substantial pleasure from it

Justin - Auburn, Il

My girlfriend didn't care for it.

Someone - CA

These didn't fit my partner, who's average sized, and they weren't well lubricated. Ribs didn't make a difference either. Eh, at least there's no smell.

boy - filly

very strong, but that's where the positives stop, these are WAY to thick. they were so thick that i literally could not feel anything at all not even if i was in or not, and this caused me to go soft, my gf hated them, said the ribs were barely noticeable and what good is it if i cant feel ANYTHING AT ALL to keep it up? im sticking to lifestyle ultra ribbed, way more pleasure for BOTH people!

John - Carolina,PR

it lasts and its good

jon - NYC, NY

feels good...but the thing has slipped off a few times. little nerve racking.

MS - Bay Area

I did not like these. I told my man never again.

j - tn

Ive used several of these cuz I bought a box of em and only managed to finish once while wearing these. They feel to thick and they dry out very quick I went thru 3 of these in 1 session with a chick and we finally had too stop cuz we were both out of spit and she was in pain.

John - Fontana, CA

They seem a little thick on me but my girlfriend really likes these. She got a good orgasm out of it. If anything these made me last longer which in my opinion is good for her. If they make her happy then I'm happy :) I still orgasmed so in the end we were both satisfied.

JR - Colorado Springs, CO

I'm 19 And Love To Have Sex 2-3 Times A Day With My Girlfriend And These Are The Best Condoms I've Ever Used The Ribbed Feel Makes For An Even More Enjoyable Experience I Don't Use Anything Else Definitely Recommend Them.

Colton - Phoenix, AZ

By far my lady's favorite type of condom.The ribs start high so they penetrate deep and they seemed to be the perfect size.As for me, it fit my shape and I enjoyed seeing my girl getting pleasure from the ribs.I swear by these condoms!

K - TX

The only condom I use. They work, and are strong. Me and my girl have never had lubrication problems, and they never hurt her. Although, she barely notices the ribs. Good condoms.

Ray - NJ

They smell pretty bad and it irritates my girlfriend's vagina. Plus they're kinda small. No breaking issues though.

Chris - Duarte, CA

Best so far, only problem is the strong latex smell, but it's tolerable.

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