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Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms 5 Stars
could not last past 5 min...first time i tried them i was up to 30+....A+++++

Gfunk - minnesota

1 Star
At first, it desensitized everything quite nicely.. but after a while, the chemical started to hurt and my penis got numb. We think it numbed her as well! She was in the mood for one of those nuclear orgasms, but we think the lube numbed everything down there.

Ben - San Francisco

1 Star
Made me SO numb, I couldn't feel a thing.. had to remove it and rinse off so I could get enough feeling back in my penis to have an orgasm. I'm sticking to Durex Proformax they work munch better. G

George - Myrtle Beach, SC

5 Stars
Did exactly what I needed it to do. Works great!! Thank you, Trojan.

Greg - Oregon

1 Star
Wow, these condoms are HORRIBLE!!!! My boyfriend and I were so turned on by eachother, we were going to have amazing sex so we put this on him and NOTHING. At first, everything was fine and then it started to numb him and get this, HE GOT SOFT INSIDE ME BECAUSE THE CONDOM NUMBED HIM. Not only that, it made my vagina numb too!!!! He had to take this stupid condom off because he was getting really worried about how numb it got. Usually, if something like this happens, we just start again but THIS CONDOM KILLED OUR SEX DRIVE for a good twenty minutes. We didn't even want to have sex, couldn't even think about having sex again because OUR GENITALS WERE NUMB! Skip these condoms, AVOID THESE CONDOMS AT ALL COST!

Familiar Lover - Texas

1 Star
Made me completely numb. I didn't like it at all, neither did she!

Jon - Boise

1 Star
these suck just like ben said everythin went numb dont buy these

josh - carol stream, IL

5 Stars
I think Ben doesn't know how to use a condom properly.

These things are great and can make you go forever

James L. - Clifton, NJ

5 Stars
Best condom I used to be like 30 secs now im up to alomst a minute its good.

Drew - Detroit

5 Stars
These work great. I usually dont last longer than about 2 minutes with or without a condom. thses babies helped me to lengthen my pleasure and my girlfriends as well. Good Job Trojan

Joe - Chisago City, MN

5 Stars
effort less went forever!

rob - L.A.

1 Star
At first it was pretty fun, and then I went totally numb. Very, very wierd. I would avoid these if I were you.

J - Portland, OR

2 Stars
They work TOO good. Make you so numb you can't feel anything! Now what fun is that? It's supposed to extend, not deny.

John - Oregon

5 Stars
I used to be like 5 min i used this thing for th first time today i was up to a half hour

Tom - Flint Mi

1 Star
These have to be the worse condooms ever. I went numb and then she did. Sex was more like going to the gym and working out. Don't buy these unless you really can't make it past a few seconds, sex will be boring and have no feeling if you use these.

Jason - S.F.

1 Star
They flat out sucked and I do mean flat out! worked good untill I went limp and she went numb as well, will never try again!

JJ - Concord, NC

1 Star
The lube for her was poor, and the numbing was too intense, we have tried them 6-8 times and the same result.. She looses interest...I think it numbs her too.

mike - seattle

5 Stars
There Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!! You just have to learn how to use the condom to it's potential

Jay - Boston

3 Stars
It started out great but after a while my pennis got realy numb. The good thing about it was that it did what it was made for and that was to extend the fun.

Jhon - Anniston, AL

1 Star
For some this may be exactly what they need. I have always had problems lasting more than about 15 minutes (which is never enough for her). I saw these Trojans and thought that might be the trick, but it just numbed her and me both - after about 60 minutes she wasn't even close, and I couldn't keep it up anymore at all. I would say these are probably great for somebody that is really sensitive (like 1 to 2 minutes normal), but for the rest of us they just don't work.

A - Colorado

4 Stars
I really think that these condoms depend on who use them, because with me, it actually worked out quite nicely and did its job, but with my friend he said that it killed his hard on completly, not sure if its the thickness of skin, but something has to be making a difference.

ChrisTopher - Cleveland, Ohio

1 Star
I hated this!!!! It numbed us both to the point we had a horrible experience.

Stefanie - memphis

1 Star
It had a numbing sensation that was more unpleasant than pleasant. It completely killed the mood for him.

Lee - Texas

3 Stars
At first it seemed great and desensitized me enough so i could go the distance, but after a few minutes it nearly completely numbed my penis and i lost my erection because i couldnt' even feel it.

Andrew - Tucson, AZ

1 Star
Yeah it numb my penis I was so scare! I'm not going to try it again

justin - san diego

1 Star
ive bought a couple boxes after some extreamly short sexcapades but after last night i would never buy them again. as described in the other review it makes you numb after a few seconds and after a few minutes you really cant feel anything. once you get going it takes some serious effort /more stimulation to finish. its effort that has led to shere and utter distuction of the condom on two occasions. the bad part is your penis is so numb you cant really tell that its broken :/ its a bad situation. better learn to control yourself cause these bad boys arent the answer.

nick - anchorage

1 Star
can we say fire dick might give these another shot but will have others ready

J - ANywhere PR

1 Star
We thought it would be fun to try for a marathin session with ine of these. Worked well in the beginning but eventually it worked to well causing me to lose all sensation and go completely numb.

Jerry - Chicago, IL

1 Star
not a fan...i dont like getting flacid inside my girlfriend when we have sex. i like to FEEL it not feel like i just got shot up with novicane!

mike - CT

1 Star
Well, I finally got around to getting some condoms for me and my gf after our last box ran out. So I kinda ejaculate quickly and I saw these so I was like sure, lets try it. I don't think I've ejaculated quicker in my life.

Scott - CT

1 Star
It makes my boyfriend last longer but takes away feeling for me and makes sex feel like a boring job. NOT cool.

Horrible product - LA, CA

1 Star
Wow, it's not kidding when it says extended. I usually last 15-30 minutes and I was easily at it an hour. I have never worked so hard for an orgasm in my life. Avoid these unless you are a two pump-chump.

Josh - Kansas

1 Star
These condoms are horrible. There is nothing worse than when you and your partner are getting really into it and he goes numb.

Don't ever buy these. Just trust me.

Jeni - Michigan

1 Star
Oh my God! This was the worst thing ever! My boyfriend and I was getting really into it and it caused my vagina to go numb! I was sad and depressed 'cause this was my first time and I thought something was wrong with me. I had waited such a long time for this (19 years) and it ruined the moment. I believe this made him go limp, too. I had recieved this condom as a sample and I figured it'd make things better. Needless to say, I didn't read the reviews on it like I should have. I've deffinatley learned to read reviews!

Anonymous - Tippecanoe, OH

3 Stars
It's possible some people may be touching the solution located inside and then as they are putting on the condom are rubbing some of the solution on the outside of the condom without realizing. Then the solution that is now on the outside, is being rubbed on their partner (causing numbness on the receiving end). Take a little care as you are putting it on and you should be fine.

Ben - Colorado

1 Star
Worst condom ever, this shit will numb your dick cold to the point where you can not even stay hard. What a waste of money!

Joe Pa - State College

5 Stars
These are the best condoms i have ever used! They only numb you a little bit.. So you still feel everything! 5 stars! two-Thumbs up!

trojan man - richmond virginia

5 Stars
These condoms are great for climax control. they are supposed to numb you and thats why they are called desensitizers. These condoms are good to make your woman happy if you have the size but cant use it. if you aren't an idiot and know how to put it on correctly, you dont have to worry about numbing your girl. this makes me go an extra 20 min and i could keep going but i rush it after that because i get tired. something i never thought i would feel before

bubba - NY,NY

5 Stars
Great if you want to go on continuously but not great if you want excitement and sensation. Especially great if you get a girl who turns you on but you want to go on and on. For excitement and sensation, go with the Crown condoms. It does what it says it does.

Kevin - Tulsa, OK

1 Star
I bought these to try out and these things will definitely work if you are trigger happy, but for me they numbed me so much that it took way too long to get off, and I could barely feel a thing. I would highly recommend though if you're looking to have sex for a long period of time, but are worried about lasting...also my girlfriend said that they number her as well.

Scott - Greenville, NC

3 Stars
I would only recomnd these if you have trouble lasting more than thirty seconds...cause for me they made me last too long and even made my girlfriend numb. But I'm giving it 3 stars because you will last longer with these...much, much longer.

Michael - Jacksonville, NC

3 Stars
These had a VERY strong latex smell, and made me way too numb. It took forever for me to finish, but if you're quick on the draw I'd definitely give these a try.

Joe - NY, New york

1 Star
The desensitizing chemical tastes really badly if you want to do anything after sex. Also, the chemical was too strong. It desensitized too much, and my boyfriend didn't realize it when the condom slipped off!

Elyse - Pittsburgh, PA

1 Star
This condom did nothing for me other than cost money. The Durex Performax worked wonderfully compared to the Trojans.

Scott - Fort Wayne, Indiana

5 Stars


1 Star
These SUCK i bought them at the store by mistake when we used them i couldn't stay/get up for any thing i got so numb that i didn't feel any thing we used 1 and threw away 11 don't buy these unless you have a premature problem its a waste

Damian - Tucson Arizona

1 Star
tried one once to really freak out my girl, worst sex ever ruined the whole thing. only use if you have major pre ejac problem. made me so numb it was creepy after the first ten minutes was great, then it got all numb and creeped out. so after pulling out in the middle of her second o i ran to the shower to wash the crap of me. i hate them, use with caution.

noneya - therehee

1 Star
Since starting using these six months ago I haven't had an erection. Does anyone know if this is normal?

F-18 - Reno

1 Star
Horrible!!! My wife and i wanted to have marathon sex so i got these but it made me so numb i didn't even realize i lost my erection and was trying to push a wet limp noodle into warm pie, just doesn't work. And i had to go and wash junior off to get some feeling back.

noodle - MD

5 Stars
Absolutely awesome! My hubby and I use these when we want to last forever! It has never numbed me. We can enjoy all sorts of things we don't normally get to because he doesn't last that long without it. He can still feel everything, but it keeps him from getting close to orgasm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a fun, long night of love-making.

Rachel - Salt Lake, Ut

1 Star
Totally suck... Went limp! It was awful! I bought a 12 pack! Have to throw them away now... I guess they thought desensitizing meant making it totally numb! It did extend the orgasm a bit but unless you cant last even 2 minutes, don't use it.

nadz - stlouis, mo

2 Stars
from a girls point of view, sure they work. they definitely do the numbing on the guy, making him last longer, but after a short time my boyfriend became so numb that he couldn't feel anything, good or bad, and we had to stop. so i guess it does what it promises, but it didn't benefit either of us.

Aimee - Wisconsin

5 Stars


1 Star
An average session for me is around 45 min before using this. My wife and I decided to try this and see how much longer things went. After 5 minutes I had lost all feeling. From certain positions this condom slides around and comes off easily and I am slightly over average in length with about 2" girth. I didn't even notice when it slid off. I just happened to notice when we were switching up positions. lucky catch. I'm not ready to be a father. go for something else. hopefully your problems will just be fixed over time without help from specialty condoms.

Daniel - Alabama

2 Stars
started off okay, got numb, then painful. Made sex not very fun.

Second time, I wiped it off a bit before putting it on and it tamed it down. And I lasted a while.

Darren - Illinois

1 Star
They help you last long mainly because it makes YOUR DICK NUMB.....I couldn't feel anything when i used these and when i took it off i couldn't feel my dick after. Ruined sex, go with performax or just regular condoms

ah - US

5 Stars
couldn't last more than 5 minutes. can go as long as i want to with these condoms on--just need a little extra effort when i want to finish (nothing strenuous or anything though)

haven't had any problems numbing the girlfriend--just be careful putting the condom on (don't get any of the lubricant on your hands or on the exterior of the condom).

I've noticed there's a lot of lube in the condom--maybe for some of u guys who are getting numb to the point of limpness , you can simply give the condom a quick shake and lose some of that extra lube

ds - boston

1 Star
don't buy this condom. I had sex last night for the first time with this girl that i have been going out for a while and guess what, we were so turned on and we were going to have an amazing sex but i got soft after about 5 minutes inside her. my penis was so numb i just couldn't get the feeling back to have sex again. please i advice not to buy them b/c the will kill ur sex drive completely.

blerim - louisville, kentucky

2 Stars
ok condom but i dint feel no numbing it felt regular last like normal

jose - florida

3 Stars
Overall, it is an acceptable condom for me..

No breakage yet,

it doesn't slip off easily...

it is easy to put on...

and IF & ONLY IF you put it on correctly,

it can provide you extended pleasure WITHOUT numbing or irritating your partner..

You can mess up the whole sex experience if you wear this condom without care..

Sometimes I come in 15 min and other times it desensitizes me so much that I have to focus so much on the sex in order to come... which can take up to an hour...

in terms of sensation, it does take away a great deal of it...

another negative point about it is the STRONG LATEX SCENT!

Babak - New Milford, NJ

1 Star
Just like Joe PA said this condom will numb you till you can't stay hard. This product scared the shit out of me and ruined the night.

Do not buy this crap.

Mike - Canada

3 Stars
good for the first 20 minutes then broke.

darrian Miller - blue Springs, MO

2 Stars
I couldn't last 30 seconds so I thought I'd give these a shot. After a few seconds I went completely numb and could not climax. Then my girlfriend was ready to stop after 10 minutes since she was already satisfied. I was happy to last longer and make her happy but now I was unsatisfied!

David - Sunnyvale, CA

3 Stars
Condoms work well...very well. We went at it for what seemed forever...only problem was for her. Me, I was fine but the condoms made HER numb, so that's a no-go. If you want an extended pleasure condom than go with the Durex brand. They seem to have better results.

CF - Madison,AL

1 Star
So my girlfriend and I had been planning a romantic getaway weekend for the past month or two since it is a really long distance relationship. She had event gone the distance to buy a sexy lingerie outfit for me, a whole candle lit room and everything. So when it finally came time to have sex after she completely seduced me......I put the condom on.....had an erection for a whole 3 minutes.......and i went completely numb inside her. I'm sorry but these aren't climax control if you cant even START. Absolutely killed the mood.....but hey what cheered us up was reading all of these reviews and came to the conclusion that we weren't the only ones that suffered the effects of this absolutely horrible product. WASTE OF MONEY! I BOUGHT A HUGE BOX OF THEM TOO! and if your wondering where you will find the garbage where they belong!!!!! Congrats to all of you who survived these awful are the 1 to 10 ratio, probably the only reason why they continue this product.

Annonomous - Syracuse

1 Star
These made my guy LIMP. He said the "control" lube felt bad/weird and actually burned a little. It took forever to get him hard again, it was awful.

We used lifestyles brand of control condoms before this and they worked great, they were just a bit too small for him sometimes.... so we tried these trojans since he likes the brand and never had a problem with the size, and now I have a useless box of condoms.

Julia - Johnston, RI

3 Stars
Alright, if you want to please your woman and really don't care about yourself (not very many people) buy these. It will numb the crap out of you but I can last 2 or more hours (yes hours)

Bos - Boston

1 Star
These condoms are terrible. I bought a twelve pack out last night to try something new and i had a girl stay the night over and we tried like four times to have sex and every time i was erect and put that damn condom on two minutes later i was completely limp. LAME. DO NOT BUY!

Greg - los angeles, ca

1 Star
i think my penis is dead, its been completely numb for 30 minutes.

Dead Penis - jacksonville, Florida

5 Stars
Amazing stuff. It's like having sex drunk, the feeling is there, but its not enough to send you over the edge. I highly recommend.

Joe - Wisconsin

1 Star
Two out of five busted!!! Never had this problem before with other trojans or any other brands!

Eric - Sherrill Arkansas

5 Stars
it works, my lady climaxed and I didn't even get to, could of kept going for at least 5-10 more minutes, and we had already been having intercourse for at least 10 minutes...

c-money - Texas

1 Star
These made my guy numb so numb after about 5 minutes he couldn't feel his own hand, they made me numb and they have a really strong latex smell

Taxi - Princeton, New Jersey

5 Stars
Great condom! My boyfriend is new to sex and doesn't last long (less than 5 mins generally). However this made him last 15+ mins. I didn't go numb, he went a little numb of course but still had pleasure.

Will be buying again :)

Amanda - Dallas, TX

1 Star
horrible they work but you cant feel a thing then my girl started giving me head and her mouth went completely numb and then we had to go to school and she couldn't feel her mouth i actually found it funny but i don't recommend them at all

totallynumb - sc

1 Star
Avoid if you don't suffer from premature ejaculation. Somehow ended up using one of these and it completely numbed my penis to the point where it wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable as it normally is.

Bob S - London

3 Stars
They were pretty good, my g/f complained about not lasting so I tried these. I went from like 30 minutes or an hour to 8 hours straight! I've never been so tired in my life.

Anonomous - Russellville, Ky.

5 Stars
I was once a 30 second man... now I'm 30-45 mins, an hour and a half if I'm drinking. These are bad ass if you are into her pleasure because sometimes i don't even go

Jordan - Oak Ridge, Tn

1 Star
These things suck it made my junk completely numb and it felt like there was nothing down their and it also made my girl friend raw

Nick - Michigan

1 Star
Absolutely terrible. We couldn't feel a thing. After a few minutes we gave up and decided to watch a movie instead.

Sally - Knoxville, TN

1 Star
I've never experienced premature ejaculation before but me and my girlfriend decided to try it out anyway. Not a good condom in the slightest. I normally last between 3 minutes - 3 and a half, this condom made me last 2 minutes before I went numb. Dont buy these unless you really cant last over a minute, they suck.

Scott - Tampa, Florida

1 Star
is 0 possible!! Boyfriends dick went numb so I tried to get him hard again but licking his dick and now my mouth is has been numb for about 15 minutes. Boyfriend is still numb and cannot get hard although he feels as if he is going to bust a load. We are extremely pissed that we now have 11 of these novacaine condoms. AVOID THESE AT ALL COST.

BF and GF - Detroit, Michigan

1 Star
Worst thing ever!!!!! I put this condom on and eventually went limp after 2 minutes. Never again.

mark - newyork

1 Star
Used these 4 times now, I don't go limp as some other people do, i just keep going and i don't feel anything. gone for 60+ min and completely exhausted and never reached a orgasm we took the condom off and tried oral but the stuff made me so numb that nothing would work. maybe good for them but not good for us I like to enjoy sex as well and these condoms do not let you.

Jason - Denver CO

2 Stars
Used these 4 times now, I don't go limp as some other people do, i just keep going and i don't feel anything. gone for 60+ min and completely exhausted and never reached a orgasm we took the condom off and tried oral but the stuff made me so numb that nothing would work. maybe good for them but not good for us I like to enjoy sex as well and these condoms do not let you.

jason - Denver CO

5 Stars
I was skeptical about purchasing these condoms at first but am completely happy that I did! My erection lasted 2-HOURS with this condom!!! I mean whoa!!

I purchased these last night along with super stretchy tickler sleeves and wet lube and date had several screaming orgasms before I came and she was completely exhausted afterward. She came back tonight wanting more so I would say she likes it. Cheers to Trojan for making these, I just ordered a whole bunch of 'em online.

Thumper - Vallejo, California

1 Star
Can anyone tell my how to unnumb my dick?

Mike - PA

1 Star
Didn't extend my time at all. 2 minutes is all I get.

Edward - Maryland, VA

1 Star
What a terrible, terrible condom. Me and girlfriend now tried on two separate occasions to have sex with these condoms, I'd get hard, it'd go on, I'd get in, go limp very quickly and then I could not get hard again as I couldn't feel my penis. These are truly awful and I was really nervous, scared, and angry with myself until I came here and read other people have this problem.

N/A - N/A

3 Stars
I never came while using these and after 30 min. i got tired and gave up, but if your aiming to impress the women then i suggest using this one. I might pick it up again, just cause its fun to hear her tell her friends how long i lasted.

Taylor - Casper, Wyoming

3 Stars
My boyfriend uses these and he lasts a lot longer, which is fantastic! But the smell of the latex is very strong at times, yuck!

Rachel - boston, MA

1 Star
Extended pleasure my a**. I feel nothing with these and he starts to feel the "numbing effect" after we're done.

Carol - Kzoo, MI

1 Star
worst condoms ever

Jason - vermont

5 Stars
they are great, i actually tore her up, i went on and on, like an enerGIZer. Hard for over an hour!

d n - wheeling, wv

1 Star
This was the worst thing EVER!! My boyfriend used this product and it TOTALLY!! killed the night!! he went numb and so did i the poor guy thought it was him but it was just this stupid product i guess it just depends but i rather not risk it

RGMBN10 - Long Beach, CA

5 Stars
Before I'd last maybe 2 minutes, afterward I could last maybe 5 minutes but still be able to go. So I'd strap on another condom and then last an hour! The lubricant takes a while to kick in, but once it does the condoms amazing!

Agent86 - RC, SD

1 Star
This condom sucks!! It numbed my penis for the entire night! Sex was more like an exercise and there was absolutely no feeling down there. After about half an hour I had to take them off. Bought a whole pack, such a waste.

Josh - Philadelphia

1 Star
It worked for a little while, we were having a good time and she went numb and I stopped feeling a thing. Then I was numb for 30 minutes after. Weird. I didn't think I was ever going to orgasm and when I did, it wasn't very good. Don't use these.

George - Los Angeles, CA

3 Stars
Like others, the med is so strong I couldn't feel much. One time my penis popped out during doggy style humping but I didn't even realize it. Because of numbness, sometimes I have to really focus to maintain erection. I was never able to climax with this also. But it does extend my sessions very long.


1 Star
This is the worst idea ever! We were both COMPLETELY NUMB for over an hour! It's pretty hard to have sex when he can't stay hard cause he can't feel his penis.

Emily - Highland Park, IL

1 Star
my penis when totally numb. wtf

J - charlotte

1 Star
Turned it into a numb stump. Couldn't feel a thing which led to a lack luster performance.

Will - Baton Rouge, LA

1 Star
made me numb which ya its supposed to but also made me limp due to too much desensitization will not buy again

kenny - palmdale, ca

1 Star
I'm allergic to Benzicaine, It took three tries to realize that it was the condoms making me suffer from uncontrollable pain, swelling and itching not a yeast infection or STD. I never thought to check a condom to see if it contained benzicaine. I've been walking with a limp for three days.

Jessica - Denver, CO

1 Star
They SUCK! Dont Buy them. They make you go flat well having sex. Cant feel anything at all. It made me lose my sex drive for 3 days. The worst condoms EVER!!!!!!!

John - Minot, ND

2 Stars
They were the only ones left in the convenient store so I bought them out of desperation. "Slightly desensitizes" is a bit of a stretch. These things will have you numb enough to be hacking away for a lifetime. While my girlfriend certainly appreciated the multiple orgasms, I couldn't feel a thing. These are for guys who want to impress the girl or have serious control trouble.

Mark - Chicago, IL

1 Star
I wanted to PROLONG the experience for me and my gf...not make my dick completely numb and then limp after a few minutes. I'm a religious man, but I will never forgive you Trojan Extended Pleasure :'(


Hunt - Canada

5 Stars
This condom is amazing. I thought it was a joke until I tried it but it really works. I had a numbness the first time. If you want extended time these are for u.....

dezo - georgia

3 Stars
Sometimes they worked great, other times not as well. Two other things also came up. Since the gel is on both inside and outside of the condom it also made her lose some feeling which was a big problem. The other issue was a very strong smell from the condom both the condom itself and that it left behind on me. Over all not bad, but not great.

Mike - Seattle,WA

1 Star
Horrible, just made my penis burn and didn't make me last any longer. Worst sex ever!

dykan - tampa, florida

1 Star
It's terrible, just plain bad product. First time I used it it made me completely numb and then soft. I had to take it off and wash off the lubricant. Second time I tried to intensify my thrust to offset the numbing effect, but this defeats the purpose and I didn't last much longer than usual, just 4-5 minutes. I tried it once more just to see if it wasn't a fluke - no use! Garbage product!

casual - new jersey

2 Stars
So I got about a half dozen of these the other day and the FIRST one I used broke on me and I had to get my girlfriend the morning after pill (which isn't cheap.) Another thing about these condoms is that for the first couple of minutes that you have it on it starts to burn the tip of your penis where the hole is, which is quite uncomfortable but goes away in about 30 seconds. Other than those two things (which cost me a considerable amount of money for the condom breaking) it DOES help you last a lot longer but is in no way pleasurable to the wearer until you bust. I would suggest going with Durex Performax as those did not burn and did not BREAK.

Zach - Richmond, VA

1 Star
Luckily I didn't get numb like the other girls have mentioned on this site but my boyfriend sure did. The condom made him progressively more numb over 5 mins until he got soft and had to wash it off, and wait 30 mins to go again. Would not use unless you have real issues with cumming too fast.

Samantha - Louisville Kenntucky

1 Star
Very disappointing. They don't slightly desensitize, they COMPLETELY desensitize. Bought a twelve pack, used one, we're pitching the rest.


2 Stars
First time wasn't terrible except my penis went completely numb. The second time I wore one it burned like hell when I came. Did not like the product although it did keep me from ejaculating early.

Mike - Texas

1 Star
For the first 5 minutes, these were awesome, but they totally numbed my boyfriend, and I was numb too, for about half an hour afterwards. I wouldn't buy them again.

Mary - Edwardsburg, MI

5 Stars
I used these for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. I usually last no longer than 1 or 2 min but yesterday I went for 35 and my g/f loved them too they didn't make her numb or anything like that.

cedric - tampa, florida

5 Stars
These condoms worked excellent for me and my girlfriend. I don't know what you guys are talking about, the numbing gel is only on the inside, maybe if they weren't too big on you guys it wouldn't leak out on your girl.

Louis - Ray, MI

5 Stars
I had a horribly embarrassing experience once... basically I thrusted one time and I was done with the girl... With these, my penis is numb to an extent and i can go for at least 10 minutes!! I LOVE these condoms!

Joey - New York, New York

4 Stars
Great condom! You can last a while. A little snug so when taking them off I have to turn inside out or what a while before taking off. You also want to have a regular condom on hand for the 2nd round or you will go forever before climax.

Bill - atkiknson, New Hampshire

2 Stars
They are too small and made my penis go numb. Use Trojan magnum ecstasy. Those are the best.

Justis - Sacramento, California

3 Stars
First off, these do work. The problem with these condoms though is that they work too well.

These condoms tend to numb both partners, which is for most not a desirable effect. Thus it is only suited for men who have major problems with staying power; for most it will challenge their ability to finish immensely.

The only competition to this item I am aware of is Durex Performax, which I would rate as a superior product.

Furthermore, I consider the wrapper of the Durex to be superior. I like to carry condoms in my wallet (one numbing, and a regular), and with tight jeans, the package of the Trojan condoms becomes worn out and breaks quickly, necessitating replacement for complete safety. The Durex wrapper is sturdier and better suited for carrying in this manner.

Good concept, but imperfect.

RQD - Hackettstown, NJ

5 Stars
My husband loves these and after this last orgasm I do too. They're awesome!!!

gabz - CA

1 Star
These condoms are horrible. I've tried them twice now, and I still do not last longer. Is the benzocaine supposed to take a few mins to kick in? Good thing I got these cheap.

Jay - BG, KY

4 Stars
I lasted about 2 minutes before I bought these. Now I'm up to 15-20. My girlfriend never complained about them numbing her, so its a win win.

Chris - Long Island, New York

1 Star
Don't use! It really is terrible. I've tried other brands of the same kind and like it because I can go from lasting about 5 mins to 10-15 mins, but this one made me feel literally nothing and I eventually went limp, and even WORSE it had the same numbing effect on my girl! IT IS NOT AS THE PACKAGING SAYS, the package says numbing on the inside and lube on the outside, but do not be mistaken, it numbs on both sides. DO NOT USE.


1 Star
I never had a problem lasting 30-45 minutes. With these I really have to TRY to come. Makes sex more like a workout. I dunno about this numbing your partner stuff, I shake the excess lube off of the condom so maybe that's why. My biggest complaint is the terrible taste, isn't even a latex taste, just awful, my lady went down on me after and came right back up spitting and cussing first time we used them.

Feel free to try these condoms, they worked great for me just... too great... she's excited about them, i'm not, hahahaha. Happy humping.

thedude - Somewhere, AZ

1 Star
This is the worst condom I've ever used. Made my penis go numb and limp. Made my girlfriend's vagina go numb too. I want a refund.

Andrew - Kansas

5 Stars
I had my doubts but it held up

Red - Texas

4 Stars
These were very useful to me in a previous relationship with a man with significant problems with premature ejaculation. It was confidence destroying for him to be unable to thrust more than about five times (not five minutes) before climax. He was always extremely sad and apologetic after sex, which is not what anyone wants her partner to experience after sex, and no amount of reassurance could convince him that he hadn't failed in some way.

When he decided to try these condoms, it helped immensely. Yes, he found them somewhat numbing. Sometimes he would have to switch to another (non-climax control) condom for a while before he could orgasm, and on a couple of occasions (over the course of a year and a half) they prevented climax entirely. He still thought they were fabulous.

From a female perspective looking purely at condom sensation, I found these condoms to be a just bit on the thick side, but ok. They definitely did require some additional lubrication. I experienced no issues with numbing.


anonymous - USA

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