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Durex XXL Condoms

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Durex XXL Condoms

If all the other condoms fall short, this is the perfect condom for you. The Durex XXL is Condom Depot's longest condom and is perfect for the well-above-average length man. This naturally colored condom is made from thin latex has a reservoir tip.

The Durex XXL also has a low latex odor, is incredibly strong and durable and has an easy-on shape for a faster transition from being nude to wearing a condom. If you're tired of the base of your shaft feeling overexposed, it's time to go long with the XXL!

Length:   9.25" or 234.95mm
Width:   2.125" or 53.8mm (Base) | 2.375" or 60.33mm (Head)
Diameter:   1.35" or 34.29mm
Circumference:   4.24" or 107.9mm
Lubrication:   Water Based
Material:   Latex
Features:   Reservoir Tip

Durex XXL Condoms

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5 Stars
Beautiful condom, fits nice and snug! Bravo!

Samson - NC

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5 Stars
Beautiful condom, fits nice and snug! Bravo! Samson - NC

4 Stars
I like that fact these are longer then the magnum brand, but they could use a lil more room in the width. Over all comfortable though Brad - Chicago, IL

5 Stars
finally a size condom for us big guys, I´m 10.5 inches but fit very well in lenght and width. Ruben - Panama

4 Stars
Still a little tight, but overall good! V Roc - detroit

3 Stars
Now if only they made it non-latex........ Athelwex - Houston

5 Stars
I have a very large penis and the xxl condom is the best fit of any xl condoms and my honey loves it more than I do! toby h - saltville

1 Star
I have a 17 inch penis and these are the best i can find...... Still waiting for the XXXL lol Collin S. - Indiana

5 Stars
Wow! This is the first condom that I have put on my boyfriend that I couldn't roll all the way down...that is a real plus. my boyfriend is quite large and we discovered that the shorter condoms would sometimes roll up during intercourse. Often the condom would roll up leaving just 5" or 6" of his penis covered. Its no bid deal but its pretty comforting knowing that he can't roll off now. Mary - Indianapolis

4 Stars
A little snug but the length is great. Chuck - Los Angeles, CA.

5 Stars
So far this is the best condom my boyfriend and I have found. When we first started dating he would wear standard condoms and the results weren't good. Ha! I told him he needed something bigger so I bought some Durex XXL's and they fit him great! We've tried Trojan Magnums (Not the XL's) and they were too tight. Also, Trojans seem to have a much stronger scent too.. Too much. Yuck. I'd suggest Durex XXL to anyone who's larger than average. ;] Savannah - Portland, Or

4 Stars
I am 13" X 8" thats the truth. Great fit but a little tight around my girth. LD - London

4 Stars
It was great for me until I couldn't find them in Spain anymore :( Randy - Barcelona

5 Stars
Finally a condom that fits. My boyfriend is 10.5 inches long and is really thick which made us go crazy looking for condoms that fit. Trojan magnum XL were too short and were tight but these work like a charm. He says even though they are slighty thinner than the trojan xl they stretch way more and are made for a fatter penis! Jenna - miami, florida

5 Stars
I really like how they don't have a latex smell and feel really good, I'm so happy I found a condom that fits my boyfriend! And it smells great too. :D B - Australia

3 Stars
The reviews here are funny. Anyone with a proportionate 9-inch penis is going to be too thick for these condoms. An 8 inch girth is NOT going to fit in one of these either.

These are essentially for guys with 9 inch pencil dicks. Go for the Magnum XL's if you have any girth at all. If you're 7 inches in girth or above, these condoms will basically not fit you. Aaron - Portland, OR

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