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Rainbow Colors Condoms

Available in assorted colors. These condoms come in different styles and shapes but each condom is colored. Not your average flesh colored rubber.

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Lifestyles Black Label
Lifestyles Black Label    

This midnight black condom is a sexy and mysterious looking alternative to the standard natural latex condoms out there, so it can add a level of intrigue and excitement to your next sexual encounter.

Kimono Rainbow Colors
Kimono Rainbow Colors    

Kimono Rainbow Colors - Kimono Rainbow features a slight indent immediately below the head of the condom which helps it conform to your natural shape. Designed to feel natural, and perfect for condom users that prefer a tighter, snugger fit.

Crown Assorted Colors
Crown Assorted Colors    

These brightly colored Crown condoms come in green, yellow, blue and red. They are packaged in a clear wrapper so you can see which color they are without opening them.

Fantasy Rainbow Colors
Fantasy Rainbow Colors     On Sale

Rainbow Color condoms are so bright and festive, it’s like having a party in your bedroom! Plus, they are durable, dependable and are made from super thin latex for increased sensitivity.

Impulse Midnight Orchid
Impulse Midnight Orchid    

The Impulse Midnight Orchid is the perfect mood setter for that supremely sinister sexiness that you’ve been waiting to share with her.

Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms
Impulse Plum Crazy Condoms    

You cannot argue with the majestic color of the Impulse Plum Crazy condom. A more vibrant purple condom, there is not. Please note that these are colored condoms, not flavored condoms. Plum Crazy condoms do not have any added flavor or scent.

Kameleon Tri Color - Red, White & Blue
Kameleon Tri Color - Red, White & Blue    

Red White and Blue Tri Colored Condoms! All men may be created equal, but not all condoms are. Cast your vote for pleasure by respectfully saluting your partner with this lubricated latex condom during your next national holiday celebration.

LifeStyles Colors
LifeStyles Colors    

LifeStyles Colors are a great choice when you want a high quality colored condom. These brightly hued condoms have a flared shape for a comfortable fit and a smooth and silky lubricant for added pleasure.

Lifestyles Tuxedo Condoms
Lifestyles Tuxedo Condoms    

The LifeStyles Tuxedo condom is original black latex condom. Average in size, but made to feel thinner. Make tonight a special occasion by pleasing your partner with a Tuxedo condom by LifeStyles.

Trustex Assorted Colors
Trustex Assorted Colors    

Ready to impress your partner by exceeding their sexual expectations with flying colors? Then put on a Trustex Assorted Colors condom and go for it! These latex condoms have a water-based lubricant, and a reservoir tip for safety.

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