Wet Warming Lube

Wet Warming Lube

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Are you ready for Wet Warming Lube to heat up your nightlife? You may never have a cold and lonely night again! Wet Warming lubricant is a high quality water-based lube has the all the beneficial hydration that you’ve come to expect from Wet lubricants, as well as a gentle warming sensation that begins upon contact with the skin. This long lasting formula is water soluble, which means that cleanup is breeze! This kosher formula is also safe for oral consumption/digestion. However, due to the warming nature of this lubricant, it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Wet Warming Lube is safe for use with condoms and all adult toys. For the best warming lube around, give Wet Warming lubricant a shot!!

Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Diglycerin, Acacia Senegal Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Water (aqua), Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea.

This Wet Warming lubricant by Wet Lubes is another customer favorite among our selection of personal lubricants here at Condom Depot. Remember, this lubricant will create a warming sensation WHEREVER it is applied, so be cautious when applying to extra sensitive areas. For the best selection of condoms, lubes, adult toys, and more, shop Condom Depot and save!

Wet Warming Lube Reviews

2.2 star rating (13 reviews) write a review
John - Cali - 1 Stars

I don't think I got lube, but just water with a little sand mixed in. Not good at all.

Charles - Orange County - 2 Stars

As a lube its pretty good, the warming however doesn't last long, and as soon as you use a rubber, it stops warming.

EJS - Orlando, FL - 2 Stars

Very watery, not slippery like KY,
has a slight warming sensation.

Chloe - Coldwaters, MI - 1 Stars

i don't recommend this lube as a 5 star rate at all. This lube causes yeast infections. It is greasy, thick, and the warming sensation doesn't last long =(.

Stan - Omaha, NE - 1 Stars

Doesn't warm! Doesn't lube!

R. Hicks - - 1 Stars

#1 It's wet
#2 It doesn't warm.
#3 Lube is awful...honey would be better.

Robert Dobbs - - 1 Stars

This product is horrible! It dries out so fast that me and my domestic partner were not able to have a good time. It is a waste of money.

isaiah banks - - 5 Stars

My partner loved it will be ordering again really soon

Joe - Louisiana - 5 Stars

My wife and I use this all the time for excellent foreplay that is both healthy and sensational. It feels so warm and coozy when my wife uses it on me, and she finds it very satisfying when I use it on her to reach her climax. I highly recommend this product.

Pedro - Minneapolis, MN - 1 Stars

this stuff isn't good at all. It's too thick and doesn't feel slick at all. It makes bearing grease seem like good lube.

Paige - Bismarck, North Dakota - 4 Stars

I would recommend putting it on at least 10 min before intercourse. I found that if it was used right before it didnt feel very natural. Other wise...awesome!

John - Seattle,WA - 4 Stars

I think this lube is excellent and feels really good! It's odorless and long lasting. It enhances the whole experience.

M. M. - Los Angeles - 1 Stars

Terrible, I tried it, because it was recommended for those who loved K-Y Sensual Silk warming, this isn't even close, not "wet" enough! You need a lot, for a less than similar effect.

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