WET Silk Personal Lubricant

WET Silk Personal Lubricant


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Wet Silk Has Been Replaced by Wet Elite

Wet Silk has been discontinued by the manufacturer; however, a new and improved version of is being offered, Wet Elite Hybrid

The New Hybrid Personal Lubricant: Wet Elite

Wet Elite is a hybrid personal lubricant that combines the benefits of water-based lubricants with the long-lasting pleasures of silicone lubricants. Wet Elite lube supplements the natural moisture of your body and enhances your intimacy, making it the perfect compromise for partners who might not agree on their choice of lube, but do agree to a more pleasurable, intense experience.

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For a smooth, moisturizing sensation try our Wet Silk lube from Condom Depot. We have a variety of Wet lubes available. Browse our extensive selection for the formula that suits you and your partner best. Order from Condom Depot and receive free shipping on orders over $39.


From traditional lubes to innovative and cutting edge lubes, Wet International makes every kind of personal lubricant imaginable. So, no matter what kind of lubrication you’re looking for, Wet Personal Lubricants have what you need.

WET Silk Personal Lubricant Reviews

3 star rating (4 reviews) write a review
Cruz - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

This lube has a great lotion like texture. Its very silky but not like oil. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean afterwards. Last long. I like to use this lube to massage my girlfriend's feet.

Steve - San Diego - 1 Stars

Expected way better. Typical water based feel almost like regular lotion. Had to re-apply multiple types

Sebastian - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

This lube is a great one in the Wet Brand line. It has a great creamy texture and becomes silky. Does not get sticky while in motion. Great for massages. When i bring this lube out, my girlfriend knows what time it is.

Frank Mckee - - 1 Stars

Did not enjoy it at all. Have used other products that was much better.

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