Warming Lubricants

Condom Depot's selection of warming lubricant will leave your partner with that special warm glow after your next encounter. Warming lube is designed to stimulate when activated by rubbing or air circulation! Our catalog of warming lube comes from some of our favorite brands including Pjur lube and Ky Lube. Give warming lube a try to spice up your romance. Condom Depot has the best warming lube selection for you to choose from. Be sure to also check out our warming condoms selection!

Warming Lube: Spice Up Your Romance

One of the unique ways that couples try to spice up their bedroom lives is with warming lube. But it isn't for everyone. Similar to people who need non-latex condoms for allergy purposes, it is important to test your choice of warming lube on a section of skin before you use it during a romantic encounter. The gentle warming sensation of warming lube can be due to a few different ingredients. Because every lubricant brand wants to make the best warming lube, many different formulations are used. Propylene glycol, capsaicin, or other ingredients react differently with everyone. The feeling and reaction that people have to warming lube is also why they are so 'hotly' debated.

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