ZZZ-Wahl 7 in 1

ZZZ-Wahl 7 in 1

Who really buys these for back massage anyway?
This two speed "All Over" Body Massager is used by those in the know, to provide intense Pinpoint Stimulation. Another great thing about he Wahl is that if you have children, it looks like a back massager not a "Erogenous Zone Stimulator".

This model is Much Quieter than the Hitachi Magic Wand, and is also more powerful.

No batteries to deal with, just plug it into the wall and off you go!

Special Features
* Smaller Top for Pin Point Accuracy
* Versatile 2-speed unit for gentle or deep massage
* Change attachments to customize massage for different parts of your body
* 7 massage attachments: general body, spot application, deep muscle, muscle kneading, knuckle joint, scalp, facial
* English/Spanish instructions

Includes a Manufacturers Warrantee. Sorry No Returns Unless Defective.
Product Has Been Discontinued

ZZZ-Wahl 7 in 1 Reviews

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