Vibratex Kangaroo

Vibratex Kangaroo

By Vibratex

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Feel the difference of the Vibratex Kangaroo dual vibrator. Its smooth, soft silicone shaft rotates to bring you the utmost pleasure while the powerful clitoral stimulator vibrates with extreme intensity to make you scream with delight. Comfortable to use, the Vibratex Kangaroo is ready to pounce on your erogenous zones to give you amazing, gripping, and totally mind blowing orgasms.

Its Kangaroo shaped multi-point clitoral vibrator is positioned perfectly to stimulate your clitoris and your vaginal lips. Control how much power you want surging throughout your body. Its corded controller enables you to independently select between the speed of the shaft rotation and clitoral vibrations.

-Operated by 3 C Batteries (not included)
-Separate corded controller that allows you to independently choose between shaft rotation and clitoral vibration speeds.
-Made of Silicone

About Vibratex
For over 20 years, Vibratex has worked hard to bring you the most pleasurable and delightful toys possible to spark your sensual life. Their designs have been influenced by women who take their sexual satisfaction very seriously, so Vibratex makes sure that every bump and groove has a purpose. Vibratex uses nothing but the highest quality parts and materials to make sure that you get the utmost comfort and satisfaction.
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