Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly Vibrator

By California Exotics Novelties

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The Venus Butterfly is the perfect sex toy for both solo play and playing with your partner. Feel the incredible sensations that every woman should. The Venus Butterfly, sometimes known as a sexual technique, also elicits the same effect. A soft supple, jelly material waiting to give you pleasure. Slide into it with two comfortable leg straps. You can set the butterfly vibrator to multi-speed vibrations and it is completely adjustable. It's hands-free and can be placed right on top of the clitoris. Because it leaves the vagina accessible, the Venus Butterfly vibrator can also be used during intercourse or other penetration and fondling.

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Butterfly Vibrator Specs

Length 0"
Made Of Soft Latex
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 4/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 7/10Powerful
Powered By 2 AA Batteries
Speed Multi-Speed
Width 0"

Butterfly Vibrator Reviews

3.3 star rating (7 reviews) write a review
Suzie - Perry, Florida - 4 Stars

This is a one of a kind. You can really get the job done with this girls best friend. I give it 2 thumbs up!

Anonymous - Maryland - 2 Stars

Wasn't at all what I expected... It gives a pleasant sensation but that's about it. Doesn't get in there to really touch any of the important stuff...

Anonymous - Illinois - 2 Stars

This is not really comfortable to use during intercourse, regardless of what the description says. My husband just got annoyed - not the reaction I was hoping for!

me - florida - 5 Stars

This toy is for the clitorious not made to enter. The most important stuff is on the outside by the way. This toy ALWAYS gets the job done!!!--- especially with fresh new batteries~~~not good when used during intercourse best used alone!! I will always keep one available in my night stand!!

P&S - Los Angeles - 3 Stars

This toy accomplishes what it sets out to, and with user control you can at least prolong the inevitable. However the fit to the contour of my wife's body isn't exact, so it requires a little bit of manipulation. Not to mention it blocks entry into her vagina really making it more of a solo toy. The straps are a little cheap and scratchy on my wife's skin. She enjoys this toy, but it's not the ideal or first one she grabs for.

Jimmy - Kearney, NE - 2 Stars

I purchased it for my wife to wear when we have sex. Sadly, the butterfly gets in the way and makes that impossible. My wife can use it effectively solo, but it takes one hand to hold on target, and any old cheap, simple clit vibe will do that.

J H - - 5 Stars

Nothing but smiles. O after O.

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