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Trustex Extra Large Condoms

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When you are in the market for a seriously long condom, strongly consider this one. The Trustex Extra Large is in the top 5 longest condoms we carry, and the width is nothing to scoff at.

Otherwise, this is one of Trustex’s more traditional condoms, in the sense that it’s non-textured and is made from naturally colored latex and has a water-based lubricant and reservoir tip.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable and durable, yet thin, larger sized condom this could be the perfect fit for you and your partner.

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Long condoms are a specialty of Condom Depot. Nowhere else on the internet will you find condom experts who have carefully measured and sized every condom that they carry, except for Condom Depot. That's why we're proud to offer a wide assortment of "Big Guns" condoms for men who are well endowed. We don't just carry the popular Trojan Magnum XL like other stores. We have a whole selection of large condoms and magnum condoms for you to choose from. Buy today and save with free shipping on orders over $39.

Trustex Extra Large Condoms Specs

Length 8.62" or 218.95mm
Width 2.12" or 53.8mm
Circumference 4.24" or 107.9mm
Diameter 1.35" or 34.29mm
Lubrication Water Based
Material Latex
Features Extra Large, Resevoir Tip
Condom Specs
Trustex Extra Large Condoms

Trustex Condoms

Trustex condoms are manufactured by Line One Labs, the same trusted makers of Fantasy and Impulse condoms. Trustex condoms offer many features including various exotic flavors, scents, textures and sizes.

Trustex Extra Large Condoms Reviews

4.1 star rating (87 reviews) write a review
Mike W - Memphis, TN - 5 Stars

I just received these condoms and they are great. They ARE a little bit wider than the Magnum XL and are thinner for more pleasure. I searched and searched for condoms for something that was thin for pleasure, strong so it wouldn't break, wide for the shaft and base and protect against disease...... In all this feels better than the Magnum XL and doesn't cut off my circulation like the other XLs do. Until I find something better or all STDs are eradicated I will stick with these.

Sarah - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

My b/f is extremely thick, and this is the only condom we have found that actually fits right. Also, he says it is thinner, so it is more sensitive. Also very low odor, and non irritating. The downfall was that we had one break, which in a years time, we had never had a break before switching to these. I would recommend these condoms.

P. - Cleveland, OH - 5 Stars

Not sure why it took so long for someone to come up with this, but these are great. Wider and thin. These are the way to go if you have some girth and require extra sensitivity. Let's face's a myth that all guys burst in under 5 minutes. Sensitivity is key. Seriously ,this product is a long time overdue in my opinion.

P. - Cleveland, OH - 5 Stars

Best on the market. This is Crown for thick guys. Highly recommend.

Bruce B - Lexington KY - 5 Stars

I've been looking for a condom wide at the base and shaft, not just in the head. This condom is perfect. I don't feel strangled, and the latex is thinner than most other condoms so there's plenty of sensation.

Bob - Chicago - 5 Stars

Being a Crown condom fan I had to switch to Trustex extra large....these condoms rock...they don't feel constricting and are super thin!
Crown use to be my favorite but were always too small.

Christopher - Atlanta, GA - 4 Stars

I decided to try these condoms after being frustrated with how *thick* Magnum XLs are! Despite claims that they are wider than Magnums, I found these to fit more snug than a Magnum XL. Not uncomfortably snug, but more snug than the XLs. They are also not lubricated very well. I used the "pjur" lubricant with these, also sold on this site. Despite these two minor criticisms, these condoms are great! A *lot* thinner than the Magnums. These condoms feel wonderful! My girlfriend noticed the difference instantly!She loves these condoms. For the best experience, use the "pjur" lubricant with these! I'm sold! I will be buying these from now on. Finally, an XL *thin* condom for guys my size!

SD - New Orleans - 5 Stars

A great condom! Will buy again.

Wes - KY - 4 Stars

They are wider than Magnum XL and have more sensitivity.

Jennifer - Jupiter, FL - 4 Stars

I have an allergy to the lubricant used on Trojan Magnum's so this was the next best thing and since the base is a little bit wider than the Magnum XL, my husband was happy. No problems with the lubricant and the feeling is great but they are a little tough to get on sometimes because...probably because they're so thin. Not perfect but the best we've found so far and the size is great...finally something for the wider guys out there!

Jim - Cincinnati, Ohio - 4 Stars

I am a pretty thick guy at 7" of girth. At that girth, any condom feels snug but these are not too bad. The thin aspect is an extra bonus. I did not rate a "5" because it is still a condom and bareback is the best. However, until I get to know the lady better, bareback just is not an option.

BobRunner - Indianapolis, IN - 5 Stars

Finally!!! A great condom for a guy with girth. Wonderful fit that doesn't feel like a trashbag. i do wish the manufacturers would make the condoms in a shorter length. Just once I'd like to roll a darn comdom all the way down.

Jill - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

These condoms are 100% better than Magnum XL's for the guy AND the girl especially if you need a wider fit. They are also much thinner so they feel much better. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Shawn - Portland, Oregon - 4 Stars

I've tried many different condoms of different sizes, but this one is the best by far. Plenty of room and very sensitive. I only gave it a 4 because there are thinner condoms out there, but unfortunately they don't match up in size. If they made this condom a bit thinner, they'd have a gold mine!

TS - Memphis/Nashville, TN - 5 Stars

when I first heard of these condoms I didn't want to believe the hype, but I was dealing with this female and the Magnum I was using was not giving me my orgasm because I couldn't feel anything. So i decided to take a chance on these and they REALLY work. They fit and they are thin, and they don't have that strong odor that other condoms have. This is the only condom that I will buy. Just because the magnum comes in a gold package doesn't mean it's the golden standard because clearly these condoms have surpassed them. I would tell my friends about them, but I choose to be selfish! LOL!

F - Ithaca, New York - 5 Stars

The ring at the base is the perfect size if you're just a little bigger than average. Very thin and feels great, one of the best I've used.

RJ - NYC, NY - 5 Stars

Normally I do not write reviews, but felt moved to let people know about this product. Tried all the top ten and this takes the cake. Much better fit (no choking effect), thin for sensitivity. Still not the same as without but the best on the market in my opinion.

George "I" - Maggie Valley, NC - 3 Stars

I have switched over from the Magnum XL. The Trustex has a little more room. Keep working on it, something is better than nothing!

LK - MPLS, MN - 5 Stars

My boyfriend is large and I thought Magnum was the only option, until I got these. He said Magnums are so thick that he couldn't feel anything and it was too tight on him, then we tried this product. He said it fits him comfortably and it's much thinner. Thank you Trustex!

deztom - n.j. - 5 Stars

Perfect for those with at least a 6.5" base so the strangled to death feel is eliminated.

Shawn- - Maryland - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms I have ever used. I have tried about 20 other kinds and these have the best fit by far. Any other condom just fits too tight. I have gone through about 120 of these and I have no complaints.

jt - los angeles, california - 4 Stars

Good condom for a great price, though I don't understand some of the comments made about the size of the condom. It is definitely not a larger condom than the Trojan magnum condom. I do like it better than the magnum because the width is the same throughout--don't know why the magnum has to have more head room than shaft room--do bigger penises have proportionately bigger heads? Just the same, condom depot rocks!

Dan - Tampa, FL - 4 Stars

Magnum XLs weren't cutting it anymore so a friend suggested these and even ordered them for me to try. I'm happy to say that at last i can have sex and not worry bout the pain associated with the XLs 2in shaft base width. These still fit tight but what matters most to me is the fact they fit me without constricting blood flow. I do wish they were lubricated without spermicide but im glad us larger width/length guys have a new alternative. Thanks Trustex and thanks CondomDepot!!!

Joe English - Columbus, Oh - 3 Stars

These don't feel quite as wide as Durex Love and if you're a thicker guy you'll have trouble with the fit. Definitely thinner latex than Magnum XL and longer than most. I'll stick with Love or Magnum XL for the extra space.

Tommie - New Jersey - 5 Stars

Only condom that has a 2.25 inch base.Much better than magnum xl which is for wide heads.Magnum needs a 2.5 inch base condom to compete for the crown.

Nick - Detroit, MI - 5 Stars

The fact that these condoms are as large at the base as they are at the head is excellent...thank God someone figured it out! You can also really appreciate the thinness. These will be my brand from here on out...

Kyle - Michigan - 4 Stars

I wouldn't say I am an "extra large" guy but these are still to constricting. Still looking for the right condom to fit without being snug...

Jared - San Francisco, CA - 4 Stars

I tried these last night for the first time and, while I'm really happy that somebody came out with a condom larger than the Trojan XL's, these still weren't wide enough at the base for me. I just don't understand why none of these condom companies make a full range of condoms for the full range of men out there. Maybe it doesn't make economic sense to produce products for such a small group. What if they just offered them online? I wish they would at least offer some as a public service. I just want to have responsible safe sex.

Deidre - New York, NY - 5 Stars

Best Condoms ever!

Lance - Richmond , Virginia - 5 Stars

Best choice for me --Bar none ! I tried the "World's Best Condom Sampler" and TrustexXL fits the best and feels the most natural. Even my partners say they can feel the difference!

MG - Boston, MA - 4 Stars

Really really like the fit. I'd been using Kimono MicroThin which was a bit tight- as most standard condoms I've ever used. The Trustex Extra Large is a bit thicker (material) than the MicroThin - but I must say that the fit pretty much made up for the difference. I'll order these again.

Jim - Erie, PA - 5 Stars

The biggest I could find. They are just a little snug around the shaft, as I'm 6.5in around, but I'll tell you that they are great otherwise. The only ones that I could fit into and I'm not the biggest I've seen. They are perfect for us "wide" guys because they stretch a whole lot better than Trojans and are the only product that I'll trust. Of you are a big guy, in length or width, then consider this product. It'll treat you right, alright.

Christine W - SF Bay Area, CA - 5 Stars

These condoms are both my husband's and my favorite. Out of all the larger condoms that we've used, these are the best. They are comparable to the Magnum thin condoms, but these definitely feel thinner and they smell better. After touching the Magnum condoms, it is difficult to get the smell off of your hands and who wants to be distracted by that in the heat of things. If you are considering choosing between the two, I would recommend these over the Magnum version. This is the best product for large condoms in terms of size, quality and sensation.

Lil - Coral Springs - 5 Stars

Got these for my Hubby. We liked the fact that it was thinner. I wish they came in a wider size. I thought it was around the same width as the Magxl, but overall the thinness was better. Only down fall was the length. I thought it was not as long, and should be made longer. We would purchase these again. The best around so far.

Mike - Rutherford, NJ - 4 Stars

It's not as big as the magnum XL, it's more similar to the magnum although this one fits much better for me and is much much more sensitive. This is not the biggest condom in the world so if you have a coke bottle in your pants you may want to try something else. These are the best condoms I have ever used, my only complaint is they don't have enough lube. Get a bottle of Wet or Pjur if you order these

Daniel - Nashville, TN - 2 Stars

I was very disappointed. The measurements are NOT accurate at all. Mine, flattened, was 6" in length and 1.75" in width. It did not feel thin either. I'll keep looking for that perfect condom, but for now I'm going back to Magnum XL.

Dizzle - hollywood, ca - 1 Stars

The best! If you are using the magnum xl and get that ring around the base of your johnson, then you will be in heaven with these. Snug but without the squeezed feeling from the xl's. These feel way better too. Thank you Trustex!!!!!!

Dizzle - hollywood, ca - 5 Stars

The best! If you are using the magnum xl and get that ring around the base of your johnson, then you will be in heaven with these. Snug but without the squeezed feeling from the xl's. These feel way better too. Thank you Trustex!!!!!!

Anthony - Methuen, MA - 1 Stars

I bought the 2009 World's Best Condom Tin for me and my girlfriend as a fun Christmas present, and out of the entire bucket, these are the only ones we really didn't like. Within the first minute after putting it on, neither of us could stand it so I ripped it off and grabbed another one. It was just so THICK. It could have just been me, not having a tree trunk between my legs, but I like to think I'm a little bigger than normal. The length was fine but maybe I didn't stretch it enough or something. I guess it all depends on the size of your package, but me and my girlfriend alike really hated these.

Thompson - Tampa Bay, FL - 5 Stars

First condom I could ever use.

Thank you.

John - Erie, PA - 1 Stars

I was looking for an extra large thin condom. So I ordered this one and it was not the answer. Note this condom is like a strait cut pant leg same width from the head to the base 2.25 inches. Trojan XL's are 2 at the base, 2.12 at the shaft and 2.7 at the head.

Nick - Wayne, PA - 3 Stars

Decent condom but not as large as advertised. Very snug if you are thick and girth will also impact length of condom. So good condom, just not that big.

Cory - Virginia Beach, Virginia - 5 Stars

Thank God. No more tight pinching or headlocks. Plus these don't have the barbaric feel like magnums. It's just about time. Thank you.

Louise - Indianapolis - 5 Stars

I am a 62 year old retired physician and recently began sleeping with a young man with an exceptionally large penis. I have always kept a variety of sizes in my nightstand beside the bed. This young man was larger than anything I had in stock so I purchased a dozen Trustex Extra large for his visits. We have enjoyed wonderful safe sex with great sensitivity since we discovered this brand. I wil always keep a supply just in case I get lucky and find another man so well endowed. Thank you

T.H. - Biloxi, MS - 1 Stars

I wish I would have read more of the comments. Still very tight along my shaft, which cuts off circulation. I have a drawer full of these now...back to the Mag XL's

HD - Austin TX - 5 Stars

I've found nothing that comes close to these. Finally a condom for my thick shaft that is extra thin and keeps the experience as pleasurable as possible considering I'm wearing a glove.

tiffany - washington dc - 5 Stars

The condom fits my partner like a glove! He's too big for most average trojans and stuff, but a magnum is like a trashbag. These trustex extra larges aren't magnum sized but are easy to put on and very comfortable. They feel kinda thick but in the heat of the moment its okay and I can dig the colors :)

Roger - Chicago - 4 Stars

Well this is the best one I have found to date. I am wider at the base than the head (unusual I guess), almost 2 3/4" at the base. Most condoms end up sliding forward because of this and slippage is a problem for me.

These will stay on and while they still are way too tight at the base they are quite comfortable at the head and shaft.

I would still like one wider at the base than the head, but economic trump safety.

K - Stony Brook, NY - 1 Stars

They just don't live up to the reviews. I am average length and above average thickness. While these are slightly longer than normal condoms, they certainly aren't any wider and do not feel roomy at ALL. They also lack lubricant and the lube they do have dries out very quickly. I will stick to the Durex Love's I have been using. They feel much roomier and have better lubricant.

Benna - NJ - 5 Stars

They were as close to bareback as possible. I like comfort when it comes to wearing condoms, and this provided both comfort and sensitivity while having sex. I will be buying these in the future and making them my "go-to" condom of choice. A++++++++++++++++

JENNA - NJ - 5 Stars

A-F*CKING-MAZING. My BF and I have been testing out a bunch of different condoms and the minute we tried this one we were both blown away! Felt like nothing was there for the both of us, lubed well and good protection quality!! ORDER THEM ASAP people!! ;)

Mike - Pasadena. California - 5 Stars

These are the first condoms that I was able to mount without ripping them apart, you see I am an EXTRA large man (14 inches with a 8 inch girth circumference). Thank You for the plain wrapper delivery that not even my mom suspects.

D$$$$$$$ - IL - 5 Stars

WOW!!!!!! This is what I have to say about this product. I have tried many different condoms this on is the best. It offers comfort as well as the feeling of having sex without a condom. Honestly the best condom I have ever used. This website is one that I have just recently stumbled across and it has turned out to be a blessing. I have been telling all of my guy friends about it. Thank you you have truly made my life better.

Johnny - College Park, MD - 1 Stars

For guys that use Magnums, this is not an alternative. I wanted to try it because it's much thinner than Magnums or Magnum Thins, but I couldn't get it on at all, so it didn't really matter how thin it was. If you comfortably use Magnums, do not waste your money with this condom.

Bubba - Austin, Texas - 1 Stars

Absolutely worse condoms, I have ever used! Save your money and stick with Magnum XLs. I have no idea why someone would say that these are similar in size to the XLs because they are NOT. I know that choices are very limited for larger condoms- but these aren't even worth trying.

James - Wisconsin - 2 Stars

These condoms are probably okay if you're slightly above average, but they are far from extra large. These things choked all the blood out of my penis when I tried to roll them on, and I'm only about 6" around at the widest point.

M.C. - Brooklyn, NY - 1 Stars

After reading the comment below I happily ordered 100 of these, but when they arrived I was very disappointing to find out that they are NOT wider than the Magnum XL's.
Guess I have to stick with those after all until someone truly makes a condom that is actually wider.

James - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

I've used Magnum XLs since I was in high school, but now at 28, I decided to try a thinner condom. They are a little snug, but the XL are snug on me as well. They could be about longer, but they don't smell as strong as the XLs. My girlfriend and I noticed a big difference because the feel thinner. They will be my #1 condom and they are half the price of the XLs on this site. I'm going to order 100 more this week.

RP - Detroit, MI - 2 Stars

Horrible, I was dissapointed. I can barely get the condom over the head and then it pinches at the base and doesn't roll all the way down. Very uncomfortable and I think there demnsions are wrong, Im 8 inches long and they dont go on all they way and they are way too tight.

Spencer - Burbank - 4 Stars

I wouldn't call it EXTRA large... but it is bigger than the average condom. While not loose, I found it to be pretty comfortable, as far as condoms go, namely in the shaft.

I'm never completely satisfied with heads. There's still barely enough room to skeet in it. If I were to keep at it a while, the cum would work it's way past the head eventually...

Michael - Tulsa, OK - 5 Stars

For the record, These condoms are NOT wider than the Trojan Magnums. I have one of each unrolled right now in front of me. At the head, the magnum is much wider than the Trustex and at the base the magnum is only slightly wider. The first thing you'll notice when the trustex goes on is that it is very snug. So snug that I initially wondered if this was even going to be a pleasurable experience.But after insertion, I was blown away by how much better than the magnum they felt. They're way thinner than even the Magnum Thin condoms and the snugness is more than totally redeemed because of the thinness. My new favorite indeed. Unprotected Sex: 10
Trustex: 8.5
Magnum Thin: 6.5
Magnum XL or Regular: 5

Ron V - Pittsburgh, PA - 5 Stars

Seems like these are the best out there for me. Larger than standard condoms, so you don't get a too tight feeling. The sensitivity is also really good. I can actually pop my cork with this condom on! I also like that they are an ordinary clear type color. Not pink or blue or whatever. I will continue to order these and use them with the questionable girls we all know. Condomdepot is the best!!

C. Young - New York, New York - 5 Stars

Finding a condom to fit my girthy man was a problem. Going from brand to brand, he always felt that his member was being clamped and sensitivity was an big issue. Condoms for larger men he found, were a bit of the thick side. I found the Trustex Extra Large condoms here and our condom wishes have been granted! He said that he could feel more than ever before and it no longer felt like a tourniquet was on his penis. As for me, there was no offensive latex smell and it was so thin I hardly noticed it was on. Two thumbs up from both of us!

bigcountry7104 - Maryland - 5 Stars

definitely not as wide as magnums but thinner and they don't smell. still pinch a little at the base but so far its the best

Jenna - Bethel, VT - 2 Stars

My BF and I are trying all the "extra large" brands we can (not successfully). Unfortunately he said these felt just like regular condoms. The length was fine in our case but they seemed to have a "choking effect". If you are particularly thick I wouldn't recommend these.

Ray - Windsor, Ontario - 5 Stars

I was skeptical but these condoms DO let you feel what's going on during sex. The extra width is good but I find them somewhat snug at the base (good on shaft and head). The length leaves about 2.5" of me uncovered though, so have to be careful withdrawing. All in all, better than XXL size condoms.

Luke - Co - 4 Stars

These seemed nice, they were thin, but still were too tight on me, I cant seem to have any luck with anything other than Trojan Ecstasy (2.5 in head width)

Scott - Brooklyn, NY - 1 Stars

do yourself a favor, and stick with CROWN SKINLESS or DUREX LOVE - both highly rated on this site. These condoms simply aren't reliable enough. I've had a few instances where there was a lot of wetness during sex, and these just slipped off. That simply shouldn't happen - and doesn't with the other top brands named above. Yes, I know what extra large is, but, not safe enough. Avoid!

Veronica - IN - 5 Stars

These are my bf's and my favorite condom. He's 8 inches and very thick and they feel fantastic.

Bo - Stockholm, Sweden - 5 Stars

I have been looking for a condom that is 1) large 2) thin 3) strong 4) non-tapered. This combo has been crazy hard to come by so I have got to share some love for this product. Hands down the best condoms I have used. Zero breakage, great sensitivity, nice straight shape that doesn't cut bloodflow, and very smooth & stretchy latex. If you have a girth between ~ 5.2 - 5.7 inches that thickens from top to base, these are likely to feel superb. Us regular XL-users can also wear these safely (given that one enjoys a snug fit) since the material is both strong and stretchy. All in all: slightly misleading to call these extra large, and they do require extra lube, but in every other aspect A++ condoms! Love them.

Sanchez - Birmingham, Al - 5 Stars

I tried Magnus xl and it ended up being baggy. This trustex has a great fit for someone who is fairly long in length and is slightly above average in girth. It adds tip your ego also when it says "extra large" and you know she's going to grab t the condom wrapper and be impressed lol. For me the regular magnum is okay but not long enough.

Justin - - 4 Stars

Good fit and reasonably priced

Tim Webster - - 5 Stars

By far, her favorite. Just slightly more lube and a nice texture.

Edwin Schroeder - - 2 Stars

Bought it as I was a long term user of LifeStyles XL but its no longer sold. Looked at a lot of websites and did some correspondence with a CondomDepot rep. Thought this was a good replacement for Lifestyles XL. NOT. Not wide enough and tight at the bottom and not much lubrication. Not as wide as it advertises. Not a replacement for Lifestyles XL.

Edwin Schroeder - - 2 Stars

Bought it as I was a long term user of LifeStyles XL but its no longer sold. Looked at a lot of websites and did some correspondence with a CondomDepot rep. Thought this was a good replacement for Lifestyles XL. NOT. Not wide enough and tight at the bottom and not much lubrication. Not as wide as it advertises. Not a replacement for Lifestyles XL.

Conroy Gordon - - 4 Stars

Great deal and fast delivery

phil - - 5 Stars

I've been using these for about 2 yrs they work great for problems to report...

Michelle Hardenbrook - - 5 Stars

Great condom, larger than regular, smaller than magnum but not by much.

Michael Galczynski - - 5 Stars

A little bit larger and roomier than your average condom, but no worries about it falling off. Great product!

johnnyG - - 5 Stars

I didn't use them yet, but they used to have a different trustex xlarge, and they were the best for me.

JH - - 4 Stars

Pretty solid, look oddly small but fit well, no tearing issues. Little light on lube but that's alright, feels really good upgrading from Magnum XL

Babalola Ogunbiyi - - 5 Stars

Good size for guys who is above average size and does the job!

Johnny Tampa - Tampa, FL - 5 Stars

Great Condom for Extra Headroom and width. Very sensitive also.

Albert - Vine Grove, KY - 5 Stars

These condoms are very good for be because I have a wide girth but am not a 9incher as far as length goes.

Dan - Anonymoustown, Anonymousstate - 5 Stars

I got some of these in the Big Guns sampler and thought they were awesome.

I used to use Trojan Magnum XL's since I needed something with more width. However, these are wider on the shaft and even the base (which I love since it's hard to find a condom with more than a 2" base [the ring at the bottom]) .

In the end, these condoms are wider, thinner, and less expensive than the trojans. Until I can find something better, these are the ones for me -- which is a relief to say, since I have spent months trying different kinds.

JC - Fort Worth, TX - 5 Stars

After my wife getting off birth control due to health issues, I found myself going back to the condom after a dozen years. I soon remembered why I hated condoms in the first place. The standard sized condoms are uncomfortably tight and small for those of us that are above the norm in size, especially in girth/thickness. I've since tried most of the large/extra large ones on the market, with the Trojan Magnum Extra Large being my favorite....'til I tried this one. Finally a thin extra-sensitive condom made for those of us that are well-hung. The fit is comfortable and the increased feeling has led to fantastic lovemaking sessions.

For those of us who need a larger condom but also want something with better feel, this one gets my nod of any I've tried....and I've tried about all of 'em over the last year or so.

Mark N. - Austin, TX - 5 Stars

I agree with the other posters. I look for two specific factors in a condom--thinness so I can actually get off, and large enough condom to handle my girth. I have NEVER found a condom that was really big enough in the girth department, but this is probably the best combination I have found. Usually I have trouble rolling the condom down far enough since my girth at the base is a bit more, but this one works pretty well. I still wish someone would make a condom for those of us with tree trunks between our legs, but until they do, this one is a great deal better than anything else.

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