Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms

Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms

By Trustex

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The smell of latex condoms is no perfume, and the taste isn't ideal, so add some flavor to your life with assorted Trusted Flavored Condoms. Push your classic condoms to the back of the drawer and grab a strawberry or mint condom from Trustex. Flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex, protecting against STDs without that nasty latex taste and smell. Instead, you have seven (7) rich flavors and scents to choose: vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, mint, cola, and grape.

Specific flavor requests can not be honored as these are packaged as an assortment. If you are looking for large quantities of individual flavors, order from the non-assorted flavored condom product page.

Please note: we reserve the right to substitute out-of-stock items with a comparable, highly-rated product.

Smell can affect the way you taste, so not only are Trustex Flavored Condoms pleasantly tasting, they smell great too. Trustex also offers non-lubricated flavored condoms. Looking for packs of individual flavors? Browse the rest of our flavored condoms to find your perfect flavor. Spend more than $39 and get free shipping.

Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms Specs

Length 7.50"
Circumference 4.00
Lubrication Water-Based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Wall
Special Features Assorted Colors, Assorted Flavors
Condom Specs
Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms

Trustex Assorted Flavored Condoms Reviews

4.6 star rating (9 reviews) write a review
John - Canyon, TX - 4 Stars

For Her: Taste great and she really got into it. Fun colors
For Him: Fairly thick condoms, reduces sensitivity. Fun watching her get into it!

Mark - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

These are what my partner wears and they taste fine to me.

Happy-Happy - MA - 5 Stars

When I bought them, I thought "they're probably like all other condoms." To my surprise, my wife liked the flavor. I'm shocked, but happily shocked.

Raymond - Lancaster, PA - 5 Stars

Wife loved the taste of these. Mint and strawberry were her favorites. These didn't smell like latex. We loved them.

Stacie - Bend, OR - 4 Stars

I was very surprised on how good these flavors were. This was a great condom for oral sex. Definitely will purchase these again.

Jason - Worcester, MA - 5 Stars

Wow! Shocked how good these actually tasted. Finally a great flavored condom!

Drew - Vancouver, BC - 4 Stars

I have heard, and believe, that TRUSTEX also produces FANTASY condoms. This is no surprise as these TRUSTEX flavoured condoms are well made in terms of smell and flavor. The draw back is that the tip, according to my partner, is EXCESSIVE, which can have a negative effect on the intended oral sex benefits. Fun condom, GRAPE, and MINT tops...other flavors have that "IMITATION" factor, but this is common in most brands.

Sarah - Dike, Iowa - 5 Stars

Oh boy! When these puppies went on his dick and in my mouth, it was a BLAST of sensational awesome taste! They all taste incredible! No nasty latex taste. They are all incredibly awesome!!! =D

Sean - Dallas, Texas - 4 Stars

Great Condom!! My girlfriend loved the taste of all these condoms especially the Chocolate flavored ones. They are also strong and high quality too.

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