Trojan XOXO Condoms

Trojan XOXO Condoms

The Trojan XOXO Intense Ribbed Male Natural Rubber Latex Condom with Silicone and Aloe Vera OE Lubricant is used to help prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.
Trojan XOXO Intense Ribbed condom has a bulbous reservoir end shape designed with 11 rows of continuous ribs on its shank and nine rows of continuous ribs on its bulb. It's made from a pre-vulcanized natural rubber latex and has a lubricant infused with Aloe Vera.

Trojan XOXO Product Specifications

Lubricated: Silicone with Aloe Vera
Shape: Bulbous reservoir end with ribs
Length: 185 +/- 10mm
Flat Width: 54 +/- 2mm
Bulb Flat Width: 65mm
Thickness: .09 +/- .01mm
Sold in Boxes of 10 and 24

Made with Softouch thin latex, the Trojan XOXO Condom feels like wearing nothing! One of the closest condoms to the SKYN varieties. Infused with aloe vera, so there is no harsh latex smell here. As always, Condom Depot has you covered.
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