Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring

By Trojan

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The Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring can be worn with a condom or without.


What is the Best Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring?

There’s nothing more frustrating then a one-time-use vibrating ring, or knowing it’s on its last leg in the heat of the moment. If you would like to buy a multi-speed vibrating ring that’s in it for the long haul, then the Big O Charged Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring is just what you’re looking for. It lasts up to 60 minutes, has 3 speeds plus a bonus pulsation and is USB rechargeable, making it totally travel-friendly.
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Trojan Vibrating Multi-Speed Ring Specs

Unstretched Diameter 1.125”
Unstretched Circumference 3.53”
Stretched Diameter 2.55”
Stretched Circumference 8"
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