Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

By Trojan

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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom features a wider, balloon shaped area for increased headroom. The Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom is part of Trojan's Stimulation Ecstasy product line.

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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Specs

Length 8.25
Circumference 4.24
Lubrication Silicone-based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Bulbous End, No Reservoir Tip
Special Features Ribbed
Condom Specs
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Reviews

2.3 star rating (112 reviews) write a review
Alex - Anytown, USA - 3 Stars

My boyfriend and I tried these. We both loved the ribbed portion. The lub was good. But the latex, smell, ugh. We have used Trojan before, and nothing has been this bad. We will give them another shot or two, but the smell kinda made me sick.

Brad W - Memphis, TN - 2 Stars

When my girlfriend opened one of these up for the first time she joked about how I bought the wrong size. As I rolled it on it was apparent it just had a different shape than what we we used to.

If I had seen one of these before I bought them I would have made a different decision. The balloon shape wasn't comfortable for me at all and caused me to lose my erection multiple times. On the other hand my girlfriend said she really liked them and couldn't feel a thing.

Shimmy - New York, NY - 4 Stars

These feel great! I'd give them a 5 if they were cheaper!

Derek - Keyser, WV - 4 Stars

These are awesome condoms...way better than any other type my girlfriend and i have tried...they make it feel like i don't have one on (still not as good but you get my point)...she can feel the difference from other condoms as well...

secret bf - long beach - 4 Stars

me and my girlfriends favorite condom it feels good for her...a lttle thicker but works great without that stupid tip

Kiwi - Anaheim, CA - 1 Stars

The condom was overly lubricated which caused by skin to become very irritable.

Mik - Missouri - 1 Stars

i bought these, thinking they would be great but 5 minutes into it with my girlfriend, it literally felt like nothing was there, and i pulled out to check.... what do u know, a hole, right at the end. after i spent $ on these crappy condoms that dont feel any different. and arent nearly as reliable as Durex, ill never buy trojan again

Jay Williams - Dub-C - 1 Stars

This condom is horrible. I'd rather use saran wrap!

liz - New York, NY - 5 Stars

These are great condoms for women. I love all the ridges. My boyfriend loved the extra room in the condom.

Car - Orlando fl - 3 Stars

Ok like most people I saw these on tv at first an thought Id give'em a shot
first thought when opening the box THESE THINGS ARE HUGE a little bigger than magnums! While in the wrapper and they feel thick!! Like 3 1/2 quarters (the money wise)
performance wise these went on like a champ not too loose but not tight perfect fit for me but I'm a bit on the thicker size.
More performance wise I was a little disappointed on that note I was coming from bravo condom and these don't make the par from a guys stand point on feeling wise they feel thick walled like the standard Trojans the light blue box I mean not all that great feeling . More of a female benefit I guess in my honest opinion these are the new generation Her Pleasure condoms. Good to try I guess but I think Ill stick with my other condoms.
overall 5.8/10

Gdaddy - Diamond Bar, Ca - 5 Stars

OmG this is the best condom out right Now my gurl thinks this stuff is amazing haha if she like it then Hey I love it I recommend this To anyone

Britt - Winter Park, FL - 5 Stars

Me and my boyfriend bought these and they're worth every penny. They feel amazing to both of us and my boyfriend said that it feels a little bit looser near the base of the condom, he said he likes it though cause it's not so tight. The only thing is that it's hard to find them in stores cause they sell out fast. We had to go to about 4 different stores trying to find them. That should tell you that everyone else likes them too.

Cody - corvallis,OR - 1 Stars

They are HORRIBLE! Feels like you're wearing a garbage bag. Why is there no reservoir tip?

J - NYC - 1 Stars

THEY BREAK. Used less than a box, and 2 completely broke. Enough said.

Misc - East Coast, US - 1 Stars

3 out of 10 broke. Awful and deplorable product. I liked the the shape though and wish Trojan could really work this tearing issue out. Otherwise, these are completely unreliable as a form of sti/pregnancy prevention.

Matt - C.A. - 1 Stars

I loved them, they were comfortable to wear and the ribbed portion was great. My girlfrind loved them too. Problem was is that they break. 50/50

SS - Eugene, OR - 4 Stars

I am a bit larger than average and found the fit okay. My wife enjoys the feel of these and I find the feel to be great. I prefer nothing but...

The smell is a bit strong and the price steep compared to others. Overall, though, I will continue to use them.

Kayla - West Lafayette, Indiana - 2 Stars

Although my boyfriend and I have been lucky and none of these have broken I would not recommend them! The packaging is way too big so I have to carry them in my wallet instead of him at first I thought I bought the wrong size! The lube way too much we have to shower after every use bc it won't just wipe off! He is a normal size and is always having to adjust it bc the condom itself is too big! The lube in it has caused him to have skin irritation I will never buy theis again! THEY SUCK!!!

Jj - Indiana - 1 Stars

Ok, plain and simple these things are unnecessarily big. I have a 7 inch dick, and the condom itself is 7.5... Too long and the balloon thing is way too baggy.

Mel - Virginia - 1 Stars

My boyfriend bought a box of three to try them out, and they ALL broke!! They suck.

Justin - Santa Rosa, California - 4 Stars

The people who are saying they're not reliable.. that's because they're made for larger sized guys. Just because it says "feels like nothings there" doesnt mean you go buy it haha, if you dont fill it up the extra baggage rubs against itself and they tear... still these condoms stink (literally) and I wouldn't buy them again anyways. pull out all day hahaha

blah - Southern Arizona - 1 Stars

Use these condoms if you want a kid. Almost half of the condoms out of the box broke. Might as well use saran wrap and save your money on these. They suck.

Chris - Dallas, TX - 1 Stars

First, I couldn't feel anything at all. My girlfriend loved it, but we both agreed that they smelt terrible; not even washing our hands could get the smell off. The second time we used them, it broke and I had to run to the nearest pharmacy to get Plan B, $50 I could've used on something WAY better than these terrible condoms.

Caroline - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

Of the condoms my boyfriend and I have tried, these caused the least friction, and if you put it on right, they're not likely to break. It's better for me than any other condoms. I like them a lot.

E. - Pennsylvania - 1 Stars

By far this is the worst condom I have ever used. To start, the smell is just awful it almost makes you gag. Then once you get it on and are doing your thing that baggy end keeps bunching up and is very uncomfortable. It looks like a sandwich bag. As for the lube!!! WTF!! It just does not come off your skin without serious scrubbing. All in all a very poor product that will surely kill anyones mood. If I could give it a negitive rating I would.

Brandon - Peoria,AZ - 1 Stars

Trojan ecstasy, feels like there is nothing there, works like there is nothing there...

Ryan - Alexandria, VA - 1 Stars

Just tried these for the first time over this weekend. These are the WORST condoms I have ever used, and I think that Trojan should be sued for false advertisement (no not really, but that's how utterly bad they are). VERY thick and made me feel like I was wearing a sleeping bag rather than a condom. The lubricant was thick, nasty, had a disgustingly strong smell, and was almost impossible to get off. I had a hard time staying "up" because of the lack of sensation. Do not buy!!! They are overpriced CRAP!

John - New Jersey - 2 Stars

Horrible, I couldnt feel a thing. Got soft quickly with this because i couldnt feel anything. I would never buy them again.

Tom - Sacramento - 1 Stars

Bought a pack thought they would be good 3/10 broke I was like WTF my girl hated them very disappointed

Sam Oliver - Bronx, NY - 1 Stars

Like everyone else says, these condoms break. I've never had any condoms break on me before this and I know its not the way I put them on or how fast I go because I went as slow as a snail and the condom still managed to pop.

A - Vegas - 1 Stars

Horrible. The condom felt great...up until it broke and we had to rush to the store to spend $50 on Plan B. I've never had a condom break until we tried these out. I will never use this product again.

E - Los Angeles CA - 5 Stars

I'm reading all these bad reviews talking about tearing and too thick feeling so I had to throw in my review. I had zero complaints about this condom. I'm larger than average, especially with girth and I love these. No breakage, no slippage, feels amazing. Gf loves them too. We bought a box of these and a box of bareskin, threw away the bareskin because they were too tight and felt weird to her and now the ecstasy are our new favorites. Maybe if you are average or below it might not be the condom for you.

Jenae - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

After trying many different condoms, these are by far my boyfriend and I's favorite. My boyfriend usually wears magnums but these are just as big and wayyyy better. The ribs make it feel great for the woman and it is roomy enough for the guy.
We have never had one break on us and have gone through about 3 boxes so far.

josh dunne - Wellsville ny - 5 Stars

For me these are the best condoms I have ever used. But, they have a Goldilocks zone of about 5-5.5 girth penis and 6 inch length or more. The baggieneess at the top makes it feel like nothing is there. But if you are to small all the lube will make them fall off, and if you are too big they will just be a tight regular latex tank wrapped around your Johnson

Raquel - san antonio - 4 Stars

liked the ribbs, smell was awful. goig back to lifestyles

Mack - Woodbridge va - 3 Stars

Not a bad Condom at all. I'm very well endowed however so the bagginess some feel and may dislike was a great relief. Most condoms just squeeze me tightly but these gave be a fit that is very comfortable. The lubricant was good however the thickness made it so I couldn't feel as much as I knew I should. the session I had was rather mild so I can't speak much on reliability I was able to get off with these. But overall id rather squeeze into a bareskin and feel all sensations then be in these

Tomcat - MD - 4 Stars

Really good, kinda smells weird but good fit and good pleasure. Definitely will use again.

Condom king - San Francisco - 5 Stars

Best condoms by far. I use these quite a bit and never have had any problems with them. Highly recommend

KD - Detroit - 1 Stars

Awful... The Lube burned my member for days!

Jos Roets - The Netherlands - 5 Stars

My absolute favourite! I think the most complaints about this condom is because misunderstanding. When you fit this condom there must be space around the penis top. During intercourse shouldl the penis glide up and down in the condom and that feels so good!!!! The ribs in the condom are very stimulating!!! I love my wife and this condom!

Jos Roets - The Netherlands - 5 Stars

My favourite condom. Not cheap! But for me the best! I think that some negative reactions are related that the condom is misunderstood. When I use it, I first roldown the condom once or twice and fil the inside with a small, little drop extra lube. Than I rol the condom down on my erected penis on such way that there will be no air around the top (glans) of my penis. Now there is a 15-20mm extra length of the condom hanging at the tip of my penis. It maybe look a little silly, but once into my wife's pussy, my penis can freely move into the condom. The ribs inside the condom are very nice and stimulating. Intercourse on this way is very, very good!

April - Baltimore, MD - 4 Stars

These are good condoms and my friend's "go-to". Makes me feel pretty good and they fit him perfectly (he's on the thicker side). Easy to unroll and stay in place, even when with rough sex. Only con is I feel like these should be a little more lubricated.

Also...we've never had any issues with breaking and we're "at least" halfway through a pack.

SHAQUON - - 5 Stars

I hate wearing condoms. However, if I must, this is my go to product.

Joe Merrifield - - 5 Stars

I love these condoms, they are nice and wide so they go on easy and the lubricant helps make it feel like I am not wearing anything. There are times I stop and check to if it’s still there.

Kyle B. - Detroit, MI - 1 Stars

Had to practically use a brillo pad to get the lube off... not satisfying at all.

Jay - Ontario, CA - 1 Stars

Too much lube, and it was so itchy, had to shower right after. Was pretty gross. Plus there like putting a grocery bag on.

Lawrence - Baton Rouge,LA - 4 Stars

Okay these are good. They feel pretty good but not the best and they are pretty strong when used correctly. I had two break on me and I found out why. Its because I went soft and tried to force it back in. Listen, if you go soft to where your condom gets loose take it off and get another one. Because forcing it will break any condom. Other than that these are very strong and safe and feel great. The best condom I've seen so far. Not having a tip is the best and they roll on the penis as easy as 123. This is everything a condom should be strong,feels good,goes on easy, and safe.

Jessica - Fortuna, CA - 2 Stars

"Feels like nothing?" No. Feels like you used a sandwich baggie instead of a condom. Not at ALL exciting. No thank you.

Cool Girl - New Orleans. LA - 1 Stars

These condoms felt great! My Boyfriend loved them, BUT they are not reliable at ALL! 8 out of 10 of them broke! They are trying to impregnate the world! AAAAHH! But, they felt good. Ha!

Mechelle G. - Concord, NC - 4 Stars

These kind of do feel different, I love that they aren't skin tight on my boyfriend and I felt the ridges.The lube on it is okay to me and I could tell that something was there but it was bearable.May have been better if we weren't so focused on the new condom and focused on us!I think its mind over matter!

James - Los Angeles, CA - 4 Stars

Great concept for a condom. Firm around the base, baggier at the top for better feeling and a mild desensitizing gel for longer love making. Honestly not a bad condom. Worth the money IMO.

Courtney - Va Beach, VA - 2 Stars

Was not pleased, the advertising was truly false! Not what I expected at all, in a bad way :(

mike - il - 5 Stars

Best ever, feels great, not a tight fit like other condoms, plenty of lube.

nick - san deigo - 2 Stars

It really doesn't feel like its there but it breaks easily I wouldn't recommend it.

tnt - ohio - 5 Stars

Great time had by all...I know it may be impossible but if this condom was thinner it would be the best condom in the WORLD!!!...

NI - SLC - 1 Stars

Out of the 12-20 I have tried there have been 2 that have broke.
I have stopped using these.

Meagan S. - Columbia, MO - 1 Stars

These were absolutely awful. They were really loose and made a weird noise. The ribbing also bothered me a whole lot. Absolutely awful.

Mike - Mpls, MN - 1 Stars

I found them thick and oily. Also, quite large. I can't fill 'em up. Pass

Jay - Milwaukee Wi - 1 Stars

Feels like nothings there?!?! Yeah right! Save your money!

MeAgOo!(: - Texas! - 1 Stars

Me and my boyfriend have used six of these so far and we have had two break and now I might be pregnant I would not want anyone to use these at all they are so horrible! ughhh! And they don't feel as great as people say either they suck!

jim - Detroit MI - 1 Stars

To much lube and too big of packaging -wont fit in wallet.

Eddie - detroit, michigan - 1 Stars

Even though Trojan is a very popular brand, and are noted for their reliability. I would have to say no the Trojan Ecstasy condoms are not reliable. I personally had 4 break out of one box. Three of them were in a row. I would say it was just the performance, but i have used numerous types of condoms actively and never had one break. I personally will never use the Trojan Ecstasy condoms again. And to answer your last question, no you can not feel it when it breaks due to them being lubricated on the inside as well. I got very lucky and did not end up with a child.

Andrew - Fullerton Ca - 1 Stars

These Condoms BREAK! Like Seriously 5 Minutes into it these should be taken off the market or we are all gonna become parents.

Sam - Chicago - 1 Stars

Pure Crap...very oily, doesn't feel any better than any other condom. Size issue is true...WAY TOO BIG. Second Trojan I bought and they both sucked. GO DUREX!!


Horrible condom. Says it makes it feel like nothing is there, but it really just got in the way. It bunched up and I constantly had to fix it during sex. its annoying and uncomfortable.

jordan - topeka, ks - 3 Stars

Definitely not what they are talked up to be. I was disappointed, harder to get on because of the combination of the new shape and lube. Not bad, but not the best either

Wayne - Birmingham, AL - 1 Stars

Condoms were terrible. After a few minutes they cut off my circulation leaving me limp and bruised. Not to mention, they pissed my gf off cause the lube dried her out. I was very disappointed.

aaron - utah - 1 Stars

These are the worst condoms ever. They break and the latex smell was horrible.

Chris - nyc - 1 Stars

First time using them - Condom BROKE, did not notice b/c of all the lube on the condom, will never use again.

Kris - Royal City WA - 1 Stars

These condoms are a complete waist of money I spent the ten dollars and had sex for about a minute before me GF complained about a stinging sensation. So we took a break and tried again later.... 4 condoms later the same thing happened... wasted my money.

tiffany - hollywood, fl - 2 Stars

Nothing special. Highly anticipated for no good reason. It was also the first condom that my boyfriend & i have used that broke on us. Definitely NOT a good thing. I think we'll stick to plain ol' reliable Magnums instead.

Josh - Vista, CA - 1 Stars

These seemed promising..but hell no they BROKE and now its time for plan B...don't buy these!.....Ecstasy shape isn't safe for down and dirty sex.

DJ - ATL, Georgia - 2 Stars

I was really excited to try these, but unfortunately it doesn't feel as good as advertised, actually, I could hardly feel it at all. The first thing I noticed about the condom was how baggy it felt on my shaft. When I had intercourse with it, the condom blocked all the pleasure, I could hardly feel a thing, it really does feel you're wearing a plastic bag like others mentioned. There were a few times that I got limp because of the lack of feeling. However, my girl seems to enjoy it compared to others, mainly because of the good amount of lubrication. I on the other hand don't recommend this, there's much better products out there, and for a cheaper price.

A.J. - Atlanta, GA - 1 Stars

My boyfriend and I used these and the feeling was okay, but 2 out of the first 3 broke and we didn't notice until after we were done. In addition to the purchase of the actual condoms it cost us $65 extra for the Plan B pills. Would NOT recommend.

- boston, MA - 1 Stars

These condoms break! Don't buy them! and there thin so you don't notice that they break until its to late. Dont buy!

Mattie - NYC, NY - 1 Stars

HORRIBLE! They break! Don't buy them, terrible terrible terrible.
Thanks to these condoms I could be pregnant.
Thanks a lot Trojan.
Durex from now on.

JIMMY - USA - 1 Stars

DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!! They break almost every time!

Sophie - Boise, Idaho - 3 Stars

Felt a little better than average for me, but not substantially. My boyfriend, however, loved the feeling. He said there really was a noticeable difference between these and the Durex condoms we'd been using prior. **BUT** 1 of the 3 that we used broke, and the 2 that didn't break were only used for 10-minute quickies. So yeah, they feel great for him, better than average for her, but are very unreliable. I'm planning on staying away from these in the future, or else only using them while on the pill at the same time.

bi - nc - 2 Stars

I don't like them at all, I bought them thinking they would have a greatly engineered fit but not the case. The heavy lube on the inside along with the balloon shape made the condom slide around a little bit which made me feel like I was having sex with latex, not a girl. Rather then saying it feels like nothing there, they should say it feels like your girls vagina is made of latex

M B - Rhode Island - 1 Stars

The lube they use doesn't come off. It's like it's made of super glue. We even went to the extreme of using pumice soap and it still was stuck to the skin. Horrible stuff.

Kurt - AZ - 1 Stars

Used one of these today and it broke. I don't recommend it at all unless you can't last for more than 3 minutes...

bubba - atlanta, georgia - 4 Stars

They were not that bad my girlfriend liked it more than anything, a little of the feeling is not there, but it makes you last longer.

Emily - Chicago, IL - 1 Stars

Me and my boyfriend hate these condoms. I bought them because of the slogan and shiny packaging. But they are needlessly huge, and once my boyfriend put it on I knew we would hate it. He couldn't feel anything, and I even experienced decreased sensation. It looked kind of silly on because they might as well have been magnums, we might as well have used a plastic bag. Terrible.

Danii - NJ - 4 Stars

My boyfriend and I tried these for the first a few days ago and speaking from a woman's point of view I loved them! My boyfriend said it was nothing special, but they are great to please your woman. Only bad part was the latex smell! It's awful and almost over powering. Other than that job well done!

Bobby - Joliet, IL - 1 Stars

Broke first time, didn't notice til it was too late. I do not recommend buying this product. Of the many condoms I have used in my days, this was the first to break on me....EVER!

Aj - West chester, Ohio - 2 Stars

These aren't what they say they are at all. They are huge! They slide off and the lube dries up fairly fast. Would never have bought if I knew that would happen.

edward - los angeles - 1 Stars

F**k these, the first one i used ripped and i didn't even know till i took it off, because of these I got a girl (not even my girlfriend) pregnant. Do not use these!!

Shanna - Wisconsin - 1 Stars

These condoms broke every single time we used them. I will never use them again. They are the most unreliable condoms I have EVER used. DON'T USE THEM!!!

Thia - Austin, TX - 1 Stars

These are the absolute worst condoms I have ever tried in my entire life. After only five minutes the ribs started to rub me raw even though I was plenty lubricated. I will never buy these condoms again.

j - a - 1 Stars

Broke multiple times.

Justis - Sacramento, California - 4 Stars

The best condom I've had thus far. The only reason why somebody might not like it is maybe because their penis is not big enough for it. I gave it a 4 because it broke on me one time.

Might be a Daddy! THanks TROJANS NOT!! - S-Tn - 1 Stars

Yea first time we used one it broke!! From reading all the reviews I think Trojan might be helping the Plan B Pill out, I wonder if they have money in them too???

V - Bahamas - 1 Stars

Not the best ever. Didn't break on us, but definitely didn't feel like the 'actors' in the commercial. Also think the lubricant left me with a Y=yeast infection. I have almost 2 full packs left. Anybody want em?

Erron - Tacoma, WA - 5 Stars

I have had a lot of safe sex with many sexual partners over the years, and these Ribbed Ecstasy condoms are by-far the BEST condoms I have ever used. I had an ex-girlfriend which had HPV and for the entire year we were together we always had safe sex, and always used these condoms. We probably used hundreds of them, and never once had one break! Add a little bit of extra lube and you'll be shocked that it literally feels like nothing is on, and I usually can't tell the difference. I constantly would check to make sure it didn't break or come off, but it was always there. After the entire year, I never contacted HPV from my girlfriend, and have since told ever guy friend of mine about these condoms. I've tried them all, and no other condom compares.

Andrea - Colorado - 3 Stars

I like these condoms for the most part minus two factors: it's dangerous to wipe your butt afterwards due to the massive amount of lube and they seem to break. I bought them when they first came out and had 5 out of 10 break. I didn't give up though and bought some more and they were fine. Then last night had one out of a new box break. I use condoms to NOT get pregnant but these seem to be making that hard.

RZ - vb, VA - 5 Stars

These are the best. I lost my virginity wearing one of these. We used about 4 of them. None broke and it really did feel like nothing was there. This seriously deserves an A+. Trojan needs to mix flavors(lubes) and come up with an uber-condom lol. Nice job again Trojan.

Nancy - Lansing, MI - 1 Stars

Worst Condom EVER!!! My boyfriend is average size and we usually use Lifestyles and are very pleased. However, one night when we had to scramble through our friends to find a condom we stumbled upon the Ecstasy.... I honestly could have started crying I was in so much pain!! Then whataya know.... IT BROKE. So we put on another one and no more than a minute later it BROKE AGAIN!!!! Never will we ever use these condoms again!!! Screw you Trojan

unsatisfied - Virginia - 1 Stars

My friend bought these for her and her fiance, when i was in a jam she gave me half of her 36 pack box saying that they just didn't work for them. When me and this guy were hooking up, it kept falling off. Finally we had to give up (a huge disappointment for both of us). My friend told me that her fiance had the same problem. A week later I was hooking up with someone else, and decided to give them another shot, this guy was bigger than the last one, and they worked very well for him. But the fiance and first guy are average, so don't buy unless you know you're like...beast.

Panama - Louisiana - 1 Stars

Ok, I give Trojan Ecstasy brand condoms a -10. You can tell the difference with and without this condom. In a durability test, 4 out of 6 of these condoms have busted. This is clearly unsatisfying, and I demand that Trojan condoms need to make more durable condoms!!!

Tim - Birmingham, AL - 1 Stars


Nikky - Hanford, CA - 1 Stars

These really suck. My boyfriend said he couldn't feel a thing, and all that lube just made us numb. I absolutely hate these things!

anyone - usa - 1 Stars

This was the worst condom I have ever used on a broad. The ribs on this thing are retarded and they made the sex pretty bad. I could not feel a thing at any moment in time while using this piece of junk. I lost my erection every time i used this ribbed garbage. Stay away from these and stick to ultra thin, and sensitive condoms. I give these condoms a zero out of a million.

Satsified customer - Herndon, VA - 4 Stars

Doesn't feel as good as nothing, but still pretty thin. The smell isn't bad, but it's still noticeable. Really tight at the base, after I'm done I get sore where the band is. I don't notice it during sex, but I rush to take it off when I'm done. I've never had any break.

Lauren - Cincinnat, OH - 1 Stars

Awful. Smells disgusting, lube BURNS my partner and I so strongly sometimes that we have to stop in the middle of sex. The tops have popped off inside me four different times and we couldn't get the tops out until a week later. It's unsanitary and dangerous and doesn't feel pleasurable at all.

Shelby - Pittsburgh,PA - 1 Stars

Tt really does feel like nothing is there. BUT the lube doesnt come off easily and is irritating for both partners. I would not reccomend this for anyone. unless you want to itch.

Scott - Houston, Texas - 2 Stars

These condoms were alright..
Except for the fact that the lube wasn't even that good.. it wore out very quickly.. and the condom broke.. Also, the style was just unpleasant..

Beppe - Los Angeles, CA - 1 Stars

Felt like I had a plastic bag on. Awful.

Chief - Orlando, Fl - 2 Stars

This condom came in a cool gold wrapper...and that was about the only cool thing about it...the gf loved the ribs, but this was overshadowed by the fact that the smell of this condom is practically have to use a brillo pad to get the smell off...please please trojan just stop spending money on commercials and make BETTER PRODUCTS!!

Murdock - Gadsden, Alabama - 1 Stars

Throw the rubbers away and use the box. Come on Trojan WTF?

grazi - santa fe springs, california - 5 Stars

Feels like nothing is there! Great great condom!

Haley - ohio - 1 Stars

Condoms were terrible everyone in the box broke! Never again will we buy those.

Darren - Ohio - 5 Stars

Great condoms! Highly recommended. Real thin so you don't feel them and they don't break

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