Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms

We know the situation. You want to keep it classy, but your partner is begging for some ribs. Well, Trojan’s Ultra Ribbed condoms are your every day, no-frills condom, but with the added satisfaction of Trojan’s biggest ribs yet. These condoms feel amazing for both parties.

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Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms feature a tapered base, premium Trojan lubricant, a reservoir tip for safety, and ribs to stimulate a more pleasurable experience for you and your partner. Trojan has become one of the leading brands in ribbed condom manufacturing with their Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms. Be sure to also discover the advantages that ribbed condoms have to offer by browsing our entire selection. Not sure if Trojan Ultra Ribbed are right for you? Check out our textured condom sampler pack!
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Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms Specs

Length 8.12" or 206.24mm
Width 2" or 50.8mm
Diameter 1.27" or 32.26mm
Circumference 4" or 101.6mm
Lubrication Water Based
Material Latex
Features Ribs
Condom Specs
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Condoms

Trojan Condoms

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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