Trojan Thintensity Condoms

Trojan Thintensity Condoms

Trojan Thintensity condoms are designed for intense sensitivity and comfort. Over 25% thinner than standard condoms for a more natural feeling. 

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Trojan Thintensity Condoms Specs

Length 8.50"
Circumference 4.00"
Lubrication Water-based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Slightly Bulbous End
Special Features Extra-Thin
Condom Specs
Trojan Thintensity Condoms

Trojan Condoms

Trojan Condoms are America's #1 Condom Brand. Most of which are still made in the USA (Trojan Twisted Pleasure are not). Trojan condoms are electronically tested for reliability.

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