Trojan Pleasure Pack

Trojan Pleasure Pack

By Trojan

The Trojan Pleasure Pack features an assortment of Trojan's most stimulating condoms to provide sensual excitement for both partners every time. Try something new every night this weekend with this Trojan Condom 3 pack or be more ambitious with the 12 or 36 pack!

Trojan Pleasure Pack Includes:

  • Twisted Pleasure
  • Her Sensation
  • Intense Ribbed
  • Warming

Trojan has established itself as a trusted name in the condom industry. For over 90 years they have manufactured high-quality condoms for people who entrust Trojan to protect from pregnancy and STIs. Trojan Pleasure Pack is a selection of some of their most popular condoms. Each are electronically tested for integrity so you can enjoy them without worry.

Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are no longer included in this pack.

Trojan Pleasure Packs are one of the many condom sampler packs that we carry at Condom Depot. Why pay for only one style of condom when you can be more adventurous and try different condom styles and designs? along with the Torjan Pleasure Packs, our World's Best Condom Tin or our massive 100 Condom Sampler are perfect to explore many options in your romantic encounters.

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