Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

By Trojan

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Ideal for men that find standard condoms a bit too tight, Trojan’s Magnum XL condoms are 30% wider than average sized condoms making them one of the wider condoms on the market.

With a water-based lube and a reservoir tip, Trojan Magnum XL condoms are nearly identical to the Trojan Magnums, except they are .2 inches wider for the guy with a little to give in his girth. 

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Trojan Magnum XL Condoms Specs

Length 8.37" or 212.6mm
Width 2” or 50.8mm (Base) | 2.5" or 63.5mm (Head)
Diameter 1.27" or 32.26mm
Circumference 4" or 101.6mm
Lubrication Water-Based
Material Latex
Features Extra Large
Condom Specs
Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

Trojan Magnum XL Condoms Reviews

4.2 star rating (89 reviews) write a review
Stephen - Memphis - 5 Stars

After being pinched for years everytime I put on a condom this one is fantastic!!! The wife only wants me to wear the XL.. I am 7" with 3" thick at the head. The condom stays on even after ejaculation and is easy to pull off. We have gotten other friends of ours to try these too. All positve results!!

Trice - IL - 5 Stars

Really good condom i just wish it came n double xl.

Jimmy G - El Paso, Texas - 1 Stars

Great fit, horrible smell and thickness.

Darnell - Bowie, Md - 5 Stars

I love these condoms. Best product I've tried to date...but I wish they would use a latex alternative, and make them just a little bit longer. Maybe I can help design your next version!!

Nikol - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

I absolutely love it!
It doesn't break. Extremely durable ; and it provides a great protection from AIDS. I strongly encourage all people to use condom during sex because it can save a lot of lives!

Nikol - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

I absolutely love it!
It doesn't break. Extremely durable ; and it provides a great protection from AIDS. I strongly encourage all people to use condom during sex because it can save a lot of lives!

George "I" - Maggie Valley, NC - 3 Stars

The XL's is better than the Magnum's. I had a lot of irritation and chaffing of my shaft from the tightness of the Magnums. The XL's give you a little more. Something is better than nothing. So, I use the XL's until they make something a little larger.

r jeffery - greenwich, ct - 4 Stars

8 inches is still not quite enough-shaft is still exposed and can lead to problems after orgasm. width is good- but could be at least another inch longer

Tyson - Harlem, NY - 4 Stars

The ONLY reason why I don't give this a 5 rating is because they don't come any BIGGER...They ned to REALLY work on that...

Biff - Columbus, Ohio - 3 Stars

I wish they made the XL in a thin version. The thin Magnum is fine to accommodate my length which is about 7" but my girth is also nearly 7" and I find the thin Magnum to be too small. This is the only Trojan condom that accommodates my girth but I wish it were thinner. Does anybody have a recommendation of a condom that accommodates large girth & yet is VERY THIN.

Kris - Los Angeles, CA - 4 Stars

I have been using these since '02.

The only one to fit my stuff (9.5"x 6.25"-6.8"@base). Of course due to my length the ring doesn't reach the base to cause constriction.
NOT a 5, bc of length and occassional ordor

Sobia - Leeds - 5 Stars

These are the best condoms ever as my partner is black and I am an asian and find that lubrication is essential; but the right size condom is more important. The base of the condom is a little tight as my partner has a wider base on his penis but they are the best condoms that fit.

Shirl - Seattle, WA - 1 Stars

This doesn't even fit my bf when he is soft... Still searching for something bigger

P - Lawrence, KS - 5 Stars

With an 8" girth, a typical condom was a last, one that does the trick....they do have a nasty latex odor though.

john - CA,US - 5 Stars

with a 12 ich lenght and 8 ind¡ch girth this is too small

Alfons - Vancouver - 5 Stars

It's the only condom that works for me. I've had bad times trying to fit others until I tried this one.

Cas - Orlando, FL - 4 Stars

They work well, I just wish they made them a bit thicker and with more variety? Regular Magnums come in all different types. Also, the individual packaging is really big and hard to fit in a regular wallet or front pocket without it being extremely noticeable.

BIG MIKE - new york new york big apple - 5 Stars


JD - NY - 5 Stars

These and the regular magnums have been my go-to choices in condoms for the past several years. I am a girthy guy (around 6.5 inches) and they fit perfect. Very small difference between these and the regular magnums, so the XL`s are just more of an ego boost if anything. All in all, great brand of condoms for my well endowed brothers.

John Curtis Estes - Pataskala, OH - 4 Stars

Not a bad design, but I wish they would make them just a little bigger. I'm about 10" flaccid and I can barely get these on.

Raymond - Columbus, Ohio - 5 Stars

I'm not super long, but I've been told I'm super thick. I never ran into a condom that was so easy to put on and fit like a condom should until my first pack of these.

Dick Richard - Pen Island - 5 Stars

With a fully erect penis at 4.5" this condom feels very loose but is also very comfortable. Me and boyfriend love this condom. It makes us make love beter than ever.

Apples - Chicago, IL - 4 Stars

We ordered 3 boxes and are very pleased!

John Nuzzo - Industrial, PA - 4 Stars

The Magnum XL is pretty good but they really need to make it one size bigger. This thing felt like it was choking me off. But it's the biggest you can buy now, so I'm sticking with it. HEY TROJAN... MAKE THEM BIGGER.

DangerousDonger - Billings, Montana - 4 Stars

Still not big enough. What is with American sized condoms? This is def better than everything else I have tried in the states, but I was actually able to get condoms that fit me

Jason - Tacoma, Wa - 4 Stars

I like this condom, fits my large penis (not super long but real big around...). Never had slippage or breakage. Only drawback is vaginal feedback could be bit better...can't always feel my wife real well. Overall, good condom for big guys.

Michael D - Lafayette LA - 5 Stars

Only condoms that don't slip. Only condoms that hold up for extended sex as long as you keep checking it back. I use for STD protection, lubrication, and my girth. Other condoms SUCK compared to these well-made and well-designed And dependable condoms! Try will be glad you did!

Paul - Corona, California - 5 Stars

I have 8" long. I was very comfortable. My wife loves it. I recommend it to all.

Mel - Shreveport la - 5 Stars

My husband is a large man and we use these condoms cause most of the regular condoms are to small for him. the magnums work as he thrust into me hard hope y'all enjoy them as much as we do.

Mel - Lousiana - 5 Stars

Have used these with my 2 husbands my first husband was very large and these were still tight on him my husband now we use these anytime we take it to the bed room the feeling so great for him and great for me and they hold the sperm right after he's done.

Jim - - 5 Stars

I like these because they fit me. I've never had a problem with breakage, and the price is reasonable.

Les - - 5 Stars

Great for guys who are big, just a bit more room so your not so constricted, my guy really liked them.

Justin - - 4 Stars

Good fit and cheaper than buying at the store

CrimsonHW - - 5 Stars

Good price on the largest Trojan condoms.

Edgar Arvelo - - 4 Stars

Good girth, length not as much

Conroy Gordon - - 5 Stars

Great deal and fast delivery

Chad Karlin - - 5 Stars

Know i no im not kid anymore best damn condoms ive used i just wish there was more to choose by.

Rob Mc - - 5 Stars

GREAT product!!! This is somewhat of a sensitivity loss as these are kind of thick when compared to others.

pedro estrada - - 5 Stars

Good service

Jack McClish - Austin, TX - 4 Stars

This is a great condom but I wish it was made in something other than latex.

Steve - Belmont, MA - 4 Stars

When my partner and I first opened up the package and saw the condom, we thought it would be too small at first. But then it slipped on perfectly, and we were ready to go. It is definitely better than the durex XXL because this condom supports my wideness, as well as the length.

Joe - SC - 5 Stars

The best condom we have used. The length and girth is perfect for a well endowed guy. Only wish they made them in colors, flavors,etc...

Sara - Sheboygan WI - 5 Stars

It is what my boyfriend needs, so it is what I need. It works great and feels great. With such a large size, textures are not needed.

Brad B - Valdosta,Ga - 5 Stars

This is the best!!!! For any larger sized guy.I'm very thick as well as long and this is perfect.The largeness at the head makes this product.

pan - claremont N.H. - 1 Stars

My erect penis is about average(7 inches long by 2 inches diameter) but the extra room allows for nice movement giving my girlfriend and me great sex.. Be sure to hold top of rubber when with drawing to make sure the rubber comes out of your girlfriend still on your cock. P.S. girlfriend loves these rubbers.

Julian - Milwaukee, WI - 5 Stars

Finally, a condom that fits right! Probably the best experience Ive had with a condom on.

Christine - Rochester, NY - 4 Stars

My BF is well-endowed, and we have trouble finding a good fit. So far, these have worked well for us (he is uncircumcised and the extra width really helps). Agree with Jack- it's time someone, anyone, produced an XL condom that's non-latex. Sigh...

Brian - Pittsburgh, PA - 4 Stars

Great condom, wish it was just a little bigger!

J Ran - Huntsville, Al - 5 Stars

Provides better circulation , better feel from the other condoms. I never thought investing in you prophylactics would feel so good!

Daniella - Cleveland, Ohio - 3 Stars

I picked these up because my current lover is very large. While these areadequate in width, they kinda comes up short on the length. They should make these a couple inches longer to accomodate those that need it.

Dena - phila, pa - 3 Stars

Like this condom for the size factor but I need it in a non latex and in the XXL

Matt - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

I've always had problems keeping an erection up with condoms (at 9 in length and 2 1/2 in width, the rubber ring would pinch and constrict. Even the regular Magnums were a problem. The Magnum XL fit perfectly, they are snug but they don't cinch down on the shaft. They have made sex with condoms much more pleasurable for me.

Bethany Anne Frank - Island of misfit toys - 5 Stars

I LOVE THIS CONDOM, it fit my boyfriends head perfectly, im using it tonight again, IT TASTES GOOD!!!

Stefanie Knight - Pittsburgh, PA - 5 Stars

My boyfriend has a well endowed penis and I just recently became sensitive to Latex. Would you please make this condom in non-latex.

Anonymous - Middlebury, CT - 5 Stars

Condoms are not supposed to be difficult to put on. If you are having trouble, it probably means your condom is too small.

I always thought of myself as "well-equipped" but nothing out of the ordinary. I thought I was just a spaz when it came to condoms. Then I thought one time I would try the Trojan Magnum. I was better, but still kind of difficult to roll smoothly all the way down.

When I finally tried the XL, I realized that it wasn't quite a spaz. Now I have no problem at all.

If you're having a problem getting your condoms on, I highly recommend trying the Magnum XL.

Benny Ruiz - Los Angeles, CA - 1 Stars

This condom is too tight and small for me. I'm 11 inches in length and my head is the size of a standard golf ball. I guess for the small guys posting reviews here, its good enough for them but definitely not for me!

Jake - Salazar - 5 Stars

This condom is great! It allows more room and doesn't squeeze my penis like other condoms.

KC Smith - Atlanta,GA - 5 Stars

Not the best...Just the ONLY one to fit. Not if they only came in thin or unlubricated or flavors. Come on give the big guys some variety.

Smith - FL - 3 Stars

My boyfriend needs it; however, i think it could be made thiner

Scott - LV, Nevada - 3 Stars

Great condom, only one that fits. However, it tends to desensitize me.

Tomas - Fremont, CA - 3 Stars

Pros: pretty durable, well lubricated

Cons: Odor, could use the variety found in the regular magnum brand

Eric - Chicago - 4 Stars

Almost the right size - could be bigger and thinner. It is durable and does the job - nothing fancy. That's all.

Brandon - Texas - 4 Stars

Fantastic but not perfect. There wasn't too much of that latex smell which is good, but it does desensitize me. But I won't hold that against them all too much, there's finally a condom that fits (7" long by 6 1/2" girth, 2 1/4" wide). I thought my length would hold me back from XL, so I always dealt with Magnums being very snug, but nevermind, tried it on a hunch and haven't gone back. Do wish they made XL's with mint or anything like that...variation is good :)

Dave - MA - 4 Stars

I don't like the latex either, and even these are a little on the tight side. :-(

R.C. - East Islip, NY - 5 Stars

Great condom but I wish it wouldn't slip off so easily

Jim - The Sticks - 2 Stars

I like this condom for it's head width, but it's shaft width is much too tight for me and the base practically cuts off circulation, not to mention it is way to thick so I don't feel a thing. Maybe one of these days Trojan will get with the program and get it right for us big guys.

Jeff - Atlanta - 5 Stars

If you're finding standard condoms fitting a bit too tight, this is for you. It gives a great sensation and its comfortable too.

Larry B. - New York, NY - 5 Stars

Nice condom! The best I've tried so far. I'm pretty well-endowed and have had trouble with other condoms. I liked the regular Magnums but still felt they were a little too tight so I went for the XL's and it was great. It gave me a nice snug fit without cutting off circulation like the other brands did. With some lube it feels about as good as you can get with a condom. Definitely would recommend for bigger guys.

Anon - San Francisco, California - 4 Stars

Finally, a condom that *works*. Don't know why I've had so much trouble with'em, but it took the Magnum XL for me to enjoy sex with a condom. It's a little long for me, but the width is great, especially as I'm uncircumcised. These'll be my go-to product.

Adam - West Palm Beach - 3 Stars

These are great if you need a condom with greater length or more headroom. Unfortunately, the base is the same size as the Magnum. Plus, the lubricant irritates my wife. A non-lubricated version that's about 1/4" wider would work. Until then, the new Trustex Extra Large is our condom of choice!

David S. - Ohio - 4 Stars

I finally got tired of a painful red ring at the base after sex. Tried Magnum first and had a noted improvement. XL's leave a small ring, but are by the most comfortable to date.

Michael - Groton, CT - 5 Stars

I needed to find a condom that would fit my bf. I finally found it, he is 9 inches in length, so the condom could still be made a bit longer, to cover the whole shaft. The width of the condom, is very good.

Lizzie B. - Torrance, CA - 3 Stars

My boyfriend is very thick in girth. I bought these at the drugstore for him to try after realizing that he was buying condoms that were too small. These fit well at the head, but are still tight at the base. They're also a little thicker than I like. I used to like Kimonos, but they are much too small for him, so I'll try another brand to see if I can fit him with thinner condoms.

Dave B. - LA, CA - 4 Stars

fairly pleased with these, they went one easily and stayed on tight even in the shower! had a great time with these, only complaint is the latex smell (but this is a very very small complaint) the feeling was great, a little thick, but great. would be a 5/5 if made just a little thinner. If you need more room down there, you wont go wrong with these.
*got them from the big guns sampler*

Dexter - Los Angeles - 4 Stars

Comfortable but I wish the Magnum brand came in ultra thin.

Patrick - ringgold ga - 4 Stars

my favorite of the large size condoms. however i wish the shaft was wider and had a bigger reservoir tip

Adam - Reno, NV - 5 Stars

Every other condom but this one makes my head go numb. Now that I found this condom, my wife doesn't need birth control anymore; her sex drive is starting to come back!

Kristy - MA - 3 Stars

This seems to be the largest condom sold which is frustrating. My boyfriend is too thick for this condom and after he takes it off there is usually a red ring around the base of his penis. I am always afraid he is going to become damaged because of lack of circulation! I wish the condom was available in something other than latex because it tends to cause irritation. I also wish trojan would make a larger condom! Why is it so hard to accommodate the big guys?

Josh - Jonesboro, ar - 4 Stars

This is a great condom. It is a little snug at the base. It feels like you have an erection ring on at times but all and all its the best condom i have ever had the pleasure of using

JD - Tampa FL - 5 Stars

Best for my size so far, and the only kind I have never had nor heard of a breakage!!!!

magnum xl man - ma - 5 Stars

this is by far the best ever!!! magnums where too tight and I was scared these would be too lose but they fit perfect a little tight at base but still the best. I just tested one out and it felt great through out the whole ordeal!!!!

Jeff - Columbus OH - 5 Stars

If you're on the thick side, these are the bomb! First time I tried them I knew how a condom should fit. You don't have to be extra long to enjoy the Magnum XL's, but if you're thicker than average they are definitely worth checking out. Sensational.

Felipe G - Houston, TX - 2 Stars

this is a great condom it provides the right amount of security but it made my penis look small

Paula - Pittsburgh - 3 Stars

While the length and girth are nice for my well endowed BF, there is something in the Trojan lube that burns me. Also the Magnum line feels a bit thick, which seems to be less fun. I prefer the Durex XXL

DisappointedwithCondoms - Ravenswood, WV - 4 Stars

I would give this condom a 5 except I wish that the base width was a little wider. It's about 2", and I need it to be more like 2 1/4" so that hubby won't get his circulation cut off! And just because he is well-endowed doesn't mean that we don't like fun condoms. Why is it that all XL condoms aren't colored, spiraled, sensational or extra thin. We would like to spice things up every once in a while!

Mervyn - Boston - 5 Stars

Fantastic condom. Honestly I used to lose my hard on when wearing condoms before I tried these. I didn't know it but they were too tight and cut off circulation. I was even taking Viagra and I'm only 21! Well worth a try if you find that regular rubbers kill your night life.

Rbar - Norman, OK - 5 Stars

This actually fits my husband! He may have an average length, but he has a 6 inch girth and everything we tried was SQUEEZING him, but this one is just perfect. We have to lube it up, but compared to other extra large condoms out there, we wouldn't buy anything else.

Taighler - Killeen, TX - 1 Stars

They were a little to tight on my man and were constantly breaking. It just got frustrating that it would break every few minutes..

Stacey - Montgomery, Al - 3 Stars

This condom supports my bf's length, but I wish they made a thinner version.

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