Trojan Magnum Gold Collection

Trojan Magnum Gold Collection

Trojan Magnum Gold Collection Lubricated Condoms

Now your four favorite extra-large condoms come in a convenient sampler pack!

Includes the Following:
2 - Magnum Ecstasy - Comfort Shape & Dual Side lubrication feels like nothing's there!
2 - Magnum Warming - Warming Lubricant helps enhance sensual pleasure for both partners.
2 - Magnum Original - Large Size for extra comfort.
4 - Magnum Thin - The Thinnest Magnum Condom available for sensitivity.

All Trojan Magnum Condoms are:
- Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort.
- Made from premium quality latex - to help reduce the risk.
- Each Condom is electronically tested - to ensure reliability.
- Lubricated - For Comfort and sensitivity.

NOTE: Discontinued By Trojan

This product is No Longer Available or Being manufactured by Trojan. Please Visit these Similar Products:
Product Has Been Discontinued

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